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Blair Jenkins legitimises notorious internet hate preacher

Just why did Blair Jenkins OBE, Chief of the Yes campaign and believer in greater integrity in journalism sanctify, legitimise and dignify Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland, with a recent reply via Twitter? AhDinnaeKen disnae ken, but here’s a reminder, especially for Blair, what he’s being seen to legitimise:

Blair Jenkins LegitimisesBy Longshanker

BUT FIRST, consider the following worthy assertion and sentiment in terms of the legacy and direction of travel of the UK’s current news media:

“There has been a significant loss of public trust in news organisations, which is why a new culture of integrity and transparency within the media and a restoration of that trust are so important.”

So said Blair Jenkins OBE, Yes Campaign Leader and author of the high falutin Carnegie Trust sourced paper ‘Better Journalism in the Digital Age‘.

A worthy document well worth a read.

A worthy document well worth a read.

It’s a worthy visionary document full of high ideals and best practices for media in the digital age. It speaks with sincerity and compelling authority of the need and desire for “transparency“, “integrity” and “trust” from today’s media outlets.

The legitimacy of Mr Jenkins media view is virtually impossible to write off. His track record and accomplishments in the news sector of the Scottish media are second to none.

And that’s why Mr Jenkins recent reply (above) to Wings Over Scotland’s Twitter challenge is so utterly bafffling and dispiritingly disappointing.

I would expect someone of Mr Jenkin’s calibre and position to know better than be publicly seen legitimising an aggressive and divisive hate preacher like Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell.

What that one Tweet signals is that many can no longer trust in the integrity of Mr Jenkins judgement. Anything he has to say when speaking for the Yes campaign is now tainted by the knowledge that he thinks Wings’ Stuart Campbell is a legitimate and sanctifiable individual in the wider independence campaign.

As a quick reminder, without wanting to make too much of a meal of it, here are some ‘highlights’ of Stuart Campbell’s ahem, ‘professional’ journalistic integrity:

1) On Feminism:
“feminism is the most intolerant ideology currently operating in the UK, leaving ultra-radical Islam trailing a distant second and looking on angrily.”

2) On videogame difficulty
“Beginner is for girls and homosexuals, but forgiveable for a reviewer with limited time who needs to see as much of the game as possible.”

3) On “murderous”, “lethally stupid” Liverpool fans at Hillsborough
“At Hillsborough, everyone pushing their way into the tunnel knew perfectly well that it opened into an enclosed area with no exits, hemmed in by overhanging steel fences, which minutes before kick-off was likely to already be crammed with people, and which took the inherently-hazardous form of a stairway.”

4) On the British Electorate:
“Everyone in Britain is a moron”; “The Welsh are snivelling, forelock tugging wretches”; “The Scottish are cringing pitiful scum”; The English are whimpering, spineless cowards”; “The Northern Irish are potato-brained halfwits

5) On Croatian nationalist football fans:
“How will we explain to these people that our own land is full of snivelling cowards?”

There’s a surplus of this type of disturbing hate preaching throughout Mr Campbell’s writings. He thinks nothing of picking on individuals he doesn’t like in order to denigrate and diminish them and he appears to relish attacking females – for whatever reason – such as comedienne Susan Calman,  student Kayleigh Quinn, Labour supporter Louise Morton, independence activist Kate Higgins and Scottish Socialist Rebelgirl59.

Rather than harp on, AhDinnaeKen invites any interested parties, including Blair Jenkins, to investigate the entries in this site filed under the ‘Wangs Watch’ category on the right of the page. Make up your own mind and then tell me why I’m an #internetnutcase as Joan McAlpine MSP recently tweeted in defence of Mr Campbell.

Now consider this:

“Just as crowd-sourcing has proved an invaluable resource for good and  responsible journalism, so crowd-shaming could help to deter the other kinds of journalism.”Blair Jenkins OBE, Better Journalism in the Digital Age.

Mr Campbell ran a very successful crowd sourcing campaign which allegedly raised more than £30,000 for his ’cause’. Maybe Mr Jenkins had this in mind when he chose to sanctify Mr Campbell with his Tweet reply.

In anyone’s language, the Wings crowd funding campaign was a phenomenal success. In other circumstances AhDinnaeKen would have congratulated the recipient and wished him well. But Wings Over Scotland is an exception to any feelings of magnanimity. It would have been like congratulating Nick Griffin for a similar action – anathema to the tolerant democracy I believe in.

In Mr Campbell’s case – though I know I’m not alone – I feel like the small boy pointing out that the (little) Wings emperor is in fact wearing no clothes. His naked brand of aggressive hate preaching, sheltering under the cloak of the independence banner, demeans what is, in general, a worthy-ish campaign.

To me (and many others) it’s blaringly obvious what Mr Campbell is. Why shouldn’t it be so with such a media switched on individual as Blair Jenkins?

Maybe fellow high-ish profile Yes campaigner, Pat Kane, has had a word in Mr Jenkins ear. Mr Kane is quite clearly dazzled by Stuart Campbell’s articulacy and command of language which, at times, can only be described as eloquence.

But, being overawed by eloquence is no reason to act as a bona fide apologist for a vile, underhanded and smearing hate preacher, no matter his command of the English language.

The quality of national debate and discourse is directly related to the quality of our news media services” according to Blair Jenkins.

The quality of national debate is severely diminished if Wings Over Scotland is in Mr Jenkins thoughts as an example of this new digital ‘news media’.

AhDinnaeKen invites readers of all persuasions to make up their own minds.


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Lookalikes: Vote Yes for some dream SNP wallpaper

Yes campaign supporters ramp up the ‘meme’ power in the War of Independence Propaganda. Looks like they need some more creative collectivism for the pseuds-Yes campaign.

Lookalikes 02
Dear Sir

Am I the only person to notice that you could buy a ‘dream house’ with the £300,000 Firstminster Salmond promised us Skints the other day there?

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between this facile empty fallacious poster by the pseudo-Yes campaign and this empty facile fallacious poster by the Just Say Yes (please) campaign?

I think we should be told.

Yours sincerely


[Edit: We* got spoofed by the pseuds. Takes hat off and tugs the forelock. Turns oot ye can kid a kidder 🙂 ]

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Royal Salmond gives birth to baby lie

“It’s a lie!” the sovereign people of a socially just Skintland cried oot at the latest publication to be given birth to by the ‘economically levered’ one.

"Integrity gives birth to ideas. Nationalism gives birth to lies and mythology." - Longshanker.

“Integrity gives birth to ideas. Nationalism gives birth to lies and mythology.” – Longshanker.

By Itza Whopper

SUN KING Salmond will give birth to another ‘visionary’ and ‘oily’ publication today.

It will challenge pessimistic projections about the increased production of ‘fibs’ by both sides of the independence debate.

In comments ahead of the birth of the publication the Firstminster vowed to match “fib for fib” every single oil production fib produced by Project Feartie.

Tricky Dicky Salmond said: “Westminster Government’s fib, was revealed by Denis Healer recently. My fib was exposed by that Ba**rd Andrew Kneel of the British Brainwashing Corporation.

“My fibs are for the good of the country, their fibs urnae, and I’ll no show ye the legal advice to prove it.”

Former Chancer Denis Healer recently claimed that Salmond’s fibs were “up there with the worst of them”.

He said: “Like any politician worth his oil (salt) Salmond can lie like the big boys.

“The birth of this latest ‘fib’ is to be celebrated as a triumph of the modern Skintish Nationalist Party – cynical, opportunist and completely contemptible.

“He would fit right in with the Tory Labour Party you know. He really would.”

Firstminster Salmond recently claimed that no lie would remain unexplored if it helped his case for separation.

He added: “Over half the value of my lies has been spent since they were so cruelly exposed by the colonising forces of the BBC.

“The idea that it will stop me from lieing for my flag, my people and my country is ridiculous.

“When it comes to lies and fibbing – you aint seen nothing yet. There’s plenty more in the tank!”

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Salmond’s bleating heart is on the pulse of Project Feartie

JOURNALISM, in its highest idealistic form, is supposed to be about holding those in power to account, telling stories someone somewhere doesn’t want told and bringing light to areas of public consciousness kept too long in the dark. There’ll be nane o’ that in an independent Skintland according tae the Firstminster’s recent rant at Niggardly in the Highlands. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Wet street causes rain shock. Five Pension Salmond asks "Why does it always rain on me?". Answers in crayon to your biased media of choice please.

Wet street causes rain shock. Five Pension Salmond asks “Why does it always rain on me?”. Answers in crayon to your biased media outlet of choice please.

By Longshanker – DEFCON 3 Chip on shooder alert

CYBERNATS AND moaning media monitor mendicants everywhere took encouragement from Five Pension Salmond’s ‘greetin‘ ower the media recently.

Addressing some working class types at Niggardly – the bleating heart of the media whinge – Mr Five Pensions whined that the “press are hugely stacked against” him.

Wags in the audience, looking at the ‘imposing’ figure of the Five Pensioned one, pointed at his stomach and numerous chins and laughed at the irony of the phrase ‘hugely stacked’.

Meanwhile, kicking in to full on grievance mode, the Five Pensioned one moaned at how unfairly his independence ‘vanity project’ was being treated by the Skintish media.

He whined: “I think by and large the broadcasters try to be fair. That’s why I only referred to the BBC as the ‘impartial British Brainwashing Corporation‘ once or twice.

“I know how to win friends and influence people in the media – ask the lovely Mr Murdoch or ‘Rupee’ as I get allowed to call him.”

The real embarrassment of the Five Pensioned one’s Niggardly speech came when he announced ‘open season’ on the press for Cybernats and moaning media monitor mendicants everywhere.

He bleated: “The bulk of the press is clearly in the Better Together operation fear camp.

“And if they keep doing it I’m going to tell my mum/wife.”

Supporters of the Bleating one were quick to pick up on the full scale ‘paranoia’ endorsement.

“This gives the online Bile and Blogs Brigade all the encouragement they need.” said one Revered pseudo-political hate preacher.

“Whatever we* do or say now, we* know the Firstminster has given us* the green light, my precious.”

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Moan McVulpine: SNP aides waging full scale grievance war in Scotland

MOAN argues that it’s time Skintland woke up to the increasing desperation of the SNP turning to the grievance politics of despair and negativity rather than the vision politics of hope and artistic imagineering.

Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpinePutting the iron in irony

MOST FOLK were shocked at the second line pluralis maiestatisus” in the Daily Ranger of a list MSP berating MPs for their proposed pay rise.

What parallel universe, with her £57,521 per annum salary and £25,000+ expenses (so far for period 2012-2013) does this freeloading C-list MSP live in?

Everyone knows that Whitehall Sir Humphrey’s are paid too much. But at least they actually do something with substance, cause and effect – right or (mostly) wrong.

What’s Joan McCarthyalpine’s excuse? What does a parachuted in talentless politician and professional whinger actually do to justify the kind of plasticine parliament sums above?

One wag suggested she ‘services’ the Firstminster. But we* know that already. She writes his speeches and helps frame his flatlining jokes.

Other than that, her only purpose is to foment grievance and chip on shooder politics using her well paid second job at the Daily Ranger.

And that brings us to yet another attempt to foment ill will toward our subjugating colonial masters in England.

A quick scan of her Daily Ranger piece immediately reveals the lack of substance in her grievance mining polemic.

Take the following line regarding Skintish jobs being lost due to MoD cuts: “Gray will decide the fate of Scottish civilian defence workers.”

No mention of numbers of jobs lost throughout her piece makes Moan suspicious – it could be two jobs it could be hundreds – who knows?

And then there’s this: “a value-for-money survey for the MoD found it would cost MORE to move the jobs to Bristol.”

No attribution for the ‘value-for-money survey’. It could be legitimate it could be assertion. Given her track record so far – you decide.

Moan ran a similar type of ‘value for money survey for Whollyrude’ recently based on freeloading list MSPs and their manufacture of grievance.

Joan McCarthyalpine was found to be of limited value and ‘not fit’ for purpose.

But we* knew that already didn’t we*?

* pluralis maiestatis  used for ironically pompous effect – sorry



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Bullingdon Toff Tories laughing at Skintland thanks to the SNP

It’s the equivalent of having a fifty pound note burned in front of a jakey beggar by a £3000 suited Oxbridge posh boy: Bullingdon towel folder and Chancer of the Exchequer can’t believe how pish his Nationalist pro-independence opponents really are. They’re so pish, they make his Bitter Thegither campaign look good. Thanks tae the SNP the Tories will use this damp squib against us for generations. Weel din Ecky Sark and the rank amateur SNP bang gang! AhDinnaeKen tries not to greet and whinge too much:

Imagine being so pish that this lot are laughing at you. Sheesh! Think again Fat Salm.

Imagine being so pish that this lot are laughing at you. Sheesh! Think again Fat Salm.

By Rank Amateur

THE SNP backed campaign for an independent Skintland is so pish that the Tories are openly laughing at the Skints.

A chinless Whitehall civil servant likened it to “big boys verus wee jobbies”.

And the thoroughly depressing part is that the most recent Ipsos-Moron poll backs that assertion up in stark ‘black figures on white paper’ in a dispiriting graph.

If it gets any worse, it’s rumoured the Bullingdon Chancer will just shut up the plasticine parliament talking shop and tell us to go home and think again.

Five Pensions Salmond has described this period as a “phoney war” but the only thing that is phoney is the alleged competence of the bloated one and his party.

The main feature of the campaign so far is that the Tory Tories cannae believe how pish our alleged political elites really are.

Thanks SNP, we’re gonnae suffer from this for decades. Well done!

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Annexegate latest: Scottish Nationalist Party set to explode

Silly season of non-story scoops was launched in spectacularly embarrassing style at the Grauniad yesterday. Even the Polarised Militants of the SNP Cybernat wings recognise the Grauniad’s
sadsack attempt at an alleged story. So why did the SNP ramp up their grievance politics to DEFCON 5? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Hell hath no fury like faux Nationalist outrage scorned. Hurrah for the Grauniad and its corporate sponsors!

Hell hath no fury like faux manufactured Nationalist outrage scorned. Hurrah for the Grauniad and its corporate sponsor styled non-story scoops!

By Phartinna Wet-Paperbag

THE FORCES of SNP self righteousness and grievance politics were ramped up to DEFCON 5 today following a silly season story alert.

Kevin Bagapringles, the SNP’s ex-media spinner baron, sounded the klaxon on Twitter, unleashing the forces of outrage, grievance and victimhood – the deadly Nationalist troika of full scale chip on shooderhood.

There was widespread outrage throughout the Indysphere as the outrage which began over 300 years ago began again:

“Now, instead of having to endure daily outrage over nothing, we can endure daily outrage over nothing.” said a clearly outraged over nothing, Nicola Sturgeon.

“What we have here is the Grauniad trying to bully its journalists into bullying the public into bullying the politicians into complaining about bullying from bullying Westminster officials.” she added.

Half-witted media monitor mendicant Rev Wanger Over Skintland said:

“This is a story about a non-story which has become a story over how much of a non-story it has become and that’s the non-story story I’m going to write a non-story story about.”



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