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The Modern Pamphleteers – Who said that? #2

The second of AhDinnaeKen’s semi-regular shameful Sunday slots dedicated to the radical and modern pamphleteers of our age. Ever wondered why certain CyberNationalists can be so offensive? Wonder no more. This series exposes the people they got it from. 

Award yourself a Tartan star each time you know the answer.

Who Said That #2

A: Former Street tramping, terrorist appeasing and powermongering Injustice Minster, Kenny MacAskill, delivered the speech to SNP conference in 1998 in which he referred to the England football team as the “Great Satan”.

His speech – Great Satan an’ all – gained him the overwhelming support of over two thirds of delegate votes and a standing ovation from ‘ultimate control freak’  Tricky Dicky Salmond himself.

AhDinnaeKen reckons the Great Satan is a phrase we*’ve heard somewhere before. It’s normally associated with flag burners, sectarian extremists and the like, but hey, the Yes campaign has got them in its ranks as well.

Perhaps we* should conduct a ‘Social Audit’ to root them out.

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