Wangs Watch: Politicising Murray is sadsack Nationalism

AhDinnaeKen will try to avoid more than one Wangs Watch post per week, honest. But we* couldn’t help noticing this Orwellian Goldstein style hate ritual post from Rev Stu Campbell, editor and erstwhile ahem, ‘professional journalist’ of Wangs Over Skintland. This time, using Andy Murray as a totemistic vehicle for his brand of hate preaching, he attempts to foment ill will toward the English due to some horribly bigoted tweets aimed at our very own Wimbledon tennis champion. AhDinnaeKen investigates this increasingly nasty and desperate little hate preacher:


Is it a Jock, is it a c**t, no it’s super Andy – the Dunblane, Scottish, British tennis superstar champion of champions.

By Longshanker

BELIEVE IT or not, there are some unpleasant individuals out there in the UK who don’t like Andy Murray.

In fact there are some deeply unpleasant individuals out there who use their dislike of Andy Murray to broadcast to the world just how desperately unpleasant and bereft of humanity they really are. Ho hum – best ignored and left to their own sad little empty lives – these people are in the minority in the UK.

And then there’s the likes of hate preacher Rev Stu Campbell, waiting in the Wings, in his cupboard under the stairs, keyboard at the ready, to exploit such unpleasantness – for his own nasty little means, of course.

His recent retweets and posting of tweets from bigoted types calling Andy Murray a Jock c**t and various other vile brandishments is a new-ish stereotypical Nationalistic low for his Nationalist supremacist site.

His most recent post entitled ‘More research needed‘ is yet another version of his Orwellian styled Goldstein hate rituals, arranged as such for his Wanger followers to unite around in communal disgust and to vent their spleen at the hated English.

Zealot with a purpose alert!

Zealot with a purpose alert!

However, even some of his own gang of Wangers had their fill of it because they knew what was behind it; raw xenophobic tribal Nationalism for its own sake.

But the protests against what he was doing didn’t stop the Rev. In his empty, arid and isolated world, those protesting against his xenophobia merely redrew his “battle lines” for him and put themselves into the “fu*kwit” category for the ‘hatecrime’ of not being on his “side”.

AhDinnaeKen is no fan of the SNP, but even they should distance themselves from the intent and motivation behind this kind of disgusting hate fuelled demagogy; Joan McAlpine, Stephen Noon, Roseanna Cunningham, Christina McKelvie, Mhairi Hunter, Humza Yousaf etc. take note, he may have been a help, he’ll soon become a hindrance.

Like anyone else who read any of the anti-Andy Murray tweets posted on Twitter or those highlighted in the Wangs Over Skintland piece, they fill you with a sense of disdain and disgust for the people posting such things.

But to try and use them for Nationalistic, anti-English means, as Rev Stu did and does, exposes the dark, sinister, creepy and nastily polarising potential of raw Nationalism unleashed.

This strident abuse by the Rev is similar to the type of phenomenon envisioned by Ian Smart reecently in his not so smart Tweet about ‘polls and parkas’.

The Rev wants and needs people to see the English as vile and anti-Scottish. It’s the type of foundation upon which his ego driven brand of Nationalist supremacy can be built.

Judging by the fact that the current Nationalist independence message is still mired in the swamp of mediocrity, we can all brace ourselves for more of this kind of disturbing incitement of hatred toward our southern neighbours – about the only genuine fear AhDinnaeKen holds about the distant prospect of independence.

Pejorative phrases such as “WetNat” are now freely used by the failed and rejected videogame reviewing, court case loser – part of the reason, we* suspect, for his intemperate anger and hatred toward the world.

The use of “WetNat” reminds AhDinnaeKen of someone called Thatcher – another polarising and divisive zealot type – who used the word “wet” as a brandishment and form of bullying to those perceived as not “one of us”.

Using the online abuse aimed at Andy Murray as a vehicle to ramp up hostility toward the English isn’t the action of a DryNat however, it is the work of a HateNat. Rev Stuart Campbell is the personification of a HateNat.

The most discouraging part of this tawdry story is that apparently all you need to do to be an ahem, ‘professional journalist’ like the Rev claims to be, is to type “Murray Jock c**t” into twitter. It’s a dispiriting and negatively awful thing to do.

Positivity in action. Not the Nationalist whinge.

Positivity in action. Not the Nationalist whinge.

However, if you do the positive thing and type “Murray Britain luck” instead you’ll find many more, normal, sociable people wishing our tennis champion well for today’s final.

These people represent the majority of the UK. The Rev, unfortunately for him and his Wangers, is stuck in a paranoid Nationalistic world of perceived enemies lurking in the shadows waiting to waylay righteous Nationalists at every turn and junction.

There’s no place for this type of rancorous, chauvinistic hate driven bigotry in the indy debate.

It’s just a pity that hate preachers like the Rev don’t get that. Any chance to create division, any chance to create schism and any chance to create rancour will be exploited by HateNats with his pathology type at every available opportunity.

Boot out his bigotry, boot out his bile, support Andy Murray for the man himself, for Scotland and indeed, for Britain.

The final was for everyone, not just for the cheap ‘n’ nasty Nationalists wanting to claim Andy as their own in some faux display of Nationalistic pride.

The Rev’s Tweets and the intent behind them was shameful. Anyone who doesn’t get that, including some of the SNP aristocracy, is hatefully shameless also.

Go home. Think again!

[EDIT: This piece was written before Andy Murray played that fantastic game. AhdinnaeKen is still a bit jaked hence the lack of upadates to get the tense right.]



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