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Moan McVulpine: How politicians’ lies and damned lies have become monontonous statistics

MOAN says all politicians are big lie peddlers. She should know. She’s one.
Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpineadding yet more lies to lies, damned lies and statistics

THE BIG lie is a common propaganda technique.

It’s used by politicians of all colours and contributes to an almost universal public disaffection with said politicians.

So it is repeated ad nauseum and people listen less as a result.

George Orwell’s 1984 is used as a stick to beat opponents over the head with whenever people don’t like what’s happening in their political environment.

In many ways, the likes of Joan McAlpine and her Nationalist Front heroes in the blogosphere, demonstrate their commitment to Orwell’s idea of groupthink and the hate ritual, meaning “To lump all enemies and opponents into one homogenous group and consistently and monotonously blame them for all our woes.”

You know the kind of thing: Labour are Tory are Mainstream Media are Project Fear…

It’s the Nationalist way and a propaganda stereotype. So far, so what.

The people of Scotland are being fed such super porkies from both sides of the indyref debate that only the truly committed could make a (mis)informed decision.

And that’s where the like of zealotous propagandists like Joan McAlpine come in.

From her personal ‘nocturnal’ life to her political shenanigans to her Hyde Park corner column in the Daily Redcoat, her output is a non-stop litany of Nationalist stereotype, threat and core vote bile.

Despite hanging on desperately to the last shreds of the mantra ‘Bitter Together are Project Fear’ the Nationalist ‘positive’ message has switched almost 180 degrees.

Now we’re fed a constant stream of the consequences of a No vote: poverty for your weans, out of Europe and cast adrift on the world stage, no Barnett formula, a Unionist stitch-up on tax which will fillet the SNP for generations, and a vengeful imperialist Godzilla let loose on Scotland to strip her of her remaining natural assets.

In other words, a No vote will lead to the complete and utter desolation of Scotland. Ho hum. Zzzz… Next!

Core vote stuff which appeals to the tinfoil conspiracy theorist heidbangers oot there.

Y’know, people like Joan McAlpine.

They have form when it comes to telling big lies, wee lies and personally devastating lies.

So let’s not take Joanie too seriously.

We* know you don’t anyway.


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Open letter: Why Wings Over Scotland must be brought to justice

ON AUGUST 13 last year, Stuart Campbell of blog site Wings Over Scotland defamed a hard working law abiding Scottish domiciled citizen. He did so with the intent of silencing him through intimidation. To date, it appears to have worked. AhDinnaeKen openly appeals to the injured party:

The defamatory story is still publicly available to read by anyone on the Wings Over Scotland blog site.

This defamatory story is still publicly available to be read by anyone viewing the Wings Over Scotland blog site. It is AhDinnaeKen’s honest belief that it is a seriously malicious and vindictive piece of work designed to injure the reputation of the named individual within it.

Dear Murray Brady

APOLOGIES for the unorthodox method of communication.

Please consider the following letter carefully.

AhDinnaeKen believes that Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland, has defamed you and seriously damaged your reputation as an individual and law abiding citizen of Scotland.

He has publicly accused you of being a “psycopath” and a “stalker” and of having “sustained” a campaign of “harrassment” against him using various “vile” methods over a period of months.

Yet, by Campbell’s own admission you are innocent in the eyes of the law of all such complaints made against you.

The first paragraph of the defamatory story, the Personal Touch, lists a litany of  crimes allegedly perpetrated by you against him.

The second paragraph claims that the procurator fiscal found insufficient evidence to prosecute you for these alleged crimes ie. Campbell’s accusations didn’t hold up under the light of professional legal scrutiny.

He said:

“It eventually resulted in an arrest, and a report by Glasgow police to the Procurator Fiscal recommending prosecution, which to everyone’s surprise was declined, after a very long delay and for unclear reasons.”

In other words the fiscal dropped the case due to lack of credible evidence.

His statement also begs the question, who is “everyone”? It certainly didn’t “surprise” the fiscal. According to the story, the fiscal investigated Campbell’s complaint, weighed up the evidence, concluded there was no case to answer and “declined” to take it any further.

That makes his accusation against you look not only defamatory, but malicious, vexatious and vengeful.

Of particular interest should be Campbell’s claim that he raised over £100,000 in a recent crowdfunding campaign. He’s allegedly cash rich and should have ample disposable income with which to compensate you for the damage to your reputation.

No doubt, there are lawyers out there who would be jumping over themselves to represent you.

Time is running out. You must demand a retraction, apology and compensatory remuneration for the unjustifiable and injurious claims he inflicted upon you through the medium of his blog site.

It’s also worth noting that Campbell told the Sunday Herald today that his blog is read by 250,000 unique users per month and has 4.5 million page views over the same period.

Whichever way you look at it, his story defaming you has clearly been disseminated to a large body of people. And it is still available to the public to read.

I suspect, if you took this further, your rightful and just complaint of defamation would never reach court – Campbell knows he would lose and would settle out of court. For justice to be served however, you need to be publicly exonerated by Campbell himself. You also need to be compensated.

Campbell recently forced an apology from the Scotsman newspaper for a couple of semantic mistakes they printed in relation to him. These mistakes were piddling inaccuracies compared to what he inflicted upon you.

The Personal Touch story published almost a year ago was an attempt by Campbell to intimidate, bully and silence you by injuring your reputation to the degree that a honest individual would think less of you in polite society.

He did so with the maliciously fraudulent “opinion” that you are the editor of AhDinnaeKen. It was written so in order to intimidate you into silence.

You know, and AhDinnaeKen knows, his “opinion” is a vindictive lie. In fact, any sensible, responsible and honest person would come to that conclusion when summarising the evidence provided in the Personal Touch story and the actual facts of the case.

Worth remembering also is that the burden of proof lies on Campbell’s head. He must prove that you are a “stalker” and a “psycopath” and that you, or agents acting for you, edit AhDinnaeKen.

He’ll need more evidence than the paltry fare currently provided by the maliciously false accusations in the Personal Touch story.

To defend himself, he’d need real world tangible evidence against you, as opposed to his self admitted “opinion”.

His case is so weak it’s laughable. In his summary, Campbell confesses: “While we have, as noted, no conclusive proof, our opinion, for numerous reasons, is that there is no doubt whatsoever the author of the blog responsible for the “dossier” is Murray Brady, or someone acting as a front for him.”

This is a breathtakingly fallacious statement which commits the fallacy of ‘denying the antecedent’ ie. Campbell admits there is “no conclusive proof” ergo there is doubt, yet goes on to deny that by saying “there is no doubt whatsoever“.

So, without “conclusive proof”, Campbell still has “no doubt”. You have to ask yourself, what kind of fool would be in “no doubt” after admitting there was no “conclusive proof”? Maybe his lawyers could provide you with a cogent answer. He certainly seems incapable of doing so himself.

Please action this. With Campbell’s profile being raised through appearances on television and radio, and newspaper interviews appearing in esteemed organs like the Financial Times and Sunday Herald, it’s time the wider world saw him for the nasty vindictive defamatory smear merchant he truly is.

As his Twitter timeline demonstrates, for as long as you remain silent on the matter, he can and will go on telling defamatory lies about you. Your first point of contact should be Campbell himself.

The press might be interested in this story and I recommend you contact them at some point.

Mr Campbell is now an official campaigner for Yes. This story is a real and provable case of an official Yes campaigner deliberately and vindictively smearing and damaging the reputation of an innocent party for vengeful personal and political reasons.

You must not let him get away with it.

Yours sincerely

Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe


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Moan McVulpine: Good people lashed by evil in high-ish places

MOAN says the main purpose of propaganda is to present ‘subjective’ truth in such a manner that it appeals to the prejudice of the common man in the street. By sticking to a few simple themes ie “Westminster is evil”, and repeating it ad nauseam, you will eventually succeed in making it a truism with some of the weaker minded individuals oot there:

Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpine – extracting the vile from evil

PROPAGANDA IS to a democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.

That is one of the least repeated quotes of modern times.

Especially in Scotland.

Because good men and women have to read the abuse heaped upon the British by verbally violent propagandists like Joan McAlpine.

But these good men and women will eventually get their chance to return a verdict on such vile opprobrium.

At the ballot box on Sep 18.

Joanie quite rightly puts the boot in to the alleged state protection cover up of paedophile rings at the heart of British government.

But, as with most things Nationalist, she takes it too far. Way too far.

As with the most successful propaganda, it relies on extreme monomania to make her base point.

Effectively and subtextually, Joanie is telling aw the guid Daily Redcoat reading Scots oot there that to vote No is to vote for paedophiles.

How gross? How tasteless? How Nationalist?

It’s a bit more coded than that and it’s a bit more sophisticated – not by much – but essentially it’s the online boorish cybernat message oft repeated this week of “a vote for No is a vote for child molesters”.

Such crude vulgarian messages, no matter how they’re dressed up, leave a distinctly bad taste in the mouth.

When you consider how ‘close’ Joanie is to the Firstminster and then reflect on his “sadness” over Cardinal O’Brien’s resignation last year, it makes you despair.

Cardinal O’Brien resigned his position due to accusations made by four separate alleged victims of his “predatory behaviour” toward them.

Yet Firstminster Salmond chose to say that “It would be a great pity if a lifetime of positive work was lost from comment in the circumstances of his resignation.”


It’s worth remembering the quote at the beginning of this polemic.

If the likes of Joanie taste real power in an independent Scotland, it won’t be long before her propaganda’s dropped for a taste of the hard stuff.

Thank goodness we* in Scotland will have the chance to sweep away the detritus of Firstminsterial croynisms like McAlpine’s.



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Junckers – laughing up his sleeve at the Nationalists

DESPITE THE seeming moral victory of the Yes camp over the Naws concerning the recent Juncker clarification, AhDinnaeKen asks, does the clarification really make a great deal of difference to what was said:

Juncker: Referring to actual candidate states, not regional wannabe's.

Juncker: Referring to actual candidate states, not regional wannabe’s.

By WhitEU Lukkinet

BIG EURO Quangocrat, Jean-Claude Juncker, was not referring to Scotland when he said the gates were closed to new applicants to the EU.

Before the clarification, the No camp jumped the gun and gloatingly castigated the Yessers for what they perceived was the killer blow to the SNP’s Euro entry plans.

Following the unseemly stooshie, a spokesperson for the Big Euro Quangocrat clarified that Juncker was not talking about Scotland.

Cue the counter attack from the Yessers and a similar type of gloating righteousness.

In terms of tone, both campaigns looked and sounded the same. So no change there then.

Pantsonfire fighter, Nicola Sturgeon, wagged the righteous Nationalist finger of sanctimony and claimed that the No camp had engaged in a “blatant act of dishonesty”.

She should know.

Due to all the froth and white noise from both camps, one key point has been forgotten.

Of course Juncker was not referring to Scotland.

He didn’t need to.

Scotland, in the eyes of the EU, is a region presently debating separation from its current nation state.

Juncker stated that no new states would be admitted to the EC.

Scotland is not a new state, or any kind of state, in the legal treaty bound eyes of Europe.

If it becomes a new state, the stated Juncker rule regarding “candidate states”, applies.

And then, no doubt, Juncker will refer to Scotland’s “candidate” status directly.

It’s still a major blow to the Nationalists’ post-Indy assertions. No matter how you dress it up.

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Wings Over Scotland – His Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.

AHDINNAEKEN would like to thank BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze for the inspiration for this piece. The niggling memory of Wings Over Scotland’s narrative tone came to us* in a flash  following the intro of the discussion programme earlier this month. AhDinnaeKen explains:

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher in full flow.

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher. Concise, succinct, hateful.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“NOT EVERYONE knows that Adolf Hitler originally wanted to call the autobiography he wrote in jail, ‘Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’.” – reported Michael Buerk in his opening to Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

Instead, Hitler opted for his publisher’s much snappier suggestion, ‘My Struggle’ (Mein Kampf).

Worthy of note – and the reason for this post – the dropped line, ‘Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’, of the original title is the type of language frequently encountered within the pages and Tweets of the partisan independence blog, Wings Over Scotland.

Curiousity piqued, in a moment of epiphany, AhDinnaeKen explored further using some objectively judicious research methods based on those key words.

As we* searched through Mein Kampf and Wings Over Scotland, it became increasingly clear that Wings’ blog uses a similar writing style**, narrative construction, thought process and content eerily similar to that used by Hitler in his titular book.

In fact, as we* ploughed on, the similarity became deeply unsettling, disturbing and ever so slightly sinister.

It might just be the commonality of some aspects of Nationalism, such as the ‘struggle for freedom’, which makes the narratives sound so much alike, but it’s worth giving some careful consideration to the examples presented here by AhDinnaeKen.

With each example, contrast and compare the first paragraph taken from a post by Wings Over Scotland, with the second in terms of tone, language and similarity. The second paragraph of each is directly sourced from Mein Kampf. For the purpose of illustration, we chose the paragraphs so that they provided the impression of a narrative continuity between the two:

THE CRUSHING OF A PEOPLEpublished 2nd Feb 2014

“And now so ingrained into Scottish DNA is this cancer of cringing inferiority that even a homeless Big Issue seller, with no detectable sense of irony, will allow himself be quoted saying he has “too much to lose”. We could weep, readers. But we daren’t, in case it puts out the fires of our rage.”

The lack of character which our people have shown during the last six years is deeply distressing. The indifference with which they have treated the most urgent necessities of our nation might veritably lead one to despair. Their cowardice is such that it often cries to heaven for vengeance.”

“The cancer of cringing inferiority” and “fires of our rage” compare, almost directly, to “lack of character” and “cries to heaven for vengeance”.

THE BLOOD SACRIFICE published 9th Feb 2014

“No nation has ever willingly voted against its own independence, and if you have a campaign based solely on fear, the only reason you give people to vote for you is cowardice. And while cowardice is sometimes the rational thing to do, it never makes anyone feel good about themselves.”

Indeed it would be hard to say what is the most outstanding feature of these bourgeois circles: mental debility, moral weakness and cowardice, or a mere down-at-heel mentality. It is a class that is certainly doomed to go under but, unhappily, it drags down the whole nation with it into the abyss.”

Worthy of note is the linking of the word “cowardice” – a favourite word of Mr Campbell’s to castigate the ‘enemies’ of Yes.

Even the titles used by Campbell: ‘The Crushing of a People’ and ‘The Blood Sacrifice’ have resonance with Hitler’s blood and soil ideology.

We* limited this piece to the use of two extracts from Mein Kampf due to the controversial nature of the source material. Any more could have been misconstrued as promotion – we*’re keen to avoid that claim.

Due to that self imposed limitation, this post hardly provides incontrovertible evidence on an empirical scale.

Mein Kampf is the bible of angry Nationalist hate-preachers throughout the world and is still as deeply repugnant and shocking as it ever was. It’s a non-stop froth flecked tirade against the free press, democratically elected governments, politicians, the general population and the Jews.

Sound familiar?

What we* found as we* paired off various diatribes is that you could swap “Jews” with “Unionists” in the text of Mein Kampf and could be forgiven for thinking you were reading Wings – the rants are so similar in tone, intent and motivation that it’s really quite breathtakingly disturbing.

We*’ve tried to avoid glibness or intemperance with this post. If Mr Campbell feels that he’s being unfairly represented then AhDinnaeKen will print any retraction or apology he cares to submit – within reason.

But, the more quotes we* gathered and compared in our* research, the more we* became convinced by the need to say what has been said here and the manner in which we*’ve said it. Be rest assured, this piece hasn’t been posted with the glib smart arsed assurance we* post our other stories.

AhDinnaeKen has never deflected from calling Wings Over Scotland’s, Stuart Campbell, a hate-preacher. And never before has the right to refer to Wings as the ‘Nationalist Front’ been so clearly vindicated.

It's not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for 'othering'.

It’s not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for ‘othering’ for the purposes of communal hatred.

Two of Campbell’s online bête noires, Duncan Hothersall and James McKenzie, have both openly stated that Campbell isn’t a Nazi.

They’re probably right. Campbell probably isn’t a Nazi. But, by the Christ, he sounds like one – the biggest, maddest, one of them all.

We* never quite thought that the depths of Campbell’s rage, hatred and bile would be so comprehensively plumbed and exposed by this project. But there are plenty more examples where they came from.

We* invite readers, based on the paltry fare served up here today, to make up their own minds.


* Tired overly used cliche of a joke which even we have forgotten the meaning of.

** Based on the key words of ‘lies’, ‘stupidity’ and ‘cowardice’ and their permutations in terms of tense, grammar etc.


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Moan McVulpine: It’s high time Nationalists put the people first

AS NEW figures reveal five million Scots have to listen to Nationalist grievance every day, Moan believes things will only get worse.
Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpineemphasing the grief in grievance

FIVE MILLION people in Scotland now live in political poverty according to everyone who lives here – same old same old.

Things will get worse – if we vote No we face further austerity, if we vote Yes we face a Nationalist regime with a centralised police force and virtually no clue as to what they’re doing.

Shamefully, the Nationalists are willing to let their noisy advocates say whatever it takes to get people to vote Yes.

Benefits will be higher. Wages will be higher. Business will flood into Scotland.  And we will be the best wee citizens in Europe while snubbing the currency Union for the UK pound and dictating fishing rights to the other treaty members.

Go figure!

Yesterday I read Joan McAlpine’s ramping up of the grievance train in the Daily Redcoat.

“The UK damages your weans” she paraphrased.

“Vote Yes and we will damage your husbands an’ marriages an’ aw,” she didnae quite promise – previous actions speaking louder than words an’ aw that.

Most telling, she listed several of the powers currently in the hands of Westmsinster – SNP code for the basturt English – and blamed it all on Labour.

The reason is patently obvious. To gain any traction on the stalled Yes campaign, Labour voters must be wooed by pointing out to them the shortfalls of the allegedly socialist party.

But most telling – and we*’re entering the realms of conspiracy theory here – was the following line summarising Labour’s post No devolution plans:

“It’s made them a laughing stock and was immediately dubbed devo-nano.” declared Joan.

The term Devo-nano was coined by the hate-preaching blogger, Stuart Campbell, of Wings Over Scotland.

It’s another tacit signal of official SNP approval of the site from the upper echelons of the party.

‘Dear dear’ and ‘my oh my’ as Moanie likes to say in the face of incredulity.

Curiously, and worthy of note, a SNP MSP referred to by Joan in her comedy relief column, James Dornan, wrote to Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) earlier this year, demanding to know why a political advert by Wings was taken down.

He implied censorship when it was just a matter of the (SPT) ad agency following the Local Government Act 1986, section 2 – something he could easily have checked for himself.

The fact he didn’t, tells you all you need to know about ‘populist’ James – a move guaranteed to gain him popular notoriety with the online MobNat crowd.

MSPs have an obligation to their constituents and to the people of Scotland at large.

Do they think endorsement of a hate preaching blog, which is an embarrassment to Scotland, sends the right signal to greater, non-online, Scotland?

Moan thinks we* should be told.



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British Brainwashing Corporation to be ‘held to account’ after independence

FOLLOWING THE storming of the BBC building at Pacific Quay on Sunday by two hundred thousand Nationalist ffrreeddoomm™ fichters, it’s clear there will be serious repercussions for Auntie McBeeb should the Nationalists gain control of Salmondland post Sep 18. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Better Scot than Not. A sneak preview of the posters to be distributed by the House of Anti-Scottish Activities post Yes.

Better Scot than Not. A sneak preview of the posters to be distributed by the House of Anti-Scottish Activities post Yes on September 19.

By Uncle Salm McCarthy

THE BBC will ‘rue the day’ they trashed a ‘leading’ academic’s anti-imperialist research highlighting the corporation’s “anti-democratic”, “anti-Scottish”, thoughtcrime and “brainwashing” activities, according to a latter day Joseph McCarthy.

Professor John-George Robertson of the List-D University of the East of Scotland (UES), claimed that, post-independence, “the BBC are gettin’ it.”

A House of Anti-Scottish Activities Committee is to be set up by the professor to hold all the traitors, collaborators, quislings, anti-Scots and Unionist propagandists from the Brainwashing Corporation, to account:

"First they will be investigated, arrested, publicly humiliated, tried and sentenced", said no one in particular yesterday.

“First they will be investigated, arrested, publicly humiliated, tried and sentenced”, said no one in particular yesterday.

“Ken McQuarrier, Jim Naughtieboy and Jackie Birdy will be the first against the wall,” claimed the Professor.

“The rest will undergo some rigorous and scrupulously fair show trials in order to demonstrate to the McVolk what happens to the anti-Scots in civic and progressive Salmondland.”

According to a Nationalist spokesperson, photography philanthropist, Joan McAlpine MSP, has already collated a list of ‘known’ enemies of the McState.

Support posters, banners, flags, television adverts, apps and miscellaneous material will remind the McVolk of the traits, symptoms and behaviours of anti-Scots types. The McVolk will be encouraged to report their suspicions to the relevant authorities.

Polls, parkas, non-gingers, English looking McVolk and any other suspcious types will be the responsibility of Nationalist Front Commissar of Cowardly Behaviours, Reverend Censor Campbell.

Campbell said: “Wings Over Scotland will have a new meaning in an independent Salmondland. Instead of soaring over Scottish politics we will be soaring over all of the snivelling spineless cowards who put their X in the wrong box.

“And we will know who they are. We have a ‘BIG’ file.”

A spokesperson for the imperialist BBC said: “Jesus. Who are these people? Where do they come from? And where are they going?”

The House of Anti-Scottish Activities will be chaired by Professor Robertson and policed by the Nationalist Front from Sep 19.

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