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The Good, The Bad and The Daisley

STV JOURNALIST Stephen Daisley has promoted Wings Over Scotland’s political fundraising campaign three times in the last four weeks. Each time, he has used ‘impartial’ broadcaster, Scottish Television’s, official resources to do so. Could Daisley’s actions be a breach of broadcasting regulator OFCOM’s broadcasting code? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Replete with Wings logo for brand identification purposes no doubt, Daisley makes sure you're in no doubt that Wings is worth donating to.

Replete with STV and Wings logo, for brand identification purposes no doubt, Daisley ensures you’re left in no doubt that Wings Over Scotland is worth promoting.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

DOES STV journalist Stephen Daisley’s admiration of Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland compromise the Scottish broadcaster’s “impartiality” remit?

AhDinnaeKen thinks so. But we*’re hardly impartial in the matter. So consider the following:

OFCOM, the UK’s broadcast regulator, has a set of fairly comprehensive rules and guidelines on broadcaster neutrality. According to OFCOM’s definition of broadcaster services “a website that provides content clearly and directly related to a Broadcasting-related Service may itself be a Broadcasting-related Service.”

In other words, it’s fair to conclude that the official STV News Twitter feed and website can both be considered to be covered by OFCOM’s rules and regulations. Technically it could be a grey area, but the definition makes that seem unlikely.

Section Five of the OFCOM broadcasting code covers the expected impartiality of UK based broadcasters.

According to section 5.5: “Due impartiality on matters of political or industrial controversy and matters relating to current public policy must be preserved on the part of any person providing a service.”

Daisley provides a service to STV and the wider public at large. He mostly controls the official STV News Twitter feed, which has approximately 172,000 followers, and regularly uses it to draw readers to the official STV News website

As referred to above, Daisley has gushed over and publicised the Wings Over Scotland blog three times in the last four weeks. Each editorial piece published/broadcast on the official STV website has been promoted by one Tweet or more on the official STV News Twitter feed.

So far so what, you may ask. If something’s newsworthy, for instance, it should be reported regardless of the source of the news and be done so “without fear or favour”.

And that’s the rub AhDinnaeKen has with Daisley. We*’re fairly sure his shameless plugging of Wings is indulged in with some sort of “favour” in mind. We* don’t know what it is and we*’ll spare readers any speculation on our* part for the sake of falling into the error of accidental defamation. But something’s not quite right with Daisley’s inexplicably embarrassing actions.

The repeated promotion of Campbell’s blog is, without doubt, deeply suspect. It has the potential to bring his employer, Scottish Television, into disrepute with OFCOM. With an MSC in Political Communication, you’d expect Daisley to be above that potential scenario.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code’s core principles regarding commercial cross promotion are outlined below:

  • “To ensure that broadcasters maintain editorial independence and control over programming (editorial independence).
  • To ensure that there is distinction between editorial content and advertising (distinction).
  • To protect audiences from surreptitious advertising (transparency).
  • To ensure that audiences are protected from the risk of financial harm (consumer protection).
  • To ensure that unsuitable sponsorship is prevented (unsuitable sponsorship).”

In each of Daisley’s Wings editorials over the period covering 27 Feb to 26 Mar 2015, he has included an advert with a link to the Wings Over Scotland fundraiser. In effect, he has actively promoted and used the official STV website to advertise Wings’ Indiegogo fundraiser.

Those three adverts in a row. It might seem like small potatoes, but the principle of breached impartiality rules is anything but. Get a grip STV, yer boy's going native.

Those three adverts in a row. From top to bottom they were published on 27 Feb, 6 Mar and 26 Mar 2015 respectively. It might seem like small potatoes to some, but the principle of breached impartiality rules is anything but. Get a grip STV, yer boy Daisley’s going native.

Daisley Indygogo Mar 06 Daisley Indygogo Mar 26

There’s room for a legitimate complaint there – not least from the likes of Bella Caledonia, Newsnet Scotland and National Collective – all alternative pro-independence media sites who have run their own fundraisers. There also appears to be no ‘distinction’ made between Daisley’s editorial content and ‘advertising’ of the Wings blog which hardly fulfils the need to “protect audiences from surreptitious advertising.”

The Electoral Commission is currently investigating Wings Over Scotland’s incomplete spending returns from the referendum campaign. If found guilty of breaching the rules, editor Stuart Campbell potentially faces a prison sentence.

Yet, Daisley appears to see no conflict of interest in encouraging STV News site visitors to donate to the politically partisan site. It’s questionable at best, and a breach of broadcasting impartiality rules at worst.

For the sake of “transparency” and editorial “impartiality”, Daisley, or his employer STV, must explain the reasons for this sustained and blatant promotion of one individual’s pro-media blog.

Clever and playful as he is, Daisley doesn’t appear too savvy regarding non-social media perceptions out there. Three big plugs in four weeks looks like he’s doing a friend a “favour” beyond the call of journalistic duty or the public interest. He may be guilty of nothing but, to AhDinnaeKen’s eyes at least, it looks like a straightforward case of back slapping camradery, surreptitious advertising and shameless cross promotion with ulterior motive attached.

We* respectfully request that Daisley get’s a grip and provides ‘transparency’ for the various STV News reading publics out there – otherwise, he’s keeping everyone in the dark. The repeated and sustained promotion of Wings Over Scotland through STV’s official broadcasting media services is the behaviour of a besotted schmuck and is unbecoming of an allegedly impartial broadcaster.

Daisley’s not only embarrassing himself, he’s embarrassing Scottish Television.

And that embarrassment could prove to be embarrassingly costly.

What a putz!

Readers, as ever, can make up their own minds.

The full OFCOM definition of Broadcasting services in the section covering cross promotion.

The full OFCOM definition of Broadcasting services in the section covering cross promotion.



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Moan McVulpine: Maximum whine power generation for Alba

MOAN knows that renewable energy in Scotland is Salmond’s vanity project legacy, and the closing of Longannet power station is mostly due to wind power over capacity.

By Moan McVulpineputting the watt into watt the f**k

WHEN YOU embark on a vanity project  to prove the green moral superiority of your government it can have unintended consequences.

When those consequences result in the premature loss of peoples’ jobs – at Longannet for example – then it provides ample opportunity for some 180 degree grievance stoking.

Rather than look at the real cause, over capacity, why not take the chance to yet again drone on about the evils and inherent oppression of Alba by Westmonster?

And that’s exactly what grievance merchants like Joan McAlpine list MSP do – they see it as their Nationalistic/patriotic duty.

Longannet is the perfect pawn in this game of crooked energy chess for the likes of Joanie. It’s too much to resist.

It’s easy to blame higher transmission charges levied on the likes of Longannet. But much of that charge is a heady mix of Scotland’s over capacity and distance from the centres of power consumption.

The further away you are from the those centres- in Scotland’s case that’s England’s cities – the more you’re charged for the power going onto the grid. The transmission charge rewards generators close to the centres of consumption – it allegedly aids efficiency and cuts down on power loss over long distance. It’s not perfect but there is logic in it.

According to Joanie’s brand of grievance stoking logic, it’s a deliberate ploy by those English basturts doon sooth tryin’ tae dae us doon and keep us in oor place. Or something.

National Grid tells us that Scotland generates 11 gigawatts of power but our peak demand is only 5.4 gigawatts. That’s a problem of over capacity – exacerbated by all those lovely windmills out there.

Due to the vagaries of the transmission system it results in higher charges to the electricity generators.

The irony of Joanie’s Daily Redcoat 1314 gigawatt grievance generation is that she claims Europe demonstrates how energy transmission should be done. And she might have a point.

What she omits however, in the whole of her whining rant, is that due to rules formulated in Europe, Longannet would be closing  down in 2020 anyway due to EU emissions directives and carbon pricing.

But that inconvenient information would get in the way of her grievance narrative, so it’s conveniently ignored.

It’s another example of why you should always be on guard when Nationalists claim they have Scotland’s best interests at heart.

Nationalists have Nationalists best interests at heart. That interest is power. And I don’t mean the electricity kind.



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Crybaby Nationalist takes to the bottle

A REDTOP newspaper exposes a vile threat from loose cannon cybernat Nick Durie. He repeatedly uses a word which suggests the potential influence of Stuart “Blub-blub” Campbell’s extremist blog, Wings Over Scotland. And a nugget of pre-indyref information slips out. Consequently, Blub-blub Campbell takes to the bottle for solace. AhDinnaeKen, with obvious caveats, falls off its proverbial seat laughing. Here’s why:

Don't do it Wingman. The country is depending on you. :)

Don’t do it Wingman. The country is depending on you. 🙂

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE DAILY Record yesterday reported a vilely worded threat against indyref supporter and activist, Aidan Kerr, now defined by cybernats as a “defector”.

“Defector” is used four times in a sanctimonious tirade by “dedicated dad” and threatening cybernat, Nick Durie, who chillingly said of Aidan that he should be “castigated, shut down and prevented from operating”. Scary stuff and not very funny at all.

All that's missing are words like "cleansing" and "quisling" and "traitor to his country",

All that’s missing are words like “cleansing” and “quisling” and “traitor to his country”,

Ross McCafferty, social media commentator and mostly amusing wag, highlighted that the use of the word “defector” was used by Stuart Campbell in his blog predating Durie’s attack. Considering that Durie types are attracted to Wings like flies to something decidedly unpleasant, the link is a logical but potentially fallacious one to make – post hoc proctor ergo hoc etc.

A quick investigation proved Ross’s observation to be correct. But, to be fair to Blub-blub Campbell, he had used the word in quotes, suggesting its original use may have originated elsewhere.

Published on the 16th Feb this year, it certainly predates Durie's vile attack.

Published in the Wings on the 16th Feb this year, the use of “defector”certainly predates Durie’s vile attack. Coincidence or magic that Durie referred to Aidan Kerr as a “defector”? You decide.

So, was Campbell partly to blame for Durie’s tirade? Who knows? The jury’s out and we* certainly couldn’t say he was. We* know how authoritarian and bullying Campbell is and how fond he is of threatening law suits or setting the authorities on people to shut opinion down. So we*’re saying nothing.

There are several threads attached to this story and readers can follow them as they will.

AhDinnaeKen is concerned with the bombshell dropped by Yes campaigner, organiser and activist Ross Greer – referred to by Campbell at the top of the page.

According to Greer, much of his time and fellow Yes campaign organiser Jonathan Mackie’s time, was spent keeping the likes of Nick Durie and Wings Over Scotland as far away from the official Yes campaign as possible.

Official Yes campaign organiser openly admits Wings caused the campaign problems - shock. Cognitive dissonance a go-go.

Official Yes campaign organiser openly admits Wings caused the campaign problems – shock. Cognitive dissonance a go-go.

They clearly recognised the real and potential danger of such toxic campaigners being directly linked to their movement.

Public perception is everything in such vital campaigns and it’s possible, given a bit of conjecture and whataboutery, that the Yes campaign could have achieved a better result had they not been impaired by and associated with the likes of Campbell and his “creepy as f**k” grassroot surveillance goons.

What we do know, is that the poor wee hate-preaching blubberer is blubbing away into his vodka bottle in the official knowledge that the Yes campaign considered him to be as toxic as Nick Durie.

Blub-blub indeed.

We*’re still laughing.


The bottom tweet precedes the one above - proving that cybernats and extremist hate preachers have no sense of irony or self awareness. Natch!

This is a screengrab of Campbell’s Twitter timeline last night. The bottom tweet precedes the one above – proving that cybernats and extremist hate preachers have no sense of irony or self awareness at all. Natch!


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Crybaby Nationalist scab runs away from Call Kaye

DOUBLE STANDARDS and the inability to stand by your own principles are the hallmarks of snake oil hucksters and extremist hypocrites everywhere. No surprise then that Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland blog couldn’t resist appearing on BBC’s Call Kaye radio programme yesterday – despite his call to “treat anyone appearing there as a scab.” AhDinnaeKen knowingly tut tuts and rolls over laughing:

Scab calls self scab in scabrously scabby tweet. Now that's what we* call Scabby.

Scab calls self scab in scabrously scabby tweet. Now that’s what we* call Scabby.

By Scab Campbell

“Hi Stuart. Now, you’re from Wings Over Scotland. Explain to us what Wings Over Scotland is to people who are not familiar.” said Kaye Adams when Stuart “scab” Campbell phoned in yesterday to castigate Kaye Adams for not doing her job.

‘Wings Over Scotland is a quasi-religious cult of like minded border line fascist extremists who worship at the temple of Alex Salmond’ he paraphrased in reply.

You’re not here to condescendingly point out that Kezia Dugdale and Jim Murphy are following Alex Salmond’s line about the biggest party having the “moral authority” to form the government after the General Election, Kaye subtextually asked.

That’s exactly why I’m on came the peremptorily authoritative answer – though the voice of the blubbering extremist was audibly about to crack with the tears of injustice weighing on his puritanical partisan soul.

Okay, Blub-blub, you don’t mind if I call you Blub-blub, Stuart? queried Kaye without waiting for an answer, stick your size 3 jackboot into the Beeb, we need a good laugh here. But before you do, consider this:

“I dont think this debate is helping, I really don’t” opined Kaye, “and Stuart (Blub-blub) I would say that to you too, and I’m not trying to knock down your point and I’m not trying to say you’re not technically correct but I don’t think it helps!”

Technically Correct

Cue a “technically correct” rantathon from the blubbering diminutive demagogue where his voice was permanently on the edge of breaking down into a blubbering flood of outraged scabrous tears. Of course, self righteous extremists fuelled with the zeal of self appointed supreme moral authority don’t know how to play the media game. This was most noticeable when the blubbering blubberer blubbed:

“Jim Murphy knows perfectly well that he’s LYING, that the biggest party does not automatically get to form the government.”

Okay, okay”, you’ve bored me to tears now Stuart and you’ve called someone a liar who isn’t even here to defend himself, you can hear the talkshow host saying/thinking. You’ll be telling me how to do my job next added Psychic Kaye.

To which the tediously predictable blogger duly whined:

“You have to challenge THEM on that Kaye, I’m sorry. You are not doing your job if you let THEM tell such a blatant lie and completely fail to contest it in any way.” he screamed.

Cue a robust defence from Psychic Kaye when faced with the posturing finger wagging of a vexatious slanderer like Blub-blub:

“Well Stuart, I’d appreciate it if you don’t personalise it” because if you continue to do so I’ll have to point out that you have a face like a female camel’s syphilis infected genitals and that wouldn’t be very nice, defended Kaye.

Unfortunately, a person of the feminine gender sticking up for herself in a robust and forthright manner was too much for the well documented misogynist hate-preacher and he hung up in a flood of tears at a woman having the temerity to stand up to him.

Kaye moved on, as she is used to doing, and offered Blub-blub the chance to “scab” some more by staying on the line and chipping in. But she had failed to understand that self appointed supreme authority’s on earth don’t like opinionated and sassy women. The blubbing Jedi Reverend had hung up and run away to scream at his four walls and seek succour from his rat pals due to Kaye’s alleged “vehemence“.

AhDinnaeKen is still laughing at just how thin skinned the alleged “robust polemicist” really is.

Readers can make up their own minds. (approx. 16 mins)

Notable that a woman defending herself against an accusation of not doing her job properly is called "vehemence" by Campbell. The wee soul probably needs to get out more.

Notable that a woman defending herself against an accusation of not doing her job properly is called “vehemence” by Campbell. The wee soul probably needs to get out more. As for hanging up, we know what assume does to you and me. Don’t worry Stuart, your secret’s safe, we know you hung up to have a good cathartic cry at the temerity of a woman answering back.



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Crybaby Nationalist and the sin of omission – exposed

IN PROFESSIONAL journalism a balanced story, in normal circumstances, is the gold standard of ethical everyday reporting. In partisan propaganda “journalism”, such as that trotted out ad nauseum in the Wings Over Scotland blog, the truth is a subjective matter to be bent to the sovereign will of the editor, Stuart “Blub-blub” Campbell. AhDinnaeKen explains:

A little pointer in the art of transparent propaganda. This guy thinks he can hold the MSM to account? We*'re still laughing.

“Respected impartial UK fact-checking site”? Wings Over Scotland! We*’re still laughing.

By Blub-blub Campbell

“PROPAGANDA MUST not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side.” – Nationalist grass roots political activist, Germany 1929.

Following on from Sunday’s little twitter spat where Crybaby Nationalist Stuart Campbell, threatened a perfectly civil critic with a police visit (Crybaby Nationalist passim), this time we* have a case of “professional journalism” by omission. Or propaganda, by its real name.

Campbell’s link in the twitter exchange above takes you to his blog where the following statement is quoted verbatim from a Buzzfeed piece put together by Phoebe Arnold:

Those scoundrels, brigands, thieves and rogues. How very dare they.

Those Westminster scoundrels, brigands, thieves and rogues. How very dare they.

Given that the date referred to is 1980, the year following on from the great betrayal of Scotland by eleven SNP turkeys backing Maggie Thatcher, it’s hard not to feel your breast fill with indignant rage at the treatment of our proud region (country)by the Nationalists in handing it over to an arch-monetarist Tory like the Thatch.

But all is not quite as it seems with Blub-blub’s quote. If you follow the link to Phoebe Arnold’s Buzzfeed feature – Blub-blub knows that most of his ‘alert’ readers don’t – there’s a little surprise, in the form of a caveat, directly after:

Oh dear. That kind of undermines the sanctimonious point Blub-blub was making. Not hard to work out why it was omitted.

Oh dear! That nasty naughty “But” – kind of undermines the sanctimonious point Blub-blub was making. Somebody call the police and get that “But” arrested.

Hmm! One can only speculate as to why Crybaby Nationalist Campbell opted to forget about the clearly important caveat of the “But” which follows his sanctimonious rage inducing quote selectively highlighted in his blog.

We*’re sure it’s nothing to do with the fact that it undermines the quote’s impact.

Ethical journalism’s a bitch when it comes to reporting. That’s why Blub-blub Campbell’s blog is nothing to do with ethical journalism.

It’s a clear case of presenting “only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side.”

And that’s what AhDinnaeKen calls propaganda not journalism.

Worth remembering the next time some half-witted Wingnut quotes Blub-blub’s blog as an authoritative source.


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Crybaby Nationalist threatens critic with “police visit”

WELL FANCY that. Self styled “robust polemicist” Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland blog has cried ‘wolf’ and threatened a perfectly legitimate critic with a “police visit” followed by potential court action. What a whining bleating crybaby! Surely someone who said “Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued?” could tolerate a little scrutiny of their blog? Apparently not. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An 'exciting, invigorating, and innovative' approach to critics by Campbell?

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An ‘exciting, invigorating, and innovative’ approach to criticism  – don’t you think?

By Blub-Blub Campbell

IT STARTED on Twitter with a casual tweet and a challenging rebuttal. It ended with a deleted death threat/wish and an authoritarian styled threat of possible court action and a “police visit” to employers

For the sake of clarity, the text below captures the essential narrative of a twitter exchange between Neil Lovatt of Scottish Friendly and Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland – the original thread can be checked here:

Mr Malky: Tweet this hard and tweet it often – an SNP vote CANNOT let the Tories in at Westminster:

Neil Lovatt: that link doesnt say CANNOT, it’s perfectly possible you just don’t understand the math, like @WingsScotland

Wings Over Scotland: Is there some part of “Fuck off and stop @-ing me in your idiot wankery” you don’t understand?

Neil Lovatt: Yes I’ll do that when you actually start reporting accurately. Until then I’ll keep picking you up.

Wings Over Scotland: So for the official record: I have no interest in conversation with you. Please do not contact me.

Neil Lovatt: Thanks I’m not contacting you I’m mentioning your errors on my Timeline.

Wings Over Scotland: I wonder how “Scottish Friendly” would feel about a police visit.

Neil Lovatt: For someone that doesn’t want to talk to me you have a strange way of showing it?

Wings Over Scotland: I am required to do so in order to bring an action. Up to you now.

Neil Lovatt: As I said I look forward to your test case.

Some sterling work here as the Wingsman threatens a respectable citizen with the police for tweeting his disagreement.

 Mr Malky appears to be quite happy about that threat. They’ll be arresting people for singing songs next. Oh, hold on.

Now consider the following ‘robust polemic’ written by Scotland’s fearless challenger to the forces of corrupt imperialistic MSM hegemony. In a blog entitled “Crybaby Nation”, Scunner Campbell whined:

The default response to any kind of slight or challenge nowadays seems to be to shriek that you’re being bullied or persecuted or defamed or disrespected or discriminated against, and demand – often via the courts or the threat of the courts – that nobody should ever dare question or criticise you in any way.”

Hmm. Just as well there’s nothing like that going on in the thread above then, eh?

Rambling on he then opts for a wee bit of special bleating/pleading to justify his faux and hypocritical outrage:

“Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued? It’s starting to look increasingly like we are, and that makes us both sad and angry. Does anyone know a good lawyer?”

If Neil Lovatt’s criticism is all it takes to upset Campbell into litigious threats, we* feel it might be rather irresponsible of him to place himself in the middle of a debate as heated as the General Election.

So if anyone can point us* to anything more upsetting to Campbell than having his figures scrutinised by Neil Lovatt, we’re ready and waiting to back the Wingsman’s threats publicly. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time Campbell dried his eyes and got on with the job of ad hominem hate preaching – y’know, the stuff his right wing authoritarian Nationalist backers actually pay him for.


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Partisan prophet proves himself right by quoting himself – magic!

PARTISAN JOURNALISM, or propaganda as it’s better known, has one overriding objective – a systematically one sided attitude toward every problem that has to be dealt with. Sometimes that means its practitioners have to bend the truth so far that the truth breaks and becomes a misleading lie. AhDinnaeKen investigates the alleged truth bending of Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland in his previous and present incarnation:

Misleading and unethical. What we've come to expect.

Stuart Campbell used these two quotes to reinforce the authority of his Fairplay campaign. The Edge quote was allegedly written by Campbell as was the CTW one. We’re awaiting verification of the first. AhDinnaeKen verified that the second (CTW) is indeed Campbell’s handiwork.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“SCRATCH THE surface at any point, and it would seem that much of the rhetoric of the FairPlay campaign is based on some completely unfounded assertions that have never been backed up by facts or research.” stated a report into claims raised by the then Fairplay campaigner and videogames reviewer, Stuart Campbell – the present editor of the Wings Over Scotland blog.

The report from 2002 further informed its readers of Campbell’s deceitful manipulation of attributed quotes to lend a false authority to his campaign’s spurious claims.

Most damaging was the allegation that Campbell had quoted his own writings and attributed them to the publications they were written for as if the two were somehow separate.

At no time did Campbell mention or let on that he was the author of the quotes.

If true, the report was a damning insight into the dishonest practice and unethical actions of a self professed “professional journalist”.

In short, Campbell was effectively treating his target audience/readership with cynical contempt using unethical journalistic practise.

Predictably, Campbell called the claims a lie and countered with a classic Tu Quoque riposte:

“..tame industry lapdogs like have been quick to condemn the campaign with ill-researched and blatantly untrue claims (ironically while accusing FairPlay of poor journalistic standards).”

AhDinnaeKen can exclusively reveal that Campbell was indeed guilty of the charges raised against him by . Click the links supplied to see Campbell’s initial CTW feature and how the quotes were further abused.

The most blatant manipulation concerned a quote attributed by Campbell to trade magazine Computer Trade Weekly (CTW):

In a CTW feature from 1996 entitled “The Price is Wrong”, Campbell said:

“The price of games is crippling innovation – with people buying so few games, they take very few risks, so publishers play safer and safer, so sales slip further downwards (how many driving games and beat-’em-ups do you need?), so games get more expensive to recoup the losses, etc etc.”

It’s the very same quote used by Campbell’s Fairplay campaign and attributed to CTW with no other allusion to Campbell.

Oh dear! Quoting yourself to prove yourself right, in this instance, is like a particularly incestuous form of the Circulum Probando logical fallacy. What a swiz,

Oh dear! This is a screen grab from Campbell’s original CTW feature. Quoting yourself to prove yourself right is a particularly onanistic form of the Circulus in Probando logical fallacy. What a swiz.

CTW, at the time, served the games industry and associated retail trade, keeping them abreast of news , developments and features. At its height it commanded a unique perspective on the burgeoning games industry and spoke with an unchallenged authority.

Campbell’s unattributed attribution hoped to tap into that authority. Except, embarrassingly for him, he was exposed by despite his counter claim they were lying.

The World of Stuart blog has a large archive of Campbell’s work for various publications over the years, including CTW. The link to the original piece written by Campbell is here and an archive copy is here.

Readers can make their own mind up as to what this tells them about Campbell’s ethics and integrity in order to further his one sided interests.

Scottish Television journalist and Wings acolyte by proxy, Stephen Daisley, in pre-referendum praise of the Wings Over Scotland blog said:

“Mainstream media need not embrace Stuart Campbell but it cannot afford to ignore him or the challenges he poses to journalistic practice”

AhDinnaeKen agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiment of Daisley’s statement. Such journalistic practice highlighted above, shouldn’t be ignored, it should be exposed.

The main challenge Campbell poses to journalistic practice is one of ethics, integrity, credibilty, honesty, hypocrisy and trust.

It’s why if the MSM were to “embrace” Campbell, as some MSM journos such as Daisley, Kevin McKenna and Iain MacWhirter appear to be doing, then it could feasibly be claimed that they were undermining their own credibility – for the simple reason that they’re legitimising an inauthentic cheat and liar who abuses journalism for his own ends.

Campbell’s readers trust him enough and believe in his credibility enough to donate “as much” as they can afford to the upkeep of his lifestyle.

Apologists for the Wings blog might point out that the Fairplay campaign was a long time ago and imply that that somehow lessens the impact of Campbell’s deception.

It’s worth noting that the CTW feature was written in 1996 but the quotes were used to add authenticity to the Fairplay campaign six years later in 2002 .

You need only look at the back of the Campbell authored Wee Blue Book to see the same “misleading” attribution principle in action:

Wings is arguably the most exciting, invigorating, and innovative entrant to the Scottish media world in recent years. – STV News, 20 June 2014” screams the blurb on the back of the Wee Blue propaganda pamphlet.

To the uninitiated it implies endorsement by the mostly impartial broadcaster Scottish Television. The source of the quote was Stephen Daisley, something that should have been alluded to by Campbell because the quote implies that STV News endorsed Campbell when, of course, it was merely the “manlove” rhetorical foreplay by proxy of the Wings besotted STV journalist.

According to Ross McCafferty, also quoted on the Wee Blue Book – he referred to Wings Over Scotland as “The mumsnet of the independence movement” – Campbell’s attribution of his quote to the Mirror Online was a “bit harsh” due to the salient fact he hadn’t written it there. Yet, curiously, it was still attributed as such by Campbell. So much for fact checking, accuracy and truth etc.

Campbell has a history of basic factual and “misleading” errors – never corrected – which further his solipsistic interests.

Acolytes, supporters, donators, endorsers and apologists can take their excuses elsewhere. Anyone who donates to Wings in the belief that they’re funding professional journalism is a schmuck. Stuart Campbell, though they choose not to see it, is treating them and journalism with the contempt they probably deserve.

And that’s the real problem with Wings Over Scotland. For all the bluster and polemic about journalistic integrity and credibility and the alleged “fact checking”, “citing” and “sourcing” of his propaganda stories, it can never quite be believed as being “authentic”. From spending to readership to status to credibility all that’s required with Wings is to “scratch the surface” to find that its rhetoric is unfounded and its basic argument is built on a lie.


Attributed to Mirror Online except the quote doesn't come from the Mirror Online. Well done Wingsy. Yer a tryer at least.

Attributed to Mirror Online except the quote doesn’t come from the Mirror Online. Well done Wingsy. Yer a tryer at least.


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Moan McVulpine: A child is a gift for politicians…they look great in photographs

MOAN says a child is not just for Xmas. She reckons they can be used to exploit the human side of a politician when half of Scotland views them as a big ‘N’ Nationalist hypocrite.
By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘hood’ into motherhood

THERE IS no such thing as an ex-political mother. A child is forever and so is the opportunity to exploit your human seeming domestic side for political gain.

That’s why political mums like to publish photographs with their kids.

But for many “empty nesters”, the feeling of being an ex-mother can be overwhelming and a flirtation and a fling with poison pen bloggers can often offer compensation by proxy.

So, this politics-free part of the column today can be viewed as an appeal for sympathy.

Mother’s day is not just for nice mothers, it’s for freewheeling, condescending politicians on the make ‘n’ aw.

At one end there is the embarrassment the kids suffer when their mother is publicly exposed and humiliated as a freeloading old swinger.

At the other end there is the very public scrutiny of Scottish taxpayer funded expenses used to pay off lovers; the embarrassment of televised censure when caught not doing your job in parliament – for the sixth time; and the hilarious hypocrisy enshrined by a driving ban when you’re on a committee for increasing road safety.

But that’s what political mothers are for – ensuring sideways and knowingly awkward glances amongst your peer group whenever her name is mentioned in your social circles.

But, despite the excruciating and public social embarrassment your political mother might have put you through, she’s still your mum and you’d have to have a heart of stone not to love her, even though you probably hate her at the same time.

Childhood memories are powerful drivers and mothers, above all, are the most powerful role models in a child’s brief and precious life.

It’s just a pity when, as they reach adolescence and adulthood, they have to face up to the fact that their mother is viewed by half of the country as a two faced, mad old shagger, without a shred of political credibility. That’s some memory to cherish.

So have a very Happy Mother’s Day, smug in the knowledge that you haven’t delivered public opprobrium and humiliation into your kids everyday life.



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STV journalist’s promotion of Wings Over Scotland puts ‘impartiality’ remit at risk

When does editorial stop being editorial and become plain old promotion? Maybe  STV’s Stephen Daisley should be asking himself the question. AhDinnaeKen investigates Daisley’s most recent STV sponsored advertorial, written specially for Wings Over Scotland:

Only on Whiskas? Hmm. Can we really be sure?

Only on Whiskas? Hmm. Can we really be sure?

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“We have to have, from a regulatory perspective, no opinion and we have to be unbiased and give both sides a fair chance. And that’s what we do.” said Bobby Hain, Director of Channels for STV in a pre-referendum interview with the Drum magazine.

It appears to be a remit that STV journalist Stephen Daisley has forgotten.  Or chooses to ignore – something STV has form with when it comes to Nationalist sourced funding. But more on that later

Whatever Daisley’s motivation, his most recent Wings advertorial  on the STV website entitled “How much has the Wings Over Scotland appeal raised so far?” invokes the wrong type of answer.

Who really cares?

The time for the next Daisley styled Wings fundraiser report should have been when the mendicant appeal was finished – not a week after its launch.

Daisley already told us in  last week’s embarrassingly  gushing promotion of Wings that the fundraiser appeal had been launched. He also informed us elsewhere that it broke its target in less than six hours. So what extra information do we really need to know a week on which, even remotely, serves the public interest?

And, what does Daisley hope to achieve with such ad nauseum love-in styled editorial?

It’s hardly as if the Wings appeal is in a good cause. So why the tedious repetition?

The appropriate time for the next Daisley on Wings’ fundraiser gushathon should be when the appeal ends and the total has been independently verified by a neutral third party. Otherwise it looks as if there’s an ulterior motive behind such editorials – we’re fairly sure that can’t be the case.

The STV Twitter feed has 168,000 readers. That's a lot of exposure for something which isn't news. Hmm.

Promotion, sponsorship or advertorial? The STV News Twitter feed has 168,000 readers. That’s a lot of exposure for something which, technically speaking, isn’t news or newsworthy. Hmm. Fragrant it ain’t.

Last week AhDinnaeKen challenged Stephen Daisley to investigate a vexatiously defamatory blog written by Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland entitled “The Personal Touch“.

Daisley, of course, was under no obligation to read it, but, to not have done so would have been negligent considering the claim raised against Wings integrity and its relation to  Daisley’s journalistic credibility.

Campbell is already facing what could be criminal charges by the Electoral Commission over his failure to deliver a campaign expenditure return. As a “responsible” person in his role as an official Yes campaigner during the referendum, Wings Over Scotland was named by the Commission as having “failed to submit spending returns.” – a serious breach of the electoral rules.

That raises some serious questions on Daisley’s motivation for promoting a fundraiser by  a person like Campbell when a potentially criminal charge regarding expenditure hangs over him. It also potentially brings STV’s journalistic remit for impartiality and integrity into question.

And that’s something STV can’t really afford to happen.

In 2010 STV was investigated by broadcasting regulator Ofcom which found that with eighteen television programmes broadcast between 2008 and 2009 “STV had sought programme funding to create programmes that were effectively vehicles for the purpose of promoting the sponsors’ interests.”

In this case the sponsor was the Scottish Government.  In relation to Salmond’s embedded Nationalist government, Ofcom found “STV‟s responsibility and editorial independence had been impaired” and STV were “in breach of sponsorship rules”.

When STV allegedly attempted to write off Ofcom’s findings as “technical” mistakes,  the television company was rebuked by Ofcom whose spokesperson said: “It’s not a technical breach, it’s a serious breach. There’s no such thing as a technical breach.”

AhDinnaeKen is sure that there’s no such editorial ‘breach’ between Daisley and Wings Over Scotland’s relationship. It’s just that it doesn’t look that way. And, as with politics, perception of journalistic independence and impartiality can be everything.

Last week, in relation to  AhDinnaeKen’s complaint aimed at Daisley, we said: “If Stephen remains silent or, at least, doesn’t report something on Campbell’s vexatious defamation then he’s no better than a cheap nasty partisan propagandist like the Wings man himself.

Sadly, it looks like Stephen’s joining the ranks of “cheap nasty partisan” propagandists. Any journalist worth their salt reading the first three pars of Campbell’s “The Personal Touch” can see that it goes beyond mere vexatious defamation. It is also, technically at least, a potential criminal breach and perversion of the course of justice.

To ignore the complaint embedded in AhDinnaeKen’s analysis last week bordered on criminally stupid by Daisley.

We’re still considering whether to complain to the relevant people.

Readers can make up their own mind.

In terms of prominence and urging to click, there's something not quite right about this we think.

Clicking the link takes you to the Wings Over Scotland fundraiser page so that you can donate. Consider the prominence, size, position, wording etc. Do I smell a ratboy.


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Moan McVulpine: Nationalist flag waving and branding is a transparent gesture

CONVIVIAL NATIONALIST, Joan McAlpine list MSP, wants to plaster Scotland in saltires and Scottish Government branding. Moan thinks such brazenly transparent Nationalism should serve as a warning of the political landscape to come.
Moan McVulpine providing 'service' to the Firstminster whenever he wants it.
By Moan McVulpinecondescending where no condescension has gone before.

FIRST IT was the councils, now the embedded Nationalists want to stake their claim on public spending, too.

They hope that, confronted with the misconception that the Scottish Government pays for things, gullible Alba-onians will flock to them in gratitude.

The polemic was dreamed up by Joan McAlpine, an alleged politician and actual SNP NEC member.

McAlpine, a list MSP apparatchick* (for the moment), has gone so native since the glorious defeat of the empowering referendum, she is known as the “most convivial Nationalist at the end of a Pinot Grigio bottle”.

She’s sown her oats, apparently, with even more gusto than her heroine Mata Hari.

Now she wants to turn Scotland into a ‘region’ of Nationalist lapdogs and obnoxious f**kwits.

She and her party appear to be halfway there already. Worryingly.

Joanie would have saltires and “Scottish Government branding” adorning  all publicly funded buildings – a ghastly and tasteless Orwellian styled Nationalistic nightmare.

And she would have you believe that these buildings were funded by the “Scottish Government” while any UK public projects were funded by the “Scottish taxpayer”.

Can she really be so arrogant and dismissive of the Scottish public’s perception that they won’t notice the brazen transparency of her insular Nationalist agenda.

So when it comes to sticking saltires up things, Joanie and her ilk know where  they can stick their saltires.

The sun doesn’t shine there, allegedly.


* deliberate misspelling for poorly conceived patronising joke


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Analysis: Why STV’s Stephen Daisley needs to investigate Wings Over Scotland

Scottish Television journalist Stephen Daisley’s paradoxical admiration of both honest journalism and Wings Over Scotland’s partisan propaganda needs to be challenged. Stephen himself needs to do most of the challenging. Here’s why:


The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. Happy to call an ordinary mother a liar for expressing a view on the referendum. Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell's black-shirt.

False and vile accusations, no credible or tangible evidence, Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell besmirches journalism. Smear, innuendo, intimidation and surveillance is the modus operandi of this type of Nationalist propagandist.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“CROWDFUNDING COULD be the game-changer that opens up the media landscape and allows the best and the brightest — left and right, Yes and No, veterans and newcomers — to rise to the top.” concluded STV journalist Stephen Daisley in a gushingly embarrassing promotion of Wings Over Scotland’s recently launched online mendicant fundraiser.

The conclusion was reached by Stephen in an allegedly analytical piece written by him on the STV website. The implication is clear. Daisley thinks professional “wind up merchant” and Wings blogger, Stuart Campbell, is the “best” and “brightest” of the ‘alternative media empire’ currently being built in Scotland’s online mediasphere.

If it had been written by a Wings acolyte it could easily have been dismissed as the gibberings of a tunnel visioned zealot.

But Daisley’s nobody’s fool. Despite the lightness of his touch and humorous nurturing of the facile and the inconsequential, Daisley is a highly perceptive, balanced and fair journalist. Except, of course, when it comes to the vexatious smearing liar and self professed “professional journalist” Stuart Campbell.

There’s an embarrasingly glaring blind spot there. And it undermines Daisley’s credibility somewhat given the number of times he refers to Wings in his STV writings and Twitter feeds.

On the plus side, the STV journalist showed his mettle recently when taking SNP MSP Joan McAlpine to task for her very public attack on local councils. His review of Telegraph columnist Alan Cochrane’s referendum diary was a masterpiece in scathing critique. And his calling out of trolls for their sustained and vile online abuse of Labour’s Margaret Curran was as firm and clear as it was necessary. Though the latter piece by Daisley made no mention of Wings’ misogynistic attacks on Curran.


Maybe it’s this kind of thing which fuels Campbell’s fantasy accusations.

What AhDinnaeKen has difficulty in understanding is the affinity, bordering on supine apologism, Daisley has for Wings.

In reference to Campbell’s blog, Daisley said: “Wings Over Scotland emerged during the independence referendum as the leading alternative news and opinion site…

There’s no attribution or explanation cited for the assertion so it’s clearly Daisley’s opinion. AhDinnaeKen would like to know which criteria the “leading” was measured against.

Curiously, in his piece entitled ‘Analysis: Pro-independence campaigners building alternative media empire‘, Daisley omits Wings’ readership figures. Though he does mention page views and number of articles – 54 million and over 1000 respectively.

AhDinnaeKen checked with other journalists who interviewed Campbell if they had corroborated stated readership figures supplied by him with another independent source. To date, no one contacted – the most recent being Angela Haggerty of Common Space – have given an affirmative answer. So Daisley earns kudos points for avoiding mentioning “readership” numbers claimed by the deceptive liar Campbell. Daisley appears to know the numbers couldn’t be independently confirmed. All of Campbell’s alleged “readership” figures periodically stated by him are lies and he knows it.

It can only be concluded Campbell does so to convince readers that they’re part of something big which is achieving something big just so long as they hand over some big donations. A fool and his money etc…

Except, the majority  of that figure isn't actually readers yet Wings still perpetrates the lies. Hmm. Wonder why?

Except, the majority of that 600,000 figure isn’t actually readers yet Wings still perpetrates the lie. Hmm. Wonder why?

But the real issue AhDinnaeKen has with Daisley is his treatment of Campbell as if he is a journalist.

He’s not.

He’s an unbalanced and partisan propagandist: a not unskilled one, admittedly; a feverishly dedicated one, undoubtedly; and a deceptively disingenuous and vexatiously vindictive one, provably. But a propagandist nevertheless.

Campbell has no scruples, ethics, integrity, honesty, balance, accuracy or sense of fairness or justice – qualities a good journalist should possess or at least demonstrate more than lip service to. Campbell, on the other hand, continuously besmirches the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) code of conduct despite claiming he is a NUJ card carrying member.

In a way, his blog is a totemistic symbol of every negative Nationalistic stereotype you could wave a saltire at – a stereotype which should have cause to make any reasonable person fear the potential of Nationalism unchecked.

AhDinnaeKen experienced this Nationalist phenomenon first hand. Some time ago, we* discovered that Campbell had been circulating vexatious and untrue accusations via private email messages to third parties in order to smear AhDinnaeKen. It appeared to be an act of vengeance for a post we* published which demonstrated Campbell thinks that in video games, “beginner is for girls and homosexuals”. We provided corroborative visual evidence for that. (see below).

Alternative text

Of course it was just a “flippant” off the cuff remark and it was a long time ago – natch.

The post coincided with Wings’ first fundraiser result and took some of the wind out of Campbell’s ego fuelled sails.

No doubt in a fit of rage, or whatever apoplexy that type suffers when they get angry, he batch emailed the accusation that the person responsible for AhDinnaeKen had been arrested for conspiring to gang rape and murder him. He also claimed to have arrest records to corroborate the vile accusation.

This came as a nasty shock to AhDinnaeKen. We*’ve never been arrested in our* life. Boring but true. It took a while for our* outrage to calm. When we analysed Campbell’s accusation in a reasoned and systematic fashion, a study of the wording of the email made it clear just how unreasonably irresponsible, bordering on insane, Campbell is.

Notably, Campbell made the heinous claim to the third party without actually naming who this alleged gang rape and murder conspiracist was. That’s why AhDinnaeKen published a post demanding that Campbell come clean and name this alleged perpetrator.

Forced to respond, Campbell wrote a blog entitled ‘The Personal Touch‘ which relied on many of the key fallacies, falsehoods and lies he abuses in the majority of his fevered Wings posts.  Of course, he didn’t name the editor of AhDinnaeKen but he did name another individual whom we* had never heard of. And Campbell’s stuck to that line of argument ever since – repeating it on Twitter on numerous occasions.

Ironically, the Wings tweet highlights exactly the type of vexatious, bordering on insane, liar Wings actually is.

Ironically, this Wings tweet highlights exactly why it’s completely justified to call Campbell out as a vexatious slanderer and fraudulent liar. It’s the simple truth of the matter. By perpetrating the falsehood, Campbell is effectively defrauding his readers. Ergasiophobe knows the difference between fact and opinion. Campbell has still to learn that basic skill. And that’s the danger of big ‘N’ Nationalism. Especially with a cult like following behind it

And that’s where Stephen Daisley comes in. The individual hinted at in the email and named in The Personal Touch post, so far, appears to have lacked the appetite to sue Campbell. Maybe he’s been intimidated by the potential of Wings goons hunting him down in the same “creepy as f**k” manner they sought out and targeted Better Together leaflet campaigners under Campbell’s instructions during the Indyref campaign. We* don’t know.

What we* do know is that @journostephen, aka Stephen Daisley, due to his promotion of Wings – and his clear commitment to balanced and fair journalism – is virtually morally bound to clear up the claim made here by AhDinnaeKen – that Campbell is a vexatious liar and vindictive smear merchant who besmirches the ethics and purpose of journalism and brings it into disrepute.

Daisley attacked Alan Cochrane for his referendum diaries. His outrage was forthright and sincere. He said Cochrane’s “admission that a No vote was more important to him than journalism.” was “extraordinary reasoning.

” For that contempt for journalism, and for his disrespect towards those who strive to do the job without fear or favour, Cochrane is the Villain of the Year.”

A concise and upstanding defence of journalism and one that’s virtually impossible to disagree with.

Daisley appears to be under the misunderstanding that Campbell is a journalist. But if Stephen really believes that journalism is worth respecting then he needs to clear up, in his own mind at least, that Campbell isn’t taking the rise out of him personally and journalism in general. Which at present – so long as the Personal Touch story stays posted and no apology is forthcoming – Campbell is.

Campbell’s paranoid fantasy piece entitled ‘The Personal Touch‘, where he names the person referred to in the email smear, is a breach of the NUJ code of conduct in three clear areas. According to the code all journalists should:

2) Strive to ensure that information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair.

3) Does her/his utmost to correct harmful inaccuracies.

4) Differentiates between fact and opinion.

But equally, if not more, important to that is the deliberate and aggressive defamation of a named individual by Campbell in order to silence and intimidate. Campbell did so in the full knowledge he had no tangible, credible evidence that the named individual had any connection in any manner whatsoever with AhDinnaeKen. It’s beyond contempt and it’s beyond reprehensible. And if it’s the future of an “alternative media empire” then Scotland must despair.

We* already tweeted a link yesterday to Stephen Daisley regarding Campbell’s vindictive vexatious conduct. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply.

If Stephen remains silent or, at least, doesn’t report something on Campbell’s vexatious defamation then he’s no better than a cheap nasty partisan propagandist like the Wings man himself. By promoting Campbell, Daisley is promoting the notion that “journalism” can be used to deliver the most vexatious and heinous claims against individuals in order to silence and intimidate them.

From what AhDinnaeKen perceives of Stephen Daisley, he has too much integrity and sincerity to let that happen.

Time will tell if the perception is accurate.

Our* kind word to Campbell would be, "Learn the meaning of journalism you lowlife hypocrite." And then grow up.

Daisley posted this gushing message on the STV website two days after the Indyref result. Our* kind word to Campbell would be, “Learn the meaning of journalism and stop pretending to have integrity.”

* tedious persistence of redundant joke in terms of the pretentiously bombastic pluralis maiestatsis


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