Wings Over Scotland – His Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.

AHDINNAEKEN would like to thank BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze for the inspiration for this piece. The niggling memory of Wings Over Scotland’s narrative tone came to us* in a flash  following the intro of the discussion programme earlier this month. AhDinnaeKen explains:

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher in full flow.

The uncompromising language of the hate-preacher. Concise, succinct, hateful.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“NOT EVERYONE knows that Adolf Hitler originally wanted to call the autobiography he wrote in jail, ‘Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’.” – reported Michael Buerk in his opening to Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

Instead, Hitler opted for his publisher’s much snappier suggestion, ‘My Struggle’ (Mein Kampf).

Worthy of note – and the reason for this post – the dropped line, ‘Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice’, of the original title is the type of language frequently encountered within the pages and Tweets of the partisan independence blog, Wings Over Scotland.

Curiousity piqued, in a moment of epiphany, AhDinnaeKen explored further using some objectively judicious research methods based on those key words.

As we* searched through Mein Kampf and Wings Over Scotland, it became increasingly clear that Wings’ blog uses a similar writing style**, narrative construction, thought process and content eerily similar to that used by Hitler in his titular book.

In fact, as we* ploughed on, the similarity became deeply unsettling, disturbing and ever so slightly sinister.

It might just be the commonality of some aspects of Nationalism, such as the ‘struggle for freedom’, which makes the narratives sound so much alike, but it’s worth giving some careful consideration to the examples presented here by AhDinnaeKen.

With each example, contrast and compare the first paragraph taken from a post by Wings Over Scotland, with the second in terms of tone, language and similarity. The second paragraph of each is directly sourced from Mein Kampf. For the purpose of illustration, we chose the paragraphs so that they provided the impression of a narrative continuity between the two:

THE CRUSHING OF A PEOPLEpublished 2nd Feb 2014

“And now so ingrained into Scottish DNA is this cancer of cringing inferiority that even a homeless Big Issue seller, with no detectable sense of irony, will allow himself be quoted saying he has “too much to lose”. We could weep, readers. But we daren’t, in case it puts out the fires of our rage.”

The lack of character which our people have shown during the last six years is deeply distressing. The indifference with which they have treated the most urgent necessities of our nation might veritably lead one to despair. Their cowardice is such that it often cries to heaven for vengeance.”

“The cancer of cringing inferiority” and “fires of our rage” compare, almost directly, to “lack of character” and “cries to heaven for vengeance”.

THE BLOOD SACRIFICE published 9th Feb 2014

“No nation has ever willingly voted against its own independence, and if you have a campaign based solely on fear, the only reason you give people to vote for you is cowardice. And while cowardice is sometimes the rational thing to do, it never makes anyone feel good about themselves.”

Indeed it would be hard to say what is the most outstanding feature of these bourgeois circles: mental debility, moral weakness and cowardice, or a mere down-at-heel mentality. It is a class that is certainly doomed to go under but, unhappily, it drags down the whole nation with it into the abyss.”

Worthy of note is the linking of the word “cowardice” – a favourite word of Mr Campbell’s to castigate the ‘enemies’ of Yes.

Even the titles used by Campbell: ‘The Crushing of a People’ and ‘The Blood Sacrifice’ have resonance with Hitler’s blood and soil ideology.

We* limited this piece to the use of two extracts from Mein Kampf due to the controversial nature of the source material. Any more could have been misconstrued as promotion – we*’re keen to avoid that claim.

Due to that self imposed limitation, this post hardly provides incontrovertible evidence on an empirical scale.

Mein Kampf is the bible of angry Nationalist hate-preachers throughout the world and is still as deeply repugnant and shocking as it ever was. It’s a non-stop froth flecked tirade against the free press, democratically elected governments, politicians, the general population and the Jews.

Sound familiar?

What we* found as we* paired off various diatribes is that you could swap “Jews” with “Unionists” in the text of Mein Kampf and could be forgiven for thinking you were reading Wings – the rants are so similar in tone, intent and motivation that it’s really quite breathtakingly disturbing.

We*’ve tried to avoid glibness or intemperance with this post. If Mr Campbell feels that he’s being unfairly represented then AhDinnaeKen will print any retraction or apology he cares to submit – within reason.

But, the more quotes we* gathered and compared in our* research, the more we* became convinced by the need to say what has been said here and the manner in which we*’ve said it. Be rest assured, this piece hasn’t been posted with the glib smart arsed assurance we* post our other stories.

AhDinnaeKen has never deflected from calling Wings Over Scotland’s, Stuart Campbell, a hate-preacher. And never before has the right to refer to Wings as the ‘Nationalist Front’ been so clearly vindicated.

It's not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for 'othering'.

It’s not a racial identity, but it is a common enemy suitable for ‘othering’ for the purposes of communal hatred.

Two of Campbell’s online bête noires, Duncan Hothersall and James McKenzie, have both openly stated that Campbell isn’t a Nazi.

They’re probably right. Campbell probably isn’t a Nazi. But, by the Christ, he sounds like one – the biggest, maddest, one of them all.

We* never quite thought that the depths of Campbell’s rage, hatred and bile would be so comprehensively plumbed and exposed by this project. But there are plenty more examples where they came from.

We* invite readers, based on the paltry fare served up here today, to make up their own minds.


* Tired overly used cliche of a joke which even we have forgotten the meaning of.

** Based on the key words of ‘lies’, ‘stupidity’ and ‘cowardice’ and their permutations in terms of tense, grammar etc.



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13 responses to “Wings Over Scotland – His Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.

  1. paulscottrobson

    It’s also the tactics which I understand are defined in Mein Kampf as the road to political power.

    – never back down from anything
    – never admit error
    – demonise your opponents
    – repeat the same mantras over and over again.
    – don’t debate, don’t accept any alternatives at all.

    Gordon Brown did the same thing. And it works.

  2. An entire blog that starts off proving Godwin’s law straight off the bat? Dear, dear.

    • Thankyou rabthecab

      “Very many years ago, in a previous life, we wrote a short article about the widely misunderstood and endlessly-misapplied principle of “Godwin’s Law”.

      “Regularly cited by idiots who claim that mentioning Hitler or the Nazis in an argument means you automatically lose, it actually says no such thing, and such usage is in fact a wildly irresponsible act consigning the most important lessons of history to the dustbin.” – Stuart Campbell – Fear of Godwin 11 Jan 2014

      Well done idiot.


      • Jings

        Ah yes godwins law.

        What i’d like to know is… is it competent for the supporter of a party that has embarrassing historical admiration and links to the nazi’s to try and invoke godwins law when said embarrassing historical admiration and links are pointed out to them?

        My view is that it is probably little more than bare faced hypocrisy, but i’d be interested to hear what you think.

      • Thankyou Jings

        I’m not sure it’s as straightforward as hypocrisy. Lack of self-awareness up to and beyond the point of pathological delusion seems to be the sliding scale present in all Nationalisms, regardless of the creed. The modern tartan version, it has to be admitted, is relatively civic – so far.

        Campbell’s version isn’t.

        As this piece partly illustrates, he’s borrowed the creed and language of the intolerant fascist Nationalist wholesale. Outside the internet bubble it’s a virtual irrelevance – aside from the cash raised – but the fact Nationalists like McAlpine, Campbell Gunn, Stewart Hosie and the Yes campaign endorse the peddler of such hate-preaching diatribe is a worry. If you tolerate this…etc.


      • Hahaha, hilarious. You’re using an article written by WoS to try & defend the nonsense you spouted above *about* WoS?

        I know exactly what Godwin’s “law” – it’s really Godwin’s rule – says. You use ridiculously hyperbolic comparisons to demonise WoS as a racist by comparing some of what he’s written to Mein Kampf, which as I’m sure you’re aware isn’t exactly the truth, is it?

        Now, off you go & write some more bile-ridden invective about people who don’t share your world view, I’m busy watching telly.

      • Thankyou rabthecab

        Hahaha, hilarious. You’re using an article written by WoS to try & defend the nonsense you spouted above *about* WoS?

        Glad you enjoyed the deliberate irony – or does that need explained to you?

        WoS borrows the tone and language of Mein Kampf wholesale. Only two examples were used above, which I’ll never exceed in any future pieces, because quoting from the Nazi bible is more than a bit ‘off’.

        If you can’t see that then you’re part of the problem. Sadly, you’re not alone.

        Keep acting as an apologist if you want. Outside the internet bubble, when WoS does break through, all the TV/Radio public hear and see is an intolerant blackshirted extremist who brings opprobrium and embarrassment to the Yes campaign.


      • Btw if Jings is referring to *me* as a “supporter of a party that has embarrassing historical admiration and links to the nazi’s”, he couldn’t be more wrong.

        NHA have no “admiration and links” to anyone of that era, with the possible exception of Nye Bevan.

    • Would like to clear up one point in your last comment:

      If you see me as an “apologist” for WoS then there are definitely some wires crossed somewhere; while I might from time to time read his blog, I in no way endorse anything & everything he has to say (I took particular exception to his comments re Hillsborough.)

      If, as you say, he “borrows the tone and language of Mein Kampf wholesale” I haven’t really noticed but, rather than labour the point, I’ll take your word for it – no way am I reading all his past posts to look for it.

      • “no way am I reading all his past posts to look for it.”

        You don’t need to. There are far easier methods than that. Campbell’s stuff is too repetitively turgid to persevere with and it permeates the majority of his ‘work’ anyway. Read my post again. You’ll see how I did it. It’s clearly, if briefly, explained.

        Hillsborough’s a clear example of the overt and aggressively fallacious propaganda techniques engaged in by Campbell – a technique covered in his idol’s big book.

        If you’re not an apologist, why such a patronisingly dismissive opening comment?


  3. Yeti

    The irony of “the Rev” calling No voters cowards, when he’s too scared to come home to vote himself is incredible.

    • What I find particularly curious is, that with all that campaigning money, he isn’t up here now, actually campaigning.

      The fact he isn’t demonstrates just how much he really cares.

      Actions and words etc.


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