I’ll smash your heads and ask questions later – Wings Over Scotland

VIOLENT DODGY liar named and shamed as editor of Wings Over Scotland – Stuart Campbell.

The five floor, five bedroom, townhouse, Campbell claimed was a "huge block of rented offices."

The five floor, five bedroom townhouse which Campbell claimed was a “huge block of rented offices.”

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

A NOTORIOUS cybernat threatened amateur copyright investigators with extreme violence after they exposed his dodgy internet dealings in the late 90s, it has been revealed.

Stuart Campbell, 48, warned have a go sleuths Damien Burke and friends: “if I find any of you outside my door, be warned that I’ll smash your heads off the railings first and ask questions later.”

The chilling threat followed Burke’s revelation that Campbell’s home address in Bath matched the billing address of a hooky software company trading as Rocketship Services.

Rocketship was raking in the cash by selling and distributing CDs packed full of stolen game software at £30 per disc.

Burke’s investigation exposed Campbell’s posh Bath town-house residence as the front for the selling and promotion of the illegal CDs.

Stolen game software included hundreds of titles from Atari, Nintendo, SEGA and Commodore with an estimated street value of around £200,000.

Sinister cybernat Campbell, editor of Nationalist blog Wings Over Scotland, had denied Burke’s allegation that he was trading as Rocketship Services.

The bathroom in one of the floors of Campbell's former residence.

The bathroom in one of the floors of Campbell’s former residence. Rocketship Services sold their illegal discs at £30 a pop.

When challenged by Burke that it was an “extraordinary coincidence” that Campbell’s residential address matched Rocketship Services billing address, Campbell defended himself saying: “And I suppose I’m also all of the 300 or so other people whose address this huge block of rented office units is?”

But the claim that the address was a huge block of rented office units was a lie.

Campbell’s residential, and Rocketship Services’ billing, address was revealed by Burke as 4 Brock Street: a five bed, five floor, town house in one of the most sought after, expensive and prestigious locations in Bath.

Campbell’s violent threat followed suggestions from Burke and associates that they would visit the building to confirm if it was indeed the “huge block” of office units’ claimed by the Wings editor.

Burke reckoned a site visit would prove Campbell was lying about his association with Rocketship Services.

And that’s when Campbell demonstrated his willingness to resort to extreme violence, threatening to ‘smash heads first and ask questions later’.

The threat had the desired effect and frightened the amateur sleuths off, leaving Rocketship Services to continue creaming off profits at the expense of legal businesses.

Burke later revealed: “Rocketship’s posts were made using the same version of Microsoft software (used by Campbell), right down to the build number. Stuart and Rocketship upgraded their software at the same time, or within hours of each other. Rocketship’s posts came from Pipex, as did Stuart’s. The message IDs in Rocketship’s posts were similar to Stuart’s.

“On attaining Rocketship’s postal address via a false request for where to send a cheque for one of their illegal CDs, the 4 Brock Street, Bath address was supplied.”

Campbell strenuously denied the accusation. He said: “It’s been proven beyond doubt – by an independent observer – that these (big old five-storey town building converted into office units) premises are used by, among others, a letting company which forwards mail to dozens, even hundreds of people.”

4 Brock Street in Bath is currently on the residential rental market for a modest £3750 per calendar month.

Campbell is believed to have moved out some time last year, after his highly successful fundraiser.

Today, Campbell’s Wings Over Scotland launched it’s yearly Indiegogo fundraiser to allegedly, “mobilise for an emergency second indyref within months”.

At the time of writing almost £23,000 has been raised – enough to rent 4 Brock Street for approximately six months at current market rates.

Beautiful well kept gardens and 'maid service' are all part of the perks of a £3750 property.

Beautiful well kept gardens and ‘maid service’ are all part of the perks of a £3750 pcm property in Campbell’s corner 0f Bath. Champagne Nationalists ‘n’ aw that.


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21 responses to “I’ll smash your heads and ask questions later – Wings Over Scotland

  1. callmedave


    Stuart Campbell has a collection of 40,000 video games according to above article.

  2. Calling yourself Longshanker lol what a bellend. Not only do you have it in for Scots going by that name, but you don’t even know that Longshanks died a failure. He might have killed Wallace but he left England in a mess, Bruce had already taken over from Wallace and Longshanks done Jack shit about it. Longshanks never even conquered Scotland, he claimed it for himself and ended up the laughing stock of Europe while Wallace and Bruce were seen as warriors.
    Longshanks conquered Wales. That’s it.

  3. A self loathing anti Scottish guy with a Scottish accent calling himself Longshanker pmsl. So appalled by Scotland they wish they were English, wow just sounds like a typical Britnat.

  4. Reblogged this on Steve Sayers and commented:
    No surprises here, just needs as big an audience as possible.

  5. Piracy is of course a good thing @? You really need to do more revision https://archive.is/w1kIY

    Subscriptions aren’t a new thing https://archive.is/3SDkd

  6. Admission of guilt ? It’s only “technical ” piracy after all “Obviously, much of the WoS Subscriber Bonus Content is technically copyrighted material. However, if you can’t appreciate the distinction between sharing a decade-old Japanese typing game never legally released in the Western Hemisphere and distributing a warez copy of the latest Need For Speed abomination, frankly you’d drag the intellectual tone of WoS down so far that we don’t want your money in the first place.”

  7. What’s great about unionism in Scotland is how utterly bereft it now is. You have the same small cabal of frothing lunatics online. Invariably they’ve been reduced down to ultra-right loyalist bigots retweeting the Daily Mail and UKIP/EDL etc.

    So the effect this has is repelling what’s left of moderate unionism in Scotland. You can see this is filtering through to the mainstream because pollsters have shown a steady rise in support for the SNP and independence, while at the same time the entire British media attacks the SNP daily, but with no effect.

    In essence, you morons are doing the SNP’s job for them. The vast majority of people in Scotland think your behaviour is reprehensible and want nothing to do with it.

    So please, never change. You’re making unionism in Scotland toxic.

    And calling yourself Longshanker, and thinking this is a good way of promoting Scotland in the UK?

    As you were.

    • Humpty

      It might have escaped your notice but this blog-piece, which you’ve opted to comment on, is a straightforward report on a deceptive and manipulative liar with a predilection to violence when his lies are exposed.

      Quite what your regurgitated and achingly dull diatribe has to do with anything, I’m not sure.

      Come back when you can rebuttal the points made in the story.

      Pro-tip: You can’t because the story is all true. Try getting Campbell to deny it.


  8. I’m sure he will be an expert in Police interview techniques too, having had the experience himself already. http://archive.is/tnYnl
    Supergluing locks up would have been such a childish thing to do.
    Seems to demonstrate usual technique of diversion and comparing apples and pears so that readers might arrive some sort of conclusion you want them to arrive at. Who knows ?

  9. Stuart

    Wonderful to see the likes of Adam Zapel & Humpty MacDumpty, completely missing the point.

    Not one question out of them about the fake ‘Reverend’ and his lifestyle they re paying for, nor his lack of published and independently verified accounts either.

    There’s none so blind, as those that will not see…

  10. Andrea

    Stuart Campbell your all talk and no action you numpty bring it on,And the Liverpool fans were not to blame for the 1989 disaster.

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