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Sturgeon: Sincere or sleekit? You decide.

AN EXTRACT from Firstminster’s questions yesterday:

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

TRUST ME! That was the crux of Sturgeon’s weak defence at FMQs yesterday.

Despite the Presiding Officer giving the Firstminster an unprecedented ‘out’, the Scottish Nationalist Party leader, instead, opted to evade head-on the public’s thirst for information on what she knew or didn’t know about Michelle Thomson MP’s business dealings.

She must think the people of Scotland’s collective heids zip up the back. (Though, given the reaction on social media, some clearly do.)

There are many pressing issues being forced on Scotland today. One of them is the risible belief that the SNP hold some sort of political moral high ground and can point the finger of puritanism and righteousness at the immorality and social injustice of their Unionist opposition.

No longer.

The predatory business conduct of Michelle Thomson – leaving any alleged illegalities aside – demonstrates that the Nationalists are no better than those they accuse of civic misgivings.

For Nicola Sturgeon to waste parliament and the country’s time evading the question of the ‘morality’ of Thomson’s business dealings – assuming they were legitimate – was an insult to every man, woman and child in the country whose concerns are ignored in the pursuit of political damage limitation.

FMQs is supposed to be the chance for the SNP government to showcase their probity and how competently they are running the devolved elements of the country.

Sturgeon’s lack of credible answers yesterday was damning.

Kezia Dugdale asked: “Can the First Minister tell parliament if anybody in the SNP, whether it’s Nicola Sturgeon herself, SNP politicians or SNP officials at any level, were aware of Michelle Thomson’s allegations before they were printed in the Sunday Times?”

At this point, the SNP Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, in an unprecedented move, stepped in to assist her Firstminster. She told her she didn’t have to answer.

Sturgeon, realising the further damage it would cause if she hid behind parliamentary protocol, insisted she had no problem in dealing with the Scottish Labour leader’s issue.

“As I said yesterday, the SNP did not have prior knowledge of any of these issues” she said.

It beggared belief and insulted the collective intelligence of the people of Scotland.

The Scottish Nationalist Party have one of the slickest, well oiled, media machines in the UK. Or, at least, they used to .

They have a backroom army of media monitors, schmoozers and PRs ready to report transgressions and potential damage to HQ at a moment’s notice.

The Scottish Sun, in July 2014 – a couple of months before the Neverendum vote – claimed they brought Michelle Thomson’s business dealings to the attention of the police:

Scottish Sun flagged it up to police in July 2014″ Tweeted the Scottish Sun’s Home Affairs Editor, Chris Musson.

Sun flagged up potential fraud

Is Nicola Sturgeon really expecting the people of Scotland to believe that nobody in the SNP, anywhere, was aware of this?

She’s either telling us that we’re all incredibly stupid or her party machine from the grass roots up is totally incompetent.

Neither conclusion is a good look for those claiming to be “Stronger for Scotland.”

For Sturgeon to persist in evading the ‘morality’ issue of Thomson’s predatory business deals – regardless of the legality – is a burning, shaming indictment of the state of Scotland’s official political government.

Now, it can’t be said that we’re not bothered about the insult to the collective intelligence of the people of Scotland. But Sturgeon’s credibility as a sincere politician is almost running on empty.

Her reputation was “dented” when it was revealed that she sought clemency for serial benefit fraudster Abdul Rauf who systematically stole £80,000 from honest taxpayers.

Her reputation took damage from her alleged ignorance of the wife beating past of Bill Walker when he was selected as the SNP MSP candidate for Dunfermline.

And she further compromised her reputation by defending Salmond’s blatant “lie” over European legal advice.

Her secret, undeclared, meeting with Rupert Murdoch in New York didn’t warm her to this correspondent either.

Now, she expects us to believe that she and her party knew nothing of Michelle Thomson’s business dealings. This, after the SNP vetting procedures for candidates was allegedly tightened up, following the Bill Walker scandal.

No, Scotland as a whole is shamed by this pitiful calibre of politician. If every SNP MP and MSP was to be replaced by random sheep and chimps, the nation would almost certainly be better served – though, admittedly, it would be difficult to tell the difference.

Nicola’s euphemistic ‘Trust me’ highlighted in the Youtube clip above might cut it for the hardcore Nationalists out there.

Anyone else really should reconsider just how much contempt sleekit Sturgeon is holding them in.

Sturgeon’s “commitment to social justice” is not “beyond any question”. It was questioned several times in yesterday’s FMQs.

And it was found wanting.


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Moan McVulpine: SNP rhetoric is important but not half as important as actually delivering a fairer Scotland.

THE SNP may be ahead in the polls but the Fairer Scotland survey shows posturing is much more important to the party than actually delivering anything worthwhile:

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically." - Martin Luther King, Jr. There'll be none of that pish in our new Thicker Scotland said Constance yesterday.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Hail to the functional failure of Scotland’s education thanks to the SNP.


By Moan McVulpineputting the rhetoric into rhetorical

WITH ALMOST two thirds of sovereign Scots set to vote for Saint Nicola of Sturgeon next year, the average voter could be forgiven for thinking the SNP had delivered a better Scotland over their eight year tenure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 62 per cent backing for the SNP in yet another opinion poll makes you wonder if we haven’t lost our collective heads to faith, fallacy and fervor.

More than a worry given that Nationalists have such an embedded hold on the country.

As the abdicated King, Alex of Salmond, said: “If the parliament succeeds in running education and health then the natural conclusion that people will come to is that we should be running the economy and macro policy as well.”

Maybe we should – in fact I’m sure we could run our own affairs well. But, on the abdicated King’s own criteria, the natural conclusion is simple – the Nationalists shouldn’t be running a sweety shop, never mind the economy and macro policy.

The fundamental bedrock on which all education is served and successfully delivered is numeracy and literacy.

On that record the SNP have unequivocally failed the sovereign Scots. Their ‘Social Justice’ mantra is as empty as their gesture politics. Perhaps we should all wear a little white South African rose as a mark of our capitulation to Nationalistic empty promises.

It’s on education – our children’s hope for the future – that the SNP are found most wanting. Witness the shambles of the variance in pass marks for different secondaray school subjects: or try and explain their rampant anti-Englishness where the English are the only people in the whole of the European Union whom the SNP will not pay tuition fees for if they attend a Scottish university.

Or what about the axeing of 140,000 college places in order to maintain the integrity of some “rocks in the sun?”

As for the Social Justice mantra. Where was the social justice when Mike Russell robbed cohorts of the least well off college students in order to maintain middle class tuition fee subsidies?

Education IS the fundamental bedrock on which a society and a nation, should judge itself.

It represents the hopes and aspirations of our children and our children’s children.

Is it any surprise that neither the abdicated king or the current saint ruling our country in the name of ‘not enough powers’ should have no children of their own to care or worry about?

Their children are their party members. They have no real conception of what it’s like to care and worry over the future direction of their own flesh and blood’s life.

Like Kirsty, the SNP’s hypothetical poor little IndyRef Scots girl, the idea of having her very own child is an abstract concept to Saint Nicola of Sturgeon.

And that’s why her political children by proxy are herded like cats and gagged like petulant teenagers. ‘Mummy’ Sturgeon and ‘Daddy’ Salmond know best.

According to blogging victim and Daily Redcoat whiner, Joan McAlpine, “One of the great successes of the SNP in government is giving Scotland its pride back.”

Unlike the Nationalists, the idea of pride in the nation is an abstract concept in the face of almost wholesale failure in education.

Joan paid for her kids education at private school. So she’s hardly one to talk about pride when it comes to the education of her own children.

They say actions speak louder than words.

Judge the SNP by their actions and not by their rhetoric and, like Joanie’s pride in Scotland, it will be found wanting.



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Moan McVulpine: SNP abandonment of core principles sends a clear message

MOAN says the Scottish Nationalist Party are so willing to abandon core principles in order to point score that nobody knows what they actually stand for – other than the obvious.


By Moan McVulpinehip hip, hypocrisy

SO, THE Nationalists have sold out their principles… again. By preparing to vote on the English only foxhunting bill at Westminster recently, they demonstrated that no one can trust a word they say.

Gesture politics over principle any day of the week. How cheap? How tawdry?

There are only so many principles you can ditch before you are left without a moral centre or a credible trustworthiness.

That sums up the Nationalists right now. They are prissy pathetic moralisers who don’t even stand up to the minimum of moral scrutiny themselves.

This latest about turn follows many others. Take their proposed privatisation of CalMac ferries. True to form, and yet another admission of their lack of principle, the Nationalists put the blame on Europe for having to tender the service.

Aye, right!

‘Independence within Europe’ doesn’t look so independent when you scrutinise the reasoning, or lack of reasoning, behind that pathetic excuse.

If the Nationalists really believed in “Stronger for Scotland” they would have sought out credible alternatives to leaving the ferry services as potential prey to a ‘questionable’ private operator like Serco.

Even the decomposing Labour party, when they were in power, inserted so many caveats, conditions and guarantees that only one operator tendered for the contract – guaranteeing services, jobs and working conditions. Unlike now.

As detractors, opponents and enemies of Nationalism are usually keen to point out, Nationalism only really works when there is a common enemy to vilify, ostracise and demonise.

For the Nationalists, somewhat bizarrely, that enemy is still the Labour Party: a mostly dead powerless party in Scotland and a dieing, powerless party in England.

Yet, as embarrassingly demonstrated by the Daily Record’s ginger whinger, Joan McAlpine, it’s still the Labour party the SNP whine and moan and ceaselessly whine about.

It’s the logical fallacy of ‘damning the alternatives’. So long as you’re focussing on how bad the other parties are – in the Nationalists case the Labour party – then nobody’s going to look too closely at how bad you are.

It’s been a winning fallacy and strategy for the Nationalists for the past eight years, but how long can they keep it going?

No doubt, it’s going to last well into the next SNP majority parliament after the Big Parish Cooncil elections next May.

Eventually, however, the sovereign will of the people of Scotland will wake up to the reality behind the Nationalists gesture politics.

Like Mhairi Black MP’s lie – cited by her as a fully researched “fact” in her parliamentary maiden speech – that William Wallace was born in her constituency in Elderslie, the assertion that the SNP have provided a ‘competent’ administration in Scotland is also a lie.

No one could possibly believe that a significant drop in literacy rates, for example, under the SNP’s watch is competent, yet the Nationalists continue to get away with it.

They’ve sold out our kids – in more ways than one – and still continue to claim the moral high ground. You can only do that so many times before the team, and perhaps more importantly its supporters, gives up and goes home.



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SNP ditch principles for foxes sake

ANOTHER PAPER cut on the road to the death of a thousand cuts. SNP decision to vote on the England and Wales foxhunting ban proves an old adage about politicians and lips moving. AhDinnaeKen reports:

"With regard to the problem of the Sudeten Parliamentary Sitz, my patience is now at an end!" said Gruppenführer Angus Robertson yesterday.

“The SNP have one overriding principle by which we all stand,” said GruppenFuhrer Robertson,  “We have no foxing principles!”

By Ewe TurnCompromised principles correspondent

IN AN unprincipled show of principle, the SNP will vote against attempts to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales.

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s Westminster Gruppenführer, said the party wanted to send a message to the Tories about how principled the SNP’s unprincipled stance on principle was.

“We want to show the Tories that our principles are every bit as unprincipled as theirs,” he said.

“Therefore, it is right and proper that we assert that Scottish SNP MPs have the same rights as the Tories to turn our backs on and ignore promises made before the election. That is our vow and it will be as trustable and principled as that other ‘vow’ we never stop whining and bleating about.”

Holyrood Gruppenführer, Nicola Sturgeon, also waded into the debate to defend her party’s indefensible stance:

“The English want us to be this unprincipled,” she asserted without evidence.

“The real reason we’re compromising our alleged principles is less to do with foxhunting and more to do with our lack of principle.

David Cameron’s government has shown very little respect to the mandate that Scottish MPs have.

“We’re going to show even less respect to that mandate by sullying our ‘unsullied principle’ by voting for something we said we wouldn’t.

“That will send a clear and unprincipled message of principle to the Tories that, like them, you just can’t trust the SNP on anything we say you can trust us on.

“Trust me, this is one principle you can trust the SNP with – until, that is, we change our minds and decide you can’t.”

Sturgeon in the Guardian 8 Feb 2015.

Sturgeon in the Guardian 8 Feb 2015.



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Notorious historian defends Nazis from comparison to SNP

CONTROVERSIAL HISTORIAN, David Irving, argues the Nazis were many bad and evil things, but comparing them to the SNP is beyond the pale. AhDinnaeKen reports:

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

By Ach TungHistory and politics correspondent

THE NAZIS may have been genocidal war criminals on an industrial scale, but comparing them to the SNP is a slur on their reputation according to a notorious historian.

David Irving claims that if you put aside some of the more negative aspects of the Nazis such as the centralised police force, state sponsored silencing of dissent and systematic oppression and destruction of undesirables, you would find the Nazis were much more effective in both rhetoric and action than the SNP could ever dream of.

“The Nazis did what they said they would do and eschewed the type of pretendy gesture politics we see from the SNP” said Irving.

“Hitler delivered for the working class – even throughout the war – and offered opportunities previously unavailable to ordinary German citizens.

“Unlike the SNP’s eight year subsidy of the middle-class, the Nazis delivered true social mobility.

“Unemployment was virtually eradicated, vocational training programs were greatly expanded, and efficient workers were rewarded with generous incentives for further advancement.

“All of these things took place over a five year period between 1933 and 1938.

“The SNP have had eight years to improve the lot of the working class. What they have delivered in real terms can be summed up by two words – hee haw.

“So stop impugning the Nazis by comparing them to the SNP.

“The Nazis were to progressive politics what the SNP are to numeracy and literacy. Er, haud on!”



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Scottish votes for English laws for foxes sake – campaigners

SNP set to face rock and hard place dilemma over English hunts for English foxes:

“When you are in a fix, often the fix is in you.” ― Ashok Kallarakkal. Send suggestions to help Angus in green crayon to: Named Person, Gordon.

“When you are in a fix, often the fix is in you.” ― Ashok Kallarakkal. Send suggestions to help Angus out of his fix in green crayon to: Named Person, Gordon, Scotland.

By Forfox Sake

KIDDY ON SNP Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, yesterday defended himself against charges of moral inferiority in the face of the proposed repeal of the fox hunting ban in England.

He surprised animal rights activists by declaring “I know a lot of English foxes and they deserve to be hunted to exhaustion and torn apart by a pack of baying hounds. But that’s enough about Sally Bercow and her husband’s enemies in the media.”

The dilemma for the SNP leader in Salmond’s shadow is simple – do the SNP sell oot their principles and vote on English legislation or do they sell oot the cute furry animals in order to remain morally superior in their righteous voting stance.

Angus Robertson was clear on whose side the blame lay:

“This is all the basturt Tories fault,” he cried, “They’ve done this deliberately to screw us over. No matter what we do, a large swathe of Scottish and English voters are going to be foxing raging at us. I think this is a job for my Named Person.”

One possible way out for the Nationalists lies in a previous statement by Saint Nicola of Sturgeon who said that the SNP may vote on English legislation, such as health, if it affects Scotland .

“There’s no doubt that this vote will affect the health of our credibility in the eyes of Scottish and English voters” said Sturgeon.

“No matter how we do or don’t vote it’s obvious we will thereafter be hunted down and torn to pieces.”

Labour’s Holyrood environment spokeswoman, Sarah Boyack, called for the Nationalists to end the ban on voting for English laws as such a stance is “a brutal and unacceptable practice when you have 56 SNP MPs in an ‘English’ parliament.

“Scotland’s moral voice as part of the UK doesn’t end at Berwick-Upon-Tweed and the SNP must make clear that their previous voting principles were just a sham in order to appear morally superior.”

Desperately searching for anything which can make the issue of 'Scottish' interest. Saint Nicola.

Desperately searching for anything which can make the issue of ‘Scottish’ interest. Saint Nicola of Sturgeon, recently.



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Moan McVulpine: Keir Hardie would back Labour if he were alive today

MOAN does her body snatching best to steal the mantle of social justice and moral superiority from the festering corpse of Scottish Labour.
By Moan McVulpineputting the clap into claptrap

HOW WOULD Robert Cunninghame Graham, the founder of the National Party of Scotland, vote if he was alive today?

Who cares? He was a pink champagne socialist and nobleman playing at politics to assuage his privileged boredom. Much like ex-Westminster economist banker Alex Salmond.

As for Keir Hardie, Graham’s pal and founder of the Labour party, our activists in Cumnock, Ayrshire, where Hardie spent his final years and is laid to rest, say the feeling is the SNP don’t represent Cumnock values.

In fact, none of the parties appear to represent Cumnock values.

It’s a little known fact that during the indy-ref campaign, Cumnock held it’s own mini-referendum over the currency to be used in the town in the event of independence.

By an overwhelming majority of 80 – 20, Cumnock residents said they were happy to continue with the Giro.

Hardie, a temperance man, might have backed the SNP’s incompetent attempt at the economic prohibition of alcohol.

But even he would have seen that it leaves the middle-class unscathed with the same room for  maintaining functional alcoholism the class has always enjoyed.

He’d also see straight through the hypocrisy of a party which heavily promoted the figure of saving 60 lives from alcohol related deaths a year to promote the mostly useless bill.

All fine and upstanding in spirit, I’m sure, but it pales into insignificance when directly compared to the methadone related figure of 600 deaths per annum.

And yet nothing is done to address that growing social misfit timebomb. Ho hum. Let them drink heroin substitute. Or something.

Social justice? Progressive? Civic? I’m sure Mr Hardie would have had a thing or two to say about that.

When Joan McAlpine suggested that Hardie might sport an “I’m with Nicola” badge, the ghost of Hardie reputedly arose from his Cumnock grave and said “Beware faux socialists sporting middle class subsidies and calling it progressive.”

Hardie cared about working class people everywhere and had no truck with Nationalists – he would be appalled at Nicola’s monomaniacal Scottish independence obsession.

He would see straight through it for the division it drives between all the classes on this island.

But that’s Nationalism for you. It will take any guise, even the guise of socialism and social justice, in order to achieve its populist aims.

If only Nicola was honest enough to explain the immediate and ongoing fiscal repercussions of independence, or full fiscal autonomy for that matter, when it landed on the rocks of political reality.

As soon as Nicola and her cabal of identity politics hingers oan did that, then maybe an undivided Scotland would trust the Nationalists.

Until then, Keir Hardie can rest uneasily in his grave – despite the ill intentioned antics of political ghouls like Joan McAlpine necromantically resurrecting his name to promote their particular brand of Nationalism.


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