BBC is totally biased claims Murdoch

Truth will out was the maxim so openly demonstrated by the Inralavyson inquiry when QC Robber Jaybird questioned Goebbels Murdoch over his attempts to undermine the BBC

Each and every one of these Prime and First Ministers has complained about the inherent and total biased output of the BBC. A spokesperson for the under fire corporation said: “Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right, here we are stuck in the middle for you, the viewer.”

By Troothis Oot

GOEBBELS MURDOCH yesterday threw light on the worst kept secret in christendom that the BBC is completlely biased against everyone.

No matter the vested interest or the political party, the BBC was found wanting when it came to providing favour or lip service to third parties.

Questioned by QC Robber Jaybird on the position held by Optimus Prime, Bullingdon Dave, regarding the BBC, Murdoch replied “he hated them”.

When queried on what Tony Blair thought of the BBC, Murdoch said “he hated them”.

Following through, QC Jaybird asked what Margaret Thatcher thought of the BBC,  Mr Murdoch said “she hated them”.

Pressing further, QC Jaybird asked what John Major thought of the BBC, Mr Murdoch said “he hated them”.

Penultimately, QC Jaybird asked what Gordon Brown thought of the BBC, Mr Murdoch replied “he hated them”.

Finally, QC Jaybird queried what Sun King Alex of Salmond thought of the BBC, Mr Murdoch answered “what do you think?”

The revelations have led to accusations of total bias against the BBC.

Their silence and complicity  in the matter convicts them in the court of public opinion. Case closed.


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