Open letter: Why Wings Over Scotland must be brought to justice

ON AUGUST 13 last year, Stuart Campbell of blog site Wings Over Scotland defamed a hard working law abiding Scottish domiciled citizen. He did so with the intent of silencing him through intimidation. To date, it appears to have worked. AhDinnaeKen openly appeals to the injured party:

The defamatory story is still publicly available to read by anyone on the Wings Over Scotland blog site.

This defamatory story is still publicly available to be read by anyone viewing the Wings Over Scotland blog site. It is AhDinnaeKen’s honest belief that it is a seriously malicious and vindictive piece of work designed to injure the reputation of the named individual within it.

Dear Murray Brady

APOLOGIES for the unorthodox method of communication.

Please consider the following letter carefully.

AhDinnaeKen believes that Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland, has defamed you and seriously damaged your reputation as an individual and law abiding citizen of Scotland.

He has publicly accused you of being a “psycopath” and a “stalker” and of having “sustained” a campaign of “harrassment” against him using various “vile” methods over a period of months.

Yet, by Campbell’s own admission you are innocent in the eyes of the law of all such complaints made against you.

The first paragraph of the defamatory story, the Personal Touch, lists a litany of  crimes allegedly perpetrated by you against him.

The second paragraph claims that the procurator fiscal found insufficient evidence to prosecute you for these alleged crimes ie. Campbell’s accusations didn’t hold up under the light of professional legal scrutiny.

He said:

“It eventually resulted in an arrest, and a report by Glasgow police to the Procurator Fiscal recommending prosecution, which to everyone’s surprise was declined, after a very long delay and for unclear reasons.”

In other words the fiscal dropped the case due to lack of credible evidence.

His statement also begs the question, who is “everyone”? It certainly didn’t “surprise” the fiscal. According to the story, the fiscal investigated Campbell’s complaint, weighed up the evidence, concluded there was no case to answer and “declined” to take it any further.

That makes his accusation against you look not only defamatory, but malicious, vexatious and vengeful.

Of particular interest should be Campbell’s claim that he raised over £100,000 in a recent crowdfunding campaign. He’s allegedly cash rich and should have ample disposable income with which to compensate you for the damage to your reputation.

No doubt, there are lawyers out there who would be jumping over themselves to represent you.

Time is running out. You must demand a retraction, apology and compensatory remuneration for the unjustifiable and injurious claims he inflicted upon you through the medium of his blog site.

It’s also worth noting that Campbell told the Sunday Herald today that his blog is read by 250,000 unique users per month and has 4.5 million page views over the same period.

Whichever way you look at it, his story defaming you has clearly been disseminated to a large body of people. And it is still available to the public to read.

I suspect, if you took this further, your rightful and just complaint of defamation would never reach court – Campbell knows he would lose and would settle out of court. For justice to be served however, you need to be publicly exonerated by Campbell himself. You also need to be compensated.

Campbell recently forced an apology from the Scotsman newspaper for a couple of semantic mistakes they printed in relation to him. These mistakes were piddling inaccuracies compared to what he inflicted upon you.

The Personal Touch story published almost a year ago was an attempt by Campbell to intimidate, bully and silence you by injuring your reputation to the degree that a honest individual would think less of you in polite society.

He did so with the maliciously fraudulent “opinion” that you are the editor of AhDinnaeKen. It was written so in order to intimidate you into silence.

You know, and AhDinnaeKen knows, his “opinion” is a vindictive lie. In fact, any sensible, responsible and honest person would come to that conclusion when summarising the evidence provided in the Personal Touch story and the actual facts of the case.

Worth remembering also is that the burden of proof lies on Campbell’s head. He must prove that you are a “stalker” and a “psycopath” and that you, or agents acting for you, edit AhDinnaeKen.

He’ll need more evidence than the paltry fare currently provided by the maliciously false accusations in the Personal Touch story.

To defend himself, he’d need real world tangible evidence against you, as opposed to his self admitted “opinion”.

His case is so weak it’s laughable. In his summary, Campbell confesses: “While we have, as noted, no conclusive proof, our opinion, for numerous reasons, is that there is no doubt whatsoever the author of the blog responsible for the “dossier” is Murray Brady, or someone acting as a front for him.”

This is a breathtakingly fallacious statement which commits the fallacy of ‘denying the antecedent’ ie. Campbell admits there is “no conclusive proof” ergo there is doubt, yet goes on to deny that by saying “there is no doubt whatsoever“.

So, without “conclusive proof”, Campbell still has “no doubt”. You have to ask yourself, what kind of fool would be in “no doubt” after admitting there was no “conclusive proof”? Maybe his lawyers could provide you with a cogent answer. He certainly seems incapable of doing so himself.

Please action this. With Campbell’s profile being raised through appearances on television and radio, and newspaper interviews appearing in esteemed organs like the Financial Times and Sunday Herald, it’s time the wider world saw him for the nasty vindictive defamatory smear merchant he truly is.

As his Twitter timeline demonstrates, for as long as you remain silent on the matter, he can and will go on telling defamatory lies about you. Your first point of contact should be Campbell himself.

The press might be interested in this story and I recommend you contact them at some point.

Mr Campbell is now an official campaigner for Yes. This story is a real and provable case of an official Yes campaigner deliberately and vindictively smearing and damaging the reputation of an innocent party for vengeful personal and political reasons.

You must not let him get away with it.

Yours sincerely

Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe


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6 responses to “Open letter: Why Wings Over Scotland must be brought to justice

  1. Yoshi

    Ok, longshanker, you’re not Murray Brady. But after this article in the Herald - , I reckon you’re Paul Hutcheon and I claim my free pint 🙂

    Or maybe I’m just enjoying the theory that you’re the estimable Mr. Hutcheon because it would be hilarious for Campbell to be unwittingly interviewed and kippered by you.

    Without changing the subject too much, any thoughts on Campbell not disclosing his 10K donor? I would have thought that’s obviously not in the spirit of the law, and very likely not in the letter. Maybe he has better legal advice than the person who represented him against Future in the small claims court. I hope so, for his sake!

    Or maybe you’ve been right all along with your theory that some of his donors are very close to home…

    • Thankyou Yoshi

      Paul Hutcheon phoned me up for some tips. 🙂

      Quite interesting as well was the fact Campbell was interviewed at his “friends” house in Keynsham. Sounds like he has something to hide – aside from the name of his anonymous donor, his “charitable” status and why he insists on calling himself “Rev”.

      The 10k donation might be more interesting after the referendum.

      If it’s a close Yes, it might just cause a wee bit of controversy.

      Would be entertaining if it did.

      I hope Murray Brady decides to take his case further. A no win no fee lawyer would have a field day.


      • Alec

        A close YES which is challenged would be catastrophic. Why can he not be compelled to reveal it now?


  2. Glasgow Steve

    Said this before, say it again. Love Ah Dinnae Ken, cant stand petty nationalist whingeing and think wings is a deserving target for consistent fisking, scrutiny and ridicule.

    Stuart Campbell is a wanker, but would prefer if you don’t get to focused on exposing him personally as a wanker, stick to the nasty tone of wing’s coverage of the debate, and the baffling unshakeable loyalty of its target audience and your on much firmer ground.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. See Above

    I wonder why the NUJ doesn’t boot out Campbell. He spends his time rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of the Scotsman going down the plug and fellow hacks losing their jobs, speeds up the process by ripping off their websites and spends the rest of his time saying all journalists, save him, are liars, whether they work for the Beeb,The Times or anything that runs anything counter to his deranged world view.

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