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Raasay attax not welcome

The SNP showed their true colours last week when they decided to shoot dead the Raasay Crofters hopes and aspirations for a better life.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks
By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘hip’ in hypocrisy

CAN YOU imagine a Scottish plasticine parliament acting like an absentee landlord in the heart of their own country?

Me neither. Yet that’s exactly what the SNP have acted like toward the crofters of the island of Raasay – y’know, people who actually live here.

I am proud to say that at last the party has thrown off the yolk (sic) of the Scottish cringe.

With Raasay as our clarion call, we can start apeing the actions of our colonial Tory posh boy betters and shaft the Scots where they need shafting – in their modest, hardworking aspirations.

Paul Shithouse, the SNP Croftingminster is an archetype of the new ‘ruling class’ anonymously emerging from the Plasticine Parliament’s mediocropolis.

He’s an arrogant, out of touch, absentee, ‘Tartan Tory’ Macposh boy who wouldn’t know the price of 18 years of hard work and endeavour if it hit him square on his fat bloated head.

Fast tracked from the privileged freeloaders MSP list, he’s barely in the job six months and he’s managed to help destroy the hopes and aspirations of a whole community with one foul stroke of his gilt edged public schoolboy pen.

Here’s to the Tartan Tories. More Tory than the Tory Tories. We’re doing nothing in our power to protect people from the absentee landlord policies of Edinborrow.

Some say we should get shot of Shithouse in the manner he got shot of Raasay’s shooting and gaming rights.

I’ll drink to that.





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