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Moan McVulpine: Scots won’t naively follow the SNP like puppies forever

DESPITE THE SNP’s current surge of popularity in the great wee region of Scotland, there has been little change to the basic Tartan Tory political stance which saw them herald in the mighty Margaret Thatcher in 1979:

Murdoch whores to the left of me, Murdoch whores to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with nobody.

Murdoch whores to the left of me, Murdoch whores to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

By Moan McVulpine – ex-Murdoch whore hears her master’s voice

THERE HASN’T been much talk of Tartan Tories this past year or so. Labour took over the mantra of shadow Tories, or Red Tories, when they stood on the same platform with the Blue Tories during the Neverendum campaign.

It’s crowded the Tartan Tory moniker out.

Maybe Red Tory Labour should have been more circumspect with their Better Together campaigning. Gordon Broon wis.

But hey ho. Ever since Tony Blair took over and snuggled up to Rupert Murdoch in 1995, it was plain that the New Labour project was going to be Old Tory with a tempering of social conscience: until Iraq came along, at least.

Tony even phoned the Italian PM in 1998 to help further old Rupee’s media interests.

You wouldn’t catch a Nationalist leader prepared to lobby on behalf of Murdoch’s media interests, would you?

Er, haud on! Wasn’t that exactly what Salmond was prepared to do? As embarrassingly revealed by the Leveson inquiry.

And the real Tory trick with that, was that Salmond had signalled his intent to be Murdoch’s whore in secret; just like Margaret Thatcher’s secret deal in 1981 to assist Rupee’s takeover of the Times.

For the triumphalist Nationalists in the SNP who think they’ve finally wrested the party free of the Tartan Tory moniker – forget it.

The lips say ‘social justice’, the walk says the opposite.

Just like Thatcher, Sturgeon also held a secret meeting with Murdoch. In plain language, she deceived the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

What other dirty little secrets does she have to hide?

Maybe we should ask INEOS.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the meeting with Murdoch that’s the bad thing. Pre-Levenson inquiry, Rupert Murdoch was one of the most powerful, influential and trusted businessmen in the world.

Even respectable Nationalists are quick to point out that Murdoch is one of Scotland’s biggest employers. And that’s fine. In business dealing terms, Murdoch was sound. In political terms, he’s a right wing reactionary warmongering nutjob.

It’s not politicians dealing with Murdoch that’s the issue. It’s the secrecy that rankles.

In the Scotland region we call clandestine meetings like that, ‘sleekit’.

And that word neatly sums up Thatcher, Blair, Salmond and Sturgeon – sleekit.

Sleekit to the core.

Murdoch’s scorched earth policy on journalistic principle – when the police were given free and open access to journalists contacts and sources – was a total betrayal of the fundamental principles and ethics of journalism.

It proved that Murdoch was no longer trustable in business terms.

He’s never been trustable in political terms – depending on your outlook of course – and that’s why politicians holding secret undeclared meetings with him must NEVER be trusted.

Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, may be many things, but it would be fair to surmise that when it comes to toadying to Rupert Murdoch, he’s anything but sleekit.

And it’s telling that an ex-Murdoch moll like Joan McAlpine is joining in the monstering of Corbyn in her Daily Redcoat column. Joanie used to edit the Sunday Times Scotland.

It’s a well know fact that to be employed by the Times, the ‘cap had to fit’ in terms of Murdoch outlook. Joanie edited the Scottish section of the Times with aplomb.

So, for her to get up on the moral high horse about Corbyn meeting with Sinn Fein is, to one degree, fair enough.

But it ignores the fact that the SNP’s 79 group were also for meeting with Sinn Fein. The only thing that stopped the meeting going ahead was the fear of adverse publicity.

So, Murdoch’s Moll McAlpine, by monstering Corbyn, is still doing Murdoch’s dirty work for him by ignoring facts inconvenient to her narrative.

How ‘civic’. How ‘progressive’. How sleekit.




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SNP MPs wear the little white rose of fascist gesture politics

THE LITTLE white rose on display in the House of Commons yesterday was a metaphor for the SNP’s transparent gesture politics says “vacuous cynic” Longshanker:

"It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge." - Adolf Hitler.  The White Rose faithful would agree with that no doubt.

“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” – Adolf Hitler. The White Rose faithful fifty-six would agree with that sentiment no doubt.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE SCOTTISH National party paid tribute to Nazi sympathising fascist poet Hugh MacDiarmid at the Queen’s speech yesterday.

Sporting the little white rose of Scotland, that wisnae really a little white rose of Scotland but a big white rose of England, the fascist fifty-six looked like a block of synchronised brownshirt apparatchiks.

Stepford MPs, so to speak.

Indeed, in many ways, the stance of the block was symbolic of centralised diktat ‘dae whit yer telt’ behaviour – all in the name of moral superiority and communal self-righteousness of course.

For the cult supporters back home, the gesture may have been intended to portray unity of purpose, but it was all too transparent for apostates of the Nationalist cause to see what was happening. It was like Parliamentary Star Wars: Attack of the Drones.

And the little white rose posturing perfectly captured and exposed the falsity of the Scottish Nationalists – like Salmond’s ‘most accurate’ parliamentary answer ever – they didnae even get it right. Tsk tsk etc etc.

White rose falsityAs so neatly and sarcastically portrayed by Muriel Gray in the tweet above, the roses, like the SNP’s rhetoric and gesture politics were false – impostors pretending to be something they weren’t.

Ian Smart is a much maligned bête noire of the cybernats and SNP politicians these days, but the open and public tribute by the fascist fifty-six to Hugh MacDiarmid is telling. Smart frequently refers to the SNP’s fascist/Nazi sympathising past and receives predictable abuse for doing so.

Aside from the fact that MacDiarmid’s poetry is so boring it could ossify air, the wee nasty intolerant fascist bigot was well known for his political extremism.
In a letter to his chum Sorley MacLean, written in 1940, MacDiarmid said that the British bourgeoisie were a “far greater enemy” than Hitler’s Germany.

And yet, the fascist fifty-six proudly sported their false roses in tribute to one of MacDiarmid’s piss pathetically parochial poems: the Little White Rose of Scotland. Maybe MacDiarmid’s belief that fascism offered the best model for an independent Scotland was coursing through their veins as they sported their roses with pride.

Who knows, but it’s an ill omen that the Nationalists would be so bold as to lionise MacDiarmid in the name of standing up for Scotland.

For anyone who cares about the social union of these islands – something Salmond was keen to stress would remain intact upon independence being achieved – the following unpublished words of MacDiarmid in relation to the impending bombing of London by the Nazis should never be forgotten:

“Now when London is threatened
With devastation from the air
I realise, horror atrophying me,
That I hardly care.”

Guernica in Spain had proven the terror and devastation which air war brought to civilian populations and MacDiarmid was fully aware of that when he penned those words.

Men, women and children all suffered horribly during the blitz on London. They were murdered, maimed and mutilated through relentless bombing from the air and wee Hughie MacDiarmid didnae care a jot because they were English.

Yesterday the SNP took that fascist inhumane sentiment into the heart of London in the UK parliament and brazenly brandished it with their meaningless faith based and false gesture politics.

If it wasn’t so transparent, shameful and disgusting it would have been laughable.

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

The fascist fifty-six pose for a big selfie ootside the Hoose o’ Commons, yesterday.



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Exclusive: Salmond takes on role of Named Person for vulnerable Scots MPs

SCOTLAND’S latest Named Person legislation will prove useful for vulnerable Scots MPs still finding their feet in the “scary” Tory haunted chambers of ‘Westmonster’:

Getting It Right For Every MP: Salmond (back to pic) takes this new role of Named Person very seriously.

Getting It Right For Every MP: Salmond (back to pic) is expected to take his new role of Named Person very seriously.

By Consol Idate-Powerbase

ALEX SALMOND is set to become the ‘(un)official’ named person responsible for the ‘wellbeing’ and ‘support’ of the newly elected political children of Scotland, according to a senior SNP source.

The Getting it Right for Every MP approach includes making a named person available for every SNP MP, from the time of election, right up until they’re unceremoniously booted out of the parliament in five years time.

In most cases, the Named Person will not have to do anything more than they usually do other than provide a cat herding, clique forming and alternative party power base consolidation role.

Most Scottish MPs are supposed to receive all the help they need from SNP Central’s Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.

The Named Person is expected to radically change these expectations.

Depending on the age and experience of the MP, the Named Person will be the first point of contact for the MP and his constituent family.

Referring to the eight Salmond wellbeing indicators, the Named Person will need to ask these five questions:

  • What is getting in the way of this young MP’s wellbeing?
  • Do I have the charm, guile and influence required to help this young MP?
  • What can I do to appear as if I’m helping this young MP when I’m really helping myself?
  • What can my party possibly do to counteract my influence on this young MP?
  • What additional help can I stop this young MP from receiving from Sturgeon Central at Holyrood?

The Named Person also needs to help MPs feel confident they can raise concerns and talk about their worries to people who will listen and respect their point of view while completely ignoring it and using it to their own political advantage.

Above all, they will ensure that the MPs are listened to and that the SNP family in Holyrood (where appropriate) is kept completely in the dark.

A senior SNP source chuckled: “I am unavailable for comment.”


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Moan McVulpine: Nationalist eulogising of Salmond as anything other than a loser won’t sit well with public

MOAN IS amused that the Nationalists couldn’t resist deifying a porky pugnacious political pugilist as some kind of ‘Scottish’ hero.
By Moan McVulpinetaking the myth oot o’ everybody

THE MANNER of Lastminster Salmond’s going says a lot about the state of the Nationalists today.

They forgot he’s a bitter ungracious acrimonious loser. Instead, they virtually deified him.

In his resignation speech to the Big Parish Cooncil, it finally sunk in that he had convincingly failed in his lifetime ambition for Alba.

And that’s his true legacy.

But his febrile acolytes, the SNP in particular, could not stop themselves from thinking that he had achieved some kind of victory.

Failed ex-Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson, likened the Lastminster to John F Kennedy – presumably after his brains had just been blown out.

But it’s the allegedly sane Nationalists I just cannot fathom.

Despite the fact that their ‘hero’ failed in his ill constructed quest, they still have the gall to talk about Scotland’s “democratic deficit” – their actions since the referendum clearly show that they cannot accept Scotland’s democratic decision on their party’s raison d’être.

Now that’s what I call a democratic deficit.

Or Nationalism in the raw – whichever way you want to phrase it.

The advice “get ower it and move on” comes to mind.

The Lastminster is still bleating about holding Westminster’s feet to the fire.

Like his successor he’s still rambling on about another referendum because of some off the cuff opinion poll.

When it comes to graciousness in defeat or a showing of statesmanlike magnanimity – like the referendum result – Salmond has convincingly failed to impress Scotland.

It shows that Nationalists and Nationalism will never learn.



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BBC to blame for Scotland’s spinelessness – Salmond

BROKEN bitter blustering loser hits out at the BBC for non-compliance to the ‘Scottish’ way of doing things:

Marr - an assimilated Englishman who long ago sold out his sovereign nation.

Come the day of Independence and reckoning, Marr will be one of the first BBC stoolpigeons up against the wall.

By Crybaby Loser

SCOTTISH REFERENDUM loser, Nonminster Salmond, has declared cybernat conspiracy theory ‘open season’ on the BBC.

Blaming the Beeb for everything from his exposed lying to Andrew Neil, to not reporting his scare stories on the NHS properly, the increasingly bitter crybaby angrily denied that he might have had something to do with September 18’s result.

Salmond, who recently stood down as faither of the nation and saviour (heroic loser division) of the people, declared that if it hadn’t been for the BBC then he could have pulled the wool over the eyes of every voter in Scotland – including the traitorous coffin dodging over 55s.

He said: “I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky BBC kids and their half-baked ideas of ‘journalistic scrutiny’.”

But the BBC were blase over Salmond’s response.

“We’ve seen it all before” a bored and disinterested BBC government apparatchik said.

“Birds coming home to roost springs to mind. Impotent frustrated politicians always have to have someone else to blame – especially the power mad Nationalist type.

“The BBC is big enough and ugly enough to take the criticism on board, ignore it, and get on with our usual state sponsored propaganda and tissues of lies.

“Everyone, especially Rupert Murdoch, attacks the BBC over bias. Kind of tells you something, doesn’t it?”


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AHDINNAEKEN TAKES its proverbial hat off to Firstminster Salmond’s repetitive use of the phrase “the sovereign will of the Scottish people” at Firstminster’s Questions recently. Ten times, in a period spanning less than twenty four minutes, Firstminster Salmond paid tribute to the “sovereign will of the Scottish people”. Weel din Firstminster, repetition like that goes way beyond the realms of desperation. It’s hard core Nationalist dogma at its best. AhDinnaeKen doffs its tammy to your indefatigability.

By Meeja Monitor

TO ROMANTICS and believers in democracy the “sovereign will of the people” is an uplifting ennobling and aspirational state for any modern democratic nation to achieve.

From the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 to the Declaration of Independence of Thomas Jefferson’s America, the “sovereign will of the people” is a just and true and heart stirring inspiration for all socially minded, progressive and civic peoples to aspire to.

In Scotland, Wha’ daurs meddle wi’ the sovereign will?

Only the anti-democratic imperialist forces of the bluffing, blustering and bullying Union could possibly contemplate such a thing.

And they are. Apparently.

According to Firstminster Salmond, Unionist “thieves” denying an independent Salmondland the enforcement of a currency Union on a foreign country is just such a denial of the hallowed sovereign will.

After the Firstminster’s embarrassing pummelling from Alistair Darling recently, his performance at Firstminster’s Questions on 10th August sounded like the desperation of a punch drunk Nationalistic liability – a millstone around the SNP’s and the Yes campaign’s neck.

Political convictions delivered repetitively can imprint themselves on the collective mind of the people – according to propagandists and politicians.

But there needs to be a requisite skill with which such repetitions are delivered.

View the video above and make up your own mind if Salmond’s tedious repetition of the phrase was skillful or desperate.

In AhDinnaeKen’s eyes, it is a transparent and borderline dangerous Nationalist trick designed to ramp up grievance and a sense of injustice perpetrated on the Scottish people by ‘evil’ Westminster “thieves”.

Currency Union may be what the “sovereign will of the Scottish people” desires – though that is debatable – but, if the sovereign will of the English, Irish and Welsh people don’t desire such a Union, then it can hardly be called “bullying” by the Unionist parties when they turn round and say “Naw, yer no gettin’ it”.

There are increasing signs of transparent and potentially dangerous Nationalist sabre rattling brought on by the realisation that, on current form, they are going to lose the referendum.

The Firstminster’s prattle aboot the sovereign will at FMQs was the lighting of the touch paper for certain Nationalist Front types to ramp up the Nationalist fervor.

Expect more bitterness, acrimony and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the coming weeks.

Ho hum!


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Moan McVulpine: You’re on the next round if you think Salmond’s getting his currency union.

OOR columnist MOAN MCVULPINE argues that Firstminster Salmond should call it a day over the currency union. It’s not within his “gift” to bestow it for an independent Scotland.
Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpinelooking after the pounds and ending up with the pennies

CONFUSED ABOUT the currency? Let me help…

Firstminster Salmond says: “It’s in the rUK’s best interests to have a currency union.” How can he be sure?

He cannae. If Scotland separates from the UK, English Nationalists will ensure that no rUK governement wid daur do such a thing without a public lynching.

So why are Ed Milliband, Alistair Darling and George Osborne shouting about saying No?

They like to see that “look” on Salmond’s face.

Explain currency union…

London continues to control the Scottish economy, and we all agree to call it independence.

Support for Independence increases by only 3 per cent over period of twelve months, despite Scottish Civil Service gone native, £1 million per annum Star Chamber and the “phenomenon” that is Wings Over Scotland.

Is it just Alex Salmond’s idea?

Aye. He’s a millstone around the SNP’s neck.

Would we really be independent if we shared the pound?

Yes, of course we would – if you call another country setting your interest rates, limiting your spending and setting your budgets for you, that is.

Firstminster Salmond goes on the counter attack, not realising he’s perceived as a “busted flush” by the No camp, most of his cabinet and half of his party.

So what could we do differently from the UK while sharing it?

We could still wholeheartedly blame Westminster aka the basturt English for all our woes.

That sounds like indpendence to me.

Naw it disnae. It sounds like a recipe for disaster and yet more acrimony between the English and the SNP.

Ed Miliband joins in the basturt English bully boy tactics of our hateful imperialistic colonising subjugators i.e. he says Naw to currency union.

Will the rest of the UK benefit from a Scottish currency union?

Will it f**k. Trying to sell the idea of underwriting the ungrateful Jocks shaky independent economy would be political suicide. The English population may be more than tolerant regarding their northern neighbours grumping, but they’re not walkovers.

Could England suffer without a currency zone?

Naw. Economists calculate a refusal of the currency zone would be so funny it would be worth its weight in gold.

But the Westminster parties are saying they won’t let us share the Bank of England if we vote Yes.

The Bank of England is an institution. There’s a hint in who it belongs to in the name. We’ll leave the free thinkers oot there to work it oot for theirsels.

So with no currency union, there’s no debt for us?

And no assets either.

How much will we save?

Hee haw. We’ll lose more in assets than we save in debt.

But the No campaign say Scotland would be considered a defaulter and our interest rates would go up.

Damn right. The international money markets would see us as Welshers on the deal and treat us accordingly.

Why do Tories and Labour want to lumber the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland with extra debt?

Because they can.

Do they mean it?

There’s only one way to find out. Go ahead, make their day. Punk!

So they are bluffing?

You want to take the risk finding out?



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