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12 Things You Didn’t Need to Know About @WangsScotland’s ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell

WANGS OVER Scotland bigmouth and editor ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell became the first to take part in a fawningly embarrassing series in CommonSpace recently. Campbell is an honest kid. He’s so honest it’s untrue. Here’s what he said ‘off the record’ when the right-on mostly ignored lefties of Commonspace had had their anodyne way with him:

"If there was one thing worse than being cheated, it was being cheated by someone who referred to themselves in the third person." ― Chris Wooding, The Iron Jackal

“If there was one thing worse than being cheated, it was being cheated by someone who referred to themselves in the third person.” ― Chris Wooding, The Iron Jackal

By Sicko PhantOfficial suck up and public relations etymologist

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

We wanted to be like normal children, you know with brothers and sisters and subservient friends with lots of dinner money to play with. But the other kids were all cunts and didn’t want to play with us after we quite reasonably pointed out our empirically researched, cited and referenced facts of why they were all cunts. People are so stupid and ungrateful when presented with the truth.

After our mother had had us, she said “no more, truly this boy is the Second Coming. Let him go forth and purify the earth – or Bathgate at least – of fuckwits, retards, cunts, morons, dickheads, arseholes, thickos and really really stupid people.

And that has been our mission in life since. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people out there who actually have the gall and arrogance to disagree and argue with us.

Who is your hero and why?

Stuart Campbell. Because he murdered that kid, meaning we got the great idea to call ourselves Reverend in the 90s. At least, that’s the story we’re sticking to.

What’s your favourite song?

‘You’re going to get your fucking head kicked in’ as sung on the terraces during our armchair football supporting days. We regularly sang it to all the primary school kids who dared contradict our choice of best pocketeer games in the eighties. Acting on the message of the lyrics soon made them see the error of their ways.

What are you scared of?

Fuck all! But if we were scared of anything, it would be getting found out and exposed for our hypocrisy. Take our public pronouncements over being unashamed of anything we’ve ever written – and then having to delete the guff we wrote about our tragically unsuccessful attempt at taking Future Publishing to the cleaners for ripping off our copyrighted material. Embarrassing or what? And then that thick cunt Longshanker dug up our claim that we had worked with “rape victims”. He plundered our old World of Stuart forum – which we were so proud of – so we had to close it down so no other fuckwit could read it because we were so unashamed of it.

Which is better: Stuart Campbell or Reverend Stuart Campbell or Wings Over Scotland or Edge of Heaven or Darius Burst or Hoots McCrivvens?

Any of the above except Darius Burst and Edge of Heaven and Hoots McCrivvens – Natch!; they represent our dark side where we were so stupid, technically illiterate and overbearingly arrogant that we got caught impersonating others through our IP address. Still, we never learn. Ask the Wikipedia editors and their cock editors who don’t believe in Fairplay – fucking Nazis!

Which is better: Throwing your toys out of the pram or acting like a crybaby?

It depends on context. Throwing your toys out of the pram is good and proper when cretinous thicko retards like K**** H**** and K*** H****ns appear on telly or start jobs working with the Scottish Government. Acting like a crybaby is better when democratic votes in parliament don’t go the way we wants them to. Why wouldn’t you want to burn down Holyrood? It’s half full of fucking unionists anyway.

You’re on a desert island, you can take one person, one book and one type of food. Who would you take, which book and which food?

You’re just trying to get us to tell you what we get up to with the sepa-rats aren’t you? NICE TRY FUCKWITS!

The best book ever written, and the one we’ve read most often, is the Wee Blue Book, but it would be a bit boring and irrelevant for an independent desert island so we’d probably go for Mein Kampf – something with depth, relevance and the odd touch of humour, not to mention searing insight into how to deal with the so called Mainstream Media and Unionists. Pro-tip: they’re not called Unionists in Mein Kampf.

And Jelly Babies, of course. As long as they’ve had their heads kicked in in the manner we likes.

When have you been wrong about something?

Would you like a list?

What really makes you angry?

Liars. Almost everything we’ve done with our life has been based on lies, embellishment of lies and lying falsehood. From pretending to be other people, to claiming other people are other people, to claiming unique users as unique readers, we are the liars liar. Most liars are only half hearted about it because they don’t have the commitment to believe their own lies. We knows our lies are the truth. And that’s a lie.

What really makes you happy?

Millions of things. Popping stupid kids ‘No Thanks’ balloons is a goer. Telling people to fuck off on Twitter. Killing things in virtual reality or real virtuality (we gets the two mixed up all the time). Getting switched off and back on again. Flirting with homosexuals because we are most definitely not fucking homosexuals. Swearing like a man. Castigating limp wristed swearers who block their f***ing swearing with asterisks.

I’m pretty much happy at anything which causes fuckwits and thickos any modicum of discomfort.

If you could spend an hour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Charlene Tilton of Dallas fame. We thinks she is undeserving of the term “poison dwarf”. We believes we are the true heirs to that crown. We would wear “poison dwarf” with pride. We are the most poisonous dwarf this side of The Circus in Bath.

If you met David Cameron today what would you say to him?

You might have been adventurous with a dead pig. You don’t even know you’ve lived until you’ve tried it with a live rat.

Photo courtesy of Photoshop and Greg Noodie




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Wangs Watch: Politicising Murray is sadsack Nationalism

AhDinnaeKen will try to avoid more than one Wangs Watch post per week, honest. But we* couldn’t help noticing this Orwellian Goldstein style hate ritual post from Rev Stu Campbell, editor and erstwhile ahem, ‘professional journalist’ of Wangs Over Skintland. This time, using Andy Murray as a totemistic vehicle for his brand of hate preaching, he attempts to foment ill will toward the English due to some horribly bigoted tweets aimed at our very own Wimbledon tennis champion. AhDinnaeKen investigates this increasingly nasty and desperate little hate preacher:


Is it a Jock, is it a c**t, no it’s super Andy – the Dunblane, Scottish, British tennis superstar champion of champions.

By Longshanker

BELIEVE IT or not, there are some unpleasant individuals out there in the UK who don’t like Andy Murray.

In fact there are some deeply unpleasant individuals out there who use their dislike of Andy Murray to broadcast to the world just how desperately unpleasant and bereft of humanity they really are. Ho hum – best ignored and left to their own sad little empty lives – these people are in the minority in the UK.

And then there’s the likes of hate preacher Rev Stu Campbell, waiting in the Wings, in his cupboard under the stairs, keyboard at the ready, to exploit such unpleasantness – for his own nasty little means, of course.

His recent retweets and posting of tweets from bigoted types calling Andy Murray a Jock c**t and various other vile brandishments is a new-ish stereotypical Nationalistic low for his Nationalist supremacist site.

His most recent post entitled ‘More research needed‘ is yet another version of his Orwellian styled Goldstein hate rituals, arranged as such for his Wanger followers to unite around in communal disgust and to vent their spleen at the hated English.

Zealot with a purpose alert!

Zealot with a purpose alert!

However, even some of his own gang of Wangers had their fill of it because they knew what was behind it; raw xenophobic tribal Nationalism for its own sake.

But the protests against what he was doing didn’t stop the Rev. In his empty, arid and isolated world, those protesting against his xenophobia merely redrew his “battle lines” for him and put themselves into the “fu*kwit” category for the ‘hatecrime’ of not being on his “side”.

AhDinnaeKen is no fan of the SNP, but even they should distance themselves from the intent and motivation behind this kind of disgusting hate fuelled demagogy; Joan McAlpine, Stephen Noon, Roseanna Cunningham, Christina McKelvie, Mhairi Hunter, Humza Yousaf etc. take note, he may have been a help, he’ll soon become a hindrance.

Like anyone else who read any of the anti-Andy Murray tweets posted on Twitter or those highlighted in the Wangs Over Skintland piece, they fill you with a sense of disdain and disgust for the people posting such things.

But to try and use them for Nationalistic, anti-English means, as Rev Stu did and does, exposes the dark, sinister, creepy and nastily polarising potential of raw Nationalism unleashed.

This strident abuse by the Rev is similar to the type of phenomenon envisioned by Ian Smart reecently in his not so smart Tweet about ‘polls and parkas’.

The Rev wants and needs people to see the English as vile and anti-Scottish. It’s the type of foundation upon which his ego driven brand of Nationalist supremacy can be built.

Judging by the fact that the current Nationalist independence message is still mired in the swamp of mediocrity, we can all brace ourselves for more of this kind of disturbing incitement of hatred toward our southern neighbours – about the only genuine fear AhDinnaeKen holds about the distant prospect of independence.

Pejorative phrases such as “WetNat” are now freely used by the failed and rejected videogame reviewing, court case loser – part of the reason, we* suspect, for his intemperate anger and hatred toward the world.

The use of “WetNat” reminds AhDinnaeKen of someone called Thatcher – another polarising and divisive zealot type – who used the word “wet” as a brandishment and form of bullying to those perceived as not “one of us”.

Using the online abuse aimed at Andy Murray as a vehicle to ramp up hostility toward the English isn’t the action of a DryNat however, it is the work of a HateNat. Rev Stuart Campbell is the personification of a HateNat.

The most discouraging part of this tawdry story is that apparently all you need to do to be an ahem, ‘professional journalist’ like the Rev claims to be, is to type “Murray Jock c**t” into twitter. It’s a dispiriting and negatively awful thing to do.

Positivity in action. Not the Nationalist whinge.

Positivity in action. Not the Nationalist whinge.

However, if you do the positive thing and type “Murray Britain luck” instead you’ll find many more, normal, sociable people wishing our tennis champion well for today’s final.

These people represent the majority of the UK. The Rev, unfortunately for him and his Wangers, is stuck in a paranoid Nationalistic world of perceived enemies lurking in the shadows waiting to waylay righteous Nationalists at every turn and junction.

There’s no place for this type of rancorous, chauvinistic hate driven bigotry in the indy debate.

It’s just a pity that hate preachers like the Rev don’t get that. Any chance to create division, any chance to create schism and any chance to create rancour will be exploited by HateNats with his pathology type at every available opportunity.

Boot out his bigotry, boot out his bile, support Andy Murray for the man himself, for Scotland and indeed, for Britain.

The final was for everyone, not just for the cheap ‘n’ nasty Nationalists wanting to claim Andy as their own in some faux display of Nationalistic pride.

The Rev’s Tweets and the intent behind them was shameful. Anyone who doesn’t get that, including some of the SNP aristocracy, is hatefully shameless also.

Go home. Think again!

[EDIT: This piece was written before Andy Murray played that fantastic game. AhdinnaeKen is still a bit jaked hence the lack of upadates to get the tense right.]


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Newsnat and Wangs Over Skintland: Have I Got News For You!

Most CyberNationalist blogger ‘journalism’ is populated by people who can’t write, citing people who can’t persuade, to people who can’t think. Or something like that. AhDinnaeKen investigates the paucity of actual ahem, ‘professional journalism’, involved in the allegedly popular, polarising, CyberNationalist sites; NewsnatSkintland and Wangs Over Skintland.

What was it that Ms Calman was claiming again?

What was it that Ms Calman was claiming again?

By Longshanker

IT’S NO secret both NewsnatSkintland and Wangs Over Skintland seriously consider themselves able to offer a viable alternative to mainstream journalism in Scotland.

Don’t laugh – too hard. Or, too much.

And, it’s no secret that AhDinnaeKen finds such self important and bombastic pretension, unbelievably hilarious.

Consider the recent Susan Kalmen virtual non-story created by the Hootsman. It’s running like an energiser bunny at present i.e. it just keeps going on and on and on…

The whole stooshie is based on a few misplaced tweets and a navel gazing woe-is-me blog authored by the alleged comedienne, Susan Kalmen, following some innocuous, allegedly comic, radio comments on the absurdity of the current Indy debate.

The Bitter Together Unionist establishment backed Hootsman ran with the headline “Susan Kalmen: Death threats for independence satire”, despite Kalmen never having claimed to have received death threats (real or otherwise) from anyone.

This fact appears to have completely bypassed G.A. Ponseybody, the author of a clunkily repetitive NewsnatSkintland monologue on the Hootsman’s virtual non-story.

The NewsnatSkintland report is well worth a look – for comedy value if nothing else.

If you ever take a media course or study the media, or decide to analyse the structure, narrative, and presentation of news stories, refer to this story of Ponseybody’s and file it under the ‘how not to do it’ file.

Ponseybody must have been drunk or in an uncontrollable apoplectic rage or suffered something which affected his judgement, to have produced such a second rate cistern of dribbling pish like this excuse for a story.

In the first paragraph, Ponseybody states that Kalmen “claimed to have been the victim of death threats”.

In the second paragraph, Ponseybody reminds us that Kalmen is at the centre of a row “after claiming to have been the victim of death threats”.

The third par, mentions the “claims” and then claims itself that Kalmen provided the quotes to a “pro-Union newspaper”. Newsnat’s claim is completely unsubstantiated throughout the proceedings.

By the fourth par, our erstwhile paladin of free and righteous journalism deigns to remind us again – in case we had forgotten from the third par – that there has been a “death threat claim”.

Paragraph five, second sentence, takes a great big club and smashes us over the head, right between the eyes, by yet again reminding us that Kalmen “has also claimed death threats were made”.

By the sixth paragraph, after suffering a pulmonary heart attack and being subjected to life saving CPR by some passing paramedics on their lunch break, Ponseybody further informs us that the Scotsman had “also claimed the comedienne had suffered “death threats””.

So, just in case you’re wondering, NewsnatSkintland is claiming that Susan Kalmen claimed that she had received death threats.

And, just in case you hold even a smidgeon of a doubt what this story is claiming, there is also a handy picture prominently captioned which, if you haven’t quite cottoned on yet, informs you that “Ms Calman has said she received death threats.”

Stop the bloody bus I want a wee wee. And a stiff non-minimum priced drink would go down well too after having to endure such blatantly amateur and tediously repetitive pish.

Ponseybody clearly isn’t one to let basic evidence get in the way of a chip on shooder grievance story. Especially if said grievance highlights, in his mind at least, the traitorous quisling degeneracy of the mainstream media.

The irony of the NewsnatSkintland story is, of course, that Ponseybody is perpetuating the same misleading assertion of the Hootsman, namely, that Ms Kalmen claimed to have received said death threats.

She did no such thing.

Other than the misconstrued and ‘dodgy’ headline, the original Hootsman story lifts its quotes attributed to Ms Kalmen directly from Ms Kalmen’s blog and at no time, whatsoever, makes the claim that the alleged comedienne received death threats.

The offending misunderstood quote is as follows:

“If we could stop the random name-calling, the swearing, the death threats (real or otherwise) then perhaps we could get somewhere.”.

Doh! Ponseybody, hide your head in shame you dolt.

Ahem, ‘professional journalism’ and ‘media monitor’ alert!
The Hootsman story also alludes to abusive online comments aimed at the alleged comedienne, following her cybernat offending Radio 4 ‘News Quiz’ broadcast, in which she had the temerity to lampoon the Indy debate.

Coincidentally, around the time of Kalmen’s infamous Radio 4 broadcast, a coterie of cybernats were in full chip on shooder, self inflicted, Unionist conspiracy, moral superiority, grievance mode, over at Wangs Over Skintland’s ‘media monitoring’ site.

If you’re not familiar with what happens in such CyberNationalist impregnated digital fortresses of truth, righteousness and sanctimony, it’s kind of like a love-in without the love.

Instead, the commenters, or Wangers as they are better known, coalesce around the Reverend ‘anointed one’ Campbell by sharing and articulating their displeasures and hurt at the anti-Scottish forces of ‘self-deprecation’ and ‘self loathing’ and ‘self humiliation’, currently sullying the purity, sanctity and reputation of their fatherland or Salmondland or whatever name they want to call the future independent political landscape of Skintland.

Wangs Over Skintland’s Rev Stuart Campbell was conducting the choir of hurt and betrayal to a crescendo of impassioned indignation over the alleged affront to our great wee Nation by those arrogant English basturts at Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY).

It was agreed by osmosis and empirical factual observation that HIGNFY was acting like a recruitment beacon for independence and had been moved from the ‘Pish list’ to the category of ‘Twat TV’.

And then there were the tirades against Kalmen herself. Second to mention her was a Wanger calling themselves Tiris. An individual who is associated with the Mugs Republic blog, who said: “Susan Kalmen, a Scottish comedienne, milked the English audience for laughs at her own country’s expense and lied about the currency issue.”

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the vilest of them all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the vilest possible person of them all?

Well, fire up the pitch, pull out the hoods and prepare for a lynching boys. How daur she! In an Independent Skintland this kind of affrontery will be legislated for and dealt with.

Next up was Maid Marian whose contribution nails the source of the abusive mystery site being alluded to from the moment the non-story broke. She said: “I have just heard Saturday’s repeat of The News Quiz and couldn’t believe my ears when Susan Calman started her mocking rant.”

The key connector here is the phrase “mocking rant”. It’s directly quoted in a follow up Hootsman story headlined “Fiona Herslop tolerance call after Susan Kalmen abuse”.

Work your way backward to the original story and you’ll find all the bilious quotes aimed at Ms Kalmen are sourced from Wangs Over Skintland.

The following sentence is from the original Hootsman story: “Other web users accused Ms Kalmen of “lying” over the currency issue, “talking down” Scotland, making “insulting” comments, “hating her country” and “self-loathing”.”

Each and every quote attributed by the Hootsman to ‘web users’ can be sourced back to Wangs Over Skintland’s comment thread.

Hilariously, even now, after days of painstaking investigative journalism on Google and Twitter by Ultimate Wanger, Rev Stu, he still hasn’t had the awareness or guile to realise that his site is the source of the hate.

Even as late as this evening 5th May he frothed in a piece entitled ‘Let’s Play Pretend’:

“A second-rate comedian allegedly taking a few brickbats from some anonymous commenters, with no evidence to prove it even happened at all, got blanket media coverage last week (with the Herald claiming it was proof of, and we quote, “SNP intolerance”, despite nobody knowing who any of the alleged abusers were, let alone whether they had any connection to the SNP).”

For this situation we* take our metaphorical hat off to the guys at the Hootsman. This is the equivalent of them having bowled the Rev a double googly. How they must have roared with laughter to see Rev Stu, the ‘watcher of the watchmen’ floundering on Twitter and Wangs Over Skintland like a spit roasted half-wit desperately in search of evidence which was right under his nose on his metaphorical doorstep – his own site.

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’.


Newsnetscotland on Susan Calman

Scotsman on Calman Death threats

Fiona Hyslop tolerance call after Susan Calman abuse


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Infamy! Infamy! The Rev has it infamy

Yet another tiresome, though mostly friendly, piece of journalistic advice for Skintland’s Tribune ahem, ‘professional journalist’.

"When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour."- Piers Anthony.  Empty evidenceless assertions. The Nationalist Modus Operandi

“When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour.”- Piers Anthony. Empty evidenceless assertions – the Nationalist Modus Operandi. Tsk Tsk. Ahem, ‘professional journalism ‘alert.

By Longshanker

Guess who wrote the following at the start of the year. Try not to laugh:

“This site’s primary purpose is the provision of facts. We want to persuade people of the merits of independence, but we want to do it with the truth, which is why we have a conspicuous policy of providing links whenever we make factual assertions.”

A prima facie example of facile homily and vacuous bombast explained by the simple epithet – ego out of control alert.

Now take a quick look at the main picture above illustrating this piece and mull over the assertion therein: “we have a conspicuous policy of providing links whenever we make factual assertions.”

Makes you wonder what happened to the policy. Must have been in an SNP white paper or something equally meaningless and empty.

AhDinnaeKen assumes the Rev’s accusation is referring to the poster below from the Scotsman’s comments section on the Susan Calman story.

We* loved "Pied Piper of Idiots". Wished we*'d thought of it.

We* loved “Pied Piper of Idiots”. Wished we*’d thought of it.

If the poster had anything to do with AhDinnaeKen, we*’d readily admit to it.

Anyone who came up with the description, ‘Pied Piper of Idiots’ gains kudos in this blogger’s books.

And we*’d have been more than happy to own up to such a post. But the moniker just isn’t this editor’s style.

Longshanker, or any other AhDinnaeKen correspondent for that matter, hasn’t posted on the Scotsman site since the wrong side of last year.

Unfortunately for Mr ‘conspicuous policy’ his policy is conspicuously absent and his accusation is a conspicuous falsehood.

It’s not the first time it’s happened either. We*’re still awaiting the evidence for Wangs accusation that Longshanker is a Labour Unionist.

Ho hum! There’s probably more chance of Firstminster Salmond living down his pasting from Jon Snow on the Channel 4 News on Tuesday than there is of the Rev having the integrity to act according to his own alleged conspicuous code.

Assuming the time stamps on the Scotsman site are correct, Longshanker’s exact location and approximate activity can be verified by over twenty independent individuals at the time the comment(s) above were posted.

So, the Rev’s false accusation begs the question – where’s the evidence?

Any accusations this blogger has ever aimed at the Rev have at least done him the discourtesy of having substance and evidence reinforcing them.

The Rev would do well to follow the example. Otherwise, he looks a bit, y’know, not for the first time, moronically stupid – a limp biscuit so to speak.

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’.


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Crybaby Nationalists

It’s hard for any remotely aware and rational person not to barefaced laugh at some Scottish Nationalist types. If you can watch Firstminster’s Questions for any extended period of time and not come to the conclusion that Whollyrude as a whole would be greatly served by a bird-flu pandemic or spending time on an East Lothian NHS waiting list, you’re a better person than AhDinnaeKen isnae. And now we have the question of how to perceive the Scotland on Sunday’s latest image to illustrate a book review.

I was so upset that I decided to burn a Butcher's Apron and have a laugh about it.

I was so upset that I decided to burn a Butcher’s Apron and have a laugh about it.

By Hippy Krit

EVEN BY AhDinnaeKen’s low expectations of the Scottish Nationalist stereotype, it’s been a bad day.

The Scotland on Sunday newspaper uses its own copyrighted and doctored image to illustrate a book review exposing some ahem, uncomfortable facts, about Scottish Nationalism’s history and the next thing you know the Nationalists are all up in arms crying like big spoiled babies.

It might be possible to trace the phenomenon back to the litigation culture of the USA, but it’s becoming harder and harder to stomach just how whiny certain Scottish Nationalist types are becoming these days.

Everywhere you look some CyberNationalist or other is bleating about some perceived misdeed enacted against their righteous and sanctimonious cause by the evil and oppressive Unionist backed mainstream media.

One hate preaching stereotypical bleating Nationalist even went so far as to photographically portray the present day Royals – whom Alex Salmond wants to keep for an Independent Scotland – as Nazi supporters.

Anything the Scotland on Sunday can do, Wangs Over Skintland can do, worse. Hurrah for ahem, 'professional journalism.'

Anything the Scotland on Sunday can do, Wangs Over Skintland can do, worse. Hurrah for ahem, ‘professional journalism.’

The mere act of using an image to suggest that not everything is rosey in the Nationalist Thistle garden is now condemned as the “lowest, rankest depth plumbed by any Scottish newspaper this year, if not for several years.”

It’s the sort of irony free statement that adds fuel to the fire of disbelieving mockery and raucous laughter rumbling throughout the ancient and modern lands of oor ain wee Alba.

Haw haw – get ower it ya bunch of whinin’ babies. It’s an image which has achieved exactly what it set out to do – provoke debate and draw attention to the review of the book involved.

The default response to any kind of slight or challenge nowadays seems to be to shriek that you’re being bullied or persecuted or oppressed or subjugated or colonised, and demand – often via your blog or the threat of your twitter account – that nobody should ever dare question or criticise your cause in any way.

And as a result, the default position of the alternative donation led media is to cringe and whinge, bleat and whine and instantly do the same thing the mainstream media are accused of.

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’.

Is AhDinnaeKen alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone getting all faux offended or crying like a ‘professional’ baby?

It’s starting to look increasingly like it is, and that makes us pish oorsels laffin while simultanesouly trying not to choke on oor coffee.

Does anyone know a good ahem, ‘professional journalist’.




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A bias recognised is a bias sterilised according to Benjamin Haydon. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop some self appointed ‘activist’ types from going on and on and on about it. Ho hum! Zzzz…

"Activism is tough. Online activism is just tedious." - Calumnity Cashley

“Activism in the real world is tough. Online activism is just tedious.” – Calumnity Cashley

By Media Monitor-Mendicant

SCOTTISH NEWSPAPER headlines were officially declared as “misleading” yesterday after a self appointed ‘media monitor’ found them guilty of biasedness for over 300 years running.

“Yesterday’s headlines were blatant enough,” said Wangs Over Skintland, “but today’s have hit a new level of Unionist conspiracy.

“The fears are that tomorrow’s headlines will be the worst since records began.” he frothed.

“There are no signs of less biased headlines on the horizon and it may be years before we see any sort of recovery in ‘truthful’ reporting like that exhibited by my 20 years of, ahem, ‘professional journalism’.

“Please give me some money, the despicable Unionist oppressors are going to put me on the Work Programme if you don’t…” (cont. 292 pages).

Those Disgustingly Biased Headlines In Full

Biasedness worst since I said so says Wangs Over Skintland

Biasedness worst since Wangs said so says Peter A Dumb-Bell

Biasedness worst since Xmas Turkey vote in 1979 says SNP

Biasedness worst since Culloden says Bonnie Prince Charlie

Biasedness worst since Dunbar says Oliver Cromwell

Biasedness worst since Flodden says James IV’s widow

Biasedness worst since Falkirk says William Wallace

Biasedness worst since Mons Graupius says Calgacus

[For more outrageous, oppressive, lying, disgustingly despicable Mainstream Media Bias cast your eyes on anything Broadcast by the BBC or published in the Telegraph, Scotsman, Herald, Guardian, Daily Record, Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star and Metro. At least, that’s what the Media Monitor medicant would have you believe in his capacity as an, ahem, ‘professional journalist’. Try not to laugh too hard.]

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Flashmob – cybernat style

Forsooth! Ye Hue and Cry of McCarthyism has been raised. There is a young unbeliever expressing her blasphemy in a youthful and disrespectful fashion. Unleash ye hounds of inclusive CyberNationalism so that she may be ‘progressed’.

How darest she be young and how darest she express an opinion contrary to Nationalist expectations.

How darest she be young and how darest she express an opinion contrary to Nationalist expectations. She must be inclusively  ‘progressed because we do things differently here.

Cybernat Flash Mob: (In unison) She is female! She is young! She is puerile? She has no evidence! She writes badly! She must be progressed! Unleash the hounds of inclusiveness!


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