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Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. Joan McAlpine MSP has publicly pledged her support for this worthy cause. Curiously, Joan also openly promotes pro-indy website Wings Over Scotland? Its editor, Stuart Campbell, frequently refers to his ‘enemies’ as “retards” or as “retarded” – the very words targeted by ENABLE’s campaign. Surely some mistake? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #Bethechange used here.

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #bethechange in this Tweet.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ENABLE SCOTLAND, the charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, launched a new campaign yesterday.

The campaign’s core aim is to rid Scotland of the casual use and abuse of hateful and hurtful words commonly aimed at those with learning disabilities.

Discriminatory words such as, ‘mong’, ‘spaz’ and ‘retard’ cause the most distress and hurt to the victims and such words are usually the precursors of physical attacks.

Joan McAlpine MSP supports ENABLE’s campaigning aims. It is an upstanding and worthy campaign and one which AhDinnaeKen wholly condones and hopes succeeds in its objectives.

AhDinnaeKen invites Ms McAlpine to come clean over her recent endorsement of Wings Over Scotland – a site edited by an individual who freely and commonly refers to others as ‘retards‘ or ‘retarded‘ with the aim of diminishing and denigrating them in a hateful, intolerant and degrading manner.

It may be that with such a busy schedule writing her Daily Record column, Ms McAlpine is only partly aware of the reasons for the “huge snash” the site receives. She appears to be under the impression that such ‘snash’ has something to do with the site’s alleged lampooning of the “establishment’s hypocrisy“.

In Scotland it’s worth reminding Parliamentary Liaison Officer McAlpine that she is also part of the establishment – the Scottish establishment.

If her support of ENABLE’s campaign is sincere, then she must either condemn the crude abuse of ‘retard’ – hereafter referred to as the R-word – by Wings’ Stuart Campbell, or admit that she got it wrong regarding her preference for Wings over that of the “traditional media“.

AhDinnaeKen is prepared to give Ms McAlpine the benefit of the doubt on the matter.

For a period of years, Mr Campbell has relied upon the R-word, to diminish, denigrate and degrade. It’s something he’s well known for within and without the Scottish constitutional debate. For example:

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be 'civic' or 'progressive' is beyond us.

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be ‘civic’ or ‘progressive’ is beyond us.

In 2010, the day after the UK’s General Election, Campbell referred to Northern Irish voters (above) as “spectacularly retarded”. Five months later in the USA, Rosa’s law, was signed into law by President Barrack Obama. It officially replaced the use of “mental retardation” to describe people with learning disabilities to “intellectual disability“. The American law officially recognised the hurt, offense and stigma such labelling causes to the individuals affected.

Despite the implementation of Rosa’s law, Campbell still persisted within the pages of Wings Over Scotland and his Twitter accounts – @WingsScotland and @RevStu – to freely use the R-word in its pejorative sense:

Example 1Why maybe the Unionists are right May 28 2012
“If you’ve failed at Point 1 and the entire audience is comprised of semi-evolved retards, at least plant a few researchers in there with something halfway-intelligent to ask.”

This disgusting and derisory piece of alleged ‘lampoonery’ was written because Mr Campbell decided that the audience in the first of the BBC’s televised Big Debates wasn’t up to his expected intellectual standards. The casual use of the R-word demonstrates the contempt Campbell has for people in general and his complete insensitivity toward those with learning disabilities.

Example 2The Heavy Nudge May 29 2013
“Every time one young man is dissuaded from singing sectarian songs by stories like that of Calum Graham – either because he realises his actions are ugly, brutish and retarded, or simply because he doesn’t want to risk the possible consequences – the voice of bigotry literally gets quieter, and volume is its lifeblood.

Again, the R-word is clearly used in the pejorative and this time it’s aimed at a named individual. It follows the words “brutish” and “ugly” in a linear narrative and is typical of Campbell’s twisted and perverse sense of morality and logic.

Example 3 Twitter and Transphobic comments

You'd never be able to guess why it never ends well.

You’d never be able to guess why it never ends well.

The above Tweet was how Campbell described the debate when he was accused of being a transphobe after belittling Chelsea Manning’s reasons and wishes to be called Chelsea rather than by her former name of Bradley.

Incidentally, due to Campbell’s denigration of Chelsea Manning, Ms McAlpine’s estranged husband, Pat Kane, finally distanced himself from Wings – describing Campbell as both “unpleasant and intolerant“. Maybe that’s the kind of “snash” Ms McAlpine was referring to when she promoted Wings in her Daily Record column.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Example 4Denial of offensiveness of the R-word

Breathtaking denial.


The above discourse is literally breathtaking. Mr Leslie is referring to Campbell’s use of theR-word as offensive. The subsequent denial by the Wings man is damning.

Example 5Redefining the offensive even more offensively.

So now we know.

So now we know. Nothing questionable or offensive about that usage.

Curiously, Campbell’s definition in this tweet appears to have been lifted straight from the online ‘The Free Dictionary‘. He was careful to omit the first definition on the page: “Often Offensive: Affected with mental retardation.”

There is also a footnote on the same page which elaborates on the use of the word: “In the past, when a child had a mental condition that made learning difficult, people used to say that he or she was retarded, backward, simple, or educationally subnormal. Nowadays these words are avoided because they are thought to be offensive.

‘Thought to be offensive’ by most reasonable people of sound mind perhaps, but clearly not by Campbell. AhDinnaeKen would be most interested in anything Joan McAlpine had to say on the matter given her public support of ENABLE Scotland’s newly launched campaign.

She might even like to reflect on some authoritative voices – summed up neatly below:

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There's a thing.

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There’s a thing.

Or this, from ENABLE themselves:

“Be the change is about reflecting on your own behaviour. Stop using those words. Don’t let other people away with it. When you hear it, challenge them. Say, look, that’s not funny. And, by doing those things, we’ll get rid of this language for ever.” – Jan Savage, ENABLE assistant director of campaigns and membership.

Will Joan have the decency to say “look that’s not funny” to Wings Over Scotland aka Stuart Campbell? The jury’s out.


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PCC Klan Alba ruling – It’s got to be perfect

Remember the Skintland on Sin-day’s Swastika’d Ku Klux Klan Alba cover image and the storm of faux Nationalist outrage it generated? Whinging cringing humourless Skints got sent homeward tae think again this weekend by the Press Chiponshooder Complaints Commission. Are the commission Anti-Skints? Should we censor ourselves in the run up to the Neverendum? AhDinnaeKen reports:

"Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain." - Edward de Bono. Coincidence or magic that Nationalists are mostly lacking in humour? You decide!

“Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.” – Edward de Bono. Coincidence or magic that Nationalists are mostly lacking in humour? You decide!

By Izgorrabee Purrfect

TWEE, MOSTLY anodyne alleged singer/songwriter Eddi Bookreader was told where to go this week by the Press Chiponshooder Complaints Commision.

They found her recent whining, moaning, grievance and attention seeking, complaint, lodged against the Skintland on Sunday newspaper, to be laughably unfounded and ruled her foolish complaint was just such a big “silly game mistake”.

Ms Bookreader who has a braveheart love affair with her native flag – the St. Andrew’s cross saltire – said she wanted to complain to someone who really cares.

“Life is too short to play silly games.” she said and promised herself: “I won’t do that again.”

In short, Ms Bookreader reckoned that her next foolish complaint mistake has “got to be perfect”.

“It’s got to be worth it” she sang.

“Too many people take second best, but when it comes to a Swastika’d saltire, I won’t take anything less. My next complaint, it’s got be, yeah, perfect.”

But Ms Bookreader’s original complaint was found to be anything other than “perfect” by the Press Chiponshooder Complaints Commision (PCCC).

They ruled that the Ku Klux Klan Alba page, depicted by the Skintland on Sin-day, “perfectly” illustrated the Presbyterian intolerance and lack of understanding of many Nationalist Socialist types of the relationship between images and stories in a newspaper.

Responding to a deluge of complaints from Crybaby Nationalists, the PCCC ruled:

“For the time being, freedom of speech exists in Skintland as it does in the rest of Britain.

“We know this might not always be the case should the Skints vote for self determination.

“But, until Sun King Salmond grows a pair and legislates for press censorship against the wishes of his media pimp Mr Murdoch, you’ll just huv to grow up a bit and get ower it.

“Bravehearts are foolish, they make such mistakes. They’re much too eager to give their freedoms away.

“Too many people take second best, but the PCCC won’t take anything less, this ruling has got to be, yeah, perfect.”



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Hurrah!: Nationalist fascists see off nationalist fascist

In Skintland we do irony differently here. Big Kipper Nigel Farago pointed out a few (ironic) home truths to the Skintish natives and the Radical Butcher’s Apron Burner Nationalist wing spontaneously combusted in fury, faux outrage and targeted hatred. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

"Nationalist pride, like other variants of pride, can be a substitute for self-respect." - Eric Hoffer. No self respecting Skintish fascist would disagree with that.

“Nationalist pride, like other variants of pride, can be a substitute for self-respect.” – Eric Hoffer. No self respecting Skintish fascist would disagree with that.

By Ray Cysts

CONSIDER THE following from the VisitSkintland website:

“Situated within a dysfunctional Europe, Skintland is a ‘progressive’ nation built on dynamic creative chips on shooders and the fabulously scizophrenic warmth of its people.

“Here you will find a wide range of Skintish assertions from information on its diverse and dramatic delusions, to tales from its fascinatingly fractious underdog history, to facts about Skintland’s intolerant population, deep fried economy and methadone industry.”

And the website goes on and on, selling the vision of a welcoming and friendly wee country, unless of course you happen to be a basturt English Kipper and hold opposing views to the Nationalists who live here.

Then you see another side of the Skintish character – the ugly vile intolerant, prohibitive hubris of the institutionalised confirmation victim.

As Burns wrote: “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us!”

Big Kipper Nigel Farago saw this side o’ the Skints yesterday. And, as a Nationalist himself, it takes one to know one.

Speaking to BBC Skintland today he said: “I have heard that there are some parts of Skintish Nationalism which are akin to fascism, but yesterday I saw it face to face.”

Mr Farago was subjected to a barracking interview by the Nationalist biased Radio Skintland which he abruptly halted a few minutes in, having had a bellyfull of the interviewer’s sneering ‘Skintish values’.

Before he hung up he also left his naysayers with a very uncomfortable home truth about the plasticine parliament at Whollyrude.

In reference to his own party he said: “We don’t represent a professional political elite based in Edinburgh who have basically sold out any realistic ideas of independence to the European Union, we represent real people here in Skintland.”

Just how real his people are is a moot point. But he certainly sees Whollyrude for the collective cabal of oxymorons, allegedly representing the aspirations of the Skints, that it is.

Well done Mr Farago. You certainly showed the world the ugly side of ‘Skintish values’.


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SNP get boos over Bulgarian booze

It wiznae jist Sun King Moses of Salmond gettin’ boos the ither day there. It wiz the hale bluddy anti-booze puritan government. Rock on tae the Bulgarian winos wi’ their boozegate pricing challenge.

Bulgarian Finance Minister and staff crush these grapes in the same manner they expect to crush those rebellious Scots Nats’ kiddy on progressive alcohol legislation – underfoot and easy.

By Buckfast Commando

Haw haw! Whit dae ye think man? Jist like ah’ve been predictin’ aw along, the Nats ur gonnae get thur baws pickled legally by the Unionists.

The European Unionists that is. Haw haw. Serves them right ‘n’ aw.

Ah telt them back in the day when teetotallin’ goody two shoes High Priestess Sturgeon pit her bloody Jakey Apartheid manifesto into action.

Ah says tae them, the SWA young team (Diageo) wull gie ye’s a doin for this Jakey discrimination man. Chape high volume voddie makes up a big pairt o’ their profits. Mess wi’ that and expect a slappin.

Of coorse, as is their want, the SNP are arrogant and stupit enough to think they huv things wrapped up wi’ their holier than thou public health argument.

Sorry fur laffin again, but Haw Haw. Ask the deid methadone men whit they think o’ the SNP’s commitment tae saving lifes.

Onyhoo. Accordin tae the Heraldic, a bottle o’ Bulgarian red, at present prices, wull set ye back aroon £3.31. The chapest it’ll sell fur unner the SNP puritan legislation wull be aroon £4.69.

Ah plunkt Economics at the Schill, but even ah ken aboot supply and demand curves – it wid result in thoosans o’ bottles no gettin selt.

Uncompetitive barrier to free trade – or Communism, as some wid caw it – is the accusation the Nats are facin.

And, as ah predictit, it’s aw gonnae end up in legislation delaying coort.

Wait tae Diageo get sterted. Ah wunner whit piggy eyed patsy Alex Kneel is gonnae dae tae get oota this. Whitever it is, it’ll huv to be sumthin smerter than he’s been so far.

Haw haw. Cyas later.

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