Wangs Watch

Because someone’s got to watch the watchmen watching the watchmen.

And someone’s got to monitor the media monitors monitoring the media.

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20 responses to “Wangs Watch

  1. Ian Hall

    Thanks for giving me a smile on this debate. It frightens the life out of me that people can go on ignoring the lies of the Yes campaign.

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      The blog’s intention is to be funny, but I occasionally let the side down and write some borderline serious stuff about hate-preachers.


  2. Bilver

    So glad I’ve found this blog. I was “challenged” by a yes voting friend to find anything online that looked at things from a non yes perspective other than official BT stuff. Turns out there’s quite a few. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anon Sailor

    Why vote No? Your blog doesnt actually offer any facts just pours hatred on anyone supporting a Yes vote.

  4. Allen Bowler

    Bumped into your blog. Brought me back to reality after tending to take this whole independence thing too seriously. Seems a Scots colleagues advice was right, “don’t take all that silly b******s to heart. Nothings going to change!

    Thanks for bringing clarity to the issue. I will re read when I start to get glum!

  5. Paul Russell

    Thank you, for exposing hypocrisy, ill-judgement, and raising a chuckle along the way.

    I’m fairly ambivalent on the issue of independence, I just felt very strongly that the SNP weren’t the ones to lead us into it, having made and keeping making some catastrophic decisions, and keeping some very nasty company.

    On the plus side, they gave us Joan McAlpine. Sorry guys, her column is funnier, by a hairs breadth, but not by design.

  6. Jack ketch

    The brethren follow the Rev in thought and deed……creepy as f*** as you say

  7. Graham

    I have been commenting and reading on wings for some time ,just the odd question —never an answer and now I am a spammer.
    I asked what would happen if the polls had been reversed and the attitudes of the no voters where the same as the yes are now–spam.
    Hello everybody –spam.Can no longer comment–could be its because I live in the West Midlands!!!
    The unrelenting spite and dismissal of genuine concerns bodes bad for Scotland

    • Graham.

      You’re not the first and you’ll not be the last.

      Wings like to think he hosts discussion and debate.

      He hosts a groupthink forum where the topics of discussion are closely regulated and censored in order to keep things under Campbell’s control.

      The unrelenting spite and dismissal of genuine concerns bodes bad for Scotland

      I kind of agree. As certain pro-indy types, including the Wangers, coalesce they transparently demonstrate many of the core stereotypes of Orwellian styled Nationalists. What you appear to have experienced keeps the group bonded and pure of interference.

      I used to think saying such a thing was over egging the pudding. If anything it underestimates the foment of spite building up in certain quarters of Scotland.


  8. Graham

    I have a friend on Lewis,which apparently is mainly SNP–he voted no because of the SNPs inability to answer the core questions.I thought Westminster was awful,but !!!!!
    Keep up the good work,epecially the humour.

    • Thankyou Graham

      It’s good that you see the humour in AhDinnaeKen. Even when I’m being serious, which tends to be with the WangsWatch features, I can’t help but throw in the occasional obvious and crappy joke.

      Sadly, certain Nationalist types take the blog at face value and that really cracks me up with laughter.

      Some of the accusations aimed at myself or the blog are a hoot.


  9. Graham

    How can I post on they block my Email address or IP or location.

  10. Jay fae Fife

    I’d kind of like to see someone having a close look at the Wee Ginger Dug one of these days. He’s beginning to run away with himself a bit

  11. Dave G

    Just stumbled across Ah Dinnae Ken following a Google search for information about Dr Morag Kerr (don’t ask!). What a breath of fresh air – I only wish I’d known about you before the referendum. Keep up the good work.

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