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‘Yes’ campaigners fury over Sky News bias – Faisal Islam accused

Nationalist fundamentalists gave Scotland an object lesson in how to shoot the messenger recently. AhDinnaeKen cringes:

MSM conspiracy. Journalist tells truth in order to lie to sovereign people of Scotland.

MSM conspiracy. Journalist tells truth in order to lie to sovereign people of Scotland.

By Truther McTruth

THERE WAS fury from Yes fundamentalists last night following accusations that Sky News’ Political editor, Faisal Islam told the truth about the fall in oil prices.

“This anti-Scottish mainstream media liar lied to the public by not lying and telling the truth” frothed Mr A 45’er.

“Faisal Islam seems determined to childishly report that the oil price has dropped and implies that previous SNP government projections of $110 per barrel were hopelessly optimistic and delusional.

“It would be much fairer if Mr Islam just admitted that his reporting is a mainstream media trick perepetrated by No voting coffin dodgers to make pre-referendum SNP projections look ridiculous.

“Faisal has form on this. He made Firstminster Salmond look stupid and deceptive over the currency union by asking him honest pertinent questions. And that’s just not good enough.

“What we want is the truthful truth about just how truthful the SNP are. Thank goodness we can just stick our fingers in our ears and read The National.”

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the price of oil." - Buddha

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the price of oil.” – Buddha

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Lookalike: Rallies on tour

Lookalikes - Rallies


Has anyone noticed the similarity between the state sponsored rally in 2014 which “changed Scottish politics forever” and the state sponsored rally in 1938 which “changed Euro-politics forever”? I think we should be told.


Goebbels Murdoch





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Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. Joan McAlpine MSP has publicly pledged her support for this worthy cause. Curiously, Joan also openly promotes pro-indy website Wings Over Scotland? Its editor, Stuart Campbell, frequently refers to his ‘enemies’ as “retards” or as “retarded” – the very words targeted by ENABLE’s campaign. Surely some mistake? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #Bethechange used here.

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #bethechange in this Tweet.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ENABLE SCOTLAND, the charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, launched a new campaign yesterday.

The campaign’s core aim is to rid Scotland of the casual use and abuse of hateful and hurtful words commonly aimed at those with learning disabilities.

Discriminatory words such as, ‘mong’, ‘spaz’ and ‘retard’ cause the most distress and hurt to the victims and such words are usually the precursors of physical attacks.

Joan McAlpine MSP supports ENABLE’s campaigning aims. It is an upstanding and worthy campaign and one which AhDinnaeKen wholly condones and hopes succeeds in its objectives.

AhDinnaeKen invites Ms McAlpine to come clean over her recent endorsement of Wings Over Scotland – a site edited by an individual who freely and commonly refers to others as ‘retards‘ or ‘retarded‘ with the aim of diminishing and denigrating them in a hateful, intolerant and degrading manner.

It may be that with such a busy schedule writing her Daily Record column, Ms McAlpine is only partly aware of the reasons for the “huge snash” the site receives. She appears to be under the impression that such ‘snash’ has something to do with the site’s alleged lampooning of the “establishment’s hypocrisy“.

In Scotland it’s worth reminding Parliamentary Liaison Officer McAlpine that she is also part of the establishment – the Scottish establishment.

If her support of ENABLE’s campaign is sincere, then she must either condemn the crude abuse of ‘retard’ – hereafter referred to as the R-word – by Wings’ Stuart Campbell, or admit that she got it wrong regarding her preference for Wings over that of the “traditional media“.

AhDinnaeKen is prepared to give Ms McAlpine the benefit of the doubt on the matter.

For a period of years, Mr Campbell has relied upon the R-word, to diminish, denigrate and degrade. It’s something he’s well known for within and without the Scottish constitutional debate. For example:

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be 'civic' or 'progressive' is beyond us.

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be ‘civic’ or ‘progressive’ is beyond us.

In 2010, the day after the UK’s General Election, Campbell referred to Northern Irish voters (above) as “spectacularly retarded”. Five months later in the USA, Rosa’s law, was signed into law by President Barrack Obama. It officially replaced the use of “mental retardation” to describe people with learning disabilities to “intellectual disability“. The American law officially recognised the hurt, offense and stigma such labelling causes to the individuals affected.

Despite the implementation of Rosa’s law, Campbell still persisted within the pages of Wings Over Scotland and his Twitter accounts – @WingsScotland and @RevStu – to freely use the R-word in its pejorative sense:

Example 1Why maybe the Unionists are right May 28 2012
“If you’ve failed at Point 1 and the entire audience is comprised of semi-evolved retards, at least plant a few researchers in there with something halfway-intelligent to ask.”

This disgusting and derisory piece of alleged ‘lampoonery’ was written because Mr Campbell decided that the audience in the first of the BBC’s televised Big Debates wasn’t up to his expected intellectual standards. The casual use of the R-word demonstrates the contempt Campbell has for people in general and his complete insensitivity toward those with learning disabilities.

Example 2The Heavy Nudge May 29 2013
“Every time one young man is dissuaded from singing sectarian songs by stories like that of Calum Graham – either because he realises his actions are ugly, brutish and retarded, or simply because he doesn’t want to risk the possible consequences – the voice of bigotry literally gets quieter, and volume is its lifeblood.

Again, the R-word is clearly used in the pejorative and this time it’s aimed at a named individual. It follows the words “brutish” and “ugly” in a linear narrative and is typical of Campbell’s twisted and perverse sense of morality and logic.

Example 3 Twitter and Transphobic comments

You'd never be able to guess why it never ends well.

You’d never be able to guess why it never ends well.

The above Tweet was how Campbell described the debate when he was accused of being a transphobe after belittling Chelsea Manning’s reasons and wishes to be called Chelsea rather than by her former name of Bradley.

Incidentally, due to Campbell’s denigration of Chelsea Manning, Ms McAlpine’s estranged husband, Pat Kane, finally distanced himself from Wings – describing Campbell as both “unpleasant and intolerant“. Maybe that’s the kind of “snash” Ms McAlpine was referring to when she promoted Wings in her Daily Record column.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Example 4Denial of offensiveness of the R-word

Breathtaking denial.


The above discourse is literally breathtaking. Mr Leslie is referring to Campbell’s use of theR-word as offensive. The subsequent denial by the Wings man is damning.

Example 5Redefining the offensive even more offensively.

So now we know.

So now we know. Nothing questionable or offensive about that usage.

Curiously, Campbell’s definition in this tweet appears to have been lifted straight from the online ‘The Free Dictionary‘. He was careful to omit the first definition on the page: “Often Offensive: Affected with mental retardation.”

There is also a footnote on the same page which elaborates on the use of the word: “In the past, when a child had a mental condition that made learning difficult, people used to say that he or she was retarded, backward, simple, or educationally subnormal. Nowadays these words are avoided because they are thought to be offensive.

‘Thought to be offensive’ by most reasonable people of sound mind perhaps, but clearly not by Campbell. AhDinnaeKen would be most interested in anything Joan McAlpine had to say on the matter given her public support of ENABLE Scotland’s newly launched campaign.

She might even like to reflect on some authoritative voices – summed up neatly below:

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There's a thing.

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There’s a thing.

Or this, from ENABLE themselves:

“Be the change is about reflecting on your own behaviour. Stop using those words. Don’t let other people away with it. When you hear it, challenge them. Say, look, that’s not funny. And, by doing those things, we’ll get rid of this language for ever.” – Jan Savage, ENABLE assistant director of campaigns and membership.

Will Joan have the decency to say “look that’s not funny” to Wings Over Scotland aka Stuart Campbell? The jury’s out.

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Moan McVulpine: Nationalist eulogising of Salmond as anything other than a loser won’t sit well with public

MOAN IS amused that the Nationalists couldn’t resist deifying a porky pugnacious political pugilist as some kind of ‘Scottish’ hero.
By Moan McVulpinetaking the myth oot o’ everybody

THE MANNER of Lastminster Salmond’s going says a lot about the state of the Nationalists today.

They forgot he’s a bitter ungracious acrimonious loser. Instead, they virtually deified him.

In his resignation speech to the Big Parish Cooncil, it finally sunk in that he had convincingly failed in his lifetime ambition for Alba.

And that’s his true legacy.

But his febrile acolytes, the SNP in particular, could not stop themselves from thinking that he had achieved some kind of victory.

Failed ex-Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson, likened the Lastminster to John F Kennedy – presumably after his brains had just been blown out.

But it’s the allegedly sane Nationalists I just cannot fathom.

Despite the fact that their ‘hero’ failed in his ill constructed quest, they still have the gall to talk about Scotland’s “democratic deficit” – their actions since the referendum clearly show that they cannot accept Scotland’s democratic decision on their party’s raison d’être.

Now that’s what I call a democratic deficit.

Or Nationalism in the raw – whichever way you want to phrase it.

The advice “get ower it and move on” comes to mind.

The Lastminster is still bleating about holding Westminster’s feet to the fire.

Like his successor he’s still rambling on about another referendum because of some off the cuff opinion poll.

When it comes to graciousness in defeat or a showing of statesmanlike magnanimity – like the referendum result – Salmond has convincingly failed to impress Scotland.

It shows that Nationalists and Nationalism will never learn.



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BBC to blame for Scotland’s spinelessness – Salmond

BROKEN bitter blustering loser hits out at the BBC for non-compliance to the ‘Scottish’ way of doing things:

Marr - an assimilated Englishman who long ago sold out his sovereign nation.

Come the day of Independence and reckoning, Marr will be one of the first BBC stoolpigeons up against the wall.

By Crybaby Loser

SCOTTISH REFERENDUM loser, Nonminster Salmond, has declared cybernat conspiracy theory ‘open season’ on the BBC.

Blaming the Beeb for everything from his exposed lying to Andrew Neil, to not reporting his scare stories on the NHS properly, the increasingly bitter crybaby angrily denied that he might have had something to do with September 18’s result.

Salmond, who recently stood down as faither of the nation and saviour (heroic loser division) of the people, declared that if it hadn’t been for the BBC then he could have pulled the wool over the eyes of every voter in Scotland – including the traitorous coffin dodging over 55s.

He said: “I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky BBC kids and their half-baked ideas of ‘journalistic scrutiny’.”

But the BBC were blase over Salmond’s response.

“We’ve seen it all before” a bored and disinterested BBC government apparatchik said.

“Birds coming home to roost springs to mind. Impotent frustrated politicians always have to have someone else to blame – especially the power mad Nationalist type.

“The BBC is big enough and ugly enough to take the criticism on board, ignore it, and get on with our usual state sponsored propaganda and tissues of lies.

“Everyone, especially Rupert Murdoch, attacks the BBC over bias. Kind of tells you something, doesn’t it?”


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With friends like these who needs relatives? SNP talent in the raw.

REPEAT A mantra often enough and it becomes true. Or so the history of propaganda teaches us. Query the mantra or scratch at its surface however and it soon dissipates into the mists of hot air and empty rhetoric. AhDinnaeKen listened to Call Kaye on Friday 14 Nov and discovered that the proponents of the allegedly ‘progressive’ SNP don’t even know what ‘progressive’ means:

By Naetal Ent

TWITTER PERSONALITY, Presiding Officer Trisha Marwick’s niece, and failed wannabe SNP MSP, Natalie McGarry, demonstrated her political ‘talent’ on BBC radio Scotland on Friday.

AhDinnaeKen never considered Ms McGarry as a comedian, but her performance when Labouring bod Simon Pia asked her a simple question was gut wrenchingly hilarious.

Or humiliating – depending on your take.

Listen to the clip above. Don’t laugh too hard or cringe too much. To be fair, Natalie was “put on the spot” by Mr Pia.

Being put on the spot doesn’t happen too much to MSPs at the Big Parish Cooncil in Edinburgh anyway, so what does anyone care about such laughably piss-poor performances from the Presiding Officer’s niece?

But performances such as Natalie’s on Friday certainly puts the SNP’s recent appeal to non-members, to stand for parliament as part of a Yes alliance, into  suitable perspective.

In many ways, Natalie’s inability to satisfactorily answer Pia’s simple question and her subsequent behaviour was a microcosm of the SNP at large.

When found out – and they’re frequently found out – they change the subject by attacking their opponent with a baseless ad hominem in order to create a diversion. And then it’s just a matter of hoping that nobody notices or stays on track.

Classic political evasiveness.

When Natalie failed to name one ‘progressive’ policy other than tuition fees – maintained at the expense of working class students – she proceeded to lash out at Pia, claiming that he “always had a problem with people from working class backgrounds achieving high office”.

Suitably outraged at such a casual slur, Pia took the bait and responded as expected by McGarry. “Preposterous” he claimed indignantly.

He was about to take her to task over the slur when, seeing where the spat was going, Kaye took professional action and brought in a listener to voice his opinion on the topic of the day.

It neatly demonstrated and encapsulated the modus operandi of the Nationalists. Be all things to all people until challenged. If challenged, attack. Simple and, if the polls are to believed, effective.

Like the SNP, Ms McGarry likes to present an image of saccharin sweetness to the watching world.

But the sweetness is illusory. Like Ethelyne Glycol it only takes a sip and you soon find out that it’s pure poison.

Weel din Natalie. You let your side down.


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