Lookalike: Rallies on tour

Lookalikes - Rallies


Has anyone noticed the similarity between the state sponsored rally in 2014 which “changed Scottish politics forever” and the state sponsored rally in 1938 which “changed Euro-politics forever”? I think we should be told.


Goebbels Murdoch





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3 responses to “Lookalike: Rallies on tour

  1. Well the Nazis always found somebody else to blame for all their country’s woes.

  2. Stuart

    Fascinating to see this from a former YES voter…


    “I voted Yes. I was sure it was the right thing to do.

    It all seemed so positive at the time. But I’m increasingly concerned that the Scottish public sphere faces a serious threat from authoritarian, sanctimonious Yes fundamentalists.

    Since the referendum, the SNP has claimed a remarkable spike in membership, now approaching a four-fold increase towards the 100,000 mark. Not unreasonably, the party decided to arrange a roadshow of public events around the country at which the leader-elect, Nicola Sturgeon, could address the party faithful. When the party swelled in numbers, the demand for tickets for these events was such that the party was able to upsize to much bigger venues.

    That was the SNP’s first real clanger in ages. The leadership should have resisted the temptation to sell out the Hydro. Always leave them wanting more, as Elvis used to advise. And, more importantly, don’t give your opponents the opportunity to accuse you of hosting a mass nationalist rally.

    In recent times the SNP has positioned itself as the natural party of government in Scotland. No harm in that – maybe they are. But, more worryingly, they’ve started to present themselves as the only legitimate government of Scotland.

    The SNP presents itself as speaking for and on behalf of Scotland – sticking up for us against the perfidy of Westminster. See Sturgeon’s Twitter feed for examples of this – the Unionist parties are now referred to routinely as “Westminster parties”. They don’t represent Scotland – the SNP do.

    Quite so!

  3. Stuart

    I forgot to add to the above, the Reverend Stu’s response in the comments section

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