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SNP MPs wear the little white rose of fascist gesture politics

THE LITTLE white rose on display in the House of Commons yesterday was a metaphor for the SNP’s transparent gesture politics says “vacuous cynic” Longshanker:

"It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge." - Adolf Hitler.  The White Rose faithful would agree with that no doubt.

“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” – Adolf Hitler. The White Rose faithful fifty-six would agree with that sentiment no doubt.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE SCOTTISH National party paid tribute to Nazi sympathising fascist poet Hugh MacDiarmid at the Queen’s speech yesterday.

Sporting the little white rose of Scotland, that wisnae really a little white rose of Scotland but a big white rose of England, the fascist fifty-six looked like a block of synchronised brownshirt apparatchiks.

Stepford MPs, so to speak.

Indeed, in many ways, the stance of the block was symbolic of centralised diktat ‘dae whit yer telt’ behaviour – all in the name of moral superiority and communal self-righteousness of course.

For the cult supporters back home, the gesture may have been intended to portray unity of purpose, but it was all too transparent for apostates of the Nationalist cause to see what was happening. It was like Parliamentary Star Wars: Attack of the Drones.

And the little white rose posturing perfectly captured and exposed the falsity of the Scottish Nationalists – like Salmond’s ‘most accurate’ parliamentary answer ever – they didnae even get it right. Tsk tsk etc etc.

White rose falsityAs so neatly and sarcastically portrayed by Muriel Gray in the tweet above, the roses, like the SNP’s rhetoric and gesture politics were false – impostors pretending to be something they weren’t.

Ian Smart is a much maligned bête noire of the cybernats and SNP politicians these days, but the open and public tribute by the fascist fifty-six to Hugh MacDiarmid is telling. Smart frequently refers to the SNP’s fascist/Nazi sympathising past and receives predictable abuse for doing so.

Aside from the fact that MacDiarmid’s poetry is so boring it could ossify air, the wee nasty intolerant fascist bigot was well known for his political extremism.
In a letter to his chum Sorley MacLean, written in 1940, MacDiarmid said that the British bourgeoisie were a “far greater enemy” than Hitler’s Germany.

And yet, the fascist fifty-six proudly sported their false roses in tribute to one of MacDiarmid’s piss pathetically parochial poems: the Little White Rose of Scotland. Maybe MacDiarmid’s belief that fascism offered the best model for an independent Scotland was coursing through their veins as they sported their roses with pride.

Who knows, but it’s an ill omen that the Nationalists would be so bold as to lionise MacDiarmid in the name of standing up for Scotland.

For anyone who cares about the social union of these islands – something Salmond was keen to stress would remain intact upon independence being achieved – the following unpublished words of MacDiarmid in relation to the impending bombing of London by the Nazis should never be forgotten:

“Now when London is threatened
With devastation from the air
I realise, horror atrophying me,
That I hardly care.”

Guernica in Spain had proven the terror and devastation which air war brought to civilian populations and MacDiarmid was fully aware of that when he penned those words.

Men, women and children all suffered horribly during the blitz on London. They were murdered, maimed and mutilated through relentless bombing from the air and wee Hughie MacDiarmid didnae care a jot because they were English.

Yesterday the SNP took that fascist inhumane sentiment into the heart of London in the UK parliament and brazenly brandished it with their meaningless faith based and false gesture politics.

If it wasn’t so transparent, shameful and disgusting it would have been laughable.

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

The fascist fifty-six pose for a big selfie ootside the Hoose o’ Commons, yesterday.



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Crybaby Nationalist threatens critic with “police visit”

WELL FANCY that. Self styled “robust polemicist” Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland blog has cried ‘wolf’ and threatened a perfectly legitimate critic with a “police visit” followed by potential court action. What a whining bleating crybaby! Surely someone who said “Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued?” could tolerate a little scrutiny of their blog? Apparently not. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An 'exciting, invigorating, and innovative' approach to critics by Campbell?

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An ‘exciting, invigorating, and innovative’ approach to criticism  – don’t you think?

By Blub-Blub Campbell

IT STARTED on Twitter with a casual tweet and a challenging rebuttal. It ended with a deleted death threat/wish and an authoritarian styled threat of possible court action and a “police visit” to employers

For the sake of clarity, the text below captures the essential narrative of a twitter exchange between Neil Lovatt of Scottish Friendly and Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland – the original thread can be checked here:

Mr Malky: Tweet this hard and tweet it often – an SNP vote CANNOT let the Tories in at Westminster:

Neil Lovatt: that link doesnt say CANNOT, it’s perfectly possible you just don’t understand the math, like @WingsScotland

Wings Over Scotland: Is there some part of “Fuck off and stop @-ing me in your idiot wankery” you don’t understand?

Neil Lovatt: Yes I’ll do that when you actually start reporting accurately. Until then I’ll keep picking you up.

Wings Over Scotland: So for the official record: I have no interest in conversation with you. Please do not contact me.

Neil Lovatt: Thanks I’m not contacting you I’m mentioning your errors on my Timeline.

Wings Over Scotland: I wonder how “Scottish Friendly” would feel about a police visit.

Neil Lovatt: For someone that doesn’t want to talk to me you have a strange way of showing it?

Wings Over Scotland: I am required to do so in order to bring an action. Up to you now.

Neil Lovatt: As I said I look forward to your test case.

Some sterling work here as the Wingsman threatens a respectable citizen with the police for tweeting his disagreement.

 Mr Malky appears to be quite happy about that threat. They’ll be arresting people for singing songs next. Oh, hold on.

Now consider the following ‘robust polemic’ written by Scotland’s fearless challenger to the forces of corrupt imperialistic MSM hegemony. In a blog entitled “Crybaby Nation”, Scunner Campbell whined:

The default response to any kind of slight or challenge nowadays seems to be to shriek that you’re being bullied or persecuted or defamed or disrespected or discriminated against, and demand – often via the courts or the threat of the courts – that nobody should ever dare question or criticise you in any way.”

Hmm. Just as well there’s nothing like that going on in the thread above then, eh?

Rambling on he then opts for a wee bit of special bleating/pleading to justify his faux and hypocritical outrage:

“Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued? It’s starting to look increasingly like we are, and that makes us both sad and angry. Does anyone know a good lawyer?”

If Neil Lovatt’s criticism is all it takes to upset Campbell into litigious threats, we* feel it might be rather irresponsible of him to place himself in the middle of a debate as heated as the General Election.

So if anyone can point us* to anything more upsetting to Campbell than having his figures scrutinised by Neil Lovatt, we’re ready and waiting to back the Wingsman’s threats publicly. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time Campbell dried his eyes and got on with the job of ad hominem hate preaching – y’know, the stuff his right wing authoritarian Nationalist backers actually pay him for.


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Moan McVulpine: Nationalist policy maker dreams of ‘mass annihilation’ of her enemies

MOAN witnesses the future of Nationalist gloating over the prospect of ‘mass annihilation’ for their Labour enemies within. 

One Party State: That's the way to do it. said Joan, yesterday.

One Party State: That’s the way to do it. said Joan McAlpine, yesterday.

By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘lust’ into bloodlust

PRE-EMPTIVE TRIUMPHALISM according to the Collins and Oxford Nationalist dictionary, is an “excessive celebration” before the results are in.

Medical definitions suggest this can result in “gloating, hysterical behaviour” often in anticipation of “the defeat of one’s enemies or opponents”.

Pre-emptive Triumphalism has certainly affected Joan McAlpine MSP – she’s in full flight mode in this week’s Daily Redcoat.

It’s both a magnificent and terrifying sight to behold and I would recommend the reading of her most recent newspaper column to anyone – Nationalist and Unionist alike.

The bloodlust infected centraliser is indeed gloating in a hysterical way, constantly tripping over herself in her glee to stick the metaphorical knife into the festering corpse of Scottish Labour’s body politic.

Clearly the polls are getting to her. Recently, a YouGov survey had the SNP up on 48 per cent for voting intention in the upcoming General Election – streets and continents ahead of Scottish Labour’s core 27 per cent.

It’s so far ahead that it threatens to deliver the type of result which might just witness UDI becoming a feasible topic for serious discussion in polite Scottish society.

Joan also gloatingly predicts “mass annihilation” for the Scottish Labour Party.

Presumably she sees this ‘mass annihilation’ as part of the SNP’s ‘final solution’ for her motherland’s Scottish Labour problem.

Of course, that kind of language has been used elsewhere by other book burning  Nationalist types and we all know where that led.

All this unseemly gloating at the prospect of ‘mass annihilation’ however comes despite wiser Nationalists urging caution. Triumphalist Nationalist Party members and supporters really should see theirsels as ithers see them.

According to SNP ‘politics by spreadsheet’, ex-New Labour, and strategic analyst, Gordon Guthrie:

“The No campaign benefitted greatly from the Yes campaign in one crucial way during IndyRef — the high turnout of No’s was driven by the noise and activity that the Yes campaign was throwing out.”

Political turn-offs like the ‘convivial’ Ms McAlpine, along with some of her noisier Nationalist Front social media chums, are more likely to inspire non-voters and potential converts into voting tactically in the mould of ‘anything but the SNP’.

And such behaviour would be funny in a sardonically ironic kind of way.

But not half as funny as Joan’s frenzied build up to to a full scale grievance climax of apoplectic rage in her most recent column.

Firstly she berates the non-delivery of the “Vow” as an act of unclean Gordon Brown apostasy.

Then she ratchets up the wrath a thousand notches by reminding us of Jim Murphy’s ludicrously laughable heresy regarding nursing numbers where Jim proved that he’s still Old New Labour on a stick.

The “blatant piece of electioneering” that was and is the SNP fracking moratorium is trumpeted as a morally superior Nationalist virtue – reeking all the while of  “Ignorance is strength” groupthinkplus.

And her coup de grace of extant fury is directed at Labour’s recent vote for further austerity with the Tories at Westminster. Or, at least, that’s the way it has been painted by Labour’s enemies.

Who now, in Skintland, daur tae oppose a flag and soil Nationalist like Joanie in the full newsprint fury of her inflamed righteous indignation?

Not many – as the recent Ashcroft polls appear to suggest.

Scottish Labour undoubtedly deserve the electoral whipping coming their way.

The replacement of Labour MPs for SNP MPs however, will be like the replacement of dead wood for plywood – another load of planks floating on a sea of political mediocrity.

Nationalists think you won’t notice the difference between Labour’s second raters and their third raters.

And they’re probably right. Salmond’s ego led machine will keep the third raters in their place – nice and quiet in a tightly controlled box.

Nationalist style “iron discipline” and “personality cult” politics at Holyrood demonstrated that the New Labour model works well within any party when executed properly.

Like the New Labour machine of the nineties, Salmond’s Nationalist juggernaut is sailing high and fast on the wind of change currently blowing through the heady minds of a fevered Scottish electorate.

So far, the Nationalist faithful appear blind, or care less, regarding these cynically implemented New Labour style strategies. And who can blame them?

They see the results of the polls and it makes them feel as happy as a Putin believing Russian hearing the news that his fatherland had just annexed the Crimea by democratic decree.

But we Scots, so Joan flatters us, are “politically sophisticated” as a “result of the referendum”.

We should know when cheap stunt Nationalism is at work. With no credible voting alternative coming from the ‘Unionist’ parties, we clearly don’t.  And that’s why we’ll have to put up with Nationalist style pre-emptive triumphalism for months to come.



And here's the result of the calls for 'mass annihilation' - cleansing.

And here’s the result of calls for ‘mass annihilation’ – cleansing.


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Kirk debate: Was Jesus a Nationalist?

NEW SCROLLS discovered in the Sinai desert have hinted that Jesus may have been a Scottish Nationalist sympathiser. AhDinnaeKen reports:

"Blessed are the pure in heart" said Jesus, "for they will vote Yes."

“Blessed are the pure in heart” said Jesus, “for they will vote Yes.”

By Supa Star

THE CHURCH of Scotland is set to debate the question on nobody’s lips – Was Jesus a Nationalist?

Labour MP and son of a minister Douglas Alexander will represent the “Obviously Jesus was a Unionist” camp.

Meanwhile, the Reverend Homophobe Wingman-Campbell will represent the “Of course Jesus was a f**king Nationalist, get over it you thick c**ts.” camp.

The Kirk is committed to a position of neutrality but desperately wishes to appear relevant to the debate.

However, its members said it was important to show how Jesus would vote in the referendum on September 18.

In addition to the speakers for and against Jesus being a Nationalist, Pastor Jack Glass will discuss the fire and brimstone repercussions facing undecided and catholic voters.

Chair of the debate will be someone no-one has ever heard of.

“We need to create division in this debate so that we can heal that division” the no-one said, more in hope than expectation.

Blare MacDougall of the Better Together camp said: “It’s obvious Jesus was a Unionist. Didn’t he say in his sermon on the mount – “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the United Kingdom of Great Britain”? ”

But the Yes Yes Yes spokesman, Blare Charismaless-Jenkins immediately countered, Jesus may have said that on the BBC, but according to Newsnat what he really said was: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of Nationalist righteousness, for theirs is the politics of grievance.”

Jesus was unavailable for comment due to previous Euro election commitments.

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Humiliating by-election defeat proves Yes will win – McGarry

A LACKLUSTRE limp biscuit campaign by the SNP in Coodenbeath will lead to miraculous victory in September says uninspiring SNP candidate. AhDinnaeKen asks, eh?

"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost." - Zig Ziglar.  Poor Natalie. She's obviously learned nothing. Quelle surprise!

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” – Zig Ziglar. Poor Natalie. She’s obviously learned nothing. Quelle surprise!

By Newspeak McGarry

THE EVIL Empire’s Red-Tory Labouring party trounced the forces of righteousness and sanctimony yesterday in a Coodenbeath by-election.

But Red-Tory party activists fear what the undercurrent of a huge 11 per cent electoral swing really means.

Some are whispering that it could be an omen of ill fortune for the great vote for ffrreeddoomm™ in September.

According to busted coopon faced Nationalist candidate Natalie McGarry, her humiliating lacklustre performance was only a ruse.

She reckons that it was all part of a cunning Nationalist plan to lull the Evil Empire’s forces into a false sense of security.

She said: “I was out on the doorsteps and a lot of people said to me:

“Listen hen, huv ye no got wan o’ they X-Box Wan’s in yer poket?

“Gies wan o’ thame the noo and ah’ll vote fur ye. If no, bugger off, Jeremy Kyle’s oan the telly.”

McGarry claims that messages such as that are Red-Tory code for voting Yes in the Neverendum.

Cringing, whinging, clandestine, forktongued, snake oil spokesperson for the SNP, Wee Naebudy, said: “Red-Tory Labour have fallen into oor trap. After this embarrassing rout, they’ll go back tae no takin’ us seriously. And then we’ll show them. There’s plenty of room for complacency.”


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Nationalist Front apologist to stand in Cowdenbeath by-election

An upcoming Scottish by-election, the secretive lock down of a twitter account and the potential of embarrassing revelations, will all be thrown into the mix when the Cowdenbeath electorate vote on January 23rd next year. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

“It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are in some degree independent of men.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft

“It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are in some degree independent of men.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft.

By Emm Barossoment

A NATIONALIST Front apologist has been chosen to contest the Cowdenbeath by-election for the SNP.

Natalie McGarry, a high profile contributor to hate-preaching website, Wings Over Scotland, is a leading Wings apologist and Tweet deleter within the Yes campaign for Scottish independence.

The 32 year old is thought to have locked her Twitter account down in advance of the by-election news in order to minimise any political damage or potential embarrassment to the floundering campaign.

The by-election was called after the untimely death of the sitting Labour MSP.

McGarry – the only Nationalist who could be bothered putting their name into the hat – was selected by the SNP Cowdenbeath Constituency Association in order to stop her mother from setting Wings Over Scotland on them.

The Aberdeen University graduate was born and raised in Inverkeithing, the Fife town that time forgot.

A co-founder of the Women for Independence campaign, McGarry’s alleged feminist credentials have been tainted by her online support of notorious Nationalist Front misogynist and transphobe, Stuart Campbell.

Speaking after her selection, Ms McGarry said: “I am delighted to have had advanced notice of this selection.

“It means I could deny access to my twitter account and delete any potentially embarrassing tweets therein.

“My twitter history could potentially have been used against me and the party during the campaign.

“There is so much at stake in this by-election that I hope my anodyne mediocrity and breathtaking hypocrisy won’t shine through too much.

“That’s enough of a worry without my petty snide ad hominems and risible accusations coming to the fore.”

According to pundits, the Cowdenbeath constituency is an emminently winnable seat and the stakes are high for both of the main contenders – Labour and the SNP.

Judging by the trend of the last two Scottish elections, the SNP could win the day by appealing to Tory and Lib-Dem coalition voters – those who deserted the Con-Dems to vote SNP in the 2011 election – in a concerted effort to wrest the seat from Labour.

Unofficial Wings biographer, Longshanker, said: “On current trends, Ms McGarry has a real chance of taking this seat from Labour.

“Given the importance of the election for both independence propaganda campaigns, the Nationalists won’t want anything to aid their Labour/Better Together oppoents.

“Ms McGarry’s support for the Wings Over Scotland’s editor who refers to No voters as “anti-Scottish” amd “snivelling cowards”, is not the sort of individual the SNP will want the by-election to be associated with.

“He fulfils the Nationalist stereotype of an insular, petty minded, anti-English bigot.

“Ms McGarry needs to make her stance toward his website clear or it may come back and haunt her in the by-election campaign.”

Or maybe she's realised the potential for embarrassment due to her Twitter friends and ad hominems.

Or maybe she’s realised the potential for embarrassment due to her Twitter friends and ad hominems.


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SNP comment on Dunfermline by-election

Sour grapes, graceless losers, lacking dignity. That’s the Nationalists in defeat. Here’s how wee Ochaye Mackay dealt with the disappointment of the turncoat traitor Quisling by-election defeat in Dunfermline:

"Tell me again what you did with the saucepan" said Nicola to Bill in happier days.

“Tell me again what you did with the saucepan” said Nicola to Bill in happier, more innocent, days.

By Ochaye Mackay

COMMENTING ON the result of the Dunfermline by-election, the Scottish Nationalist Party’s Brownnose Convener Mr Ochaye Mackay said:

“The SNP fought a strong campaign to get another wife beater into the selection process, but Nicola was overruled and we selected a wummin instead – in the interests of political correctness.

“And look what happened. Gubbed! Did you see the Labourer’s wummin? She wiz the worst of aw the wimmin standing at this by-election. And she still won!?

“We cannae get ower that. For Mister Phucks sake. Who are these people who voted for her? Anti-Scottish to a man/wummin. Joan McArthyalpine and her night-time crew are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

“But the Labourers shouldnae get too big heided. Their swing wiznae a big enough swing to prove anything other than the rejection of their policies by the Dunfermline electorate. Er, haud on.

“And like my granny always used to say, it’s swings and roundabouts. Whit goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. Er.

“That’s why, when you look at the figures regarding who voted for the Nationalists, the victory belongs to us, despite the actual result.

“You see, compared to 2007 – when we won Nationally – the SNP vote in this by-election is 6.5 per cent higher.

“So really, we won on the night, despite actually losing. You don’t hear the Labourers saying that, do you? I wonder why? Er.

“In the last days of the campaign the Labourers did what Labourers do. They reclaimed the ground we normally fight on. They said what it takes to win. But really, despite winning, they lost.

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