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Twitter to be purged of Anti-Scots accounts

FOR TOO long Twitter has been a platform for free expression. This has to stop. Some people might not agree with independence and this has been found to be offensive to true Scots – a beacon for independence thought and humanity. AhDinnaeKen investigates Alyn Smith MEP’s crusade against the forces of independence darkness:

Alyn Smith Twitter

I haff a list of all Anti-Scots Twitter accounts  by geo-location and they can expect a night time visit if they do not desist from their Anti-Scots behaviour said the Europrat (above) yesterday.

By Paw Gromfreedom of speech and politically motivated hostilities detective

TWITTER USERS in Scotland are a “clear target” for fundraising mendicants operated by hostile assimilated Englishmen, a report commissioned by an SNP Europrat has found.

The report estimated that somewhere between 98% and 100% of assimilated English Twitter activity is “positively malign”.

Most of this potentially faux activity centres around independence and the need to raise money to sue women for freely expressed newspaper comments.

But despite this, the report said Scotland’s social media usage remains “largely repetitive”.

The report was carried out by Cosmopolitan Speech Inspector turned investigative censor and author JJ Goebbels.

A new website was also launched to assist ‘verified’ Scots Twitter users to ‘report’ and ‘out’ Anti-Scots Twitter abusers.

What were the conclusions of the investigation?

The report points the finger at those hostile to the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).

They are invariably classified as “state hostile yoons and non-state hostile yoons”.

Scotland is a clear target for “Yoons” due to the embedding of the only party which claims to be “Stronger for Scotland” – the SNP.

The report concluded: “Scottish Twitter and Scotland in general does have a problem with ‘Yoons’, both malign and hateful, and the scale of the problem is quantifiable – 55% at the last referendum in 2014.

“This does have some impact on Scottish public discourse and there is too much influence exerted both on and off social media.

“However, Scotland remains largely positive that the Anti-Scots Yoons can be sent back to where they belong – England.”

What will be done about the problem?

The report says “simple changes” can make Twitter a no go zone for Yoons in Scotland and around the world.

These changes will include:

  • Twitter to identify and shut down Yoon accounts. Any profile which displays a Union flag or a ‘Yawn’ badge will be suspended indefinitely and their operators will forfeit 45% of their material goods.
  • Verification of Scots identity via geo-location into three categories: True Scots, Non-Scots and Anti-Scots.
  • Geo-blocking of any and all accounts which do not promote the official “Stronger for Scotland” philosophy of ‘Independence at all costs’.

The report states: “The presence of malign Yoons on the platform will continue as long as social media permits freedom of expression.

“This does impact on public discourse and even influences voting behaviour.

“Independence minded politicians need to lead the debate to discover final solutions, because the question is no longer if Yoons are for real but whether they should be allowed to freely express their reprehensible ideas.”

What has Alyn Smith said about the report?

Mr Smith said there had been moments where his sanctimonious expostulations had not rung true such as his claim to be ‘hard working’ at the European Parliament.

He explained: “Hardly anyone has heard of me and I need to appear relevant.

“I’ve received dozens of Tweets asking who I am and my retort of “ask Nicola” is mostly ignored.

“I do not have enough relevance or points of substance to make, to have an impact politically so, jumping on a conspiracy theory bandwagon with a smidgeon of substance seems the most likely direction to take in order to get a modicum of victimhood attention.”

The Europrat added: “We have to be honest too. By shutting down the Yoons, we can get over the hurdle of currency, EU membership and post independence austerity.

“The hateful Yoons don’t believe us when we say everything will work out fine.

“We’ll never change their minds, so this gives us the chance to shut them up instead.

“Or, at least, that’s what Alex Salmond told me.”

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Mike Russell: Scotland must look at ways to be democratic without consulting the people

Mike Russell

By Otto Kratanti-democratic mandates correspondent

SCOTLAND MUST look at more imaginative ways of ignoring demcoratic mandates demanded Mike Russell yesterday.

The Scottish Government’s Grievance Secretary warned against “believing in the sovereign will of the people” because doing so would only return a repeat result of the referendums of 2014 and 2016.

Holyrood currently has no power to undermine democratic accountability but, that shouldn’t stop it trying to do so the Grievance Secretary explained.

The SNP leadership is currently facing a crisis of pointlessness despite facing the most pointless Wastemonster government since records began.

Mr Russell said an alternative route to giving Scots a say on independence without actually consulting the Scots must now be explored.

He said: “If democracy can’t deliver the results we Scots need then we must seek the approval of the highest authority in the land, All Under One Banner and Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh.”

He added: “There has to be a healthy discussion about the ways in which we can undermine and ignore those Scotch “Yoon” bastards who illegitimately don’t vote for us.”

Nicola Sturgeon today refused to rule out a Unilateral Declaration of Independence for all true SNP Scots.

She said: “As committed (European) Unionists and true Scots, we believe in the free movement of all non-independence supporting Scotch to England any time they’re ready.

“The sooner the better.” she added.

Mr Russell continued: “One of the big issues is the feeling of powerlessness that people have – especially me.

“We can’t have a second referendum in which we do not win that referendum.

“Therefore, logically, we’re not going to have one. We’re just going to declare independence anyway and keep our fingers crossed that no one notices.”

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Sturgeon signs mutual “torture” pact with Trump and May

NATIONALIST leaders vow to torture legions of unbelievers into submission.


“We do solemnly declare that we do not know of any lawful impediment why we, Trump, Sturgeon and May, may not be joined in mutual torturing of our respective sovereign people and populations.”

By Owch Yabassa waterboarding and political torture correspondent

FOR YEARS it has been fashionable to express disgust at the use of torture by western governments. Donald Trump’s new pact with Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon is set to turn that norm on its head and make torture socially acceptable.

The Donald, yesterday, vowed to continue torturing the populace of the free world and claimed to have taken a leaf out of Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon’s books:

“Theresa May has tortured both the Brits and the Europeans for months now over what Brexit actually means.

“First she said ‘Brexit means Brexit” and then she said “Brexit means a red, white and blue Brexit”, which meant Brexit wasn’t a black, white or grey Brexit.

“That’s one of the most effective forms of mass population torture I have ever witnessed. Even I found it tortuous and I thought I was a master of the art.”

Theresa May thanked the Donald and even found time to coin a new slogan in praise of the new mutually exclusive torture pact:

“Torture means torture” she said. “And our torture will be a red, black and blue torture which will become infamous throughout the western world.”

Not to be outdone, but knowing her place, Firstminster Sturgeon made the following pledge:

“I swear that I will continue torturing the population of Scotland by threatening to call a second independence referendum every time someone looks at me the wrong way or says something I don’t like.

“Unlike Prime Minister May and President Trump I have managed to torture the whole of the Scottish population simultaneously.

“First I tortured the Unionists with my threats to call a second independence referendum. And then I tortured my ain folk with my pledge to take indpendence aff the table if we could compromise on Brexit meaning something other than Brexit.”

All three leaders have entered willingly into the torture pact and have vowed to continue torturing anyone who has the misfortune to hear anything they have to say.


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America deserved 9/11 said ‘Reverend’ who laughed at it all on TV

NATIONALISTS AND extremists alike are well known for their moralising and pontificating judgemental style. Witness the manufactured outrage of Wings Over Scotland’s faux ‘reverend’, Stuart Campbell, regarding tasteless comments Tweeted by a Tory councillor recently. Stones and glasshouses, pots and kettles come to mind. But what about laughing at 9/11 on TV? AhDinnaeKen provides some much needed context:

"Mawkish, maudlin c**ts" the lot of them said the forensically analytical fraudulent 'reverend'.

“Mawkish, maudlin c**ts” the lot of them said the forensic analytical faux ‘reverend’ in an outburst of 9/11 context, recently.

By Longshanker aka @Ergasiophobe – context correspondent

A REVEREND who “laughed” at 9/11 on TV, has attacked the people who observed a Europe wide three minute silence to honour the Twin Tower victims, as “mawkish, maudlin cunts”.

Reverend Stuart Campbell, a hate preaching Scottish Nationalist from England, claimed America got what it deserved from the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Comparing terrorist murderers, Al-Qaeda, to a dog, the Reverend said: If you kick a dog long enough, eventually it’s going to turn round and bite you, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

And, in further reinforcement of this twisted belief, he also said: There was a widespread sense in this little village of America’s chickens having come home to roost.”

The comments were made on the ‘reverend’s’ blogsite, World of Stuart.

Not content with blaming America for the terrorist atrocity, Campbell turned his rabid froth on the three minute silence proposed in 2001 by the Council of Europe to demonstrate solidarity with the American people.

Finding himself in WH Smith at the designated time of the continent wide vigil, Campbell explained his reaction to those marking their respect for the 9/11 victims: “I was genuinely stunned, in the angry rather than the impressed sense.

“As I walked down the main street, looking at all these idiots standing stock still and silent outside River Island, I just thought: “Fuck you, you mawkish, maudlin cunts.”

“I bet you didn’t stand here like goons for the victims of Enniskillen, as if they’d have given a shit if you did. So why are you suddenly choking back tears for a bunch of American stockbrokers from even further away than Bosnia? Fucking hypocrites.” I kept on walking, and fired all their dirty looks right back at them.”

The Reverend has form on the terrorist outrage. In 2009, in a game forum thread, he confessed to an American game console fan that “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and laughed the whole time.”

Yes! How those Americans must have laughed to know just how comically extreme the 'kind hearted reverend' really is.

Campbell said his laughing at 9/11 comment “was an ironic, sarcastic joke which set out to say the most offensive thing possible in order to illustrate a point.” The illustrated point being, of course, that he watched it all on TV and laughed the whole time – ‘comically extreme’.

Apologists defended the Reverend’s shocking outburst, claiming the comments were “taken out of context” and that they were, in fact, a joke.

Longstanding critic of the fraudulent ‘reverend’, Longshanker, put the “out of context” claim in context.

He said: “The context of Campbell’s laughter at the 9/11 tragedy goes way beyond the immediate context of the quote and the surrounding hateful outbursts.

“Campbell had been criticised on a games forum by people more knowledgable than him over a feature he had written for Retro Gamer magazine on a games franchise called Metal Slug.

“The forum is, and was, dedicated to the Neo-Geo games console. The Metal Slug franchise is revered by these guys.

“It’s telling that Campbell’s critics were American. Campbell clearly holds a pathological hatred for America or Americans, as can be seen from his Al-Qaeda sympathising comments quoted here.

“Also worth noting, context wise, is that Campbell was 41 when he made these comments – not just some silly adolescent games geek trying to say the most outrageous thing he could in order to gain notoriety and a reputation as a bit of a ‘naughty’ boy.

“41 year old Campbell made the 9/11 statement in the full knowledge that the limited audience for his toxic offensiveness were Americans on an American forum.

“So, whether the laughing at 9/11 comment was a joke or not, it should still be taken within the context that it was said, that is, to deliberately offend an American audience in the most disgustingly noxious and targeted form possible.

“Anyone claiming otherwise has no concept of context.

“I wonder how Campbell’s cabal of piss-pathetic apologists will excuse his ‘mawkish, maudlin cunts’ comment. Unless, of course, they agree. Which, knowing the apologist type who hang on Campbell’s every word, they probably will.”

Campbell, 46, is a middle-aged, childless, partnerless, siblingless, “oddball” loner, who takes pictures of his shadow on solitary walks and articulates the voice of a certain type of flag and soil Scot, in Scotland.

He also blames 9/11 for his loss of a living, games magazines surrendering to advertisers – as if games magazines had ever done anything else pre or post 9/11 – and the wholesale corruption of the games industry.

Duncan's a thoughtful fellow. We're sure he'll put those thoughts into context.

Campbell claimed Duncan Hothersall had an agenda against Wings “…based on extensive personal experience of Hothersall issuing a long string of despicable lies, defamations, smears and general falsehoods in an attempt to discredit this site.” Ironically, Campbell cited the Tweet above to clear his name. Ye couldnae make it up.



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Sturgeon storms America: Funniest comedian on the market say Americans

STURGEON finds her true and natural calling on America’s cutting edge satirical programme:

After Sturgeon's EU joke, Stewart is reported to have told Sturgeon she should give up the day job and get on the American comedy circuit.

After Sturgeon’s EU joke, Stewart is reported to have told Sturgeon she should give up the day job and get on the American comedy circuit.

By Razeda SmyleShameless publicity and comedy routine correspondent

FIRSTMINSTER SAINT Nicola of Sturgeon has appeared on one of American television’s top chat shows.

She instantly trumped Salmond’s profile as Scotland’s lead comedian.

Ms Sturgeon began by questioning her billing on the show’s website as a “politician”.

She told host Jon Stewart: “You billed me on your website as a politician – so you’ve raised all these expectations that I’m going to talk sense.”

The Firstminster added: “I’m a comedian, and as you know, I’ve been having a laugh at Scotland’s expense for the past eight years.”

Ms Sturgeon is on the second day of a four-day trip to America where she is undertaking a series of engagements on the comedy circuit.

Once again, she followed in the footsteps of the Labouring party’s leaders by making an appearance on the Daily Show where she invited America to laugh at Scotland.

Amid laughter from the audience Stewart assured Ms Sturgeon that there was no way he could trump her line “Stronger for Scotland” in the face of her party’s record on education and health.

Other topics touched on during the broadcast included the SNP’s success in suckering the Scottish electorate into believing her party would do better for the country.

American viewers were in stitches in their reaction to the Scottish Firstminster’s comedy routine.

US journalist Skylar Baker-Jordan, who covers Comedy politics, said: “Sturgeon is on top of her game as usual. Deceptive, evasive and contradictory. That line about being Better Together in Europe is a humdinger. Where did she come up with that one. Hilarious.”

The Firstminster’s engagements for Tuesday include taking selfies with kids in front of the media and on Wednesday she will take some selfies with kids in front of the media.


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Exclusive: Bill Walker to advise Salmond on how to deal with ‘uppity’ women

FED UP of being hectored by hysterical women who don’t know their place, Alex Salmond has taken on new multi-experienced adviser Bill Walker. AhDinnaeKen exclusively reports:

A short, sharp, shock soon brings them back to their senses said Walker to Salmond, yesterday.

A short, sharp, shock soon brings them back to their senses said Walker to Salmond, yesterday.

By Black McEyeDomestic incidents and social order correspondent

LASTMINSTER SALMOND has appointed a new adviser to improve his relations with women.

Fed up of being treated like he was a normal politician by hectoring harridans in the House of Commons, Salmond will now take advise from ‘experienced’ domestic relations expert Bill Walker.

Walker has twenty-eight years experience of keeping women of all ages in their place and is expected to impart his expertise with a series of straightforward practical demonstrations.

Ex-jailbird Walker believes in the determined and direct use of improvisational implements such as air rifles, wire coat hangers and saucepans in order to maintain relations between the sexes.

“Women have to know who’s boss,” said Walker, “otherwise they get ideas above their station. And that’s not good for us men who know what we’re talking about.

“We don’t need pointless interruptions from women unable to behave themselves.

“My short intensive domestic relations course should bring Alex up to speed.”

Walker’s appointment is seen as a move attempting to take the heat out of Salmond’s recent altercation with Anna Soubry MP.

Salmond is expected to undertake the intensive course with Bill to enable him to deal quickly and decisively with the pointless distractions presented by hysterical women in the commons from time to time.

An SNP spokeswummin, who knows her place, said: “There is no place for speaking out of turn against a man in the Hoose Of Commons – and this was an example of Soubry getting ideas above her station. This was the sort of incident which could result in a black eye for Soubry if she tries it again. We’ve got Bill on board now and, with his decades of experience, he knows how to keep these hysterical female types in their place.”




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SNP ambitions thwarted as the Empire Strikes Back

THEY tried to fight them on the benches, they tried to fight them in the lobbies, but all it took was the guile of two veteran MPs to repel the cream of the Tartan hordes:

Despite having youth and overwhelming numbers on their side, this coterie of SNP MPs still could not take and hold Dennis Skinner's seat at Westminster.

Despite having youth and overwhelming numbers on their side, this coterie of SNP MPs still could not take and hold Dennis Skinner’s seat at Westminster.

By Allies ArmieTartan Goonery correspondent

THE MOST ambitious tartan invasion of Westminster was thwarted this week as SNP ‘goon’ tactics were repulsed on the beaches of the commons green benches.

After four long and exhaustive days of achieving hee haw, the SNP MP hordes were finally faced down and defeated by two plucky pensioners in solitary counter attacks.

Veteran fighting Tommy, Dennis Skinner MP, established and held a bridgehead on the commons benches throughout the week by using a simple diversionary tactic to outflank the Nationalist goons .

And Faither o’ the Hoose, Gerald Kaufman MP, delivered a metaphorical kick in the stones to the pride of the black and yellow hordes.

He said: “It’s all very well for them to try a mob attack en masse, but to try and move one of the longest-serving members of parliament out of a seat that he’s occupied for decades, it’s stupid, Skinner is much too wiley for them, as the results of this futile battle showed.

“They’re goons and it’s plain for all to see that they want to publicly match Salmond’s cheap stunt expulsion from the commons when he interrupted the Chancellor’s Budget speech in 88.

“Even then, Skinner was in before them. In 1985 Skinner used the Ten-Minute Rule Bill to call the Chancellor to account so, even then, the SNP were left following in Skinner’s wake.”


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Angus Robertson – Skinner’s seat will be our Sudetenland

SNP’S GLOATING lightning war of triumphalism outflanked by 83 year old political veteran:

"With regard to the problem of the Sudeten Parliamentary Sitz, my patience is now at an end!" said Gruppenführer Angus Robertson yesterday.

“With regard to the problem of the Sudeten Parliamentary Sitz, my patience is now at an end!” said Gruppenführer Angus Robertson yesterday.

By Gerrit UpyePolitisch Korrespondent

SCOTLAND’S WESTMINSTER Gruppenführer, Angus Robertson, last night signalled that his blitzkrieg of Nationalist triumphalism had been thwarted by a plucky 83 year old Tommy.

“I could cope”, he said, “with being a small and mostly insignificant party in the last parliament due to my appealing surround sound system purchased on Unionist parliamentary expenses.

“I could just about tolerate the jeers and jibes from the Unionist Untermenschen on the opposing benches following the snivelling cowardly result of the Neverendum debate.

“I could even put up with the counter-productive stream of pishy consciousness that forms the vast majority of Pete Wishart’s tweeting career.

“But,” he concluded, with barely concealed fury, “there is absolutely no way I am going to accept that my Schottisch Schocktruppen could not occupy and hold the seat of venerable 83 year old Labour Verräter Dennis Skinner.

“Our coup was plotted, planned and implemented with steely disciplined precision and still we were thwarted.

“Gott im Himmel. My Named Person could have done better if he had bothered to turn up.”

#RedTory rebel Dennis Skinner, 83, said: “The Nationalist lobby fodder were only following orders. Their Named Person Gruppenführer lost this time, but they will be back and I will be back before them.”



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Lookalikes: Nationalist bookburners on tour

Lookalike - Book burners Nationalists



Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between Nationalist sponsored “Action against the Un-German Spirit” in 1933 and the Nationalist sponsored “Action against the Un-Scottish Spirit” in today’s modern ‘progressive Scotland 2014? I think we should be told.

Yours sincerely

Fahrenheit 451 & Scottish Bluebell

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Junckers – laughing up his sleeve at the Nationalists

DESPITE THE seeming moral victory of the Yes camp over the Naws concerning the recent Juncker clarification, AhDinnaeKen asks, does the clarification really make a great deal of difference to what was said:

Juncker: Referring to actual candidate states, not regional wannabe's.

Juncker: Referring to actual candidate states, not regional wannabe’s.

By WhitEU Lukkinet

BIG EURO Quangocrat, Jean-Claude Juncker, was not referring to Scotland when he said the gates were closed to new applicants to the EU.

Before the clarification, the No camp jumped the gun and gloatingly castigated the Yessers for what they perceived was the killer blow to the SNP’s Euro entry plans.

Following the unseemly stooshie, a spokesperson for the Big Euro Quangocrat clarified that Juncker was not talking about Scotland.

Cue the counter attack from the Yessers and a similar type of gloating righteousness.

In terms of tone, both campaigns looked and sounded the same. So no change there then.

Pantsonfire fighter, Nicola Sturgeon, wagged the righteous Nationalist finger of sanctimony and claimed that the No camp had engaged in a “blatant act of dishonesty”.

She should know.

Due to all the froth and white noise from both camps, one key point has been forgotten.

Of course Juncker was not referring to Scotland.

He didn’t need to.

Scotland, in the eyes of the EU, is a region presently debating separation from its current nation state.

Juncker stated that no new states would be admitted to the EC.

Scotland is not a new state, or any kind of state, in the legal treaty bound eyes of Europe.

If it becomes a new state, the stated Juncker rule regarding “candidate states”, applies.

And then, no doubt, Juncker will refer to Scotland’s “candidate” status directly.

It’s still a major blow to the Nationalists’ post-Indy assertions. No matter how you dress it up.

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Why #IndyRef is a bore in seven quotes.

FOLLOWING THE events of the recent week or so in the indyref debate, AhDinnaeKen presents some highly selective quotes chosen at random which sum up, in anticipation, this editor’s creeping torpor and sense of trepidation at the inevitable tedious grievance fuelled acrimony to come:

The unphotoshopped turned up eyes of contempt of Stuart Hosie after being questioned by an uppity anti-Scot on his party's post indy tax plans. Not very braw look, is it?

The unphotoshopped turned up eyes of contempt of Stewart Hosie after being questioned by an uppity anti-Scot on his party’s post indy tax plans. Not very braw look, is it?

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“A man with a grievance may easily become a bore, and this may be true of a nation with a grievance.”Claim of Scotland, HJ Paton 1968

Correct! Never a truer word said. There’s a sizable minority of Scots just now who are boring the rest to bitter screaming tears of monotony. The referendum is giving these bores a collective voice which has droned on and on for what is literally years now – it feels like decades. It’s not exciting, it’s not convincing and it’s not inspiring. It’s exceedingly boring and sometimes it feels like it’s a deliberate Nationalist ploy. The SNP do better in votes with low turnouts, so it makes sense for them to bore everyone but the most committed and fervent to tears.

“…and it is now likely that transfer of North Sea oil to Scottish ownership would occasion much bitterness in England if not an attempt to forcibly prevent it.”The Hallowed McCrone Report 1975.

The howls of outrage etc at Bullingdon Chancer Osborne’s declaration of “economic warfare” appeared to come as a surprise to some. McCrone predicted it back in the day and, with the spectre of independence having raised its inevitable head, the UK state has acted in kind.

What did the Nationalists expect? Kid gloves? Automatic indy? A velvet divorce? Think again laddies. Years of acrimony and, not so petty, petty squabbles are on the cards for god knows how long. Hurrah! Bet you can hardly wait.

"Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception." - George Orwell.  We do things differently here apparently.

“Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception.” – George Orwell. We do things differently here – apparently.

“No one wiff (sic) a semblance of understanding of Scottish history and indeed the Scottish character would have made a speech such as the one the chancellor delivered last week.”Alex Salmond, Business for Scotland speech, 17 Feb 2014

AhDinnaeKen agrees with the sentiment of the Firstminster’s statement. The Bullingdon Chancer of the Excequer’s visit to Edinborrow rankled. Hardball politics usually does. It strips away the veneer of the daily fluffy ‘reality’ most of us like to live with and leaves you staring directly at the raw naked ugliness of aggressive state power. Not nice.

But, Salmond could just as easily have been saying the above in terms of himself.

Attending conveniently unrecorded meetings with corporate media moguls in order to lobby for monopolies against the greater public interest is questionable at best, despicable at worst. Given that Salmond’s reward would have been a positive headline or two in a newspaper which is almost as equally despised as it is loved, it makes you wonder about the lip service paid to the ‘sovereignty’ of the Scots by the likes of Salmond.

A sizable minority of Scots don’t forget actions like that. Nor do they forget being lied to over legal advice, nor witnessing firsthand Scottish natives being walked over roughshod by the Firstminster in order to further American tycoon’s business interests. And it’s worth remembering that that action turned out to be for the greater good – we don’t think.

“Can we stop having English Tory MPs turning up in Edinburgh to bully the Scots and to poison the relationships between Scotland and England.”Stewart Hosie MP 18 Feb 2014 The Referendum Debate – BBC Scotland

Professor Adam Tomkins (a despicable Unionist) of Glasgow University said, in relation to the Nationalists: “…their strategy has changed. No longer seeking new votes (nor to win) but merely to shore up their core.”

Hosie’s core message in his referendum debate statement is clear. It’s a sure sign that the Nationalists are resorting to type. The enemy, as far as they are concerned, is the Auld Enemy. The English Tory MP referred to, of course, was the Bullingdon Chancer, George Osborne.

Much as the Chancer represents a branch of politics which is allegedly anathema to the majority of Scots, he is still the second most powerful politician in the land.

The Nationalists never had, and probably never will have, a mandate to declare UDI or dictate who can or cannot visit Scotland’s capital city. Therefore the Chancer has as much democratic right to deliver speeches wherever he wants in the United Kingdom – be that London or Edinburgh or wherever – as anyone else.

For a bitter and twisted Nationalist like Hosie to imply that Gideon has no place in Scotland is what is really ‘poisoning’ the debate and it’s sure to spoil the relationship between the two major regions of the UK. It begs the question, just how cordial will those negotiations with rUK be in a future independent Scotland?

Luckily, there are more temperate pro-indy voices in the debate:

Ever alert to the poison of Nationalist sentiment, Patrick Harvie calls for more temperate language and constructive debate.

Ever alert to the poison of ‘othering’ and  Nationalist sentiment, Patrick Harvie called for more temperate language and constructive debate.

“I think it might be a good idea to avoid that kind of language, even if people feel that George Osborne’s intervention was not constructive.”Patrick Harvie – 18 Feb 2014 The Referendum Debate – BBC Scotland.

Stated to directly counter Hosie’s unpleasantness, Mr Harvie may represent a party which makes less of a connection with Scots voters than UKIP, but his voice in the indy debate articulates the feelings, hopes and emotions of many less zealotous participants in the referendum’s politicking. Harvie knows exactly the type of sentiments and forces that crass unbridled statements such as Hosie’s are capable of unleashing into the populace at large.

He further added:

“Ask better of all your politicians on both sides than that kind of language.”Patrick Harvie – 18 Feb 2014 The Referendum Debate – BBC Scotland

Well said Mr Harvie. For the thousands of voters out there who find the impending anti-Scots, anti-English rhetoric of the Nationalists tasteless, dangerous and unbecoming of pretenders to the crown, your temperance, assurance and political emollience is a welcome antidote to the tedious abrasiveness so far witnessed/suffered/endured by everyone else.

“Labour’s devolution plans were lost and, in the aftermath, SNP MPs helped to eject the government by opposing it in a vote of confidence. The Conservatives won the resulting general election, and went on to hold office for the following 18 years. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s Scottish home rule was resolutely off the Western agenda.”The 1997 Scottish referendum: an analysis of the results.

Nationalism by its very nature is myopic. The practitioners of its blacker arts are narrowly focussed on a single goal and cannot see beyond those limited parameters.

Anyone with half a brain and an ounce of compassion in their soul could see what was coming with Thatcher the milk snatcher in 1979. And the great irony of the SNP’s treachery against their own sovereign people was that they were the main proponents in assisting her to achieve her smash and power grab on the great Scottish oil bonanza of the 1980s. Oh, the black black irony at the consequences of their actions.

Onyhoo, the Nationalists lack of foresight, more than anything else, is a phenomenon which has remained consistent since 1979 to the present day. Worth remembering post September 18.

Gollum forgot everything, including his humanity, in pursuit of the ring of power. A quintissential Nationalist in outlook.

Rev Gollum forgot everything, including his humanity, in pursuit of the ring of power. A quintissentially Nationalist trait and outlook.

“After some of the cross-border ugliness and bad feeling that’s been whipped up by the actions of Unionists lately, the only outcome of the referendum that will allow the people of Scotland and England to regard each other with dignity and mutual respect in the future is a Yes vote. Crawling pathetically back to London with our tail between our legs won’t do it.”Wings Over Scotland – any day of the week

And then we have the alleged grass roots antidote to mainstream media bias in the form of poisonous, hate-preaching, relentlessly boring websites such as Wings Over Scotland.

Loved by its acolytes as much as it is laughed at by everyone else, the Napoleon complexed, Gollum lookalike, editor of the site injects grievance, poison, bitterness, acrimony, falsehood, fraudulence and McCarthyite tendencies into the veins of the minority online section of the indy debate.

Yet, worryingly, senior Nats not only encourage such sentiments, they actively endorse them; Nicola Sturgeon, Roseanna Cunningham, Joan McAlpine, Ewan Crawford, Christine McKelvie, Angus MacNeil and, of course, anti-English Stewart Hosie, to name but a few.

With words like “cowardly” entering the lexicon of political debate from the upper echelon of the Natterati, it’s no surprise that sites like Wings take succour and flourish.

The danger for the indy minded acting as apologists for the site’s constant stream of bilious hatred and tediously boring grievance is, that they remain blind to and oblivious of the consequence of much of what Wings is actually saying.

To paraphrase Firstminster Salmond above, Scots don’t like being referred to as “cowards” or “pathetic” or “snivelling” by people who don’t even have the balls to live in Scotland. It shows a grave misunderstanding of Scottish history and character to think that calling more than half of the population “cowards” and “cringing pitiful scum” will be productive and convincing.

For the righteous and already convinced it may be so. For everyone else it’s a repugnant, albeit laughable, turnoff.

It’s why, the recent change of strategy by the Nationalists to resort to type ie castigating the ‘English’ as the enemy is bad news for everyone. Political debate will become increasingly fraught and polarised. More heat than light will be generated and, no matter the result in September, the country will be plunged into the socio-political darkness of blame, counter blame and recrimination. Or something equally as unpleasant.

Grievance is a bore. Actively nurturing that grievance for political advantage eventually stops being a bore and becomes dangerous.

Let the Nationalists inspire you with their vision of freedom’s hinterlands by all means. But as soon as they start talking of cowardly English or Scots, challenge them head on.

Such sentiment has no place in the debate. That it’s beginning to take centrestage is more than boring – it’s a real and present danger.

From bottom to top to bottom again, like begets like. Weel din Nicola, nice to know you're a fan of the Wingnuts.

From bottom to top to bottom again, like begets like. Weel din Nicola Sturgeon, nice to know you’re a fan of the Wingnuts hate preacher.


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Bullies who tried to bully bullies get bullied

The Nats started it. Deny us our currency union and we’ll default on the debt they said. Get it up ye’s said the BritNat government – we’ll take on the debt oorsel’s. Now the Nats are to be told they’re no gettin’ their currency union. You’re bullying us, they bleated. AhDinnaeKen asks, what did the Nats expect, kid glove’s treatment? In the language of the playground, they started it – the bullies! AhDinnaeKen investigates:

If you try to bully someone bigger than you, expect to get bullied back. Don't bleat about it when it happens though.

If you try to bully someone bigger than you, expect to get bullied back. Don’t bleat about it when it happens though.

By Declar Asian-Ofwar

THE INDYREF has taken a turn for the bullying worse.

The Nationalist bullies tried to bully the Westminster bullies by threatening to default on their debt.

A bullies move.

The BritNat bullies pooh poohed the Nationalist bullies attempt at bullying by pulling away the debt carpet – they assured the bully markets that rUK was good for its debt and wouldnae be bullied by the Nationalist bullies.

The BritNat bullies are now going to bully the Nationalist bullies by bullying them over the currency union.

Ye’s urnae gettin’ a currency union they’ll bully.

The Nationalist bullies cried “bully!” and said the BritNat bullies were bullying them and it wisnae fair – it was bullying.

AhDinnaeKen said: “If ye try to bully somebody bigger than you, expect to get bullied back.

“Just don’t cry bully. It makes you look like a weak and stupid bully.”

So no change there then.


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