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Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. Joan McAlpine MSP has publicly pledged her support for this worthy cause. Curiously, Joan also openly promotes pro-indy website Wings Over Scotland? Its editor, Stuart Campbell, frequently refers to his ‘enemies’ as “retards” or as “retarded” – the very words targeted by ENABLE’s campaign. Surely some mistake? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #Bethechange used here.

Joan might like to revise the hashtag of #bethechange in this Tweet.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ENABLE SCOTLAND, the charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, launched a new campaign yesterday.

The campaign’s core aim is to rid Scotland of the casual use and abuse of hateful and hurtful words commonly aimed at those with learning disabilities.

Discriminatory words such as, ‘mong’, ‘spaz’ and ‘retard’ cause the most distress and hurt to the victims and such words are usually the precursors of physical attacks.

Joan McAlpine MSP supports ENABLE’s campaigning aims. It is an upstanding and worthy campaign and one which AhDinnaeKen wholly condones and hopes succeeds in its objectives.

AhDinnaeKen invites Ms McAlpine to come clean over her recent endorsement of Wings Over Scotland – a site edited by an individual who freely and commonly refers to others as ‘retards‘ or ‘retarded‘ with the aim of diminishing and denigrating them in a hateful, intolerant and degrading manner.

It may be that with such a busy schedule writing her Daily Record column, Ms McAlpine is only partly aware of the reasons for the “huge snash” the site receives. She appears to be under the impression that such ‘snash’ has something to do with the site’s alleged lampooning of the “establishment’s hypocrisy“.

In Scotland it’s worth reminding Parliamentary Liaison Officer McAlpine that she is also part of the establishment – the Scottish establishment.

If her support of ENABLE’s campaign is sincere, then she must either condemn the crude abuse of ‘retard’ – hereafter referred to as the R-word – by Wings’ Stuart Campbell, or admit that she got it wrong regarding her preference for Wings over that of the “traditional media“.

AhDinnaeKen is prepared to give Ms McAlpine the benefit of the doubt on the matter.

For a period of years, Mr Campbell has relied upon the R-word, to diminish, denigrate and degrade. It’s something he’s well known for within and without the Scottish constitutional debate. For example:

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be 'civic' or 'progressive' is beyond us.

How anyone can consider such sentiment to be ‘civic’ or ‘progressive’ is beyond us.

In 2010, the day after the UK’s General Election, Campbell referred to Northern Irish voters (above) as “spectacularly retarded”. Five months later in the USA, Rosa’s law, was signed into law by President Barrack Obama. It officially replaced the use of “mental retardation” to describe people with learning disabilities to “intellectual disability“. The American law officially recognised the hurt, offense and stigma such labelling causes to the individuals affected.

Despite the implementation of Rosa’s law, Campbell still persisted within the pages of Wings Over Scotland and his Twitter accounts – @WingsScotland and @RevStu – to freely use the R-word in its pejorative sense:

Example 1Why maybe the Unionists are right May 28 2012
“If you’ve failed at Point 1 and the entire audience is comprised of semi-evolved retards, at least plant a few researchers in there with something halfway-intelligent to ask.”

This disgusting and derisory piece of alleged ‘lampoonery’ was written because Mr Campbell decided that the audience in the first of the BBC’s televised Big Debates wasn’t up to his expected intellectual standards. The casual use of the R-word demonstrates the contempt Campbell has for people in general and his complete insensitivity toward those with learning disabilities.

Example 2The Heavy Nudge May 29 2013
“Every time one young man is dissuaded from singing sectarian songs by stories like that of Calum Graham – either because he realises his actions are ugly, brutish and retarded, or simply because he doesn’t want to risk the possible consequences – the voice of bigotry literally gets quieter, and volume is its lifeblood.

Again, the R-word is clearly used in the pejorative and this time it’s aimed at a named individual. It follows the words “brutish” and “ugly” in a linear narrative and is typical of Campbell’s twisted and perverse sense of morality and logic.

Example 3 Twitter and Transphobic comments

You'd never be able to guess why it never ends well.

You’d never be able to guess why it never ends well.

The above Tweet was how Campbell described the debate when he was accused of being a transphobe after belittling Chelsea Manning’s reasons and wishes to be called Chelsea rather than by her former name of Bradley.

Incidentally, due to Campbell’s denigration of Chelsea Manning, Ms McAlpine’s estranged husband, Pat Kane, finally distanced himself from Wings – describing Campbell as both “unpleasant and intolerant“. Maybe that’s the kind of “snash” Ms McAlpine was referring to when she promoted Wings in her Daily Record column.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Aint going to work for you no more.

Example 4Denial of offensiveness of the R-word

Breathtaking denial.


The above discourse is literally breathtaking. Mr Leslie is referring to Campbell’s use of theR-word as offensive. The subsequent denial by the Wings man is damning.

Example 5Redefining the offensive even more offensively.

So now we know.

So now we know. Nothing questionable or offensive about that usage.

Curiously, Campbell’s definition in this tweet appears to have been lifted straight from the online ‘The Free Dictionary‘. He was careful to omit the first definition on the page: “Often Offensive: Affected with mental retardation.”

There is also a footnote on the same page which elaborates on the use of the word: “In the past, when a child had a mental condition that made learning difficult, people used to say that he or she was retarded, backward, simple, or educationally subnormal. Nowadays these words are avoided because they are thought to be offensive.

‘Thought to be offensive’ by most reasonable people of sound mind perhaps, but clearly not by Campbell. AhDinnaeKen would be most interested in anything Joan McAlpine had to say on the matter given her public support of ENABLE Scotland’s newly launched campaign.

She might even like to reflect on some authoritative voices – summed up neatly below:

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There's a thing.

Hate speech from a hate preacher. There’s a thing.

Or this, from ENABLE themselves:

“Be the change is about reflecting on your own behaviour. Stop using those words. Don’t let other people away with it. When you hear it, challenge them. Say, look, that’s not funny. And, by doing those things, we’ll get rid of this language for ever.” – Jan Savage, ENABLE assistant director of campaigns and membership.

Will Joan have the decency to say “look that’s not funny” to Wings Over Scotland aka Stuart Campbell? The jury’s out.


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Wings Over Scotland – His Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.

AHDINNAEKEN would like to thank BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze for the inspiration for this piece. The niggling memory of Wings Over Scotland’s narrative tone came to us* in a flash  following the intro of the discussion programme earlier this month. AhDinnaeKen explains:

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher in full flow.

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher. Concise, succinct, hateful.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“NOT EVERYONE knows that Adolf Hitler originally wanted to call the autobiography he wrote in jail, ‘Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’.” – reported Michael Buerk in his opening to Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

Instead, Hitler opted for his publisher’s much snappier suggestion, ‘My Struggle’ (Mein Kampf).

Worthy of note – and the reason for this post – the dropped line, ‘Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’, of the original title is the type of language frequently encountered within the pages and Tweets of the partisan independence blog, Wings Over Scotland.

Curiousity piqued, in a moment of epiphany, AhDinnaeKen explored further using some objectively judicious research methods based on those key words.

As we* searched through Mein Kampf and Wings Over Scotland, it became increasingly clear that Wings’ blog uses a similar writing style**, narrative construction, thought process and content eerily similar to that used by Hitler in his titular book.

In fact, as we* ploughed on, the similarity became deeply unsettling, disturbing and ever so slightly sinister.

It might just be the commonality of some aspects of Nationalism, such as the ‘struggle for freedom’, which makes the narratives sound so much alike, but it’s worth giving some careful consideration to the examples presented here by AhDinnaeKen.

With each example, contrast and compare the first paragraph taken from a post by Wings Over Scotland, with the second in terms of tone, language and similarity. The second paragraph of each is directly sourced from Mein Kampf. For the purpose of illustration, we chose the paragraphs so that they provided the impression of a narrative continuity between the two:

THE CRUSHING OF A PEOPLEpublished 2nd Feb 2014

“And now so ingrained into Scottish DNA is this cancer of cringing inferiority that even a homeless Big Issue seller, with no detectable sense of irony, will allow himself be quoted saying he has “too much to lose”. We could weep, readers. But we daren’t, in case it puts out the fires of our rage.”

The lack of character which our people have shown during the last six years is deeply distressing. The indifference with which they have treated the most urgent necessities of our nation might veritably lead one to despair. Their cowardice is such that it often cries to heaven for vengeance.”

“The cancer of cringing inferiority” and “fires of our rage” compare, almost directly, to “lack of character” and “cries to heaven for vengeance”.

THE BLOOD SACRIFICE published 9th Feb 2014

“No nation has ever willingly voted against its own independence, and if you have a campaign based solely on fear, the only reason you give people to vote for you is cowardice. And while cowardice is sometimes the rational thing to do, it never makes anyone feel good about themselves.”

Indeed it would be hard to say what is the most outstanding feature of these bourgeois circles: mental debility, moral weakness and cowardice, or a mere down-at-heel mentality. It is a class that is certainly doomed to go under but, unhappily, it drags down the whole nation with it into the abyss.”

Worthy of note is the linking of the word “cowardice” – a favourite word of Mr Campbell’s to castigate the ‘enemies’ of Yes.

Even the titles used by Campbell: ‘The Crushing of a People’ and ‘The Blood Sacrifice’ have resonance with Hitler’s blood and soil ideology.

We* limited this piece to the use of two extracts from Mein Kampf due to the controversial nature of the source material. Any more could have been misconstrued as promotion – we*’re keen to avoid that claim.

Due to that self imposed limitation, this post hardly provides incontrovertible evidence on an empirical scale.

Mein Kampf is the bible of angry Nationalist hate-preachers throughout the world and is still as deeply repugnant and shocking as it ever was. It’s a non-stop froth flecked tirade against the free press, democratically elected governments, politicians, the general population and the Jews.

Sound familiar?

What we* found as we* paired off various diatribes is that you could swap “Jews” with “Unionists” in the text of Mein Kampf and could be forgiven for thinking you were reading Wings – the rants are so similar in tone, intent and motivation that it’s really quite breathtakingly disturbing.

We*’ve tried to avoid glibness or intemperance with this post. If Mr Campbell feels that he’s being unfairly represented then AhDinnaeKen will print any retraction or apology he cares to submit – within reason.

But, the more quotes we* gathered and compared in our* research, the more we* became convinced by the need to say what has been said here and the manner in which we*’ve said it. Be rest assured, this piece hasn’t been posted with the glib smart arsed assurance we* post our other stories.

AhDinnaeKen has never deflected from calling Wings Over Scotland’s, Stuart Campbell, a hate-preacher. And never before has the right to refer to Wings as the ‘Nationalist Front’ been so clearly vindicated.

It's not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for 'othering'.

It’s not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for ‘othering’ for the purposes of communal hatred.

Two of Campbell’s online bête noires, Duncan Hothersall and James McKenzie, have both openly stated that Campbell isn’t a Nazi.

They’re probably right. Campbell probably isn’t a Nazi. But, by the Christ, he sounds like one – the biggest, maddest, one of them all.

We* never quite thought that the depths of Campbell’s rage, hatred and bile would be so comprehensively plumbed and exposed by this project. But there are plenty more examples where they came from.

We* invite readers, based on the paltry fare served up here today, to make up their own minds.


* Tired overly used cliche of a joke which even we have forgotten the meaning of.

** Based on the key words of ‘lies’, ‘stupidity’ and ‘cowardice’ and their permutations in terms of tense, grammar etc.


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Unionists accused of being “anti-Scots” by SNP endorsed website

NOT CONTENT with ‘othering’ Scotsman journalists as rats, the quasi-political, Nazi inspired website, Wings Over Scotland, uses Panelbase poll figures to ‘prove’ that Unionist No voters are actively working against their fellow countrymen. Or so the diminutive demagogue would have you believe. AhDinnaeKen exposes the alleged ‘facts’:

The poster they tried to ban - because it was inaccurate and shite. Funny that!

The poster they tried to ban – because it was inaccurate and shite and looked like the Nationalist Front had arrived in town. Funny that!

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

TWENTY PER cent of Unionists are “anti-Scots” according to a Nationalist supported website.

SNP endorsed, Wings Over Scotland, claimed yesterday that “almost a fifth” of Unionists were actively working against the interests of their own countrymen.

And the website reinforced the claim by referring to recent Panelbase poll data and a ‘cited’ and ‘sourced’ link to another Wings story.

In an analytical polemic entitled, ‘Looking forward with trepidation’, editor of Wings Over Scotland, Stuart Campbell, concluded:

“Advocates of independence are sometimes accused of regarding the No camp as “anti-Scottish”.

“But with nearly 20% of them apparently intending to knowingly and consciously vote for worse treatment for Scotland, it seems to be a charge of which a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty.”

The phrase “by their own admission” links to another Wings story (Surprise! – Ed) where the use of “their” to imply the plural is soon exposed to be bogus – it refers to the words of one man; ex-Lord Provost of Glasgow, Michael Kelly.

Interestingly, Kelly, holds no position of power in the Labour party and now conducts his business as a “writer and PR consultant”.

Further scrutiny of the Wings link further exposes the tenuous sham of its guilt by association claim.

Following a question from BBC Newsnight’s Gary Robertson on the impact of the chancellor’s ‘No currency union’ speech and Ed Balls support of it, Michael Kelly said: “I believe that Labour in Scotland would be fully behind Balls’s decision today if he was the chancellor.”

The use of the phrase “I believe” by Kelly can hardly be construed as a “significant proportion of Unionists” as asserted by Campbell. Or, for that matter, a concrete reading of the Unionist’s stance in Scotland.

The ‘cited and sourced’ fact of the matter is that Wingsy’s fallacious accusation relies, yet again, on the type of traits and behaviours engaged in by most extremists – all neatly documented by the Laird Wilcox Extremist Traits list.

Paragraph 3, IRRESPONSIBLE SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS of the Laird Wilcox list states:

“Extremists tend to make sweeping claims or judgements on little or no evidence, and they have a tendency to confuse similarity with sameness. That is, they assume that because two (or more) things, events, or persons are alike in some respects, they must be alike in most respects. The sloppy use of analogy is a treacherous form of logic and has a high potential for false conclusions.”

The treacherous logic of Wingsy’s sweeping statement – based on the underpinning belief that to be against the currency union is to be anti-Scottish – runs as follows: Michael Kelly is a Labour supporter; he says that Scottish Labour MPs will support Balls; therefore all Scottish Labour MPs will suport Balls because a Labour supporter said they will; Scottish Labour MPs are a ‘signnificant proportion’ of Unionists, therefore the use of the plural “their” means a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty of being anti-Scottish.

No one but Michael Kelly said what he said. Using extremist based fallacious logic, Wingsy conflates that Kelly’s belief is analagous to a “significant proportion” of Unionists?!

Any lawyer worth his salt would have realised the truth behind the alleged SPT ban was in fact entrenched in the 1986 Local Government Act. But hey ho, why let the facts get in the way of a conspiracy theory.

Any lawyer worth his salt would have realised the truth behind the alleged SPT ban was in fact entrenched in the 1986 Local Government Act. But hey ho, why let the ‘facts’ get in the way of a conspiracy theory.

Wings endorsers, acolytes, donators readers and supporters, often claim on social media that opponents frequently attack the man but cannot touch his ‘cited’ and ‘sourced’ facts.

It’s this type of risible claim which ensures that no one with half a sceptical brain can actually stop laughing long enough to realise the potential threat posed by Wings and his legions of fervered agentura.

The flip side of such sweeping generalisations is the real and present danger lurking underneath the surface of virtually every Wings post.

For Nationalism to work, it needs a common, readily identifiable enemy to vilify, castigate and ‘other’. In Wings case it is the ‘cornered rats’ of the media and the contemptible “anti-Scots” Unionists.

Both are readily identified and ‘othered’ as “enemies” of Wingsy’s Nationalist cause and are therefore easily demonised and dehumanised. It’s an example of the site’s “merciless contempt” for its perceived enemies.

Of course, within reason, Wingsy can say what he wants. His brand of low-level, distasteful and repugnant hate speech has been droning on for some time now and has been gaining ever more support amongst the desperate and the Nationalist minded.

Some of his infantile rages may even have a spark of truth in them. Much more important for supporters, neutrals and opponents alike is to understand the fundamental philosophy driving the agenda of the man behind it.

Campbell wants opponents to hate him. He’s openly stated as such. He zealously reciprocates the hate. The success of his website owes a great deal to that basic truism. It’s why much of the ‘robust polemic’ of the site can be considered hate speech.

Here’s a reminder of a bona fide Campbell quote:

“It’s not enough just not to care what idiots think. I actively want idiots to hate me. I want the battle lines clearly drawn, and I don’t want fuckwits on my side.”

There’s no link to this quote, Campbell closed down the discussion Forum from where it orginates. But the action proves, if nothing else, that he’s fully aware of the potential damage the Forum could cause him – some of his statments on rape victims, for example, were deleted way before AhDinnaeKen got the chance to look at them.

Once you understand Wingsy’s basic philosophical hate based agenda, it becomes easier to see the subtext behind the motivation of the site.

As AhDinnaeKen outlined in our* last post, Wingsy’s trying his damnedest to incite some kind of low level street violence within the indy debate.

He recently posted yet another blog, complete with video, of an alleged SDL member haranguing Yes campaigners in an aggressive, deeply unpleasant and disturbing manner.

Such footage is mana from heaven for a hate-preacher like Cambpell. The SNP along with high-profile hangers on like Aamer Anwar – to be safe from some of the less savoury accusations raised against Nationalism – need to distance themselves from this site.

Otherwise they will be tainted by association with the repugnant and distasteful beliefs of diminutive demagogue, Stuart Campbell.

And that would be unfortunate – for everyone involved.

The belief was already there. The Panelbase poll merely provided the figures to hang the shameful accusation on the Unionists.

As the above demonstrates, the ‘anti-Scots’ belief was already there with Wingsy. The Panelbase poll merely provided the figures to reinforce the incitefully shameful accusation. Lies, damned lies and statistics etc. Weel din Wingsy sark! Yer a hate-preacher right enough.


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