BBC to blame for Scotland’s spinelessness – Salmond

BROKEN bitter blustering loser hits out at the BBC for non-compliance to the ‘Scottish’ way of doing things:

Marr - an assimilated Englishman who long ago sold out his sovereign nation.

Come the day of Independence and reckoning, Marr will be one of the first BBC stoolpigeons up against the wall.

By Crybaby Loser

SCOTTISH REFERENDUM loser, Nonminster Salmond, has declared cybernat conspiracy theory ‘open season’ on the BBC.

Blaming the Beeb for everything from his exposed lying to Andrew Neil, to not reporting his scare stories on the NHS properly, the increasingly bitter crybaby angrily denied that he might have had something to do with September 18’s result.

Salmond, who recently stood down as faither of the nation and saviour (heroic loser division) of the people, declared that if it hadn’t been for the BBC then he could have pulled the wool over the eyes of every voter in Scotland – including the traitorous coffin dodging over 55s.

He said: “I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky BBC kids and their half-baked ideas of ‘journalistic scrutiny’.”

But the BBC were blase over Salmond’s response.

“We’ve seen it all before” a bored and disinterested BBC government apparatchik said.

“Birds coming home to roost springs to mind. Impotent frustrated politicians always have to have someone else to blame – especially the power mad Nationalist type.

“The BBC is big enough and ugly enough to take the criticism on board, ignore it, and get on with our usual state sponsored propaganda and tissues of lies.

“Everyone, especially Rupert Murdoch, attacks the BBC over bias. Kind of tells you something, doesn’t it?”



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3 responses to “BBC to blame for Scotland’s spinelessness – Salmond

  1. micklively

    It’s a bit like losing a game of football then complaining about the off-side rule. Does he really not realise what an idiot he looks when he behave that way?

    • He knows what he’s doing – galvanising the troops and giving them an inbuilt excuse for every defeat they’ll suffer in the future.

      The attacks on the Beeb though make him sound like every other rabid right winger out there. It’s well seen he wants to be pals with Rupert Murdoch – birds of a feather an’ aw that.


  2. I thought he had absolutely no gripe against the Beeb. From the first on-air shout-down of Anwas Sarwar right through to Brian Taylor’s burbling mood music Salmond couldn’t have done it better if he’d directed it himself.
    No mention of Murdoch on the Beeb. No mention of lobbying for BskyB. No mention of our ‘world class banks’. No mention of SNP support from tax dodgers. And no scrutiny of supporters like Gloag and Souter.

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