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Moan McVulpine: SNP can’t be trusted with the Scottish Parliament

MOAN SAYS that, fresh from the oft repeated Nationalist lie that Labour had voted for 30 billion of austerity cuts comes the lie that Westmonster “quashed” a bid to make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent.

One Party State: That's the way to do it. said Joan, yesterday.

“It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine” – PG Wodehouse. Scotland’s very own ray of sunshine – Joan McAlpine.

By Moan McVulpineHelping spread the ‘big lie’ one big lie at a time

IT WAS not the Scottish Nationalist Party who helped create the Big Parish Cooncil (BPC) at Holyrood – it was the Labour Party ably assisted by Tony Blair.

It therefore follows that anything the Nationalists say aboot the Holyrood talkin’ shop is to be taken with a large pinch of Saor Alba salt.

This week’s dial a grievance is the lie that Westmonster “quashed” a bid to make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent.

It gives the likes of the big ‘N’ Nationalists like Joanie McAlpine a green light to claim “moral outrage” and act accordingly.

How dull. How predictable.

Lest we forget, Joan is hardly in a position to be morally outraged at anything to do with the talkin’ shop, given her highly public rebuke by the Presiding Officer for treating the Big Parish Cooncil with contempt and a dash of Pinot Grigio.

But I digress.

As so aptly and succinctly pointed out by Lib-Dem blogger and legal expert, Graeme Cowie, an SNP amendment to allegedly make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent would have had quite the opposite effect.

Cowie said that amendment (1B) proposed by the Nationalists “weakens, not strengthens, the protection, by providing a specific exception to the provision” which is already in place in the Scotland Bill: (1A) A Scottish Parliament is recognised as a permanent part of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements.

So once again, the Nats are playing the grievance and moral outrage card based on a false premise ie they’re lying through their clenched, moaning faced, whiney teeth.

There’s a thing. We’ve never seen the Nats doing that before. Ho hum.

Not that it matters any more. The Nationalist Ally’s Army effect will take a few more years of Nationalist paradox and contradiction before it gradually sinks into the public’s consciousness that Scotland is being sold a pup by a bunch of power mad snake oil salesmen.

So, when you hear the Nationalist Front brigade bleating on about Westmonster selling us down the river, just remember that, as with so much Nationalist diatribe, Ignorance is Strength.

They want to keep you ignorant of the truth in order to surf the sea of “moral outrage”.

And that’s something we should all be aware of – Nationalists and Unionists alike.




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Moan McVulpine: Keir Hardie would back Labour if he were alive today

MOAN does her body snatching best to steal the mantle of social justice and moral superiority from the festering corpse of Scottish Labour.
By Moan McVulpineputting the clap into claptrap

HOW WOULD Robert Cunninghame Graham, the founder of the National Party of Scotland, vote if he was alive today?

Who cares? He was a pink champagne socialist and nobleman playing at politics to assuage his privileged boredom. Much like ex-Westminster economist banker Alex Salmond.

As for Keir Hardie, Graham’s pal and founder of the Labour party, our activists in Cumnock, Ayrshire, where Hardie spent his final years and is laid to rest, say the feeling is the SNP don’t represent Cumnock values.

In fact, none of the parties appear to represent Cumnock values.

It’s a little known fact that during the indy-ref campaign, Cumnock held it’s own mini-referendum over the currency to be used in the town in the event of independence.

By an overwhelming majority of 80 – 20, Cumnock residents said they were happy to continue with the Giro.

Hardie, a temperance man, might have backed the SNP’s incompetent attempt at the economic prohibition of alcohol.

But even he would have seen that it leaves the middle-class unscathed with the same room for  maintaining functional alcoholism the class has always enjoyed.

He’d also see straight through the hypocrisy of a party which heavily promoted the figure of saving 60 lives from alcohol related deaths a year to promote the mostly useless bill.

All fine and upstanding in spirit, I’m sure, but it pales into insignificance when directly compared to the methadone related figure of 600 deaths per annum.

And yet nothing is done to address that growing social misfit timebomb. Ho hum. Let them drink heroin substitute. Or something.

Social justice? Progressive? Civic? I’m sure Mr Hardie would have had a thing or two to say about that.

When Joan McAlpine suggested that Hardie might sport an “I’m with Nicola” badge, the ghost of Hardie reputedly arose from his Cumnock grave and said “Beware faux socialists sporting middle class subsidies and calling it progressive.”

Hardie cared about working class people everywhere and had no truck with Nationalists – he would be appalled at Nicola’s monomaniacal Scottish independence obsession.

He would see straight through it for the division it drives between all the classes on this island.

But that’s Nationalism for you. It will take any guise, even the guise of socialism and social justice, in order to achieve its populist aims.

If only Nicola was honest enough to explain the immediate and ongoing fiscal repercussions of independence, or full fiscal autonomy for that matter, when it landed on the rocks of political reality.

As soon as Nicola and her cabal of identity politics hingers oan did that, then maybe an undivided Scotland would trust the Nationalists.

Until then, Keir Hardie can rest uneasily in his grave – despite the ill intentioned antics of political ghouls like Joan McAlpine necromantically resurrecting his name to promote their particular brand of Nationalism.


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Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. Joan McAlpine MSP has publicly pledged her support for this worthy cause. Curiously, Joan also openly promotes pro-indy website Wings Over Scotland? Its editor, Stuart Campbell, frequently refers to his ‘enemies’ as “retards” or as “retarded” – the very words targeted by ENABLE’s campaign. Surely some mistake? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #Bethechange used here.

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #bethechange in this Tweet.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ENABLE SCOTLAND, the charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, launched a new campaign yesterday.

The campaign’s core aim is to rid Scotland of the casual use and abuse of hateful and hurtful words commonly aimed at those with learning disabilities.

Discriminatory words such as, ‘mong’, ‘spaz’ and ‘retard’ cause the most distress and hurt to the victims and such words are usually the precursors of physical attacks.

Joan McAlpine MSP supports ENABLE’s campaigning aims. It is an upstanding and worthy campaign and one which AhDinnaeKen wholly condones and hopes succeeds in its objectives.

AhDinnaeKen invites Ms McAlpine to come clean over her recent endorsement of Wings Over Scotland – a site edited by an individual who freely and commonly refers to others as ‘retards‘ or ‘retarded‘ with the aim of diminishing and denigrating them in a hateful, intolerant and degrading manner.

It may be that with such a busy schedule writing her Daily Record column, Ms McAlpine is only partly aware of the reasons for the “huge snash” the site receives. She appears to be under the impression that such ‘snash’ has something to do with the site’s alleged lampooning of the “establishment’s hypocrisy“.

In Scotland it’s worth reminding Parliamentary Liaison Officer McAlpine that she is also part of the establishment – the Scottish establishment.

If her support of ENABLE’s campaign is sincere, then she must either condemn the crude abuse of ‘retard’ – hereafter referred to as the R-word – by Wings’ Stuart Campbell, or admit that she got it wrong regarding her preference for Wings over that of the “traditional media“.

AhDinnaeKen is prepared to give Ms McAlpine the benefit of the doubt on the matter.

For a period of years, Mr Campbell has relied upon the R-word, to diminish, denigrate and degrade. It’s something he’s well known for within and without the Scottish constitutional debate. For example:

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be 'civic' or 'progressive' is beyond us.

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be ‘civic’ or ‘progressive’ is beyond us.

In 2010, the day after the UK’s General Election, Campbell referred to Northern Irish voters (above) as “spectacularly retarded”. Five months later in the USA, Rosa’s law, was signed into law by President Barrack Obama. It officially replaced the use of “mental retardation” to describe people with learning disabilities to “intellectual disability“. The American law officially recognised the hurt, offense and stigma such labelling causes to the individuals affected.

Despite the implementation of Rosa’s law, Campbell still persisted within the pages of Wings Over Scotland and his Twitter accounts – @WingsScotland and @RevStu – to freely use the R-word in its pejorative sense:

Example 1Why maybe the Unionists are right May 28 2012
“If you’ve failed at Point 1 and the entire audience is comprised of semi-evolved retards, at least plant a few researchers in there with something halfway-intelligent to ask.”

This disgusting and derisory piece of alleged ‘lampoonery’ was written because Mr Campbell decided that the audience in the first of the BBC’s televised Big Debates wasn’t up to his expected intellectual standards. The casual use of the R-word demonstrates the contempt Campbell has for people in general and his complete insensitivity toward those with learning disabilities.

Example 2The Heavy Nudge May 29 2013
“Every time one young man is dissuaded from singing sectarian songs by stories like that of Calum Graham – either because he realises his actions are ugly, brutish and retarded, or simply because he doesn’t want to risk the possible consequences – the voice of bigotry literally gets quieter, and volume is its lifeblood.

Again, the R-word is clearly used in the pejorative and this time it’s aimed at a named individual. It follows the words “brutish” and “ugly” in a linear narrative and is typical of Campbell’s twisted and perverse sense of morality and logic.

Example 3 Twitter and Transphobic comments

You'd never be able to guess why it never ends well.

You’d never be able to guess why it never ends well.

The above Tweet was how Campbell described the debate when he was accused of being a transphobe after belittling Chelsea Manning’s reasons and wishes to be called Chelsea rather than by her former name of Bradley.

Incidentally, due to Campbell’s denigration of Chelsea Manning, Ms McAlpine’s estranged husband, Pat Kane, finally distanced himself from Wings – describing Campbell as both “unpleasant and intolerant“. Maybe that’s the kind of “snash” Ms McAlpine was referring to when she promoted Wings in her Daily Record column.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Example 4Denial of offensiveness of the R-word

Breathtaking denial.


The above discourse is literally breathtaking. Mr Leslie is referring to Campbell’s use of theR-word as offensive. The subsequent denial by the Wings man is damning.

Example 5Redefining the offensive even more offensively.

So now we know.

So now we know. Nothing questionable or offensive about that usage.

Curiously, Campbell’s definition in this tweet appears to have been lifted straight from the online ‘The Free Dictionary‘. He was careful to omit the first definition on the page: “Often Offensive: Affected with mental retardation.”

There is also a footnote on the same page which elaborates on the use of the word: “In the past, when a child had a mental condition that made learning difficult, people used to say that he or she was retarded, backward, simple, or educationally subnormal. Nowadays these words are avoided because they are thought to be offensive.

‘Thought to be offensive’ by most reasonable people of sound mind perhaps, but clearly not by Campbell. AhDinnaeKen would be most interested in anything Joan McAlpine had to say on the matter given her public support of ENABLE Scotland’s newly launched campaign.

She might even like to reflect on some authoritative voices – summed up neatly below:

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There's a thing.

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There’s a thing.

Or this, from ENABLE themselves:

“Be the change is about reflecting on your own behaviour. Stop using those words. Don’t let other people away with it. When you hear it, challenge them. Say, look, that’s not funny. And, by doing those things, we’ll get rid of this language for ever.” – Jan Savage, ENABLE assistant director of campaigns and membership.

Will Joan have the decency to say “look that’s not funny” to Wings Over Scotland aka Stuart Campbell? The jury’s out.

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Moan McVulpine: Fury over SNP’s official promotion of Wing Over Scotland hate site?

Scottish Parliamentary Liaison Officers are expected to maintain minimum standards of decorum. Moan asks, why is it that Joan McAlpine can’t even profess competency in that expectation and, how long will it be, if at all, till she gets the cold shoulder from Nicola Sturgeon?

Can Wings take the high ground over anything?

Can Wings take the high ground over anything?

By Moan McVulpineputting the extreme into extremism.

I AM no admirer of Scottish Parliamentary Liaison Officer Joan McAlpine and would recommend her to no one – not even her self.

She comes in for huge snash from Unionists, nationalists and just about everyone else in the Scotland ‘region’ – no doubt because she’s an almost perpetual political car crash in motion.

In short, she deserves every bit of snash and snarl that comes her way. It’s mostly well deserved.

Take her recent Daily Record recommendation of Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland (see pic above). Joan prefers it to “many traditional forms of media that lie about Scotland’s wealth.”

In other words, she prefers Wings lies, because they’re more Nationalist friendly than non-Wings lies.

Wings, according to Joan, “isn’t just a satirical site. It does its research well too.” Which is a satirical statement in itself. It’s kind of like saying that Mike Read can pass as a convincing Jamaican if you just ‘black’ him up enough and stand him beside David Cameron for a PR opportunity.

If she was capable of looking beyond the comforting confines of her Pinot Grigio glass, then she might like to reappraise her statement about Wings Over Scotland and “research“. Campbell Gunn nearly, and should have, lost his job due to his reliance on Wings Over Scotland’s well done “research“. Pro-tip for Joanie – step away from the wine glass, go homeward, think again.

As with most columns written by Joan, it’s always worth taking a look at the subtext, context and potential ulterior motive lurking behind every calamitous clanger.

In 2009, in her award winning blog, Go Lassie Go, Joan wrote a gushing tribute in praise of Mark MacLachlan – an outed poisonous cybernat blogger who used his position in the party to vindictively and salaciously attack political opponents for their sexual mores.

Joan decscribed MacLachlan – Mike Russell’s ex-constituency office manager – as “a highly literate, intelligent and convivial man.” And, as the Daily Mail was to exclusively reveal five years later, the world found out just how “convivial” Joan had really been with MacLachlan.

Around the same time as Joan was getting down and being “convivial” with MacLachlan, Firstminster Salmond at Firstminster’s Questions described him as “not an appropriate person to work for any MSP.”

But that warning didn’t stop Joan from consummating her defence of the ‘inappropriate’ poisonous blogger. She lobbied MSPs amongst others to give him a job, but he was already a well established persona non grata in Nationalist circles and her efforts came to nothing.

The blow by blow job details of Ms McAlpine’s shenanigans with MacLachlan are documented elsewhere…

A Time to Rage - and then sell all your colleagues, friends and principles down the river.

And then sell out.

Worthy of note also is Ms McAlpine’s past ‘collaboration’ with another dubious political character, Tommy Sheridan.

Described as a “mad shagger” by the Scottish Socialist Youth party, Sheridan possibly took advantage of Ms McAlpine’s ‘conviviality’  when they ‘collaborated’ on “A Time to Rage“, a book documenting and glorifying Sheridan’s early political career – before the world found out he was a serial liar, mental misogynist and “mad shagger” willing to sell his friends, colleagues, wife and political comrades out for 30 pieces of Rupert Murdoch’s silver.

It may be the ‘bad boy’ notoriety which attracts Ms McAlpine to ‘convivialise’ with these types. Who knows?

Hybristophilia is a paraphilia of the predatory type described by sexologist Professor John Money as “a sexual paraphilia in which an individual derives sexual arousal and pleasure from having a sexual partner who is known to have committed an outrage or crime.”

McLachlan’s blog caused outrage at Holyrood before he was outed. Sheridan’s anti-poll tax actions outraged the standing establishment. And Wings Over Scotland’s extremist polemics outrage anyone with an ounce of decency who isn’t on the “boorish zealot“, hate preaching, zoomer fringe of the independence movement.

Given Ms McAlpine’s past ‘convivial’ collaborations, the writing would appear to be on the wall, so to speak, for all to reach their own conclusions.

McAlpine has referred to Wings several times in the past through the medium of her Daily Record column or Twitter account. She implied that 10,000 people had donated to Wings first Indiegogo fundraising campaign in 2013 when the figure was at least five times less at around 1700.

She actively promoted a Wings attack blog on John McTernan in the immediate aftermath of the Campbell Gunn affair – when the ex-Sunday Post political editor should have been sacked by Firstminster Salmond following Gunn’s idiocy, ironically, for believing and acting on Wings Over Scotland’s well done “research” into ordinary mum and Labour activist Clare Lally.

McAlpine actively promoted the McTernan attack piece was a classic Tu Quoque response in order to defend Nationalist nastiness.

McAlpine’s active promotion of the McTernan attack piece was a classic Tu Quoque response in order to defend Nationalist nastiness. Ho hum!

It’s also worth noting that Green Indy campaigner, James MacKenzie, at least tried doing the decent thing and asked Joan not to promote Wings due to its toxicity. It had parallels with Patrick Harvie when he chastised Stuart Hosie MP and possible SNP Deputy Leader,  for anti-English rhetoric on the BBC’s Referendum debate in February this year.

McAlpine opened her effusive eulogy of Wings in this week’s column thus: “I am an admirer of the website Wings Over Scotland and would recommend it to anyone.

Presumably, the controversy caused when Wings referred to Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone as a “worthless fat trougher” and “sewer dwelling vermin”, got Ms McAlpine’s political hybristophiliac juices flowing. And such repugnant invective is possibly the kind of thing Ms McAlpine believes is more believable and worth recommending than “traditional forms of media“.

If so, then maybe Ms McAlpine, the Scottish Parliamentary Liaison Officer (SPLO), “appointed by the Firstminster on a recommendation from Cabinet Ministers“, should think about the responsibilities expected of that role.

Paragraph 4.8 of the Scottish Ministerial Code states that SPLO’s should “exercise discretion in any speeches or broadcasts which they may make, taking care not to make statements which appear to be made in an official or semi-official capacity.”

Nowhere in McAlpine’s Wings tribute, entitled “Wings takes the high ground over tax carve-up“, is such “discretion” demonstrated.

The conclusion is a simple and unmistakable one to reach: The Scottish SNP Government not only tolerates the Wings Over Scotland website, it actively recommends, condones and promotes it through the official vehicle of Scottish Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Joan McAlpine.

It may be that Joan has gone rogue with grief. Not only has she, her party, her leader and her beloved country/region lost the would be Shangri-la of independence, it may be that with the future loss of Firstminster Salmond to protect her, she’ll be losing her job as well.

Given her constant support of, and succour to, Wings Over Scotland, that potential scenario can’t come soon enough.

This columnist’s attitude toward, and opinion of, Ms Sturgeon will be shaped by the future placement of Ms McAlpine. Does Sturgeon think Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland is an “appropriate” person for the SNP to be associated with? McAlpine appears to have already answered that question for the future Firstminster.

Joan’s active promotion of Wings means that unless the SNP explicitly distance themselves from the site, it can only be taken as read that they too “recommend” it.

And it’s an unmistakably “toxic” recommendation.

Given Wings recent track record, this is the kind of thing it could mean for Scotland: photographic surveillance of political opponents, false smears against innocent Scottish citizens, and an agenda of intimidation and silencing of anyone not on track with the Wings sanctioned ‘Yes alliance’ populist bandwagon.

If the SNP don’t withdraw from McAlpine’s recommendation of Campbell’s hate site, then it’s a sad day for democratic standards and common decency in Scotland – effectively, it’s being officially signalled that Campbell’s site is Scottish Government sanctioned.

That would be a palpable mistake.

But at least, if nothing else, interested observers will have gained an insight into current SNP thinking. It doesn’t bode well for future political debate.

Here’s to interesting future SNP developments given recent events within the Scottish Labour Party.

She's behind you!

She’s behind you!


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Moan McVulpine: It’s high time Nationalists put the people first

AS NEW figures reveal five million Scots have to listen to Nationalist grievance every day, Moan believes things will only get worse.
Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpineemphasing the grief in grievance

FIVE MILLION people in Scotland now live in political poverty according to everyone who lives here – same old same old.

Things will get worse – if we vote No we face further austerity, if we vote Yes we face a Nationalist regime with a centralised police force and virtually no clue as to what they’re doing.

Shamefully, the Nationalists are willing to let their noisy advocates say whatever it takes to get people to vote Yes.

Benefits will be higher. Wages will be higher. Business will flood into Scotland.  And we will be the best wee citizens in Europe while snubbing the currency Union for the UK pound and dictating fishing rights to the other treaty members.

Go figure!

Yesterday I read Joan McAlpine’s ramping up of the grievance train in the Daily Redcoat.

“The UK damages your weans” she paraphrased.

“Vote Yes and we will damage your husbands an’ marriages an’ aw,” she didnae quite promise – previous actions speaking louder than words an’ aw that.

Most telling, she listed several of the powers currently in the hands of Westmsinster – SNP code for the basturt English – and blamed it all on Labour.

The reason is patently obvious. To gain any traction on the stalled Yes campaign, Labour voters must be wooed by pointing out to them the shortfalls of the allegedly socialist party.

But most telling – and we*’re entering the realms of conspiracy theory here – was the following line summarising Labour’s post No devolution plans:

“It’s made them a laughing stock and was immediately dubbed devo-nano.” declared Joan.

The term Devo-nano was coined by the hate-preaching blogger, Stuart Campbell, of Wings Over Scotland.

It’s another tacit signal of official SNP approval of the site from the upper echelons of the party.

‘Dear dear’ and ‘my oh my’ as Moanie likes to say in the face of incredulity.

Curiously, and worthy of note, a SNP MSP referred to by Joan in her comedy relief column, James Dornan, wrote to Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) earlier this year, demanding to know why a political advert by Wings was taken down.

He implied censorship when it was just a matter of the (SPT) ad agency following the Local Government Act 1986, section 2 – something he could easily have checked for himself.

The fact he didn’t, tells you all you need to know about ‘populist’ James – a move guaranteed to gain him popular notoriety with the online MobNat crowd.

MSPs have an obligation to their constituents and to the people of Scotland at large.

Do they think endorsement of a hate preaching blog, which is an embarrassment to Scotland, sends the right signal to greater, non-online, Scotland?

Moan thinks we* should be told.



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Moan McVulpine: A No vote at the referendum will only prolong the agony for Scotland

MOAN believes that if Scotland rejects Independence then the Nationalists will milk their bitter tears for all their worthlessness and try, try, try again.

Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpinePutting the ‘scaremonger’ in scaremongering

THE PROSPECT of a Yes vote this September is increasing in the minds of the online Nationalist community as more join in with the communal delusion of believing the polls.

But, when the most likely scenario happens and a No vote is returned, the Nationalists can be relied upon to revert to type by playing the ‘cowardice’ and ‘traitor to their country’ cards.

Ultimately, everyone would lose as Scot turned on Scot regarding the recriminations and fallout.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Nationalists would start using such stirringly ‘civic’ insults as ‘craven’, ‘gutless’, ‘wimps’, ‘traitors’, ‘quisling’, ‘turncoats’ etc etc tedious etc, to describe No voters – or abstainers.

But what of Salmond?

He will be the Ally MacLeod of the Nationalist campaign – promising the earth while delivering nothing.

Ho hum. Who cares? Next! Will be the cry of the hardcore separatists.

Scotland on pause is a phrase that will eventually find the Nationalists oot, right enough.

Take Joan McAlpine (please, just take her) with her most recent Daily Redcoat column.

She indulges in a flight o’ nightmarish fantasy, guaranteed to send shivers doon the spine o’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns.



You don’t have to be too discerning to see through the transparent fearmongering of such rampant anti-Tory, aka English, bigotry.

It’s the infantilism of her Nationalist diseased mind that she plainly cannot see how ridiculous she sounds to any but the faithful.

What she seems to forget is that the current Tory regime could just as easily have been a Labour menagerie of champagne socialists and political careerists.

But, Nick Clegg, rightly or wrongly, summing up the mood of the press, chose to slip between the sheets with the better looking, vaguely charismatic, Tony Blair-lite, David Cameron.

In doing so he exposed the Lib-Dems for the power whores they truly are and condemned them to the humiliation of being less popular than UKIP.

Ha Ha and ho hum. Scotland showed in 2011 what the Lib-Dems can expect at the general election.

And so to Joanie and her last risibly hilarious last sentence regarding the “progressive English socialist” Billy Dragg.

If she thinks the Braggster represents anything other than tokenistic socialist posturing, then she probably believes that PanelBase polls give a sound account of what Scotland is thinking of voting.



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Obsessed: Musings on the tawdry Joan McAlpine affair

YESTERDAY it was revealed that Joan McAlpine MSP used some heavy duty threats against a trusting woman whose marriage she had just destroyed. AhDinnaeKen reflects on what this says  about McAlpine’s character and how it reflects on Alex Salmond:

Threats, deception and 'special' favours all form part of the McAlpine modus operandi.

Threats, deception and ‘special’ favours all form part of the McAlpine modus operandi.

By Longershanker

THIS WILL be short.

On the 31st March 2013, Joan McAlpine tweeted a barely veiled threat against the editor of this site.

I was taken aback. A direct ad hominem attack and a threat of prosecution.

From a Firsminsterial aide, no less. Jings!

It almost intimidated me.

And then I thought, naw, f**k ye. Do yer worst!

It’s why I wrote this piece in reply.

Nothing happened. Surprise surprise.

Shortly after, I was contacted by a source close to McAlpine.

This source said “she is obsessed with your blog and who you are, she was always moaning about it.”

Which provided me with some succour. Not that I’d know why McAlpine would be interested in this site – unknowing smile. 🙂

Given the background, it’s worth taking a look at yesterday’s story in the Scottish Daily Mail.

A couple of quotes attracted our* attention:

“She is one of the most inexperienced MSPs there and yet, bizarrely, among the closest to First Minister Alex Salmond.”

Followed later by this:

“And yet, as Alex Salmond begins to consider his place in the history of the country he longs to take out of the UK, it is to his favoured prose writer Miss McAlpine that he has turned to work with him on his autobiography.

“As a result, special time with the First Minister is understood to have been granted to Miss McAlpine with a view to preparing the volume – putting several senior SNP noses out of joint.”

And finally there was this in the Scotish Daily Mail official Comment page in the physical newspaper:

“Miss McAlpine has thus far enjoyed an inexplicably charmed political life. Should Mr Salmond continue to indulge her and retain her at the very heart of his government, the public may have cause to question his judgement in the run up to the pivotal independence referendum.”

The words within that strike a chord are: “closest”, “favoured“, “special time“, “inexplicably charmed” and “indulge“.

It’s possible to add one and one and make three. And you don’t need to read too much between the lines to come to your own conclusion.

Given McAlpine’s reported track record, AhDinnaeKen would just like to consider the welfare of Moira Salmond.

They say history repeats and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

How happy is Moira about this state of affairs? Answers in green crayon to the Presiding Officer, Whollyrude.


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