With friends like these who needs relatives? SNP talent in the raw.

REPEAT A mantra often enough and it becomes true. Or so the history of propaganda teaches us. Query the mantra or scratch at its surface however and it soon dissipates into the mists of hot air and empty rhetoric. AhDinnaeKen listened to Call Kaye on Friday 14 Nov and discovered that the proponents of the allegedly ‘progressive’ SNP don’t even know what ‘progressive’ means:

By Naetal Ent

TWITTER PERSONALITY, Presiding Officer Trisha Marwick’s niece, and failed wannabe SNP MSP, Natalie McGarry, demonstrated her political ‘talent’ on BBC radio Scotland on Friday.

AhDinnaeKen never considered Ms McGarry as a comedian, but her performance when Labouring bod Simon Pia asked her a simple question was gut wrenchingly hilarious.

Or humiliating – depending on your take.

Listen to the clip above. Don’t laugh too hard or cringe too much. To be fair, Natalie was “put on the spot” by Mr Pia.

Being put on the spot doesn’t happen too much to MSPs at the Big Parish Cooncil in Edinburgh anyway, so what does anyone care about such laughably piss-poor performances from the Presiding Officer’s niece?

But performances such as Natalie’s on Friday certainly puts the SNP’s recent appeal to non-members, to stand for parliament as part of a Yes alliance, into  suitable perspective.

In many ways, Natalie’s inability to satisfactorily answer Pia’s simple question and her subsequent behaviour was a microcosm of the SNP at large.

When found out – and they’re frequently found out – they change the subject by attacking their opponent with a baseless ad hominem in order to create a diversion. And then it’s just a matter of hoping that nobody notices or stays on track.

Classic political evasiveness.

When Natalie failed to name one ‘progressive’ policy other than tuition fees – maintained at the expense of working class students – she proceeded to lash out at Pia, claiming that he “always had a problem with people from working class backgrounds achieving high office”.

Suitably outraged at such a casual slur, Pia took the bait and responded as expected by McGarry. “Preposterous” he claimed indignantly.

He was about to take her to task over the slur when, seeing where the spat was going, Kaye took professional action and brought in a listener to voice his opinion on the topic of the day.

It neatly demonstrated and encapsulated the modus operandi of the Nationalists. Be all things to all people until challenged. If challenged, attack. Simple and, if the polls are to believed, effective.

Like the SNP, Ms McGarry likes to present an image of saccharin sweetness to the watching world.

But the sweetness is illusory. Like Ethelyne Glycol it only takes a sip and you soon find out that it’s pure poison.

Weel din Natalie. You let your side down.


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10 responses to “With friends like these who needs relatives? SNP talent in the raw.

  1. Alec

    “TWITTER PERSONALITY”… oh, miaow!


  2. Extraordinary that a prominent YeSNPer – never mind a former SNP parliamentary candidate – didn’t have a ready list of soundbites available for such a question, regardless of how vacuous the answers might have been.

  3. Have a gander at Neil Findlay floundering on GMS this morning and give us a critique of his performance. He is after all a candidate vying to lead your Party for the next few years.. Natalie can hardly be described as someone of Neil’s stellar gravitas?
    [audio src="http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/neilfindlay-gms-17nov2014.mp3" /]

    With thanks to Stuart Campbell.

  4. Didn’t Henry McLeish bring in the abolition of up-front uni fees? So even the 1 example she gives is wrong!!!!

  5. Dear Longshanker

    This reminds me of the STV interview with a former SNP opposition council leader in Glasgow, when asked to highlight what the SNP had done for Glasgow.

    She mentioned roads then the new Southern General which is open to anyone in Scotland then mentioned new roads again.

    After that her knowledge rather quickly dryed up.

    As a matter of interest both she and the odious Natalie McGarry were part of the clique surrounding unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in Glasgow Southside.

    Obviously Nicola likes them thick around her ……….. and ugly!

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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