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Former Prime Minister John Major warns Scotland

John Major gives his starkest warning yet to Scots considering breaking away from the oppressive subjugating Union. It doesn’t take much Readering between the lines. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

"Between Unionists and Nationalists there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship." - Oscar Wilde

“Between Unionists and Nationalists there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.” – Oscar Wilde

By Gottabee Purrfect

FORMER OIL wasting Scottish asset stripping prime minister, Sir John Major, has warned Scotland that it should never allow Eddi Reader back on the BBC’s Question Time.

In a speech to the Institute of Passionate Natives Who Live Here, Sir John said there “cannot and should not be another BBC programme with that impassioned heidbanger on it.”

This is also the intention of the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government said Sir John was right to suggest the rest of the UK should not have been allowed to see Eddi Reader as an “independence asset”.

Sir John’s comments follow  last night’s ‘car crash’ broadcast of Question Time throughout the whole of the UK.

He said: “It is quite clear that Eddi Reader should not be allowed out on her own.

“She is a danger to everyone she comes into contact with, particularly her ‘ain folk’ and the alleged momentum of the independence campaign.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Unionists tried to recruit her for Bitter Together.

“She could do more for Scots resolve than Cameron and Osborne combined.”

While conceding that the UK wouldn’t know what had hit it if Eddi was unleashed on the campaign trail, the former prime minister accepted that Eddi would take the fight to whoever wasn’t Scottish enough, or whoever didn’t live here enough.

Cringing, embarrassed, mortified, shaken, affronted and humiliated spokesperson for the Nationalists, Wee Naebudy said: “Christ, it huz to be admitted, that performance last night has probably set us back three hunner year.

“Somebody will huv to huv a word – but no me!”

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The 670 Commandments: How Moses Salmond will set his people free

The Declaration of the 670 Commandments. The silver bullet which is going to save our country and give us all our sense of self, identity and self respect back. The Nationalists launched 670 ‘visionary’ pages yesterday outlining the definitive case for an independent Scotland, for a country’s destiny. With apologies to King James VI’s bible:

"And the LORD spake unto Moses Salmond, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go , that they may serve me."

“And the LORD spake unto Moses Salmond, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go , that they may serve me.”

By Deck Larayshun from Mount Imaxi, Glesca.

01 And the sovereign people of Skintland said unto Moses Salmond, Hew thee 670 pages that will turn us to stone: and write upon these pages the words that have already been rent asunder in the Scotsman, the Herald, the Record and all the other Unionist forces of media oppression.

02 And be ready for the most historic day in the history of historic days ever, and come up in the morning to Mount Imaxi and present thyself there to me in front of the fifty foot screen.

03 And no man shall come up with thee, neither let any opposition politician be seen throughout all the Mount; neither let the flocks nor herds broadcast before that mount.

04 And he hewed the 670 pages which would turn thou to stone; and Moses Salmond rose up early in the morning, and went up unto Mount Imaxi as the sovereign people of Skintland had commanded him, and took in his hands the 670 pages of stone.

05 And the sovereign people of Skintland descended unto him, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of FFRREEDDDOOOMMM!!!

06 And the vision of FFRREEDDDOOOMMM!!! passed before them, and Moses Salmond proclaimed, FFRREEDDDOOOMMM!!!, the FFRREEDDDOOOMMM!!!, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and in truth.

07 Keeping mercy for thousands of bedroom tax victims, forgiving traitorousness and collaboration and turncoatedness, and that will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the Unionists, and upon the Unionist’s Unionists, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

08 And Moses Salmond made haste, and bowed his head toward his flock, and worshipped the sovereign people.

09 And he said, “If now I have found grace in thy vision, O sovereign people, let my sovereign Nationalist people, I pray thee, go among us; for it is a brassnecked people; and pardon our iniquity and our sin for ever having been taken in by thou Unionist pish, and take us as fools for thine inheritance.

10 And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall seek the work of the sovereign people: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.

11 Observe thou that which I command thee this day: behold, I drive out before thee the Toryite, and the Labourite, and the LibDemite, and the UKIPite, and the Polite, and the Pakite.

12 Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a Unionist trap in the midst of thee:

13 But ye shall destroy their currency, break their media, and cut down their Unionist lies:

14 For thou shalt worship no other Firstminster: for the LORD whose name is SuperSalm, is a profligate Lord:

15 Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a whoring after their childcare, and do sacrifice unto their leccy bills, and one call thee, and thou evict of his bedroom tax

16 And thou take of their daughters unto thy sons, and their daughters go a whoring after their votes, and make thy footsoldiers go a whoring after their votes.

17 Thou shalt make thee no molten Unionist rebuttals

18 The feast of unleavened Ryder cup junkets shalt thou keep. Seven days thou shalt take thy entourage, as I commanded thee, and thou shalt destroy the receipts in the name of bureaucratic efficiency:

19 All that openeth the Neverendum is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether Cybernat or sheep, that is male.

20 But the firstling of an asshole thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him not, then shalt thou break his neck. All the firstborn of thy sons thou shalt redeem. And non shall appear before me prepared to vote No.

21 Three years thou shalt work, but on the fourth year thou shalt hide: in defeat and ignominy, thou shalt blame everyone but thy self:

22 And thou shalt observe the feast of five pensions, of the firstfruits of Westminster pension, Holyrood pension, Firstminster pension, MP pension and MSP pension harvest, and the feast of ingathering at SuperSalm’s career end.

23 Thrice in the year shall all your menchildren appear before the Lord SuperSalm, the ManGod of Skintland.

24 For I will cast out the nations before thee, and enlarge thy Schengen borders: neither shall any Eurocrat desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the Lord thy God thrice in the year.

25 Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven; neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of legal advice be left unto the Deputy Firstminster.

26 The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the Bute hoose of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not shirk or seek to hide from the Lord SuperSalm his due.

27 And the Sovereign People said unto Moses Salmond, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words We have made a covenant with thee and with Skintland.

28 And he was there with the Sovereign People for what felt like 400 years; he did hee haw other than say “it’s Westminster’s fault”. And he wrote upon the document the thousands of words of the covenant, the 670 commandments.

29 And it came to pass, when Moses Salmond came down from Mount Imaxi with the 670 pages of assertion in Moses Salmond’s hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist no that the skin of his chins shone while he talked with him.

30 And when Darling and all the children of Skintland saw Moses Salmond, behold, the skin of his chins shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him lest they pish themselves laffin’.

31 And Moses Salmond called unto them; and Darling and all the rulers of the Unholy Unionist alliance rebuked him: and Moses Salmond asserted at them.

32 And afterward all the children of Skintland came nigh: and he gave them in commandment all that Joan McAlpine had ‘spoken’ with him in his hotel room.

33 And till Moses Salmond had done speaking with them, he put a beamer on his face.

34 But when Moses Salmond went in before the Sovereign People to speak with them, he took the beamer off, until he came out. And he came out and spake unto the children of Skintland that which he was demanding.

35 And the children of Skintland saw the chins of Moses Salmond, that those chins shone: and Moses Salmond drew the veil over his assertions again, and pished himself laffin at the naivety of his so called sovereign people.

[With apologies to Exodus 34 and King James VI ]


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MOAN MCVULPINE – Do you trust the Nationalists with the future of Scotland?

AS the pro-independence politicians get their collective sporrans and knickers in a twist about the most historic day in the history of history ever – MOAN asks us to remember the decades of cuts and inequalities that the SNP heralded in when they voted for Margaret Thatcher in 1979:

Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpine Rewriting history, one shibboleth at a time

THERE’S A bit of a cynic in all of us. Nae wonder. It’s hard to trust but even harder knowing WHO to trust.

Some folk give up and shrug: “One’s as bad as the other.”

It comes from seeing Whollyrude MSPs fail to turn up for parliamentary questions – six times – pretend to care about road safety and get done for speeding and barefaced lieing in terms of the debate.

That’s why we MUST trust in the SNP or face the consequences.

Today the SNP publish the most detailed prospectus ever produced in history ever by a country on the brink of international humiliation.

It answers hunners o’ questions aboot Skintland’s future – whether we will go from bad to terrible or from terrible to bad.

It makes America’s historic Declaration of Independence look, er, historic.

Of course, that will not stop the other side trashing it. So who should Skints trust?

There is the Skintish Government led by SuperSalm, Firewummin Sturgeon and Backstabber Swindley. If trust is earned by action, then the three of them should be in the jail. They tell the truth – in terms of the debate.

We should remember that as we consider this new Solemn League and Covenant or White Paper or Declaration of Imax or whatever they choose to call it.

The SNP promised to end tuition fees – and college students suffered for it.

They promised to stop picking up cancer drug fees – and Scots people now go to England for treatment.

They froze the council tax, just as they promised, and helped subsidise the middle class proportionately more than the poor.

They promised 1000 extra police and now we have a centralised politicised  police force,  unaccountable to all but central government. Scarey stuff.

They tackled youth unemployment by rebadging those already in work.

Figures released last week showed the Scottish Government put more money into blocking Freedom of Information requests than any other part of the UK.

It’s paid off – no one but the most idiotic, deluded, Braveheart Commandos trust us noo.

Remarkably, this was achieved in a shorter time than it’s taken most other political snake oil hucksters.

The SNP have promised an independent Skintland will have anything anyone wants it to have. That’s the beauty of Radical Independent visionary thought – it diznae actually huv tae deliver.

An increase of one per cent in Skintland’s windbag productivity could result in 21,000 more junkets for the Firstminster to take his entourage on.

The No campaign offer no such vision – nae wonder.

Do you trust Bullingdon Dave and Osborne, whose economic policies have done less than me for SuperSalm’s marriage?

The answer should be a a resounding No. Yet despite the horriblest Tories in government we can remember, Skintland is still rightfully wary of the Nationalists.

Do you trust Darling’s eyebrows? Naebudy does. But they still don’t trust the Nationalists.

Ten of Darling’s Scottish Labour MP colleagues recently failed to show up at Westminster to vote down the bedroom tax. It’s convenient for Nationalists to forget that there’s a system called ‘pairing’.

So, when it comes to judging people by their record, there’s no that much tae judge when it comes to the Nationalists.

They’re high on bluster, low on delivery. At best they’re just as bad as the Unionists.

At worst, well let’s just say I widnae like to be a prominent Unionist if Skintland does achieve ffrreeddoomm!

That’s why, like the Unionists, ye cannae trust a word they huv to say on Skintland’s future.

When it all falls aboot their heids, wait and see how they react. Then you’ll see the real face of Nationalism.

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An Epiphany of Nationalist Front Extremism

Supposition, whataboutery, assertion and self-referencing paranoia were all neatly encapsulated in one risible Wings Over Scotland epiphany this weekend. To add to AhDinnaeKen’s mocking laughter, award winning playwright Alan Bisset proclaimed the calamitous puffery as the “REAL” agenda of the No campaign. Oh our aching sides! Read on to find out why we just can’t stop laughing and will probably need a rib massage for the pain:

If this is the "strongest analysis yet" of the No campaign's "REAL agenda" then god help the Nationalist Front and their media monitoring mendicants. Next!

If this is the “strongest analysis yet” of the No campaign’s “REAL agenda” then god help the Nationalist Front and their media monitoring mendicants. Next!

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE EVIL mainstream media and the “despicable” Unionist forces of darkness are setting “Scotland up to fail” in order to “walk in and occupy the ruins” according to a Nationalist Front conspiracy theory website.

Majestic pluralist, Stuart Campbell – editor of Wings Over Scotland – reckons that the country is going to be systematically impoverished by receiving more “responsibility” in the event of a No vote.

In a rare moment of lucidity, in a feature entitled ‘Joining the Dots’, the hate preaching bigot confessed to his slow wittedness in his realisation that “responsibility” will be an unpleasant consequence of Scotland’s independence Neverendum.

While repeating his current favourite Nationalist mantra of “no chance of the Barnett formula being retained“, he concluded that an unholy alliance of Tory and Labour party manoeuvres will stitch Scotland up, leaving the country worse off than it was pre-Neverendum.

And, as an added dire consequence, an emasculated and unpopular SNP will be “left unable to defend Scotland in the face of impossible financial pressures“.

Unofficial biographer of the Wings Over Scotland site, Longshanker, said:

This allegedly cited and sourced for truth ‘vision’ is a nightmarish scenario of the outlandish and terrifying type favoured by extremists of all persuasions.

The purpose of this potential calamity is an open and shut textbook example of “dire or catastrophic consequences from a situation or from failure to follow a specific course.” (Laird Wilcox Extremist Traits list No.13 “DOOMSDAY THINKING”)

It’s in keeping with the tone, extremist views and polarising philosophy of the site and ensures that the Wangers; acolytes, zealots, commenters, donaters and swivel eyed hingers on, remain assured of the importance of their morally superior stance in the Nationalist Front’s cause.“.

Award winning playwright, novelist, artist, performer, plumber, electrician, joiner and ‘creative’ poet Alan Bisset provided much needed morally superior support for Wings’ doom laden ‘positive’ vision of the future in the event of a No vote.

He said: “The strongest analysis yet of the No campaign’s “more power for Scotland” plans. Here’s their REAL agenda.

Talk right Alan! Whit ur yoo tryin' to say.

Talk right Alan! Whit ur yoo tryin’ to say noo!

But the double-chipped shooder playwright failed to take in to consideration the self-referential assertions in the piece.

Campbell’s first cited source of ‘factual truth’ turns out to be one of his own articles entitled “Margaret Curran is a liar“.

Well, it takes one to know one we* suppose.

It takes one to know one we* suppose.

Unsurprisingly, it backs up Campbell’s assertion and further refers to a news story in the Telegraph which states: “She also indicated her support for abolishing the Barnett formula.

This alleged ‘indication’ is the Telegraph’s interpretation of a speech made by Curran. At no point does the Telegraph quote her saying the Barnett Formula will be scrapped.

Ho hum! So that’s a “she said nothing of the kind” source of ‘factual truth’.

The rest of the links in the so called “REAL agenda” are  of a similar bent – Campbell citing and sourcing his own features in what can only be called self indulgent media studies masturbation.

To add to the hilarity, Campbell attempted to show a leg to the BBC with the “strongest analysis yet of the No campaign” by leaving it up for the BBC’s Radio Scotland Headlines to latch on to.

Laird Wilcox - Show a leg

Media tarting to the BBC. What a sellout turncoat Quisling eh?

It was completely ignored in favour of Newsnet Scotland, National Collective and Spectator blog stories. So much for the “strongest analysis yet“. Boo hoo!

If this type of whataboutery and self referential supposition is what Campbell and his band of Wangers think passes for analysis, then the meaning of analysis needs redefined.

It’s propaganda of the predictable extremist kind. If it wasn’t so stereotypical it could probably get away with being called risible. As it stands, it serves as a textbook example of Laird Wilcox’s DOOMSDAY THINKING – No. 13.

If ‘Joining the dots’ passes for ‘analysis in the world of Nationalist Front media monitor mendicants, then long may it continue.

There’s not too many dots needing joined up to see the picture Wings Over Scotland is trying to paint. Next!

Scotland in ruins. Labour party in triumph. Tories gloating over the impoverishment of the country. Everyone eating at food banks. We're aw doomed. Doomed I tell you. There's only one possible escape route from Armageddon. Vote Yes.

Scotland in ruins. Labour party in triumph. Tories gloating over the impoverishment of the country. Everyone eating at food banks. We’re aw doomed. Doomed I tell you. There’s only one possible escape route from Armageddon. Vote Yes. Do it for Alex. Do it for yer country.

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Moan McVulpine: Don’t put Independence on that plastic card

Moan says Skints are being pressurised into voting Yes so that they can feel morally superior and emancipated from the evil British empire.
Moan McVulpine Banner
By Moan McVulpinePlacing chips on shoulders, one chip at a time

THE PROPAGANDA says: “THE only vote you’ll ever need”.

Do they mean the Nationalist customised one, spluttering and splattering its way through the Valley of Unionist Media Lies?

Err, no… The “vote” referred to in the blurb is an oil funded land of milk and honey Yes vote.

It promises to help “make your self-determination dreams come true”. If you believe that, you will probably stay up late on September 18, hoping to spot a flying SuperSalmond.

Referendum dreams often turn nightmarish when your fairy Godmother is a slithering Nationalist snake oil huckster.

The IFS’s Crippled by Fiscal Reality feature yesterday revealed one in four Scots don’t care what the cost of a Yes vote would be.

One in one will start 19 Sep 2014 in the red because they put an X in the Yes box.

The Skinttish Government campaign, The 1228 Days of Neverendum, offers advice aimed at exploiting the vulnerable, the stupid, the xenophobic and the hopelessly romantic into voting for a land of corporate hegemony and severe spending cuts.

Victims descend into a black hole of communal fiscal debt. But they will be soothed by the knowledge that at least it’s fellow Scots who are imposing the misery on them, as opposed to the basturt English.

The campaign website encourages us to believe Independence will mean whatever we want it to mean.

Those who turn to Nationalism have often come a cropper with Unionists first.

Before the recession hit in 2008, you couldn’t find a person, other than hard core William Wallace and Robert De Brus types, who gave a sh*t about Independence.

Then the bubble of property based credit fuelled delusion burst. And that gave us Nationalists the real chance to exploit our agenda of grievance, paranoia and common enemies. And to promise a spending splurge which would bankrupt Norway.

Tear-jerking Nationalist propaganda links “voting Yes” ie thinking for yourself and not being a Stockholm syndromed Unionist stooge feartie, with how much we love swastika free saltires and the ‘superhero’ status of our dearest corporate backscratching leader.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Unionists and don’t knowers for living under a rock trembling in fear at the idea of Scottish Nationalist emancipation in oor great wee country. They have good reason.

Joan McArthyalpine will be well rewarded for her numerous ‘services’ to the Firstminster. Anti-Scots Finder General will be her remit and she can sniff out anti-Scots types at 400 paces.

The ‘Did You vote Yes at the Neverendum’ test is already being shaped and formulated from her Dumfries & Galloway fiefdom.

And, in an emancipated Skintland, she will be given free reign and carte blanche to do as she wilt. Scarey stuff indeed!

Still, with her £53,000 plus salary and £20,000 plus expenses, Joanie knows what it’s like to be living hand to foot, dreading the next wind turbine taxed energy bill.

So remember kids, just vote Yes. It will be awright on the night.

It’s whit comes efter that’s the worry.


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Why @NatalieMcGarry needs to apologise to Scotland

She played the moral superiority ‘racism’ card on Ian Smart. She played the moral superiority ‘misogyny’ card on a fellow tweeter for the temerity of calling her “dear”, and she played a faux moral superiority card on this site’s editor when he questioned her endorsement of Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland. Here’s why AhDinnaeKen thinks the morally superior one should make a morally superior apology:

"I don't think for a second that Ian Smart is racist. However the language he used was racist." - Natalie McGarry. Wonder why Natalie is so quiet on her Scottish compatriots being referred to as "cringing pitiful scum" and "snivelling cowards." Sounds a bit racist to us.

“I don’t think for a second that Ian Smart is racist. However the language he used was racist.” – Natalie McGarry. We* wonder why Natalie is so quiet over her Scottish compatriots being referred to as “cringing pitiful scum” and “snivelling cowards.” by her new chum @wingsscotland. Sounds more than a bit racist to us*. Nationalist apologism at play perhaps?

By Longshanker aka @Ergasiophobe

WHEN IAN Smart chose to appear on Scotland Tonight earlier this year in May, it was inevitable he’d get a bit of a metaphorical kicking.

He’d previously conjured up a Twitter storm by tweeting, without inverted commas, that Nationalists would turn on the *Polls and the Parkas* in the event of Independence failing – assuming Scotland achieved such a hallowed state.

The big ‘N’ Nationalist with the size ten metaphorical boots, tasked with doing the boot-boy work, was none other than SNP activist and prolific Tweeter Natalie McGarry.

She didn’t miss. Without calling Mr Smart a racist, she played a relatively calm, if somewhat lightweight and unsubstantive, morally superior ‘racism’ card against the beleaguered lawyer.

You can watch the whole self-righteous non-event on YouTube here:

AhDinnaeKen chose to revisit the discussion – for the sake of a bit of empirical research – due to her current ‘inclusive’ and positively ‘progressive’ endorsement of Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland.

Here’s what Ms McGarry claimed on Scotland Tonight (7:00 mins) refuting the idea that there’s any kind of “Ethnic Nationalism” taking place within the Yes campaign:

“I totally refute every accusation that Ian is making about any parts of the Yes campaign, having eh, any parts of… any kind of official campaign, or anything that I’ve been involved in, having any racial element, beyond actually wanting to encourage people from other minorities, races, to come to Scotland and to make Scotland their home…” – Natalie McGarry, Scotland Tonight.

All fine and dandy, if somewhat garbled, civically inclusive Nationalist progressive stuff.

So, why revisit old ground? The debate’s moved on from Mr Smart’s questionable grammatical faux pas after all.

The curious part worth a wee bit more investigation however is Ms McGarry’s statement concerning her involvement in the Yes campaign. She specifically stated that nothing she has been involved in with the Yes campaign had any racial element.

What’s changed since then? Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland wrote a whole article based on the premise that “everyone in Britain is a moron”.

Refining the somewhat generic statement, he proceeded to engage in racial abuse, stating that the English were “whimpering, spineless cowards” along with the Welsh who were “snivelling, forelock tugging wretches”.

An AhDinnaeKen piece entitled, “Agonising aunt: Natalie McGarry’s feminist love in with a hate preaching misogynist“, chose to highlight – in our* inimitable style – misgivings, following Natalie’s decision to let her writings be published on the Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland.

Her reaction to our feature was inevitably lightweight and a tad disappointing. She attempted to call out AhDinnaeKen for its number of followers, claimed not to have read the piece because she had previously blocked @Ergasiophobe on Twitter and proceeded with a lowly ad hominem attack on four Re-Tweeters linking to the AhDinnaeKen piece, by calling them “idiots”.

A curious state of affairs given her alleged and self proclaimed ‘positive’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘civic’ Nationalist credentials.

Let’s take a closer look at the blocking claim and Ms McGarry’s subsequent Tweets. Consider the Twitter based email alert below:
Natalie McGarry
The date’s clear to see. People clued up on searching Twitter timelines would have no problem in confirming that no Twitter communication took place between @Ergasiophobe and Natalie from the 13th August. So why she chose to block the acount after following it is anyone’s guess. Curious and, yes, a teensy bit bizarre.

McGarry - Dunc challenge -02 blockedStill, by claiming she had blocked me, it implies that some type of unsavoury/unpleasant activity, usually associated with a blocking, had taken place.

So go on  Natalie, please explain why you followed @Ergasiophobe in the first place and consequently blocked it later. Maybe a big boy did it and ran away. Eh?

As Noam Chomsky said: “If you don’t like what someone has to say, argue with them.” Or ignore them. But to follow and then block and then make a virtue out of the blocking with nothing having happened in-between is at best curious, at worst, hypocritical grandstanding.

Indeed, it’s almost as strange as having your councillor mother attack a Scotsman columnist for “barefaced lies”. Note that SNP Councillor McGarry relies on Wings Over Scotland to do her thinking for her. Like mother like daughter?

As for this:

And off I toodled.

And off I toodled.

Fair comment or infantilism? You decide. It’s worth remembering, Hitler had millions of followers, Jesus had twelve. Is the number of followers so important to her that she would make  a judgement call based on numbers of followers? Sounds more like standard evasion of argument in anyone’s language.

For Natalie’s information, I’m merely offering friendly advice. Publicly endorsing Campbell helps undermine and damage the Yes campaign. It associates the campaign with intolerant divisive extremism and nasty abusive cybernats. According to the Daily Record, the Yes campaign distanced themselves from Campbell due to his extreme views.

Last but not least, there’s McGarry’s ad hominem attack on the four ReTweeters of the original AhDinnaeKen piece highlighting her hypocrisy. Ms McGarry claims not to have read the piece yet chose to attack those who had. Civic? Inclusive? Progressive? Answers on a referendum ballot paper please!

I wonder what Ms McGarry would have Tweeted if she had read the AhDinnaeKen piece.

I wonder what Ms McGarry would have Tweeted if she had actually read the AhDinnaeKen piece.

AhDinnaeKen didn’t mean this feature to be so long. We* actually meant it to cover the recent For a’ That podcast in which Natalie shared a platform with Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell and singularly failed to challenge him on any of his extremist views.

Looks like that’s going to have to be another blog. Ho hum. Till next time then.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear. oh dear! It has to be assumed Ms McGarry turns a blind eye to Stuart Campbell's more potent misogyny.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. oh dear! It has to be assumed Ms McGarry turns a blind eye to Stuart Campbell’s more potent less casual misogyny.

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Audit Scotland is anti-Scots claim SNP

Will there be room in an Independent Scotland for any institution, business, academic or individual to legitimately question or attempt to scrutinise the Nationalist government? An alarming catalogue of evidence suggests the answer will be NAW! AhDinnaeKen reports:

"The only foes that threaten Scotland are the enemies at home, and these are accountability, scrutiny and Audit Scotland." - Kenny MacNaeskill

“The only foes that threaten Scotland are the enemies at home, and these are accountability, scrutiny and Audit Scotland.” – Kenny MacNaeskill

By Haudoana Minit

AUDIT SCOTLAND are talking Scotland down according to Injustice Minster Kenny MacNaeskill.

The so called independent body has been exposed by MacNaeskill as a barely concealed front for Better Together’s Project Feartie.

If they don’t pull their socks up and get on board with Scotland’s emancipation plans they may find themselves being “socially audited”, he warned.

MacNaeskill said: “It’s true there have been ‘creative tensions’ between my incompetent interference and the polis.

“We were deciding where the balance and calibration should lie in the power structures – whatever the f**k that means.

“The polis decided that I should keep my big chiselled calibrating face oot o’ their business for the sake of balance and Audit Scotland has agreed with that decision. Bastards!”

MacNaeskill conceded that sovereign anti-Scots may begin comparing his latest embarrassing SNAFU to a future post-Indy landscape.

And they may conclude that the SNP’s alleged ‘competence’ in government may have to be spelled with a silent ‘i-n’ in front of it.

According to Audit Scotland, the Injustice minster “hudnae a clue” what he was doing.

It appeared his business plan had been made up on the back of a fag packet in 2011 and had consequently been stolen by a big anti-Scots boy who then proceeded to run away.

As MacNaeskill later admitted to the British Brainwashing Corporation, this version of events couldn’t be corroborated: “Just as weel I’m getting rid of corroboration then.” he joked.

Cringing, snivelling, cowardly, anti-Scots, deranged, deluded, turncoat, traitor spokesperson for the Tory-lite Labouring party, Who Henry, said: “I am not surprised to learn that no full business case was prepared to support government centralisation of the police.

“This isn’t about saving money, it’s about ensuring the politicised police will be able to deal with the anti-Scots enemies within in the event of a Yes vote.

“They’ll be rid of pesky corroboration by that time and, if I was working for Audit Scotland just now, I’d be scared, very scared. Big Kenny MacNaeskill will be coming to get you.”

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Moan McVulpine: I will never forget the war dead – or the principles that mean we should always blame Westminster

SPEAKING out against the glorification of war means Moan can reap the best of both worlds – morally superior grievance and sticking the boot into Westminster.
Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘inferior’ into moral inferiority

WHEN Joan McArthyalpine condemned World War I as a victimisation of the Scots by Westminster last week, she was following a long and tedious tradition of Nationalist grievance.

The founder of the SNP, John MacCormick, spent the final year of his life campaigning “It wiz the basturt English whit did it.”

His friends say his vitriolic attacks on the English became a sort of “War Fever” which still finds an outlet in the likes of freeloading list MSP Joan McArthyalpine today.

Scottish poet Joe Corrie, lamenting the need to sign on at the dole office, took succour from this type of festering anglophobic resentment.

In the last verse of his poem, ‘Scottish Pride’, he wrote: “It’s fine when the clerk says, ‘Nae dole for you, To proodly turn, and think o’ the bluidy slashin’ the English got at Bannockburn.

A pride always worth the mindin’ when Joanie get’s up on her high horse aboot Westminster’s alleged butchering of the Scots in World War I.

You can be sure, next year, she’ll be feverishly waving her hallowed saltire at the celebrations of the “bluidy slashin'” the English got in 1314.

So, no matter the subject, no matter the topic, no matter the debate, we can always rely on the SNP narrative to turn full circle and blame Westminster, aka the basturt English, for everything.

Joanie claims to have been misrepresented by a very right-wing London (basturt English) newspaper recently.

She wasn’t. They can spot their polar opposites from 400 miles away. They hit her square between her anti-English eyes, further exposing her unconcealed resentment of the Auld Enemy.

It just shows, once again, how obvious it is that Joanie and her ilk have stayed on message with the pride which comes from knowing that the English got a ‘bluidy slashin’ at Bannockburn.


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Exposed – ‘media monitoring’ Nationalist Front style.

AhDinnaeKen is indulging in a little experiment based on something we read somewhere written by a MobNat praising Wings Over Scotland. The MobNat claimed that no one ever holds the editor, Stuart Campbell, to account for his writings because they can’t. The sentiment ran along the lines that Unionists/BritNats/Quislings/whoever attacked Campbell on a personal basis because they couldn’t rebut the points he raised in his website. Stop laughing. We* know. Here’s an example of why no one bothers, it’s just too easy:

Political extremist does job. Advocating double standards with some special pleading thrown in for good measure.

Political extremist does job – advocating double standards with some special pleading thrown in for good measure.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiphobe

AHDINNAEKEN INTENDS embarking on a small feature series based on Wings Over Scotland’s alleged “monitoring” of the media – frothings, as they’re technically known in the NUJ card carrying trade.

This is just an experimental feature, to see how it goes.

Like Wings output, they will be highly selective, partially-truthful, mostly humourless and irony free distortions of what they report on – for the purpose of authenticity you understand.

The series will also, for reference purposes, point readers to Laird Wilcox’s handy 21 point guide to spotting the traits of political extremists.

This first feature concerns a commentary published in Wings on 13th October 2013 entitled “Organisation does job”. It’s a fine example of No.5 – ADVOCACY OF DOUBLE STANDARDS – in the Laird Wilcox list. (see You’ve been Longshanked below.)

Campbell took umbrage with a Sunday Post exclusive story which exposed the SNP Government for attempting to avoid public accountability. Perish the thought that the SNP would do such a thing. It’s not as if they have previous form or anything.

According to the Post’s Andrew Picken, by exploiting an “exceptional circumstances” loophole, the Scottish Government attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the Scottish public in order to further their Independence agenda on defence.

At best, the action was a breach of the spirit of accountable governance, at worst it was a flagrant attempt at duping the sovereign people of Scotland.

The following was Campbell’s take on the matter:

What Andrew Picken’s keen journalistic nose appears to have EXCLUSIVELY uncovered is that the Scottish government is doing what it was democratically elected to do – pursue the policies in its manifesto. We’re not sure that’s strictly “news”.

Er, no. What Andrew Picken EXCLUSIVELY uncovered was that the Scottish Government avoided putting a defence advice contract out to tender by not following procurement rules which all democratically elected Scottish governments are expected to do. As can be seen from Campbell’s apologist advocacy, this essential point is conveniently ignored/forgotten.

As if to  soothe his gullible MobNat readers from the osmotic harm of exposure to “evil” MSM journalism, Campbell stamps his alleged ahem, ‘professional journalist’ authority on the matter:

Because taxpayers fund everything that every government does. They’re (more or less) a government’s only source of revenue. Governments raise tax, then spend it on policies which – ideally – are the ones that appeared in their election manifesto.

Like most extremist propaganda, this par has a grain of truth in it. Unfortunately for Campbell,  post-independence defence strategy was not what the SNP were elected for – they were elected to provide a referendum on Independence. Their 2011 victory allowed them to deliver on that manifesto commitment. We* certainly don’t remember voting SNP in 2011 so that the SNP could pick and choose which defence experts they spend our* taxes on.

And that’s why it’s good to know that there are journalists out there like Andrew Picken doing what journalists are supposed to do – making known what someone somewhere doesn’t want the public to know. Having to point out such a basic journalistic maxim to a self proclaimed ‘professional journalist’ like Campbell is embarrassing.

The next paragraph of Campbell’s emollient diatribe is where the real essence of ADVOCACY OF DOUBLE STANDARDS comes into play:

We don’t think anyone could accuse the SNP of hiding their desire for independence. So it seems fair that if the Scottish electorate give the SNP an unprecedented landslide victory in an election, as they did in 2011, it’d be reasonable for them to expect to pursue that objective as a government, which would involve spending money.

Er, hello. No one’s accusing the SNP of hiding their desire for independence. All Andrew Picken did was expose the SNP Government’s attempt to hide their hand picked ‘expert’ appointment and how much of our* money was being spent on doing so.

And no, Mr Campbell, it doesn’t seem fair that the SNP should interpret the 2011 victory as an excuse to spend undisclosed taxpayer monies pursuing a cloak and dagger styled independence agenda. They were elected to govern and legislate in a devolved parliament, not use their office to campaign for independence at taxpayers expense – the crux of Picken’s story.

As if it needs pointing out, the SNP were elected to follow the rules which all elected governments are expected to follow. Basic stuff. Professional journalists of all outlooks and persuasions know that. What’s Campbell’s excuse for being so clueless?

Then there’s this breathtaking admission of ignorance:

If a government is publishing a white paper setting out its aims, it’s entitled to use whichever experts it wants to make its case, not just whoever was prepared to give them an opinion at the lowest price. We’re not aware of the UK government having put any of its numerous anti-independence reports out to tender, nor are we aware of the cost of said reports being public knowledge.

Elsewhere, Campbell makes the laudable claim that he will cite facts and sources to back up his commentary and assertions. They’re risibly missing here. It seems he lied in this case. So far so what?

The party may be entitled to pick whatever experts it wants to make its case for Independence, but it can pay for them with party money. Governments are legally obliged to obtain best value for the electorate they were elected to serve. That’s why Picken’s story is a solid piece of ‘investigative’ journalism. The SNP government plainly wanted to avoid any kind of scrutiny or accountability over this action. Picken thwarted them in the attempt.

As for Campbell’s Tu Quoque argument regarding the UK government, does it need telegraphed to him that two wrongs do not make a right? Aren’t we supposed to be voting for Independence so that we can be rid of such allegedly sham Westminster style politics? He admits himself he’s “unaware” of the UK reports being put out to tender. They could have been. He doesn’t know. Outstanding or convincing journalism it aint.

Finally, we* have the formulaic, ubiquitous and tiresomely predictable grievance call to arms which, to the neutral observer, ensures that most of Campbell’s prolific output is strictly for polarised militants, conspiracy theorists, paranoid anoraks, Braveheart Commandos, rubber neckers and ill informed dimwits in his Nationalist based online world:

The Post’s story is simply the latest in a long line of attempts by the Scottish media to portray independence as some sort of illegitimate pursuit, an outrageous indulgence of vanity against the wishes and interests of the people rather than the core policy of the country’s biggest political party, backed by a clear democratic mandate.

Earth calling Campbell! Earth calling Campbell! Come in Campbell!

Pickens story is no attempt at portraying independence as any such thing. Picken’s report did what journalism is supposed to do – hold those in power to account. Simples.

So there we have it. With minimal effort, Campbell’s alleged forensic deconstruction and media analysis is shown up for what it really is – empty schoolboy rhetoric based on naive faith in the SNP government and an inability to grasp the basic tenets of journalism.

If that’s what passes for “trenchant insights” in the world of the partisan Nationalist media monitor, then long may they continue. The Indy campaign needs a laugh.


The SNP acts in the best interests of Scotland and doesn't need to be scrutinised by pesky professional journalists. Every MobNat worth their salt knows that.

The SNP acts in the best interests of Scotland and doesn’t need to be scrutinised by pesky professional journalists. Every MobNat ‘media monitor’ worth their salt knows that.

If anyone reading this has ever read Wings more than once they’ll pick up on Laird Wilcox’s No.5 trait (above) easily.

Campbell is very light, to the point of vacuousness, when it comes to criticising the SNP in government. It’s as if conceding any questionable point would somehow lessen the argument needed to build a compelling case for Independence. Kiddy stuff.

When governments, no matter the hue or intent, go to extra lengths to conceal information then it’s clear they have something to hide. Campbell plainly sees nothing wrong with this. In his little black and white polarised world the intention of the SNP government is benign ie they want to present a best case argument for Independence using taxpayer monies to do so.

Why shouldn’t they, runs the logic of Campbell’s argument – even when it breaks the rules of accountable governance – it’s for the greater good of the country after all. This type of apologist  argument is a prima facie case of special pleading.

Call AhDinnaeKen unduly cynical, but isn’t that kind of faith from someone with the temerity to call themselves an ahem, ‘professional journalist’ just a little bit tenuous? Not so much touching as touched?

The answer of course is yes, it’s laughably weak. And that’s why Campbell’s ludicrous attempt at rebuttal of Andrew Picken’s EXCLUSIVE is not just embarrassing, it’s cringeworthy. It’s not set in stone, but it is a good example of the mark of an extremist with a poor argument to peddle.

Journalists, no matter how partisan, are expected to hold those in power to some kind of account. To advocate against basic accountability because it fits in with your political view is either sadsack journalism or the mark of an extremist.

AhDinnaeKen knows which option you should plump for – both. Campbell isn’t a journalist, he’s a mob funded, public relations Nationalist extremist.

Time to wake up MobNats, you’re being sold a pup and you’re paying for the privilege. The only people who don’t know that are those who will soon find it out.


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Nationalist Front website editor praises Twin Towers fancy dress students

Wings Over Scotland editor Stuart Campbell today added his tuppenceworth – of other people’s money – to the outrage surrounding two Twin Towers fancy dress students. He claims they should be condoned for their sublime comedy act. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

“A single death is a tragedy; 3,000 deaths is a comedy statistic.” ― Rev Gollum Campbell

“A single death is a tragedy; 3,000 deaths is a comedy statistic.”
― Rev Gollum Campbell

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

NATIONALIST FRONT misogynist, Stuart Campbell, has proclaimed that every “f**kwit” condemning the tasteless insensitivity of the Twin Towers fancy dress students should “get f**king real.”

He reckons that “any retarded BritNat moron unable to see this for its superb well crafted comedy value is not fit to pass comment.”

The controversy came to national prominence when two 19 year old students recently won first prize for dressing up as the Twin Towers.

Campbell alleged that the girls were being deliberately misunderstood in order to progress a mainstream media conspiracy narrative against tastelessness.

No stranger to the alleged comedy value of the 9/11 tragedy himself, in 2009 Campbell guffawed:

9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”

" a massively, obviously ironic and sarcastic joke comment on a videogames forum." - Oh my aching sides!

Campbell said that the above comment was, ” a massively, obviously ironic and sarcastic joke comment on a videogames forum.” – Oh my aching sides! More! More!

Of course, Campbell later attempted to justify the remark when held to account by his alleged Project Feartie enemies.

He said: “If you haven’t ever written anything that upset and offended some people, you’re doing it wrong.

“The 9/11 comment is part of my honestly-held personal views on topics unrelated to Scottish politics.

“By highlighting my reasonably held views on 9/11, women, homosexuals, trans-sexuals, jingoistic Britnat tossers, Rangers scum, Liverpool fan c**ts, sectarian Celtic fans and Nationalist wife beaters, the black hearted Bitter Together opponents of freedom loving Bath based Scots everywhere, are trying to villify me personally.

“They should go back home to what they’re best at – sucking off BritNat Tory monkeys dicks.”

Stuart Campbell, 45, edits Stormfront soundalike Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland – a political ‘media monitoring’ digest funded by tin foil hat wearers for tin foil hat wearers.

Yet more incisive "trenchant insights" by one of the Indy campaigns "important" commentators.

Yet more incisive “trenchant insights” by one of the Indy campaigns most  “important” commentators.

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Moan McVulpine: A land fit for heroes and Nationalists

MOAN SAYS that Bullingdon toff David Cameron’s planned celebrations of the Great War will help the Nationalists in their Quest for Grievance.

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpineputting the grief in grievance

SCOTLAND LOST a higher proportion of its young men in the Great War than England, according to Joan McCarthyalpine.

That means we* have even more right to feel aggrieved against our Westminster overlords than anyone else in the UK she implies.

She has a point to a degree. Claiming that Scots reacted with horror at £50 million plans to celebrate the Great Carnage, she deliberately misses out the reaction from the rest of the country.

With her usual lack of nuance, she would have us believe that the English will be wholeheartedly behind the celebrations. Doesn’t she remember the million man march against the proposed war in Iraq?

Moan doesn’t think so.

Or maybe she’s being selective with facts to build yet another grievance narrative against the basturt English.

It certainly seems that way.

Like most wars, the Great War was fought over protection of trade rights, resources, power and prestige.

Why anyone – apart maybe those from the playing fields of Eton – would want to celebrate the start of such wanton slaughter leaves you breathless.

But it’s worth remembering that General Haig, a man celebrated with his own statue in Edinburgh, was a bona fide Scotsman.

He executed a strategy of ‘attrition’ without variation over a period of three years on the Western Front. This ensured the consistent misery, death and horror witnessed in the trenches over that period.

Commanders like Haig used to refer to daily casualty reports as “wastage”.

It didn’t matter to him whether you were Scots, Irish, English, Welsh or from the Empire.

Who knows what the casualty rate would have been without such a patriotic Scotsman at the helm.

And, worth remembering, Haig still managed to increase trade on his whisky company’s interests while he gaily sent young men to their premature deaths.

Like most of her tirades, it’s not so much what Joanie says that tells the story. It’s whit she disnae say.

And that’s just like the Nationalists from top to bottom.

How many freedom loving Nationalists do you hear protesting that Firstminster SuperSalm should be raising the Tibetan case with the Chinese authorities?

Instead we have a Tweet celebrating the news that, for the first time, the Chinese population will get the chance to watch live Scottish football games. Woohoo!

I bet the Tibetans are happy about that.


"I swear I will do everything in my power to change the situation in Tibet where human rights are being suppressed. Tibet seeks freedom and democracy and we agree on those values." - Shinzo Abe.  Pity SuperSalm won't "bang some heads" over this problem.

“I swear I will do everything in my power to change the situation in Tibet where human rights are being suppressed. Tibet seeks freedom and democracy and we agree on those values.” – Shinzo Abe. Pity SuperSalm won’t “bang some heads” over this problem.


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Agonising aunt: Natalie McGarry’s feminist love in with a hate preaching misogynist

Six grand, some mostly leading questions, a perception of momentum and a whiff of being in there at the beginning of ‘something special’. Is that all it takes for a prominent Nationalist feminist to surrender her alleged principles? Looks like it does. AhDinnaeKen investigates Natalie McGarry’s decision to post poltical rants on Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland:

“In all times, and all countries especially in those countries which are divided within by religious faith, there are always fanatics who will be well contented to be regarded as martyrs.” ― Alexandre Dumas

“In all times, and all countries especially in those countries which are divided within by religious faith, there are always fanatics who will be well contented to be regarded as martyrs.”
― Alexandre Dumas. Well done to Natalie for embracing the bright side of fanatacism.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

Dear Natalie

I have quite the conundrum. I wonder if you could help me with it.

My pro-Indy best friend now lives in Maine, USA. He once spent some time  trying to convince me that my view of Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland was wrong. You see, I think Campbell is a political fanatic with some worrying views on both independence and the world in general.

I originally referred my friend to the page on the Wings Over Scotland site where Campbell refers to the electorate as “morons“. Not only that, Campbell sub-headlined his opinion in the piece with the view that “The Scottish are cringing pitiful scum“. He also referred to a section of Northern Irish voters as “spectacularly retarded” and “potato brained half-wits” for the crime of exercising their democratic right to vote for a candidate of their choice.

My friend reckoned the piece entitled Everyone in Britain is a moron was tongue in cheek. We agreed to disagree. Later, Campbell himself referred to the piece as “robust polemic“. Hardly tongue in cheek,  Natalie, I’m sure you’ll agree. My friend chose to keep schtoom on that description.

This type of contempt for Scottish citizens – the people living in the country he chooses not to – can only be described as hateful. For example, when Croatian football fans recently displayed a ‘positive’ banner apparently supporting Scottish independence, Campbell wrote: “How will we explain to these people that our own land is full of snivelling cowards?

Robust polemic? Trenchant insight? Tribune journalism? You decide!

Robust polemic? Trenchant insight? Tribune journalism? You decide!

Do you think the same of your fellow countrymen Natalie? I think we* should be told.

What surprises me about you though, Natalie, is that you would actively embrace such an extremist given your alleged feminist values. You see, Mr Campbell holds the type of views which I imagined would be anathema to you.

He doesn’t appear to like feminists, or women, much. He referred to feminism as follows: “feminism is the most intolerant ideology currently operating in the UK, leaving ultra-radical Islam trailing a distant second and looking on angrily.

Considering the object of his ire was a Women for Independence supporter I thought you might like to know. I’m cutting you some slack and assuming you had no prior knowledge. I’m curious, as are a few other people, why you think it’s acceptable to promote his site by actively contributing to it.

To finish, and to mark the reason for this post, I’ll tell you a bit more about my friend. I referred him to the Wings website for his value judgement. I thought he would agree with my views. He didn’t. Whenever I pointed out things which I believed were the mark of an extremist, he pooh poohed me and overused the phrase, “That’s just a wee bit over the top. His other stuff is good.”

But, and this is a big but, my friend now agrees with me. Part of the reason for his Damascene conversion hinges on something Campbell wrote within the Wings site. Campbell said the enemies of Independence should be treated with “merciless contempt”. My friend now knows the form Campbell’s “merciless contempt” takes.

This site, AhDinnaeKen, has witnessed first hand the vicious and vindictive side of that contempt. It’s the contempt of the extremist smear merchant. Mr Campbell has claimed that the editor of this site was previously arrested for “threatening to rape and murder” him.

Let's see the proof Mr Campbell. Let's see, beyond doubt that @Ergasiophobe's alleged arrest isn't just a figment of your extreme paranoia.

Let’s see the proof Mr Campbell. Let’s see, beyond reasonable doubt that @Ergasiophobe’s alleged transgression  isn’t just a figment of your extreme fevered hate preaching paranoia.

If it wasn’t such an extreme and vile accusation it would be laughable. It also affects the individual, if he exists, named in a piece of black extremist propaganda entitled The Personal Touch. Take a look. You don’t need to read between the lines to realise it’s puff and bluster with no real evidence – pretty much in line with the majority of Campbell’s other “trenchant insights“.

My friend and I have been solid friends for approx 35 years and we know each other inside out. He knows that the only run ins with the police I have ever had have been a couple of speeding fines with approximately 15 years between each one. Unlike Mr Campbell, I have never been arrested in my life.

The seriousness of Campbell’s accusation is such that, seeing as you now condone/promote/champion his cause, perhaps you could find out some of the answers to the questions raised in this AhDinnaeKen feature. Campbell cannot and will not answer them. He knows something like the truth might just find the light of day if he produces anything of substance. And it’s worth reinforcing that an alleged victim of an alleged crime has the right to receive an explanation from the Procurator Fiscal for not pursuing his/her alleged grievance.

I suspect Campbell’s reason for making the unfounded and evidenceless accusation is to divert from the perfectly valid – though not always temperate – questions I have raised over the months on Campbell’s political credibility. Like many people, Unionist and Pro-Indy alike, I view him as a disgrace and a discredit to the Indy cause.

I buy into the belief, Natalie, that the Independence campaign is a noble cause. Campbell, however, is the polar opposite of noble.

You might, if you really have integrity, like to find out what the money raised by Wings Over Scotland’s crowd funding success is actually being spent on – aside from Panelbase questions, poker games and crisps that is. You see Campbell has/had some huge debts to pay off.

One debt concerns court case costs after he pursued, without a lawyer, a multi-million pound publishing company. When the case finally reached court, he lost within minutes – bitch slapped by a due legal process which he had not one iota of a clue about. He may have been in the right – though the judge clearly didn’t think so – but you have to question the type of ego, greed and lack of intelligence which motivated him to pursue such an obviously doomed to fail action in the first place. That particular brand of idiocy left him with an undisclosed legacy of tens of  thousands of pounds in legal fees to pay.

Another possible debt concerns a hearsay allegation, from a credible source, to do with jobseeker allowance, housing benefits, Bath job centre and the declaration of freelance work. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not implying that Campbell got his benefits stopped by the DWP. And I’m definitely not saying that he had to pay monies back to them which may or may not have run into thousands. I am saying, however, that the average rent in Bath for a one bedroom flat is £750 per calendar month and, at one point, Campbell’s only seeming source of legitimate revenue appeared to be freelance work with Imagine Publishing’s Retro Gamer magazine. Revenue which, at most, would have covered his rent.

Don’t you think his donaters, like the DWP, deserve to know where the money’s going to or coming from? Or is it enough for you and them to trust someone because they strike a pro-Indy pose and their views resonate with the frustrated ignorance of the gullible, the bigoted and the romantic?

Pat Kane recently distanced himself from Campbell due to his extreme views, despite  having previously been a tub thumping supporter.

And that’s the rub of this piece Natalie. What’s your excuse for the full on embrace of such a repellent individual? Not only do you undermine your own credibility, you bring the credibility of the Women for Independence campaign into question. You are a prominent member after all.

Here’s another piece highlighting a case where Campbell chose to denigrate the victim of a sexual assault. Do let us* know why you would excuse such an abhorrent individual.

You can choose to ignore this piece. You can opt to write it off as the ramblings of a “deranged stalker“. Or you can take a look at the point it’s raising. Someone has to watch the watchmen watching the watchmen after all.

What’s worth remembering Natalie is that your action, in choosing to write for the Wings Over Scotland site, not only condones Campbell, it actively promotes him. In effect, you are acting as a bona fide apologist for him.

What kind of message does that send to Women for Independence campaigners?
What kind of message does it send about you?

I think we* should be told.

Perhaps Campbell will claim that this comment comes from AhDinnaeKen. Who knows.

Perhaps Campbell will claim that this comment came from AhDinnaeKen. Who knows.

[ * In this case the we* is not the pretentious pluralis maiestatis we*. It really does mean everyone – at least, those with an interest in the independence campaign.]

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