Moan McVulpine: How politicians’ lies and damned lies have become monontonous statistics

MOAN says all politicians are big lie peddlers. She should know. She’s one.
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By Moan McVulpineadding yet more lies to lies, damned lies and statistics

THE BIG lie is a common propaganda technique.

It’s used by politicians of all colours and contributes to an almost universal public disaffection with said politicians.

So it is repeated ad nauseum and people listen less as a result.

George Orwell’s 1984 is used as a stick to beat opponents over the head with whenever people don’t like what’s happening in their political environment.

In many ways, the likes of Joan McAlpine and her Nationalist Front heroes in the blogosphere, demonstrate their commitment to Orwell’s idea of groupthink and the hate ritual, meaning “To lump all enemies and opponents into one homogenous group and consistently and monotonously blame them for all our woes.”

You know the kind of thing: Labour are Tory are Mainstream Media are Project Fear…

It’s the Nationalist way and a propaganda stereotype. So far, so what.

The people of Scotland are being fed such super porkies from both sides of the indyref debate that only the truly committed could make a (mis)informed decision.

And that’s where the like of zealotous propagandists like Joan McAlpine come in.

From her personal ‘nocturnal’ life to her political shenanigans to her Hyde Park corner column in the Daily Redcoat, her output is a non-stop litany of Nationalist stereotype, threat and core vote bile.

Despite hanging on desperately to the last shreds of the mantra ‘Bitter Together are Project Fear’ the Nationalist ‘positive’ message has switched almost 180 degrees.

Now we’re fed a constant stream of the consequences of a No vote: poverty for your weans, out of Europe and cast adrift on the world stage, no Barnett formula, a Unionist stitch-up on tax which will fillet the SNP for generations, and a vengeful imperialist Godzilla let loose on Scotland to strip her of her remaining natural assets.

In other words, a No vote will lead to the complete and utter desolation of Scotland. Ho hum. Zzzz… Next!

Core vote stuff which appeals to the tinfoil conspiracy theorist heidbangers oot there.

Y’know, people like Joan McAlpine.

They have form when it comes to telling big lies, wee lies and personally devastating lies.

So let’s not take Joanie too seriously.

We* know you don’t anyway.



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One response to “Moan McVulpine: How politicians’ lies and damned lies have become monontonous statistics

  1. Ian Hall

    Thanks for putting out the counter view. It is Orwellian on a “Grand Scale”.

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