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Blair Jenkins legitimises notorious internet hate preacher

Just why did Blair Jenkins OBE, Chief of the Yes campaign and believer in greater integrity in journalism sanctify, legitimise and dignify Rev Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland, with a recent reply via Twitter? AhDinnaeKen disnae ken, but here’s a reminder, especially for Blair, what he’s being seen to legitimise:

Blair Jenkins LegitimisesBy Longshanker

BUT FIRST, consider the following worthy assertion and sentiment in terms of the legacy and direction of travel of the UK’s current news media:

“There has been a significant loss of public trust in news organisations, which is why a new culture of integrity and transparency within the media and a restoration of that trust are so important.”

So said Blair Jenkins OBE, Yes Campaign Leader and author of the high falutin Carnegie Trust sourced paper ‘Better Journalism in the Digital Age‘.

A worthy document well worth a read.

A worthy document well worth a read.

It’s a worthy visionary document full of high ideals and best practices for media in the digital age. It speaks with sincerity and compelling authority of the need and desire for “transparency“, “integrity” and “trust” from today’s media outlets.

The legitimacy of Mr Jenkins media view is virtually impossible to write off. His track record and accomplishments in the news sector of the Scottish media are second to none.

And that’s why Mr Jenkins recent reply (above) to Wings Over Scotland’s Twitter challenge is so utterly bafffling and dispiritingly disappointing.

I would expect someone of Mr Jenkin’s calibre and position to know better than be publicly seen legitimising an aggressive and divisive hate preacher like Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell.

What that one Tweet signals is that many can no longer trust in the integrity of Mr Jenkins judgement. Anything he has to say when speaking for the Yes campaign is now tainted by the knowledge that he thinks Wings’ Stuart Campbell is a legitimate and sanctifiable individual in the wider independence campaign.

As a quick reminder, without wanting to make too much of a meal of it, here are some ‘highlights’ of Stuart Campbell’s ahem, ‘professional’ journalistic integrity:

1) On Feminism:
“feminism is the most intolerant ideology currently operating in the UK, leaving ultra-radical Islam trailing a distant second and looking on angrily.”

2) On videogame difficulty
“Beginner is for girls and homosexuals, but forgiveable for a reviewer with limited time who needs to see as much of the game as possible.”

3) On “murderous”, “lethally stupid” Liverpool fans at Hillsborough
“At Hillsborough, everyone pushing their way into the tunnel knew perfectly well that it opened into an enclosed area with no exits, hemmed in by overhanging steel fences, which minutes before kick-off was likely to already be crammed with people, and which took the inherently-hazardous form of a stairway.”

4) On the British Electorate:
“Everyone in Britain is a moron”; “The Welsh are snivelling, forelock tugging wretches”; “The Scottish are cringing pitiful scum”; The English are whimpering, spineless cowards”; “The Northern Irish are potato-brained halfwits

5) On Croatian nationalist football fans:
“How will we explain to these people that our own land is full of snivelling cowards?”

There’s a surplus of this type of disturbing hate preaching throughout Mr Campbell’s writings. He thinks nothing of picking on individuals he doesn’t like in order to denigrate and diminish them and he appears to relish attacking females – for whatever reason – such as comedienne Susan Calman,  student Kayleigh Quinn, Labour supporter Louise Morton, independence activist Kate Higgins and Scottish Socialist Rebelgirl59.

Rather than harp on, AhDinnaeKen invites any interested parties, including Blair Jenkins, to investigate the entries in this site filed under the ‘Wangs Watch’ category on the right of the page. Make up your own mind and then tell me why I’m an #internetnutcase as Joan McAlpine MSP recently tweeted in defence of Mr Campbell.

Now consider this:

“Just as crowd-sourcing has proved an invaluable resource for good and  responsible journalism, so crowd-shaming could help to deter the other kinds of journalism.”Blair Jenkins OBE, Better Journalism in the Digital Age.

Mr Campbell ran a very successful crowd sourcing campaign which allegedly raised more than £30,000 for his ’cause’. Maybe Mr Jenkins had this in mind when he chose to sanctify Mr Campbell with his Tweet reply.

In anyone’s language, the Wings crowd funding campaign was a phenomenal success. In other circumstances AhDinnaeKen would have congratulated the recipient and wished him well. But Wings Over Scotland is an exception to any feelings of magnanimity. It would have been like congratulating Nick Griffin for a similar action – anathema to the tolerant democracy I believe in.

In Mr Campbell’s case – though I know I’m not alone – I feel like the small boy pointing out that the (little) Wings emperor is in fact wearing no clothes. His naked brand of aggressive hate preaching, sheltering under the cloak of the independence banner, demeans what is, in general, a worthy-ish campaign.

To me (and many others) it’s blaringly obvious what Mr Campbell is. Why shouldn’t it be so with such a media switched on individual as Blair Jenkins?

Maybe fellow high-ish profile Yes campaigner, Pat Kane, has had a word in Mr Jenkins ear. Mr Kane is quite clearly dazzled by Stuart Campbell’s articulacy and command of language which, at times, can only be described as eloquence.

But, being overawed by eloquence is no reason to act as a bona fide apologist for a vile, underhanded and smearing hate preacher, no matter his command of the English language.

The quality of national debate and discourse is directly related to the quality of our news media services” according to Blair Jenkins.

The quality of national debate is severely diminished if Wings Over Scotland is in Mr Jenkins thoughts as an example of this new digital ‘news media’.

AhDinnaeKen invites readers of all persuasions to make up their own minds.


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Lookalikes: Vote Yes for some dream SNP wallpaper

Yes campaign supporters ramp up the ‘meme’ power in the War of Independence Propaganda. Looks like they need some more creative collectivism for the pseuds-Yes campaign.

Lookalikes 02
Dear Sir

Am I the only person to notice that you could buy a ‘dream house’ with the £300,000 Firstminster Salmond promised us Skints the other day there?

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between this facile empty fallacious poster by the pseudo-Yes campaign and this empty facile fallacious poster by the Just Say Yes (please) campaign?

I think we should be told.

Yours sincerely


[Edit: We* got spoofed by the pseuds. Takes hat off and tugs the forelock. Turns oot ye can kid a kidder 🙂 ]

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Neverendum taken to Boremore Political mortuary ‘showed signs of life’

Campaigns need momentum and vision to enthuse a people. AhDinnaeKen investigates the Skints damp squib Neverendum and reports on why it looks like it’s finally departed this mortal coil.

The Neverendum debate was brought here yesterday where it showed signs of life. It was later pronounced 'well and truly deid'.

The Neverendum debate was brought here yesterday where it showed signs of life. It was later pronounced ‘well and truly deid’.

By Kikt Bukket

A PROBE has been launched after a Neverendum taken to a parliamentary mortuary showed “potential signs of life”.

The Neverendum had fallen from the Lackovision Bridge in Skintland on Tuesday and, after attempts to resuscitate it, was pronounced deid at the scene.

An undertaker took the debate to Boremore Plasticine Parliament where, during routine checks, staff became concerned that the Neverendum was showing “potential signs of life”.

However, following the pension administration announcement yesterday, the Neverendum was pronounced well and truly ‘deid’.

The incident is being investigated by the International Community and the Nothing Bettertaedae Committee.

The Westminster Ambulance Service said it was reviewing the case.

‘Boresville campaigning’
Hauf deid supine deathly boring automated MSP zombie spokesperson for the SNP, Wee Naebudy, said: “Following campaign retrieval and having bored the electorate for some time, Wee Ecky and Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon made every effort to resuscitate the debate.

“But when you’ve got the likes o’ Tony Blairjenkins, pantsonfiregate and ‘levers‘ as a vision for self determination, whit dae you expect?

“Ah’m surprised it’s gone on this long, it’s been hauf deid for a while noo.”

Emergency services had been called to the Lackovision Bridge, where the Neverendum was brought ashore and the SNP ambulance crew unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate it.

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Poll: Swing of just 70% would put Yes ahead

Poll Yes Campaign


Posted by Och Aye the Noo Scotland on January 27, 2013. More in hope than in credibility.
Welcoming today’s Flannelbase poll for the Funday Times and Unreal Radio Scotland, the Chief Fantasist of Och Aye the Noo Scotland, Tonyblair Jenkins, said: “What this poll shows is that there is a solid and sustained attempt to clutch at any straw which backs up my/our increasingly ludicrous assertions on independence. According to these online paid for figures, a swing of just 70 per cent could lead to the emancipation of the subjugated, colonised and Stockholm Syndromed Scots.”

“At 23%, this is 47 points higher than the recent Anti-Scottish Social Attitude survey which, insignificantly, was conducted before we fully realised that the Tories aren’t very nice to welfare beneficiaries and they’re not very nice about the Big European Quangocracy either.”

He added: “We have also had the Westminster coalition’s admission that the SNP are relying on them to do something really really nasty in the hope they might gain some rebound votes for Indy. In this the SNP are absolutlely correct and we hope and pray that the Tories look like they could get re-elected in 2015. We already have Bullingdon Dave’s raw meat eaters to thank for easing the pressure on our sand shifting EU deceptions.”

“We do not underestimate the credibility gap we have to bridge for us to be taken seriously by Autumn next year. Mission Impossible our opponents are calling it. We have to persuade those who believed Devo-Max was their preferred choice that that was also the Firstminster’s preferred choice an’ aw. That basturt Cameron killed off that failsafe option for Oor Wee Eck. This debate will drone on and on and on and we are confident that we will be the only people left interested or standing by Autumn 2014.”

[AhDinnaeKen would like to apologise for the consistently longer than 25 word sentences. Tonyblair Jenkins is nothing if not a bit of a turgid windbag. Though you probably knew that about ex-BBC Tristrams anyway.]


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Labour Party set to be destroyed by independent ‘enemy within’

Slow day at the news desks results in one of many tortuously manufactured stories set to offer hope to independence supporters.

“Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?” – Tonyblair Jenkins

By Demma Gogg

THE SCOTTISH Labouring party is on the verge of spontaneous combustion over independence according to wishful thinking independinistas and cybernats.

A new Facebook page has been opened by a latter day freedom fighting William Wallace type Labourer, Alyin Grogger and it has registered some hits.

According to biased mainstream media and Newsnet reports the site has been visited by 24,000 cybernats and three Labourer activists.

Grogger, a veteran Labouring activist, said there is a real appetite amongst Nationalists and Independence supporters for the story to be more than a silly season damp squib.

He said: “There’s hee haw happening just now, so the Mainstream Media can manufacture a controversy by looking around my madeup Facebook page.

“Once done and accusations are made, they have a ready made story for the next day when official Labourers have to deny that there is a split.

“If nothing happens in the interim, all it takes is a few select phone calls to rent a gob academics, activists and mostly ignored party members to keep the story running.”

According to one made up quote whose source preferred to remain anonymous “Grogger has actually put on a bet with Bet Ladbroke Fred 365 to see how many deluded Nats and Cybernats would be taken in by this story.”

Grogger was last seen counting a large pile of sterling close to Tennents Bar on the Byres Road in Glasgow.

Tonyblair Jenkins the ex-BBC Tristram in charge of the Just Say Yes (please) campaign was last seen getting his knickers in a twist over the breaking news.

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