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Why Sturgeon is not to be trusted with the BBC

NOWHERE IS the communal deafness of Nationalist supporters more transparent than in their attitude toward the media and broadcasting. Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for the BBC are all about Nationalist control of the jewel in Britain’s crown. Just like the Tories and New Labour before her, she wants the BBC brought to heel and, instead, see paymasters like Rupert Murdoch in the ascendancy in Britain. AhDinnaeKen fulminates:

Sturgeon Wrecking ball

Sturgeon seemed duly appalled by the sexist nature of this Sun feature but it didn’t extend to challenging Murdoch’s media power – just like the Tories and New Labour before her. Funny that.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

NICOLA Sturgeon’s Alternative McTaggart Lecture speech last week had much to say about print media and broadcasting, particularly the BBC.

Mooted as more circumspect and less aggressive than Alex Salmond’s frothing diatribes against the corporation, it still held to the tediously familiar SNP drone that the Nationalist party – and by association the sovereign will of the people of Scotland – was let down by the institution’s news coverage during the Indyref.

Before Sturgeon revealed her plan for a devolved BBC (SBC) under Nationalist parliamentary control, she took time out to garner sympathy by playing the woman against the odds card.

She said: “And when I see sexist media portrayals of public figures, I don’t get upset on my own behalf – I’ve become personally quite inured to it. But I do feel angry about the potential impact on women and young girls who might be driven away from pursuing a career in politics or public life because of it – and, unfortunately, I speak to many who are.”

It’s a rehashing of the words used after her sexist photoshopped portrayal as a tartan clad Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball in the English edition of the Sun.

Then, as now, there was no mention of Rupert Murdoch or his corporation’s broadcasting and print plans for Scotland – a curious omission which speaks volumes about Nationalist intent.

There is not one line in Sturgeon’s lecture on tackling Murdoch’s power. There is no reference to media ownership and not one SNP MP has made so much as a little white rosed squeak about taking Murdoch on.

Just like Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron before her, Sturgeon is compliant, meek and mild in the face of Murdoch’s projected power and future media intentions.

This picture could just as easily have been Tony Blair. It tells the same story.

This picture could just as easily have been Tony Blair. It tells the same story.

Sturgeon bears the same guilt, blame and shame as her predecessor for the SNP’s “tawdry” pursuit of political support from the Murdoch media machine.

The ex-Deputy Firstminster was Salmond’s shield of truth and integrity when the Leveson inquiry revealed the extent of Salmond’s clandestine meetings with Murdoch and his henchmen. When she locked horns with the BBC’s Gary Robertson on Good Morning Scotland in April 2012 she provided a stout, repetitive, mantra like, defence of Salmond’s “prostituting of the office of First Minister.” It was all about “jobs”.

Then, as now, whenever the Murdoch affair is broached the defensive mantra from the Nationalists is “Jobs”.

All fine and upstanding until you realise not one realistic, or hypothetical, Scottish job was ever promised, proposed or promoted by any of the Murdoch network in their single minded pursuit of monopoly control of the Sky UK Ltd network.

Yet Salmond and, by definition, the SNP were still willing to ‘prostitute’ the office of First Minister to lobby the UK government to further Murdoch’s monopolistic ambitions.

The half-witted, the credulous and the Indy apologists might accept the “jobs” explanation as justification for the “prostituting” of the First Minister’s office. Judicial scrutiny provided a smidgeon more scepticism and insight into Salmond’s motivations.

Indeed, the Nationalists jobs excuse was as credible as the legal advice Salmond told the BBC’s Andrew Neil he possessed on the European Union.

The Leveson inquiry revealed that Alex Salmond had held more than two dozen meetings with Rupert Murdoch, his son James and their senior henchmen – many of the meetings were undeclared and kept secret from parliamentary record, public scrutiny and the sovereign will of the Scottish people.

It demonstrated Salmond’s contempt for Holyrood as an institution and his willingness to ride roughshod over the democratic trust of the Scots. All for the sake of some positive publicity in one of Murdoch’s institutionally “sexist” newspapers.

If the Firstminster’s proposals for the BBC are to be taken with anything other than a large pinch of Scottish salt then she must make plain that the Nationalists intentions are honourable and trustable.

Nothing said or done so far by the First Minister suggests that they are. In the alternative Mactaggart lecture she said:

“To those who say this is about the SNP wanting to exert political control over the BBC, I say that is, quite frankly, arrant nonsense.

“This is not a question of whether a parliament has responsibility for the broadcasting framework – it’s a question of which parliament has that responsibility.

I think it would be basic common sense for the Scottish Parliament, which already has responsibility for culture and for press regulation, to also have responsibility for broadcasting.”

Yet, despite the considerations of the Scotgov commissioned McCluskey report and a full blown parliamentary debate on post-Leveson press regulation, the Scottish Government, which has control/responsibility of culture and press regulation, opted to do hee haw and instead defer to the will of Westminster.

It was plain and simple cowardice in the face of a potentially hostile pre-referendum Murdoch press – a shirking of “responsibility” so to speak.

Stronger for Scotland? – Cringing for Scotland more like.

BBC bashing is all the rage amongst certain types in Scotland today. It plays well with the Indy mob, passes the blame for the failed Indyref campaign, and has more in common with the Tories fiscal hobbling of the corporation. So no surprise there then. Pink champagne and haggis all round etc.

By demanding control of the BBC while remaining mute on Murdoch’s media ambitions Sturgeon sends a powerful message to those able to hear it – the Nationalists are not be trusted when it comes to media and broadcasting.

According to a BBC Trust survey, 52% of Scots feel the BBC does not reflect their every day lives. Therein lies a serious challenge for the BBC in terms of its Scottish output. It needs to change. No neutral, sceptic or BBC apologist would argue otherwise.

But not reflecting every day lives is not the same as being found lacking in trustworthiness.

Notably, a BBC Trust survey conducted for the Scotland Annual Review 2014/2015 also found that:

“Audience research suggested that BBC Scotland was the dominant broadcast source of referendum coverage in Scotland, and the most trusted.”

The BBC is the most trusted for the simple reason it is the most trustable. It’s principles and editorial guidelines make it more trustable than any politician – particularly hard core career politicians like Nicola Sturgeon – and it’s more trustable than virtually anything broadcast or published by News Corp.

Sturgeon’s Alternative Mactaggart Lecture speech spoke volumes about the Nationalists attitude to the BBC. Not in what it said, but in what it didn’t say.

Centralising Nationalists want the BBC reined in under their control while the likes of Murdoch is given carte blanche with the tacit assistance of the SNP.

AhDinnaeKen came into existence due to disbelief at the Scottish Sunday Sun’s first edition. The Day of Destiny exclusive – most likely provided by Salmond – had a fawning, backscratching, transparently contrived editorial penned by the Firstminster himself.

No one from the Sun or the SNP said that Salmond had anything to do with the declared date on the papers headline screamer. They didn’t need to.

Sturgeon’s Mactaggart Lecture on broadcasting said virtually nothing about Nationalist intentions for other broadcasters in Scotland.

As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Discerning Scots heard Nicola loud and clear: you cannot trust her intentions.

If only the Indyref deaf could hear it also. Then the question of who to trust in Scotland might not be so poignant.


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Sturgeon proposes final solution for BBC bias

THE PRAVDA-ESQUE BBC must learn who its true masters are said Saint Nicola of Sturgeon yesterday. AhDinnaeKen reports:

Fake 'Reverends' shall be the new televangelists of journalistic propriety said a Nationalist spokesperson yesterday.

Fake ‘Reverends’ shall be the new televangelists of journalistic truth, propriety and integrity said no Nationalist spokesperson yesterday.

By Meeja Byaasculture media and BBC anti-Scots bias correspondent

SAINT NICOLA of Sturgeon has accused the BBC of letting her country down.

She claimed the corporation had failed to show due deference to Sun King Alex of Salmond and had never once referred to him as “Your grace”.

The Firstminster also said the broadcaster had regularly failed to properly reflect on just how great independence would be for her, her party, her sovereign people and her sovereign people’s party.

And she added that some sovereign viewers in Scotland were left with the impression that the SNP didn’t have all the answers which, of course, it does.

Saint Nicola added she did not believe there was “institutional bias” in the BBC’s referendum output – she knew the bias was “sustained and unrelentingly unfair” and “brainwashing” in its criticism of magic money tree eckonomics.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International TV Festival, she said the Tories ideological assault on the institution could also provide an opportunistic ‘final solution’ for Scotland: nicknamed GIRFEV (Getting It Right For Every Viewer), all BBC journalists would have a ‘named person’ responsible for overseeing their broadcasting output.

She said: “We have put forward a further amendment that BBC staff and journalists should sign a new BBC code of conduct pledging they would not publicly criticise a decision, policy or consequences of a SNP decision or policy.

“The sovereign will of the Scottish Nationalist people expects no less than due deference from their public broadcaster. Any other standard will be viewed as apostasy and dereliction of duty and be treated accordingly.

“If Scotland’s elected representatives can be gagged by SNP diktat, then it is only right and fair that the unelected and undemocratic BBC should be bound by the same rules.”


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Salmond demands apology for BBC bias during sacking of Berwick

BERWICK WAS the key to mediaevel Scotland’s economic wealth and formed a major part of the country’s culture and identity before it was put to the sword by the evil English basturt homophobe, King Edward Longshanks. Exminster and Regent of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has demanded that Queen Elizabeth personally apologise for its sacking in 1296. AhDinnaeKen reports:

We need the kind of upstanding reporting of political affairs you find in the Sun said Exminster Salmond, yesterday

We need the kind of upstanding reporting of political affairs you find in the Sun said Exminster Salmond, yesterday

By Fewdull Mastersretrospective history and grievance correspondent

ALEX SALMOND has called for the return of Berwick and a full and unconditional apology from the BBC for its “biased” report of the sacking in 1296.

The Ex-Firstminster also demanded reparations be paid for the ensuing damage to Scotland’s economy and that the Queen should be forced to take the “walk of shame” doon the Royal Mile.

“Berwick was the economic powerhouse of mediaevel Scotland” raged Salmond “and its loss has reverberated throughout the centuries of our oppression and tortured subjugation by the imperial basturt English.”

The outburst follows yesterday’s Salmond led launch of a Nationalist campaign entitled ‘It’s Oor Berwick – hauns aff English basturts!’

Mr Salmond said he did not voice his criticism earlier due to an important consultation with William Wallace’s entrails.

The BBC’s feudal overlord in the Scottish province, Sir Auld Nick Robinson, said: “It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are reporting, but for freedom of speech – for that alone, which no honest BBC man gives up but with life itself.”

Historical grievance and chip-on-shooder spokesperson for the Nationalists, Wee Naebudy, said: “Once we achieve oor ffrreeddoomm a hundred years from now, Auld Nick Robinson’s getting blacklisted and burnt in effigy – er haud oan, we’ve din that already.”


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Exclusive: Fake Reverend exposed as self-serving sham

DURING THE Scottish referendum, at least six mainstream media journalists directly asked Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland, if he was a true Reverend. All of them remained none the wiser upon asking and were given “evasive” and “sketchy” replies in return. Today AhDinnaeKen can exclusively reveal the source of the Wings man’s alleged ordainment:

We're all Reverends now said Reverend LongShanker of the Church of Charlatan Philanthropy and Faux Journalism.

We’re all Reverends now said Reverend LongShanker of the Church of Charlatan Philanthropy and Faux Journalism.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“CHURCH LEADER” and man of the cloth Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland is a ‘Reverend’ of the Universal Life Church, an American based internet organisation, it has been revealed.

According to Rat Fascal, a casual internet acquaintance of Campbell’s, they both became Reverend’s of the Universal Life Church circa 2002.

The church is better known for instant ordination, legally dodgy marriages and its variable tax status.

Ordination into the church consists of filling in an online form which requires only your first, middle and last names, your email, country, state and a password. Submitting your details results in instant ordination.

The ease with which people can be ordained into the Universal Life Church has led to thousands of domestic pets such as hamsters, cats, dogs and rats becoming reverends – able to legally perform marriage in select American states.

As Fascal explained, everyone from the various videogame forums of the time was becoming a reverend online because it appealed to their sense of fun.

He said: “It was a craze in the early 2000’s. I’m also a reverend of that church.

“He’s (Campbell) the Rev of early noughties memes that he saw someone else do first.”

When asked how much such ordination cost, Fascal said: “It’s no money at all.”

In a Financial Times feature on Campbell’s role in the referendum, John Murray Brown said: “As for the religious title, the 46-year-old claims he was once trained for church orders but is sketchy about the details, saying he does not want to bring religion into the independence debate.”

The Universal Life Church has no formal or legal recognition in the United Kingdom. Persons wishing to obtain official recognition are encouraged by the ‘Church’ to: “Acquire a building and hold regular services. Petition the government for recognition. It won’t happen overnight.”

Campbell’s use of ‘Reverend’ has no worthwhile legal status in the UK other than to denote he’s capable of filling in an internet form.

Such deception may have been a joke on Campbell’s part to begin with, but it could have serious consequences for readers of the Independent and Daily Mirror, amongst others, who might have taken the title in good faith and contributed to an Indiegogo fundraiser, set up by Campbell, because of it.

Both papers ran stories on the case of a convicted thief who received a court fine for stealing Mars bars from a shop.

The hapless newspapers referred to Campbell as a “Reverend” and a “church leader” and linked to the fundraiser page initiated to pay the shoplifter’s court fine as well as to self-promote Campbell’s alleged benevolence, altruism and philanthropy.

Given the undeclared backgrounds of both the thief and the ‘reverend’, any disgruntled reader/donors may feel entitled to an apology from the newspapers and a refund on their charitable donations.

The reverend question is just one of several unanswered questions surrounding Campbell’s questionable status and modus operandi pre-referendum and now.

Other evasions and “sketchy” actions needing cleaned up include benefit claim irregularities, electoral commission investigations into irregular expense returns, criminal defamation, business status and intellectual property theft,  amongst others.

Perhaps the Mirror and the Independent should see fit to further investigate.

Their reputations are at stake after all.

AhDinnaeKen asked Independent journalist Caroline Mortimer and Mirror journalist Laura Elvin, the author’s of the stories, if they had verified Stuart Campbell’s ‘reverend’ status. To date we await a reply.

The first known use of the 'Reverend Stuart Campbell' appeared in Nov 2000 in a World of Stuart feature entitled

The first known use of ‘Reverend Stuart Campbell’ appeared in Nov 2000 in a World of Stuart feature entitled “The Engine”. It wasn’t until his ‘ordination’ circa 2002 that the moniker became widely used.


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Exclusive: Wings Over Scotland’s philanthropy set to implode

SELF-SERVING propagandist and would be public philanthropist Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland may have some serious explaining to do to the contributors of his latest Indiegogo fundraising wheeze. AhDinnaeKen reports:

Indeed, it is unbelievable Hannah. But maybe not in the way you believed.

Indeed, it is unbelievable Hannah. But maybe not in the way you believed.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

IT INCREASINGLY looks like “kind hearted Reverend Stuart Campbell” will be left with egg on his face following his public championing of a convicted thief, jailbird and self confessed drug addict.

Louisa Sewell, 32, of Kidderminster – the would be beneficiary of the ‘reverend’s’ widely publicised benevolence fundraiser – may not be the benefits sanction ‘victim’ she appeared to be.

On November 2014 she was charged with conspiring to commit fraud by using a bank card belonging to “vulnerable” woman Pamela Brighton.

Sewell was committed to appear at Worcester Crown Court in January this year suspected of being part of a predatory gang which callously stole and spent almost £5000 of Ms Brighton’s life savings.

As reported in the Shuttle. The source of the story which moved the 'humane' reverend.

As reported in the Kidderminster Shuttle last year. The shuttle was the source of the story which spurred the ‘humane’ reverend into fundraiser action.

Four members of the gang were later convicted of the crime, with gang leader Joanne Railton, receiving a 23 month jail sentence and a restraining order barring her from contacting Ms Brighton for three years.

Railton, a serial thief and drug addict, is Facebook friends with Sewell and, judging by Ms Sewell’s Facebook posts, drug addiction is another common interest she shares with Railton.

On 30th August 2014, Sewell posted on her Facebook page that she was “baaaaaack …got outa jail after 18 days”.

According to Sewell she “put myself in jail to detox, refused the meth”.

“I can finally wake up like “normal ppl” she said.

Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland and self-appointed champion of Sewell, is currently using his Twitter feed to bash the Scottish media for not reporting his public act of philanthropy – as if they were under some sort of moral obligation to buy into the cynical falsehood being perpetrated by the story.

A little light reading between the lines and a modicum of digging by AhDinnaeKen demonstrates why the majority of the Scottish media showed little interest in Campbell’s self-serving publicity wheeze.

Maybe the likes of STV’s besotted schmuck Stephen Daisley, the Herald’s out of kilter Iain McWhirter, or the numerous duped contributors – like Hannah Burdell MP – to the Stuart Campbell adulation fundraiser could explain to the Wings man the value of basic journalistic follow up procedures when going to bat based on a locally reported news story.

It would be less embarrassing for him and less expensive for everyone else involved if he was to do so in future. His followers, without irony, refer to his thousands of polemics as “forensic” in their analysis. Quite!

Several newspapers throughout the country, mostly England, reported on Campbell’s fundraiser as if he was a man of the cloth or a church leader. Campbell even tweeted such phrases used by the papers in mockery of the honest mistake.

“Reverend” still buys you a modicum of respect with the press and clearly demonstrates that your story gets an easier, less scrupulous, ride. The English media are plainly not aware of Campbell’s ‘reverend’ credentials or his anti-UK/Tory/Labour/Westminster and pro-SNP/iScotland agenda.

Maybe the cabal of self adoring “cybernats”, so keen to backslap themselves and praise ‘reverend’ Campbell as the totem of their maudlin and contrived charitable acts, should revisit Alex Salmond MP’s pearl of wisdom when he said, “I’m innately suspicious of someone who calls himself a reverend who isn’t.”

Indeed. The Sewell affair appears to justify Salmond’s suspicion.

What will Campbell’s coterie of smug morally superior acolytes have to say?

Time will tell.

Maybe they can answer the most pertinent questions asked here by AhDinnaeKen.

Don’t hold your breath waiting though.

Man of the cloth demands his charitable act should be publicised. Nothing narcissistic about that.

Man of the cloth demands his charitable act should be publicised. Nothing narcissistic about that.



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Wings Over Scotland and the poverty porn vanity project of champions

WINGS OVER Scotland’s Stuart Campbell did an allegedly good and kind thing recently. Donning the cloak and mantle of a philanthropic samaritan, he ran an Indiegogo fundraiser with the intention of helping a recently convicted thief pay her draconian court case fees and fines. But is this ‘act of kindness’ anything other than a tokenised “gesture” of narcissistic self promotion and fetishised poverty porn? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Self promotion and chastising of the Scottish media in one Tweet. Result!

Self promotion and chastising of the Scottish media in one Tweet. Result!

“There is a place where kindliness and charity tips into narcissism and self-promotion.” – Eric Joyce – Wings Over Scotland contributor.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

STUART CAMPBELL of Wings Over Scotland elevated his status to that of social media sainthood recently.

At least, he did so, in the eyes of his more gullible followers and supporters.

The “kind” “reverend” organised an Indiegogo appeal to raise funds needed to pay convicted thief, Louisa Sewell’s, court fees.

Those with a more sceptical eye may have spotted a few things ‘not quite right’ about the “reverend’s” alleged benevolence.

According to Campbell, as soon as he became aware of Sewell’s predicament, he was so overcome with compassion he felt compelled to do something.

“Help make it happen for a small gesture of solidarity and Stuart Campbell!” ran the heart tugging mendicant styled phraseology at the bottom of Campbell’s Indiegogo fundraiser page.

Help make it happen - for Stuart.

Help make it happen – for Stuart.

A somewhat curious choice of wording, given the beneficiary of the charitable donations is supposed to be Sewell, not Campbell

Perhaps, like many, we’re missing something by the phrase “make it happen for… Stuart Campbell’. Perhaps not. It’s the first of many indicators that Campbell’s so called “gesture of solidarity” was nothing other than an onanistic exercise in vainglorious “narcissism and self-promotion”.

A quick trawl of the Wings timeline revealed that the fund had been set up with no contact having taken place between Campbell and Sewell or Sewell’s lawyer.

A curious state of affairs, considering that the “kind” “reverend” should choose to champion her without at least the courtesy of seeking her permission to do so beforehand.

Some might call it arrogant presumption on Campbell’s behalf. Others would see it for what it is…

Effectively, Campbell’s action has stripped the unfortunate Ms Sewell of any dignity she may have had left by making her a widely publicised “charity” case – whether she chose to be the recipient of his ‘charitable’ act or not.

Indeed, it’s a full-on tip of the hat to the dark side of neo-Dickensian Victoriana, where Campbell is publicly parading his charitable acts and expecting plaudits for doing so – witness the allegedly humorous tweet chastising the Daily Record and Daily Mail (above).

Tasteless and exploitative at best, calculated and manipulative at worst.

What’s most curious though and serves as a demonstration of the double standards, bordering on criminal stupidity, of Campbell’s alleged “media monitoring” role is the “facts” the papers missed out.

In a Wings blog Campbell wrote, “We explained this site’s most fundamental purpose as being to teach people how to read between the lines and spot what isn’t being said.”

There are quite a few important things which aren’t being said in the original story reported in The Kidderminster Shuttle newspaper.

Anyone with a modicum of emotional intelligence might have found out the answers before becoming a public champion of the poor hungry benefits victim forced to steal confectionery to feed herself.

According to the Shuttle, Ms Sewell stole a pack of Mars bars because her benefits had been sanctioned and she had been hungry for days.

Missing information i.e. “what isn’t being said” includes the following:

  1. Unemployment in Kidderminster is very low at approx 2 per cent of the working population (ONS figures). What was Ms Sewell sanctioned for?
  2. What circumstances led to Ms Sewell being hungry for days? (aside from the obvious).
  3. Sewell’s solicitor claimed in court Sewell had no one to turn to. Why didn’t she visit Kidderminster’s Salvation Army? They do food parcels for those in need and it’s less than 600m away from the Kidderminster Jobcentre.
  4. The original report said that Sewell had received Foodbank vouchers. The Kidderminster foodbank is approx 100m away from the Jobcentre. When was Sewell issued with the vouchers and why couldn’t she visit the foodbank? The shop the Mars bars were stolen from – Heron Foods – is approximately 200m away from the Jobcentre and the foodbank is on the way.
  5. The Kidderminster Shuttle reported the magistrate as saying: “We do not readily accept you go into a shop to steal just for being hungry.” What else was said by the Magistrate in summation before sentencing? One sensational and emotionally charged line in a local newspaper is hardly enough to provide the full picture.
  6. Does Sewell have previous convictions for theft or crimes of dishonesty? There is no mention anywhere of this pertinent fact.
  7. Campbell claimed in follow up newspaper reports that Sewell “was failed by society on so many levels and at so many points down the line it’s just horrific.” How could he tell from the condensed ‘news value’ information provided by the Kidderminster Shuttle report?

For someone who claims to “teach” people to “read between the lines and spot what isn’t being said”, Campbell made some heavily amateurish and clumsy presumptions in his kneejerk sentiment based reaction.

Indeed, benefit sanction ‘victim’ stories provide archetypal emotionally charged ground for propagandists like Campbell to exploit and manipulate for their own self-serving purpose: anger coupled with maudlin sentiment masquerading as civic pride and noble expressions of collective identity.

Courtesy and etiquette doesn't even come into it.

Courtesy and etiquette doesn’t even come into it.

Opportunism plays its part, of course, as does a Nationalist mindset where the fate of Ms Sewell isn’t anywhere near as important as the opportunity to chastise the ‘evil’ UK welfare system and the Scottish media – all fundamentally underpinned by Campbell’s calculated self-promotion and narcissism.

Perhaps AhDinnaeKen is being too sceptical. We know through practical experience and numerous examples, just how brutal, unjust and uncaring the current welfare system can be on some of the most vulnerable people in society.

But it’s just such opportune circumstances which allow extremists like Campbell to cynically manipulate and play with people’s emotions in order to achieve their self-serving aims.

If Ms Sewell truly is a poor victim then, to a degree, it’s all well and good that her draconian court fees and fines are going to be paid for her.

However, anyone thinking Campbell’s fundraiser was about the fate of Louisa Sewell needs to think again. It was always about Campbell.

As his Tweets and posts prove, Sewell’s story is the sideshow. The star attraction is Campbell himself. Take a look at the collective and maudlin expressions of thanks aimed at him if you find that hard to believe.

Poverty porn fetishism serves only the purveyors.

Who’s the real beneficiary of this story? Hint, it isn’t Louisa Sewell.

Who's going to monitor the media monitoring the media. Melissa would be hopeless at it.

Who’s going to monitor the media monitoring the media? Melissa would be hopeless at it.



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Moan McVulpine: SNP rhetoric is important but not half as important as actually delivering a fairer Scotland.

THE SNP may be ahead in the polls but the Fairer Scotland survey shows posturing is much more important to the party than actually delivering anything worthwhile:

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically." - Martin Luther King, Jr. There'll be none of that pish in our new Thicker Scotland said Constance yesterday.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Hail to the functional failure of Scotland’s education thanks to the SNP.


By Moan McVulpineputting the rhetoric into rhetorical

WITH ALMOST two thirds of sovereign Scots set to vote for Saint Nicola of Sturgeon next year, the average voter could be forgiven for thinking the SNP had delivered a better Scotland over their eight year tenure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 62 per cent backing for the SNP in yet another opinion poll makes you wonder if we haven’t lost our collective heads to faith, fallacy and fervor.

More than a worry given that Nationalists have such an embedded hold on the country.

As the abdicated King, Alex of Salmond, said: “If the parliament succeeds in running education and health then the natural conclusion that people will come to is that we should be running the economy and macro policy as well.”

Maybe we should – in fact I’m sure we could run our own affairs well. But, on the abdicated King’s own criteria, the natural conclusion is simple – the Nationalists shouldn’t be running a sweety shop, never mind the economy and macro policy.

The fundamental bedrock on which all education is served and successfully delivered is numeracy and literacy.

On that record the SNP have unequivocally failed the sovereign Scots. Their ‘Social Justice’ mantra is as empty as their gesture politics. Perhaps we should all wear a little white South African rose as a mark of our capitulation to Nationalistic empty promises.

It’s on education – our children’s hope for the future – that the SNP are found most wanting. Witness the shambles of the variance in pass marks for different secondaray school subjects: or try and explain their rampant anti-Englishness where the English are the only people in the whole of the European Union whom the SNP will not pay tuition fees for if they attend a Scottish university.

Or what about the axeing of 140,000 college places in order to maintain the integrity of some “rocks in the sun?”

As for the Social Justice mantra. Where was the social justice when Mike Russell robbed cohorts of the least well off college students in order to maintain middle class tuition fee subsidies?

Education IS the fundamental bedrock on which a society and a nation, should judge itself.

It represents the hopes and aspirations of our children and our children’s children.

Is it any surprise that neither the abdicated king or the current saint ruling our country in the name of ‘not enough powers’ should have no children of their own to care or worry about?

Their children are their party members. They have no real conception of what it’s like to care and worry over the future direction of their own flesh and blood’s life.

Like Kirsty, the SNP’s hypothetical poor little IndyRef Scots girl, the idea of having her very own child is an abstract concept to Saint Nicola of Sturgeon.

And that’s why her political children by proxy are herded like cats and gagged like petulant teenagers. ‘Mummy’ Sturgeon and ‘Daddy’ Salmond know best.

According to blogging victim and Daily Redcoat whiner, Joan McAlpine, “One of the great successes of the SNP in government is giving Scotland its pride back.”

Unlike the Nationalists, the idea of pride in the nation is an abstract concept in the face of almost wholesale failure in education.

Joan paid for her kids education at private school. So she’s hardly one to talk about pride when it comes to the education of her own children.

They say actions speak louder than words.

Judge the SNP by their actions and not by their rhetoric and, like Joanie’s pride in Scotland, it will be found wanting.



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