Moan McVulpine: Nationalist eulogising of Salmond as anything other than a loser won’t sit well with public

MOAN IS amused that the Nationalists couldn’t resist deifying a porky pugnacious political pugilist as some kind of ‘Scottish’ hero.
By Moan McVulpinetaking the myth oot o’ everybody

THE MANNER of Lastminster Salmond’s going says a lot about the state of the Nationalists today.

They forgot he’s a bitter ungracious acrimonious loser. Instead, they virtually deified him.

In his resignation speech to the Big Parish Cooncil, it finally sunk in that he had convincingly failed in his lifetime ambition for Alba.

And that’s his true legacy.

But his febrile acolytes, the SNP in particular, could not stop themselves from thinking that he had achieved some kind of victory.

Failed ex-Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson, likened the Lastminster to John F Kennedy – presumably after his brains had just been blown out.

But it’s the allegedly sane Nationalists I just cannot fathom.

Despite the fact that their ‘hero’ failed in his ill constructed quest, they still have the gall to talk about Scotland’s “democratic deficit” – their actions since the referendum clearly show that they cannot accept Scotland’s democratic decision on their party’s raison d’être.

Now that’s what I call a democratic deficit.

Or Nationalism in the raw – whichever way you want to phrase it.

The advice “get ower it and move on” comes to mind.

The Lastminster is still bleating about holding Westminster’s feet to the fire.

Like his successor he’s still rambling on about another referendum because of some off the cuff opinion poll.

When it comes to graciousness in defeat or a showing of statesmanlike magnanimity – like the referendum result – Salmond has convincingly failed to impress Scotland.

It shows that Nationalists and Nationalism will never learn.




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2 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Nationalist eulogising of Salmond as anything other than a loser won’t sit well with public

  1. Alan

    Could the eulogising be interpreted as building, or sustaining, a cult of personality around Salmond, a favourite technique of the more authoritative leaders?

    Just a (mischievous) thought…….

  2. It’s only a matter of time till the real mythologizing starts. Hilarious yet scary at the same time.


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