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Exclusive: Wings Over Scotland ads – why they were pulled by SPT

AHDINNAEKEN has been having a right guid laff at the expense of the self-righteous hate-preaching Jedi Reverend Campbell of Wangs Over Skintland recently. His cabal of “creepy as f**k” agentura were in fine form last night. They claim the forces of imperialist oppression are out to silence the site by gagging its inaccurate propaganda/advertising. AhDinnaeKen, through blinding tears of incredulous laughter, reports:

The truth the imperialistic oppressors of Strathclyed Passenger Transport don't want you to see.

The “truth” the imperialistic censors at Strathclyde Passenger Transport don’t want you to see.

By Ahmstill Laffin

“HELP! HELP! We’re being oppressed” was the clamour on the social media sphere last night.

Stereotypical frothing rage followed an executive decision by Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) to reinforce its strict policy of no political adverts.

The decision resulted in the pulling of propaganda ads paid for by Wings Over Scotland and displayed on Glasgow Underground cars.

The action followed complaints raised by concerned members of the public who thought that the Nationalist Front were in town.

Sources close to the SPT said they “couldn’t risk being seen as a medium for right wing extremists and ego driven narcissists peddling hate-preaching agendas.”

One of the complainers contacted AhDinnaeKen in confidence to express his concerns.

He said: “My young niece was one of the leafletters stalked by Wings ‘creepy as f**k’ goons earlier this year.

“She couldn’t believe what she saw when she got on the underground train going to Hillhead.

“She felt like she was being stalked all over again. It left her feeling rather shaken and upset.”

The confidant’s niece had been followed and photographed by a sinister agent of Wings at a lonely dark train station in February.

SPT have still to explain the exact reason for the pulling of the propaganda posters.

But a quick reading of its advertising policy handbook, section 6, subsection 6, paragraph 6 is clear on this type of advertising.

It states: “No creepy as f**k stalker coordinators will be tolerated in any part of the Strathclyde Passenger Transport network. That specifically includes hilariously inaccurate posters and right wing nazi styled logos.”

A Twitter storm last night threatened to break out of its teacup resulting in the story being taken up by McCarthyite crackpot indy website Newsnat Scotland.

In a froth flecked broadside, the Newsnat story claimed that journalist Severin Carrell appeared to “support” SPT’s action.

Carrell had tweeted: “@WingsScotland buys ads in every Glasgow subway car attacking Scottish press on #indyref; says SPT to pull every one ”

AhDinnaeKen commented: “In the world of real journalism, Carrell’s tweet was straight forward reporting of events.

“Newsnat’s conflation of Carrell’s tweet into ‘support’ of the pulling of the propaganda posters makes you wonder what goes through these people’s heads.”

The action of SPT is expected to be on the lips of every indy supporting swivel eyed conspiracy theorist from now till September 18.

One Wingnut said: “This is rocket fuel for grievance merchants. We can feed off this for months.”

Whatever could give anyone that impression? There's no accounting for folk y'know.

Whatever could give anyone that impression? There’s no accounting for folk y’know.



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Moan McVulpine: Nationalists are up to their oxters in ordure

MOAN says the Nationalists disastrous decision to keep Joan McAlpine as a Firstminsterial parliamenary aide will come back and bite them on the backside.

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpineputting the Hyp in hypocrisy

THE NATIONALISTS are getting excited by a perceived shift in the polls.

My words, while pishin’ mahsel laffin and simultaneously being roundly amused at the little fluttering hearts presently beating in the breasts of the idealistic, committed, zealotous, heidbanger hard core of wishful thinking ffrreeddoomm™ fighters oot there.

Don’t get me wrong, it would inject a bit of much needed excitment into a moribundly dull debate.

The Nationalists are still desperately trying to find a gamechanger which will sweep us all of our feet in a fit of revolutionary Nationalistic zeal.

With the likes of Bullingdon Chancer Osborne in charge at the helm of the country’s exchequer, it should be as easy as booking a hotel bed for the night and not turning up – at taxpayer expense of course.

But no. The most historic document in the history of the world ever – the White Paper – is getting used as an impromptu doorstop or improvised weapon of mass destruction rather than inspiring people to vote for the Sun King in waiting, Firstminster Salmond.

Salmond and his cohorts know they’re uniformly failing to convince the Scots to vote Yes to ffrreeddoomm™.

They know they have to go after the Labouring party and smear it as a Tory lite organisation.

Given the party’s recent sojourns that shouldn’t be too hard.

Lining up to campaign with the Tories is as toxic in Scotland as being found out for holding secret undeclared meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

And that just doesn’t go down well with anyone.

The non closure on the currency and EU questions have effectively torpedoed the Nationalist dream.

Many of them seem to think they’ve seen the currency and European membership issues off. They don’t appear to realise the ramifications of failing to close down this part of the debate.

Like the “too wee, too poor…” yadda yadda mantra, the Project Fear label is as tiresomely dull as it is stupid.

The real fear campaign hasn’t even started yet.

Without some sort of certainty on currency and without some sort of certainty on European membership, the variables in the fear game are virtually limitless.

And no campaign, not even one run by Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Robert De Brus and Nelson Mandela combined could offset the effects of that fear.

Uncertainty on currency, for example, will affect your bank balance, your pension, your job and how much you pay for goods in the shops etc etc. It could potentially rob you of your wallet and your home.

The man who would be Sun King says it will all be awright. Even if you trust him – and his five pensions – it’s still a huge gamble.

Polls, like Nationalists, are as flirtatious as Joan McAlpine on a photographic expedition.

And that’s why their promises can’t be trusted.

They present you with all the bitter/sweetness of a clandestine lover with an undeclared agenda.

The Nationalists only real chance of making any headway in the debate is by labelling everyone but themselves as Tory – in a positive and civic fashion of course.

That they’re mostly failing to do so illustrates perfectly how empty their rhetoric really is.

It’s not just their promises that are empty.

They’ve got us all up to oor oxters in their ordure.

Roll on September 18.




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That Wiz The Week That Wiznae #Indyref Media Bias

 This week AhDinnaeKen casts its eye over the tediously dull view of too many Nationalists that BBC Scotland is proactively biased against indepedence :

“There are today many Unionists in Scotland. They are everywhere -- in factories, offices, butcher stores, on street corners, in private businesses. And each carries in himself the germ of death of freedom.” ― J. Howard MacNewsnat

“There are today many Unionists in Scotland. They are everywhere — in factories, offices, butcher stores, on street corners, in private businesses. And each carries in himself the germ of death of freedom.” ― J. Howard MacNewsnat

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe


NEWSNAT SCOTLAND is reportedly the most popular and widely read of the internet’s pro-independence grievance websites.

That tells you all you need to know about the current direction of the online indy debate – more than you need to know, in fact.

The Newsnat site is engaged in a sustained McCarthyite styled vendetta against the BBC. They perceive oor dear old aunty Beeb to have embarked on a heinous campaign of anti-independence bias.

This time, Douglas Fraser, the Beeb’s Scottish business correspondent, is the unwitting target of the crackpot site’s ire and disdain.

According to Newsnat’s clunky analogue reporter G.A. Ponseybody, the Beeb have colluded in some kind of sinister, Better Together coordinated, negative campaign against independence.

And Ponseybody implies that BBC reporters such as Fraser are doing their best to aid their BT political masters.

Ponseybody made the woeful accusation regarding this statement from Fraser: “Sterling is not an asset. You can’t split it up. It’s not something you get an eight point four per cent population share.”

The BBC business correspondent also added: “If the first thing you do even before you get independence is to repudiate your debt because you are having a spat with your neighbour, the bond markets may take a very dim view of it.”

Ponseybody moaned: “It’s straight out of the anti-independence campaign handbook and a line that is used by pretty much every pro-Union commentator when arguing against a currency-union.”

Ponseybody couldnae be any more crackers if you added cheese and whine. Which he does, of course, with an overegged clunkily hamfisted relish.

Given that neither Germany nor hallowed Norway nor the majority of market traders consider currency to be an asset, it’s fairly safe to assume that Fraser’s in good company by saying such.

It’s also worth remembering that Fraser is the BBC’s Scottish business editor. That means – if it needs spelling out – that he deals with high, middle and low ranking business people every day of the week. Y’know currency speculators, bond marketers, traders, directors, chief executives etc.
Consequently, it’s fairly safe to conclude that Fraser knows what he’s talking about in the field of business, debt and bond markets – unlike Ponseybody on the media.

Better Together Unionist stooge or BBC Scotland's Business editor? You decide. Answers in green ink to Newsnat Scotland.

Better Together Unionist stooge or BBC Scotland’s Business editor? You decide. Answers in green ink to Newsnat Scotland @paranoiasville.

It begs the unanswered question, why on earth would Fraser put his job and reputation on the line by acting as a spokesperson for a recently formed political campaign? He’s bigger and more professional than that.

Ponseybody’s and Newsnat’s current whining and moaning ‘grievance’, obsesses over the minutiae of an alleged ‘blackout’ by aunty Beeb of a Standard & Poors (S&P) statement published in February. The statement, amongst many other details, said that an indy Scotland would have an investment grade rating in the event of it becoming independent.

In a radio report at the beginning of March, Fraser interviewed Frank Gill of S&P who reiterated: “If Scotland were an independent country it would have an investment grade rating.

In an earlier television report on the 28th Feb, the Beeb didn’t report the S&P statement that way.

The reason was simple. The S&P statement lost out to newswroom bias. It lost out to the bias inherent of virtually every good news organisation out there – a bias which most online Nationalists display no conception of, perception of or interest in.

It’s not the type of political bias asserted by conspiracy theory crackpots like Ponseybody, but, to be fair to the crackpots, it‘s bias, nevertheless.

Almost everyone has heard of the phrase, “a good day to bury bad news”. It used to be a favourite tactic of New Labour spin doctors who, almost to a man or woman, made it their political modus operandi.

Put simply, the Standard & Poors statement was a victim of timing. It coincided with Standard Life’s announcement regarding the company’s contingency plan in the event of Scottish independence.

Ironically, S&P’s credit rating statement was published on the same day in which its ‘good news’ got buried by a much more important story – in effect, it was a bad day to get good news buried.

Ask anyone on the street what is most important to them – a conceptual credit rating for a hypothetical independent country, or people losing their jobs in a company they work for.

There’s no contest. The jobs story wins every time – unless you’re a constitutional zealot or a hate-preaching kiddy-on media monitor.

The S&P report lost out to ‘Bad News’ bias and ‘Immediacy’ bias and if you stretch it a bit, ‘Narrative’ bias:

Potential job losses versus conceptual credit rating for hypothetical independent country. Which are you most interested in?

Potential job losses versus conceptual credit rating for hypothetical independent country. Which are you most interested in?

Good news is boring. It might be harsh, it might not be right, but ‘bad news’ bias is one of the inherent biases present in virtually every good news organisation. Bad news grabs attention, it represents threat and it puts politicians on the back foot. Most news on telly is bad news.

The Standard Life story also came to light before the S&P statement which was consequently supplanted as a matter of timing. Aside from losing out to ‘bad news’ bias therefore, the S&P story was also a victim of ‘Immediacy’ bias.

News journalists compete amongst themselves, other news competitors and the internet. Given that the Standard Life announcement was the big indy story of the day, it’s no surprise that S&P lost out.

It also lost out to ‘Narrative’ bias and got itself re-appropriated as a verification stop gap for the Standard Life bad news story.

It’s the reason why Douglas Fraser has become the latest in a long line of BBC hate figures for McCarthyite crackpots like G.A. Ponseybody at Newsnat Scotland.

In the middle of Fraser’s TV report on Standard Life on the 28th Feb, he quoted S&P in the following manner: “The challenges facing an independent Scotland would be significant but not unsurpassable“.

A wee mention for verification of the potential problems facing an independent Scotland. Nae luck Ponsyebody. Yer tea's oot.

A wee mention for verification of the potential problems facing an independent Scotland. Nae luck Ponsyebody. Yer tea’s oot.

The quote was lifted directly from the last line of Standard and Poors statement – the summary – and it fitted in with both the narrative of the Standard Life story and the ‘immediacy’ of the need for a secondary trusted source.


That Fraser then found time in a later radio report to interview Standard & Poor’s Frank Gill, is the proof which dispels Ponseybody’s scurrilous and risible accusation against Fraser of acting as a frontman for Better Together.

This feature, as if it needs said, is basic Media Studies stuff. Its main premise is dealt with more eloquently (and with less of a word count) by the estimable Alex Massie here.

But it begs the question. Just how much understanding do diehard Nationalists actually have of how the modern media works? Why do they seem to think that frothing on the internet on social media and blog sites is part of the independence zeitgeist – part of the alleged indy momentum.

They seem blissfully unaware of how much they are embarrassing themselves, their fellow Scots and, by proxy – given the context – their country.

The existence of sites like Newsnat Scotland and its ilk peddling McCarthyite style stories of Unionists under the metaphorical bed only encourages such idiotic paranoia.

Luckily, websites like Newsnat aren’t taken too seriously. They’re nothing but suppositories/repositories for Nationalist grievance merchants.

Roll on September 18.

[NB: Cutoff. I was going ramble on about the actual appearace of the BBC bigwigs at the Committee for Education and Culture – a Nationalist dominated committee which has serial question dodger and marriage wrecker Joan McAlpine as a member. But the piece is already too long.]


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Press Gazette, Wings Over Scotland and journalism by assertion

THE IMPORTANCE in journalism of verifying sources of facts can not be overstated. The general rule is that any fact of importance reported by a journalist should be verified by at least two trustworthy sources. AhDinnaeKen investigates a report in yesterday’s online Press Gazette claiming that pseudo-political website Wings Over Scotland raised over £100,000 via crowdfunding:

"Most media organisations have a rule that all facts should be confirmed by two reliable sources." - Media helping Media.  Seems that's not the case at the Press Gazette any longer.

“Most media organisations have a rule that all facts should be confirmed by two reliable sources.” – Media helping Media. Seems that’s not the case at the Press Gazette any longer.

By Hookline Ansinker

“WINGS OVER Scotland raises £100k via crowdfunding” trumpeted the online version of the Press Gazette yesterday.

AhDinnaeKen read the story – and the comments below the line – a couple of times and cannot vouch for its veracity.

A grave state of affairs given that this is the prestigious Press Gazette, with a reputation to maintain, and not just a cheerleading blog for Wingsy.

You see, the story appears to have broken a couple of the basic tenets of journalism ie it has not verified or corroborated its facts from a trustworthy independent source.

This state of affairs is reinforced, ironically, by the Jedi Reverend Campbell himself who picked up on three small alleged inaccuracies reported in the piece: 1) the timing of the alleged passing of the £100,000 mark, 2) the number of unique readers of his site and 3) the very very basic spelling of his name. (At the time of writing these inaccuracies have been corrected – source Jedi Rev Campbell)

Hardly a confidence builder in the veracity of the story which leads with the line, “A pro-independence Scottish political website has raised more than £100,000 via crowdfunding in the space of a couple of weeks.”

The only sources quoted or referred to in the story are Campbell himself and someone called Amanda Geary of the University of the West of Scotland.

It’s notable by its absence that Amanda’s authority or expertise in the field, or whatever she is, isn’t revealed – she could be a tea lady for all the reader knows.

Keen readers will also note that Amanda’s University is the same University which employs Professor John Robertson – the professor who recently couldn’t back his research data when he claimed that the BBC’s news reports were biased against independence.

To paraphrase Scottish comedienne, Karen Dunbar, “Do I smell shite?”

Far be it from the likes of AhDinnaeKen to question the integrity or veracity of the Press Gazette’s reporter, Ray Clancy, but we*’d like to know just one thing:

Was the alleged figure of £100k+ raised, independently verified by Ray?

There is not one line in the story which suggests that the figure was verified independently. In fact, Campbell’s BTL comment on inaccuracies suggests that the source was Campbell himself – hardly trustworthy in this instance.

If the figure wasn’t independently verified, it can only be concluded that this story highlights the scourge of modern online journalism – journalism by assertion.

Professional journalism, to maintain its integrity must, with the emphasis on MUST, be journalism by verification.

Otherwise it’s mere propaganda and undermines its role in society.

As a recent blog by AhDinnaeKen highlighted, it is perfectly feasible and possible for an Indiegogo fundraising recipient to re-route monies raised in a ‘Flexible’ campaign straight back into the said Indiegogo account.

Campbell has been notably prickly when questioned on this. But he’s never actually shut down potential detractors by providing verifiable evidence.

Coincidence or magic? You decide!


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Labour’s Devo-Max or Devo-Tax explained in four words

THEY’RE not called the Labouring party for nothing. In fact they’re not called the Labouring party at all. It’s just that they act as if they’re Labouring. Labour’s Johann Lamont has missed a couple of open goals at Firstminster’s questions recently. And now she and her party appear to have scored an own goal with their Devo-Something proposals. AhDinnaeKen provides some insightful analysis in four words:

"When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment." - Ryan Reynolds. Just as well we expected nothing from the indy debate and were repaid in groats.

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.” – Ryan Reynolds. Just as well we expected nothing from Labour and weren’t disappointed.

By Devolution expert: Izthat Itt

Labour – must try harder.

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Moan McVulpine: Warning! Don’t cross your Nationalist masters

AS MOAN vows to continue smearing the wife she betrayed and later abused, the lesson’s clear: “Don’t attempt to cross your Nationalist masters. They get nasty when crossed.”

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpine Backdating revisionism in anyone’s language

SCREEDS OF politicians can claim their work has destroyed lives, but none quite so personally as Moan McVulpine.

The award winning hackster-turned MSP set up some ‘questionable’ proxy payments for her illicit lover for ‘services’ rendered.

And then, got ignobly found out.

From 2012 onwards, the shit hit the fan for the erstwhile anti-Scots Finder General.

When the betrayed wife rumbled her, McVulpine backtracked quicker than a Westminster MP could flip their second home.

Timing was everything and McVulpine paid back a sum, out of her own pocket, which would keep an adult Jobseeker in benefit for six months.

Go figure!

As if to compound the aroma she leaves wherever she goes, the fragrant one issued threats to the betrayed wife through the office of National Selective’s favourite legal champion.

What a stinker! Eh?

And then, following the Firstminster’s lead for reporting himself to parliament, she reported herself to parliament – knowing full well that when she is inevitably cleared she can claim innocence, virtue and vindication against the right wing forces of media oppression, the Daily Mail.

All of which will more than serve the dual purpose of sticking it to the London elites and galavanising the MobNat legions sense of grievance.

In the eyes of the Nationalists at least.


Of course, she’ll go on under representing her list constituency and continue lifting her £57,000 salary and £20,000 plus expenses like every other ordinary Scot in the country.

It begs the question, how can such a piece of work continue without having to resign?

We* think we know the answer.

Ask Granny Salmond.




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Currency: Asset or assethole? You decide!

FIRSTMINSTER Salmond and, by definition, the Nationalists, consistently refer to currency as an “asset”. They argue that the sterling currency is as much an asset of Scotland’s as it is of England’s and rUK. It’s why their argument of ‘deny us our assets and we’ll ignore our liabilities’ (debts) holds such resonance for the indy committed. Unionists, as would be expected, say that currency isn’t an asset. So what is it? AhDinnaeKen disnae ken:

"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy." - Sun Tzu.  Looks like Salmond will be waiting for a while.

“The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.” – Sun Tzu.  Looks like Salmond failed at the first.

By Izzit Tangible

ON YESTERDAY’S BBC Marr show, Firstminster Salmond said “if you claim ownership of all of the United Kingdom assets like the Bank of England and the currency then you end up with all the liabilities!”

A clear threat that an indy Scotland under the Firstminster’s rule would default on its debt should it be denied a currency union with rUK.

His statement also begged the question, just who is the bully, bluffer and blusterer and is currency an asset?

Here’s what AhDinnaeKen’s extensive investigations found ie we* trawled the internet.

In 2001, Kathy Mann, Director of the Office of the Fiduciary Advisor at State Street Global Advisors concluded:

“However for all intents and purposes, active currency has zero correlation to the major equity and fixed income asset classes.”

That’s a naw. It isnae an asset.

The website (Electronically Traded Funds) opens an article entitled ‘Currency: The Overlooked Asset Class’ like this:

“International currency is the largest and most liquid asset class in the world.”

That’s an uncontestable aye. It is an asset.

The implication by ‘The Bankwatch’ is clear here:

“I think there is a lot of confused thinking about Bitcoin.  I believe today it is an asset and not a currency.  That view is supported by first Germany, and now Norway.”

It strongly implies currency is not an asset.

And then there’s an overall balanced argument as put forward here by

“On the one hand, there are those who argue that currency is either its own asset class or a subset of alternative asset class, giving it a place in modern portfolio theory.

“In the other camp are the traditionalists who say currency has no inherent value, and as a result is not an asset class in the same way stocks and bonds are.”

The conclusion is clear. Nobody, not even the experts in the field, knows for sure.

In Firstminster Salmond’s case, it comes down to that old faithful of committed indy supporters – trust.

If you trust Salmond, currency is an asset.

If you don’t trust him, it’s not.

If you neither trust him nor distrust him, then it’s mebbe’s it is, mebbe’s it isnae.

The whole argument is moot though.

And it’s ever so slightly offset by the fact that the Tories, the Lib-Dems and the Labouring party aren’t prepared to have a currency union whether it’s an asset or an intangible or a barrel of Brent sweet.

As if it needs repeated, the currency union rejection by the indy opposition has effectively sunk the Yes campaign.

The Nationalists present campaign strategy is of manning the lifeboats and seeing how many survivors they can muster before the whole ship ignobly sinks.

Yesterday’s attack on Andrew Marr by the Firstminster is symptomatic of that contingency strategy.

He knows he’s lost, it’s just a matter of regrouping and re-enthusing the faithful for yet aother push later on – no doubt with a different leader.

And, of course, culprits such as the BBC will always be there to take the blame due to their intangible bias and bullying.

Because that’s the only way right minded people would consider any other alternative than voting Yes. Right kids?

Gie’s a len o’ a poun mister!


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