Moan McVulpine: List politician is a career choice, it’s exploitation, abuse and contempt for the voter.

SUGGESTING something be changed about the list system in Scotland, Moan recalls how some list politicians have killed the principle of list MSPs:

Threats, deception and 'special' favours all form part of the McAlpine modus operandi.

Some list MSPs behaviour brings the whole system into disrepute.

By Moan McVulpineList politician and gigolo expert

“Without lists, there would be no list politicians” – these are the words of a voter who survived list politicians.

She was speaking about lip service and demand for party apparatchiks at the ‘Proportional voting in Scotland conference’.

Take away the principle and you save millions of taxpaying voters the need to pay for mostly talentless political freeloaders.

This is why I support the End Career List Politicians Now campaign launched in AhDinnaeKen this week.

It aims to highlight the purchase and abuse of privilege but at the same time expose those who have used fear or favour to help themselves onto the list system. This is a reversal of the system as it currently stands.

Two list MSPs recently resigned from the SNP and one even joined the Green party, despite no one ever having directly voted for them.

Forfox Sake – the Edinburgh charity who have changed attitudes in the capital – said: “Every vote that puts a list MSP in place is a vote for the party, not the person behind it.

As many list MSPs prove, these are supposed to be nodding donkeys and Yes men whom nobody wanted to see as politicians in the first place.”

Some suggest that “list politician” is a legitimate choice of career. To them I ask, “Whatever happened to the principle of being voted in due to merit of the candidate?

“Would a career politician like Saint Nicola of Sturgeon ever have reached the heights she has without the unfair advantage of the list system?”

The death of the list system principle happened last year when John Finnie cocked a snook at the thousands of voters who put their X in the Alex for Firstminster box. It demonstrated that the system needs to be reformed.

Some list MSPs brought further ignominy on the integrity of the parliament by failing to ask questions in the chamber that they had tabled themselves.

Others abused the expenses system to pay their lovers for services rendered – like any cheap grubby man on the lookout for a prostitute.

But the tide is turning. Buying privilege in the Scottish Parliament will eventually be noticed.

A straw poll evaluation of the list system in Shettleston said the system had resulted in, “Profit from voter aspiration.”

And profit is what it’s all about – profit from the gullibility and vulnerability of voters.

Forget The West Wing, the series in which actors portray politicians as acting from the highest of ideals. The real-life version is cynicism incarnate for all concerned.

Visit the End Career List Politicians Now campaign’s crowdfunder page here.



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