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Why Sturgeon is not to be trusted with the BBC

NOWHERE IS the communal deafness of Nationalist supporters more transparent than in their attitude toward the media and broadcasting. Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for the BBC are all about Nationalist control of the jewel in Britain’s crown. Just like the Tories and New Labour before her, she wants the BBC brought to heel and, instead, see paymasters like Rupert Murdoch in the ascendancy in Britain. AhDinnaeKen fulminates:

Sturgeon Wrecking ball

Sturgeon seemed duly appalled by the sexist nature of this Sun feature but it didn’t extend to challenging Murdoch’s media power – just like the Tories and New Labour before her. Funny that.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

NICOLA Sturgeon’s Alternative McTaggart Lecture speech last week had much to say about print media and broadcasting, particularly the BBC.

Mooted as more circumspect and less aggressive than Alex Salmond’s frothing diatribes against the corporation, it still held to the tediously familiar SNP drone that the Nationalist party – and by association the sovereign will of the people of Scotland – was let down by the institution’s news coverage during the Indyref.

Before Sturgeon revealed her plan for a devolved BBC (SBC) under Nationalist parliamentary control, she took time out to garner sympathy by playing the woman against the odds card.

She said: “And when I see sexist media portrayals of public figures, I don’t get upset on my own behalf – I’ve become personally quite inured to it. But I do feel angry about the potential impact on women and young girls who might be driven away from pursuing a career in politics or public life because of it – and, unfortunately, I speak to many who are.”

It’s a rehashing of the words used after her sexist photoshopped portrayal as a tartan clad Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball in the English edition of the Sun.

Then, as now, there was no mention of Rupert Murdoch or his corporation’s broadcasting and print plans for Scotland – a curious omission which speaks volumes about Nationalist intent.

There is not one line in Sturgeon’s lecture on tackling Murdoch’s power. There is no reference to media ownership and not one SNP MP has made so much as a little white rosed squeak about taking Murdoch on.

Just like Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron before her, Sturgeon is compliant, meek and mild in the face of Murdoch’s projected power and future media intentions.

This picture could just as easily have been Tony Blair. It tells the same story.

This picture could just as easily have been Tony Blair. It tells the same story.

Sturgeon bears the same guilt, blame and shame as her predecessor for the SNP’s “tawdry” pursuit of political support from the Murdoch media machine.

The ex-Deputy Firstminster was Salmond’s shield of truth and integrity when the Leveson inquiry revealed the extent of Salmond’s clandestine meetings with Murdoch and his henchmen. When she locked horns with the BBC’s Gary Robertson on Good Morning Scotland in April 2012 she provided a stout, repetitive, mantra like, defence of Salmond’s “prostituting of the office of First Minister.” It was all about “jobs”.

Then, as now, whenever the Murdoch affair is broached the defensive mantra from the Nationalists is “Jobs”.

All fine and upstanding until you realise not one realistic, or hypothetical, Scottish job was ever promised, proposed or promoted by any of the Murdoch network in their single minded pursuit of monopoly control of the Sky UK Ltd network.

Yet Salmond and, by definition, the SNP were still willing to ‘prostitute’ the office of First Minister to lobby the UK government to further Murdoch’s monopolistic ambitions.

The half-witted, the credulous and the Indy apologists might accept the “jobs” explanation as justification for the “prostituting” of the First Minister’s office. Judicial scrutiny provided a smidgeon more scepticism and insight into Salmond’s motivations.

Indeed, the Nationalists jobs excuse was as credible as the legal advice Salmond told the BBC’s Andrew Neil he possessed on the European Union.

The Leveson inquiry revealed that Alex Salmond had held more than two dozen meetings with Rupert Murdoch, his son James and their senior henchmen – many of the meetings were undeclared and kept secret from parliamentary record, public scrutiny and the sovereign will of the Scottish people.

It demonstrated Salmond’s contempt for Holyrood as an institution and his willingness to ride roughshod over the democratic trust of the Scots. All for the sake of some positive publicity in one of Murdoch’s institutionally “sexist” newspapers.

If the Firstminster’s proposals for the BBC are to be taken with anything other than a large pinch of Scottish salt then she must make plain that the Nationalists intentions are honourable and trustable.

Nothing said or done so far by the First Minister suggests that they are. In the alternative Mactaggart lecture she said:

“To those who say this is about the SNP wanting to exert political control over the BBC, I say that is, quite frankly, arrant nonsense.

“This is not a question of whether a parliament has responsibility for the broadcasting framework – it’s a question of which parliament has that responsibility.

I think it would be basic common sense for the Scottish Parliament, which already has responsibility for culture and for press regulation, to also have responsibility for broadcasting.”

Yet, despite the considerations of the Scotgov commissioned McCluskey report and a full blown parliamentary debate on post-Leveson press regulation, the Scottish Government, which has control/responsibility of culture and press regulation, opted to do hee haw and instead defer to the will of Westminster.

It was plain and simple cowardice in the face of a potentially hostile pre-referendum Murdoch press – a shirking of “responsibility” so to speak.

Stronger for Scotland? – Cringing for Scotland more like.

BBC bashing is all the rage amongst certain types in Scotland today. It plays well with the Indy mob, passes the blame for the failed Indyref campaign, and has more in common with the Tories fiscal hobbling of the corporation. So no surprise there then. Pink champagne and haggis all round etc.

By demanding control of the BBC while remaining mute on Murdoch’s media ambitions Sturgeon sends a powerful message to those able to hear it – the Nationalists are not be trusted when it comes to media and broadcasting.

According to a BBC Trust survey, 52% of Scots feel the BBC does not reflect their every day lives. Therein lies a serious challenge for the BBC in terms of its Scottish output. It needs to change. No neutral, sceptic or BBC apologist would argue otherwise.

But not reflecting every day lives is not the same as being found lacking in trustworthiness.

Notably, a BBC Trust survey conducted for the Scotland Annual Review 2014/2015 also found that:

“Audience research suggested that BBC Scotland was the dominant broadcast source of referendum coverage in Scotland, and the most trusted.”

The BBC is the most trusted for the simple reason it is the most trustable. It’s principles and editorial guidelines make it more trustable than any politician – particularly hard core career politicians like Nicola Sturgeon – and it’s more trustable than virtually anything broadcast or published by News Corp.

Sturgeon’s Alternative Mactaggart Lecture speech spoke volumes about the Nationalists attitude to the BBC. Not in what it said, but in what it didn’t say.

Centralising Nationalists want the BBC reined in under their control while the likes of Murdoch is given carte blanche with the tacit assistance of the SNP.

AhDinnaeKen came into existence due to disbelief at the Scottish Sunday Sun’s first edition. The Day of Destiny exclusive – most likely provided by Salmond – had a fawning, backscratching, transparently contrived editorial penned by the Firstminster himself.

No one from the Sun or the SNP said that Salmond had anything to do with the declared date on the papers headline screamer. They didn’t need to.

Sturgeon’s Mactaggart Lecture on broadcasting said virtually nothing about Nationalist intentions for other broadcasters in Scotland.

As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Discerning Scots heard Nicola loud and clear: you cannot trust her intentions.

If only the Indyref deaf could hear it also. Then the question of who to trust in Scotland might not be so poignant.


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British Brainwashing Corporation to be ‘held to account’ after independence

FOLLOWING THE storming of the BBC building at Pacific Quay on Sunday by two hundred thousand Nationalist ffrreeddoomm™ fichters, it’s clear there will be serious repercussions for Auntie McBeeb should the Nationalists gain control of Salmondland post Sep 18. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Better Scot than Not. A sneak preview of the posters to be distributed by the House of Anti-Scottish Activities post Yes.

Better Scot than Not. A sneak preview of the posters to be distributed by the House of Anti-Scottish Activities post Yes on September 19.

By Uncle Salm McCarthy

THE BBC will ‘rue the day’ they trashed a ‘leading’ academic’s anti-imperialist research highlighting the corporation’s “anti-democratic”, “anti-Scottish”, thoughtcrime and “brainwashing” activities, according to a latter day Joseph McCarthy.

Professor John-George Robertson of the List-D University of the East of Scotland (UES), claimed that, post-independence, “the BBC are gettin’ it.”

A House of Anti-Scottish Activities Committee is to be set up by the professor to hold all the traitors, collaborators, quislings, anti-Scots and Unionist propagandists from the Brainwashing Corporation, to account:

"First they will be investigated, arrested, publicly humiliated, tried and sentenced", said no one in particular yesterday.

“First they will be investigated, arrested, publicly humiliated, tried and sentenced”, said no one in particular yesterday.

“Ken McQuarrier, Jim Naughtieboy and Jackie Birdy will be the first against the wall,” claimed the Professor.

“The rest will undergo some rigorous and scrupulously fair show trials in order to demonstrate to the McVolk what happens to the anti-Scots in civic and progressive Salmondland.”

According to a Nationalist spokesperson, photography philanthropist, Joan McAlpine MSP, has already collated a list of ‘known’ enemies of the McState.

Support posters, banners, flags, television adverts, apps and miscellaneous material will remind the McVolk of the traits, symptoms and behaviours of anti-Scots types. The McVolk will be encouraged to report their suspicions to the relevant authorities.

Polls, parkas, non-gingers, English looking McVolk and any other suspcious types will be the responsibility of Nationalist Front Commissar of Cowardly Behaviours, Reverend Censor Campbell.

Campbell said: “Wings Over Scotland will have a new meaning in an independent Salmondland. Instead of soaring over Scottish politics we will be soaring over all of the snivelling spineless cowards who put their X in the wrong box.

“And we will know who they are. We have a ‘BIG’ file.”

A spokesperson for the imperialist BBC said: “Jesus. Who are these people? Where do they come from? And where are they going?”

The House of Anti-Scottish Activities will be chaired by Professor Robertson and policed by the Nationalist Front from Sep 19.

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Health pledge: Waiting times will be longer in an independent Scotland

INDEPENDENT WATCHDOG Audit Scotland found that the number of patients experiencing over extended waiting times at casualty departments has tripled over the past five years – a period which coincides with SNP governance of the Scottish NHS. AhDinnaeKen reports:

"Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing when you'll get seen to, is the worse kind of suffering." -  Paulo Coelho

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing when you’ll be seen to, is the worst kind of suffering.” – Paulo Coelho

By Troofis Ootthare

ALEX NEIL has reassured Scotland that waiting times in A&E departments will be extended under independence.

The health secretary insisted that only upon achieving our ffrreeddoomm™ can we expect to wait longer in casualty.

He told the imperial propagandist BBC: “Past administrations waiting times have been rubbish. Only upon achieving independence can we guarantee that health service waiting times will be even more rubbish.

“We have wasted a further £50 million pounds on proving that a Nationalist based NHS can be just as rubbish, if not more rubbish, than the UK’s.”

Drunks, wasters, hypochondriacs and junkies welcomed the announcement.

Robin Bassa, a client/consultant of the Scottish government’s methadone programme said:

“This’ll be great man. The longer and mair bored people wait at the casualty, the mair chance there is tae dip their bag or their pockets.

“We welcome these findings by Audit Scotland.”

Health experts said Mr Neil’s plan served as a guide toward what can’t be expected from an independent Scotland.

Doctor Urye Awrightpal said: “More nurses and support staff will lose their jobs, more cancer patients will die due to lack of lifesaving drugs and waiting times at A&E will lengthen if we become independent.

“You just have to look at what the SNP Health Secretary hasn’t achieved so far to see how much more he won’t achieve in a future independent Scotland.”

Alternative ‘crackpot’ news site of truth, information and Nationalist doctrine, Newsnat Scotland welcomed the Audit Scotland figures:

“This Audit Scotland report gives us yet another excuse to attack the British Brainwashing Corporation for the imperialist, out of touch, elitist, anti-Scots, propaganda machine that all sane persons know it has become.

“By reporting these independent findings they have exposed yet again what they have become and what they are – a newsgathering organisation.

“Things will be different in an independent Scotland. We guarantee it”

Beware the ides of the BBC. Reporting on the findings of an independent body. Imperialist propaganda at its worst.

Beware the ides of the BBC. Reporting on the findings of an independent body. Imperialist propaganda at its worst.

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BBC found guilty of reporting news. Something should be done say Nationalists

First there was an irate swivel eyed complaint. And then there was another one. And then there was another one after that. And then there was an ‘academic’ report from the List D University of the West of Skintland. And now it has been concluded that the BBC is in cahoots with the Bitter Together Project Feartie Anti-Scots, ‘Keep Skintland subjugated’ campaign. And now, AhDinnaeKen investigates the storm in a tartan List D cup, in-between the tears of incredulous laughter:

Clunky dull headline bias clearly demonstrates Newsnat Skintland have no idea about the media or news values.

Clunky dull headline bias clearly demonstrates Newsnat Skintland have no idea about the media or news values. No surprise there then.

By Yoonionist Unda-Dabed

THE BBC have been found guilty of reporting the independence debate it was revealed recently.

According to ‘crackpot’ website Newsnat Skintland, the BBC have reported on the independence debate since it began.

And, they further claimed, the BBC continues to report on the indy debate.

The stooshie in a fur cup, concerns the BBC’s reporting of Irish European Leprechaun President Lucinda Righton.

The BBC’s Raymond Buchananstreet reported that she said: “If Skintland were to become independent, Skintland would have to apply for membership and that can be a lengthy process…”

Raymond Buchananstreet then used the word “but” and “and” to link her comments to comments made by Tefal Heid ex-Scottish Secretary Michael More.

This was seized upon by the Nationalist grievance merchants as proof of concerted and sustained bias against independence.

The hapless Buchananstreet was then offered up by the BBC Tristram Trust to be sacrificed on the altar of ‘inaccuracy’ – in order to appease the baying Newsnat loons.

One BBC insider said the BBC Tristram Trust’s action had demonstrated a textbook example of lily livered Neville Chamberlain bias (doing a Neville).

But, as expected, the Trust’s sacrificial lamb appeasement strategy was rejected by the Nationalist fundamentalists.

Nothing short of 24 hour self immolation, confession and begging for forgiveness on every media outlet throughout the land will satisfy the Nationalist Inquisition.

Frothing, spitting, dribbling, cackling, heidbanging Newsnat reporter, G A Ponceybody said: “This proves exactly what we have been ranting about all these years.

“The BBC reports news that we don’t like. And it’s not good enough.

“In an independent Skintland we will set up a board of Un-Scottish activities. BBC employees can look forward to appearing in front of it.”

Failed media studies dropout, Reverend Jedi Campbell, screamed: “They’re all against us! They want to destroy us! We must fight back! Give me money! Only with more of your money can I save Skintland single handedly.”

The DWP, or the Unionist led conspiracy, were unavailable for comment.

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That Wiz the Week that Wiznae #2

Sometimes creeping torpor, slithering ennui and an ever present sardonic smile isn’t enough to keep the Neverendum boredom at bay. AhDinnaeKen takes a lazy gambol over the previous week’s news. ZZZzzzz…

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity and from a clinician to a bean counter." - William Longshanker Penn.

“For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity and from a clinician to a bean counter.” – William Longshanker Penn.

By Longshanker

Sunday May 19: Big Brother is watching your child

Civilian! Be careful the values you instill in your child!

Civilian! Be careful the values you instill in your child!

The Sunday Express runs a chilling story which, despite the Big Brother graphic and overly sensationalised conclusions, perfectly  illustrates the controlling aspect of the Nationalist mindset.

All Skintish children are to have a ‘named person’ looking after them, noting down all reported instances of anti-Skintish thoughtcrime or behaviour exhibited by the child’s parents. Information recorded is then entered into a database to be used later in order to assign citizenship grading – a form of social audit.

According to the report, the specific aim of the bill is “to undermine parents and give the “community” a greater role in raising children.”

In Orwell’s seminal novel, 1984, the chief protagonist, Winston Smith’s, neighbour, Parsons, falls prey to his children reporting him to the thoughtpolice for speaking in his sleep against Big Brother. A ridiculous notion for modern day Skintland but…

Summed up: The moral difference, if any, between a citizen and a civilian is, a citizen accepts responsibility for the protection of the body politic. A civilian does not. All civilians should beware, the SNP thoughtpoliceman  in your home could be your ‘citizenised’ child.

Monday May 20: The Cancer Sufferer Clearances

The main condition for cancer treatment is affordability. Hurrah for doing things differently here.

The main condition for cancer treatment is affordability. Hurrah for doing things differently here.

Piggy Eyed Patsy Healthminster, Alex Kneel, is ambushed and metaphorically bang ganged on the BBC’s Call Specialkay programme. His policies on health, mean that Skintish cancer sufferers wishing to live, will have to leave Skintland and live in England – a post-modern clearances meme for Bella Caledonication types.
Even the presbyterian puritan wing of the Independence movement cannot deny the natural conclusion of Kneel’s performance and explanations regarding the dispensation of life saving cancer drugs..
No matter how he, his cat herding political master, or his political master’s Star Chamber spin it, access to life saving Cancer drugs is found to be dependent on price and the rulings of SMC managers – not clinicians – in Skintland.

Summed up: The poison chalice of health imposed on the Piggy Eyed Patsy
is seriously undermining him. He might yet end up being called Doctor Death. A shameful example of how ‘we do things differently here’.

Tuesday May 21: Nationalists publish a very serious docupamphlet – Skintland’s Economy: the Heidcase for Independence.

Me and my levers. Sun King Salmond sets out his case for more levers in Skintland.

Me and my levers. Sun King Salmond sets out his case for more levers in Skintland.

At first the forensically detailed 69 page docupamphlet reads like the much vaunted positive case for the Union. It makes it easy to imagine Bitter Together stealing some of the rhetoric and assertions for later use…

In the document’s foreword, the anointed one, Sun King Salmond himself, pleads his visionary case for more levers.

Martin Luther King had a dream. Moses had a vision. Alex Salmond wants a full set of levers.

That’s right, levers! A full set! The sort of economic implements you lever economic levers economically with.

It’s certainly inspired AhDinnaeKen with the zeal and vision of new flowering Skintish political landscapes populated with all different types of levers – economic, political, cultural and social.

In the document’s foreword, in reference to Skintland, Wee Ecky says, “we lack a full set of economic levers”. He also says we are a lever deprived country because he later adds, “Westminster deprives Scotland of the levers.”

And, as he further explains, it’s all Westminster’s lever hoarding fault because they’re durty English lever hoarding basturts. How dare they? They’ll be voting in their droves for a Nationalist party soon and be wanting to lever themselves out of the Union next, er, haud on?!

We don’t have anywhere enough levers in Skintland according to the Firstminster. We need, and must have, more levers for levering the other economic levers to give us more leverage, or something.

Summed Up: I’m not an Indy A-lever, are you an Indy B-lever?

Wednesday May 22: It’s oor baw an’ aw. Gie’s a gemme or wur no playin’

If you're going to issue threats to anyone, sometimes it's best to actually be in the position to follow through on it. Ho hum!

If you’re going to issue threats to anyone, sometimes it’s best to actually be in the position to follow through on it. Ho hum!

Ex-banker Salmond threatens to embarrass Skintland on the international stage by reneging on its debt obligations to the rUK.

In a speech to some bus makers while launching the Heidcase for Independence docupamphlet, he tells the Chancer of the Exchequer that he kens it’s the Chancer’s baw, but if he disnae get a shot, he’s no gonnae play, and he’s takin’ aw the jumpers gettin’ used as goal posts.

Summed up: Are we supposed to take the Nationalists seriously? This reminds AhDinnaeKen of a similarly styled threat made by Wee Eck at the Johnnie Walked rally in 2009. Paul Walsh, Heid Honcho of Dirageo, ‘bitch slapped’ Salmond fir that wan. Take heed – or is that heid? – Wee Ecky, yer tea’s oot.

Thursday May 23: FMQs – sombre mood, sombre conclusions

Blessed be the cancer sufferers for 'social justice' Skintish style has passed them by.

Blessed be the cancer sufferers, for ‘social justice’ Skintish style has passed them by.

With his most serious, sombre and statesmanlike voice and poise, Dr Death Salmond is virtually forced by Wee Jimmie Krankie Lamont to admit what Piggy Eyed Patsy Kneel had already admitted earlier in the week: if you’ve got cancer and money in Skintland you will live, if you don’t, you will die. Unless, that is, you move to England where they still dispense these drugs free at point of need.

Summed up: AhDinnaeKen has a degree of sympathy for the Skints government on this one. But the vast majority of our* heartfelt sympathy goes out to the cancer patients denied treatment due to cost.

Friday May 23: Curriculum for Mediocrity is still mediocre shock!

Would you turn your back on this man? Answers on a front facing blackboard please.

Would you turn your back on this man? Answers on a front facing blackboard please.

Elitist, nepotist and most despicable of all the Nationalists, Mike Bernhard Rust-ell, continues to ignore the impending disaster of his creepy and tainted Curriculum for Mediocrity.

Anyone who has ever read the philosophical values and associated guff which accompanies their schoolchild’s school reports etc. cannot help but be apprehensive regarding its emphasis on ‘citizenship’ and ‘values’. Tied in with the ‘Named Person’ policy outlined above, it’s easily viewed as more than sinister – a conclusion only cemented given the ‘thistle grasping’ minster in charge.

Summed up: A prima facie example of unproven assertion directed straight into policy. No wonder the teachers are revolting.

Saturday May 24: New BBC Skintland Editor required for build up of Neverendum snore-athon documentaries.

Ahh! The British Brainwashing/Bolshevik/Bourgeois Corporation. It's just so bloody biased.

Ahh! The British Brainwashing/Bolshevik/Bourgeois Corporation. It’s just so bloody biased.

The great thing about this new position is that, no matter who gets the job, they will automatically be accused of bias by somebody. And long may that continue. As AhDinnaeKen once pointed out, the BBC is biased against everybody. Lord Reith himself would have been proud of such an accusation.

Expect to see the following labels crop up in the coming months: British Brainwashing Corporation, British Bolshevik Corporation and British Bourgeoise Corporation etc etc tedious etc.

Summed up: Neutrality always looks like support fir the ither side.

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Are the BBC even bigger barefaced liars than Salmond?

As the British Brainwashing Corporation looks set to dissolve into a pool of self indulgent navel gazing, AhDinnaeKen asks the questions currently flecking the frothing lips of the rabidly triumphant Cybernat pack out there.

“Sanctimony is the most inexpensive form of morality. It costs us nothing to make much of small matters in others.” – David Horowitz. Hurrah for the Scum’s cheap shots at the BBC. Here’s to more stones for their glass house.

By Blackiz White

AHDINNAEKEN CALLED Kaye at the British Brainwashing Corporation this week to grill her on the recent crisis threatening to engulf the media, the BBC, the roots of democracy and the Western world as we know it.

The following are the evasive, obfuscating, biased, disingenuous answers she gave to your fearlessly investigative mockumentary maker.

Q. Does the BBC lie as often and as barefacedly as Firstminster Tricky Dicky Salmond?

A. No!

Q. Does at least one person have to fall on their sword when the BBC get found out?

A. Yes!

Q. Does anyone have to fall on their sword when Tricky Dicky Salmond gets found out?

A. Yes! Ask Nicola Sturgeon!

More in-depth pathologically shallow and facile analysis in future posts.

Starting from a fundamentally negative and dishonest perspective, AhDinnaeKen seeks to be as unfunny as a sanctimoniously unfunny self-righteous Cybernat.

Subscribe to AhDinnaeKen. You know it’s not worth it.


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