Moan McVulpine: Good people lashed by evil in high-ish places

MOAN says the main purpose of propaganda is to present ‘subjective’ truth in such a manner that it appeals to the prejudice of the common man in the street. By sticking to a few simple themes ie “Westminster is evil”, and repeating it ad nauseam, you will eventually succeed in making it a truism with some of the weaker minded individuals oot there:

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By Moan McVulpine – extracting the vile from evil

PROPAGANDA IS to a democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.

That is one of the least repeated quotes of modern times.

Especially in Scotland.

Because good men and women have to read the abuse heaped upon the British by verbally violent propagandists like Joan McAlpine.

But these good men and women will eventually get their chance to return a verdict on such vile opprobrium.

At the ballot box on Sep 18.

Joanie quite rightly puts the boot in to the alleged state protection cover up of paedophile rings at the heart of British government.

But, as with most things Nationalist, she takes it too far. Way too far.

As with the most successful propaganda, it relies on extreme monomania to make her base point.

Effectively and subtextually, Joanie is telling aw the guid Daily Redcoat reading Scots oot there that to vote No is to vote for paedophiles.

How gross? How tasteless? How Nationalist?

It’s a bit more coded than that and it’s a bit more sophisticated – not by much – but essentially it’s the online boorish cybernat message oft repeated this week of “a vote for No is a vote for child molesters”.

Such crude vulgarian messages, no matter how they’re dressed up, leave a distinctly bad taste in the mouth.

When you consider how ‘close’ Joanie is to the Firstminster and then reflect on his “sadness” over Cardinal O’Brien’s resignation last year, it makes you despair.

Cardinal O’Brien resigned his position due to accusations made by four separate alleged victims of his “predatory behaviour” toward them.

Yet Firstminster Salmond chose to say that “It would be a great pity if a lifetime of positive work was lost from comment in the circumstances of his resignation.”


It’s worth remembering the quote at the beginning of this polemic.

If the likes of Joanie taste real power in an independent Scotland, it won’t be long before her propaganda’s dropped for a taste of the hard stuff.

Thank goodness we* in Scotland will have the chance to sweep away the detritus of Firstminsterial croynisms like McAlpine’s.




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2 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Good people lashed by evil in high-ish places

  1. 3truths

    I am baffled by Joan’s accusations of people using power in an evil way, although I shouldn’t be really surprised.

    It was only a few months ago it was of her using intimidation tactics against the wife of her lover in order to stop the truth of her abusing tax payers funds being disclosed to the public.

    Although in the end, her transgressions were given the all clear by Scotgov.

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