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Oh dear! #2 A game of spot the difference for Natalie McGarry

AHDINNAEKEN IS willing to bet that the people of Cowdenbeath are counting their blessings following the actions of “Twitter personality” Natalie McGarry yesterday. When it comes to smearing she should at least follow the lead of fellow Nationalists who know what they’re doing. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

A recent Panelbase poll revealed the credibility of Nationalist smears by weight.

A recent Panelbase poll revealed the credibility of Nationalist smears by weight per 100kg.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

AHDINNAEKEN CALLED out the niece of Presiding Officer, Trisha Marwick, yesterday.

We* displayed a couple of tweets which highlighted Natalie’s, er, inconsistency, when smearing/labelling people.

The reaction to AhDinnaeKen’s blog by the failed Cowdenbeath by-election candidate was all too predictable. Nasty too.

Following the blog “Oh dear! Twitter personality Natalie McGarry caught out yet again“, we* received a tweet from Brian Spanner.

The initial tweet by Brian reeked of something that wasn’t very nice. In relation to Natalie he said: “her blood line could only get her so far. she is genuine bombscare material and i doubt she’ll get another run at a seat.”

Here’s how Natalie chose to display that interaction:

EXHIBIT A: https://twitter.com/nataliemcgarry/status/452890369177714688/photo/1

Carefully cropped picture for smearing effect shock! I can't believe that the niece of the Presiding Officer could do such a thing. Doesn't reflect too well, does it?

Carefully cropped picture for smearing effect shock! I just can’t believe that the niece of the Presiding Officer could post this when it was so easily exposed for the sham that it is. Doesn’t reflect too well on the quality or integrity of our prospective MSPs does it?

Makes it look bad for @ergasiophobe doesn’t it. The use of the phrase “blood line” has some pretty poor connotations. And Natalie seized the opportunity in as subtle a fashion as could be predicted.

AhDinnaeKen might be rude, very occasionally crude and mostly idiotic, but we*’ll always challenge the kind of language used in this instance by Brian.

EXHIBIT B:  https://twitter.com/Ergasiophobe/status/452874896742572032

The term 'Twitter personalit' implies that you know how to use Twitter. Extra lessons required for Ms McGarry perhaps.

The term ‘Twitter personality’ implies that you know how to use Twitter. Extra lessons required for Ms McGarry perhaps? Call it a hunch.

Not too difficult to spot the difference between the actual conversation and the way Natalie presented it – is it?

She did the same with another Tweeted reply by Pat McKane, but that’s all we*’re going to say about that horrible tweet. Check the @ergasiophobe timeline if you’re interested.

We*’re not going to say too much about Natalie’s rank amateur attempt at smearing, other than what was said yesterday: “If you’re going to smear with a sticky ‘one size fits all’ label, at least provide some evidence and be consistent.”

The evidence presented here speaks for itself. Next!




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Moan McVulpine: Warning! Don’t cross your Nationalist masters

AS MOAN vows to continue smearing the wife she betrayed and later abused, the lesson’s clear: “Don’t attempt to cross your Nationalist masters. They get nasty when crossed.”

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpine Backdating revisionism in anyone’s language

SCREEDS OF politicians can claim their work has destroyed lives, but none quite so personally as Moan McVulpine.

The award winning hackster-turned MSP set up some ‘questionable’ proxy payments for her illicit lover for ‘services’ rendered.

And then, got ignobly found out.

From 2012 onwards, the shit hit the fan for the erstwhile anti-Scots Finder General.

When the betrayed wife rumbled her, McVulpine backtracked quicker than a Westminster MP could flip their second home.

Timing was everything and McVulpine paid back a sum, out of her own pocket, which would keep an adult Jobseeker in benefit for six months.

Go figure!

As if to compound the aroma she leaves wherever she goes, the fragrant one issued threats to the betrayed wife through the office of National Selective’s favourite legal champion.

What a stinker! Eh?

And then, following the Firstminster’s lead for reporting himself to parliament, she reported herself to parliament – knowing full well that when she is inevitably cleared she can claim innocence, virtue and vindication against the right wing forces of media oppression, the Daily Mail.

All of which will more than serve the dual purpose of sticking it to the London elites and galavanising the MobNat legions sense of grievance.

In the eyes of the Nationalists at least.


Of course, she’ll go on under representing her list constituency and continue lifting her £57,000 salary and £20,000 plus expenses like every other ordinary Scot in the country.

It begs the question, how can such a piece of work continue without having to resign?

We* think we know the answer.

Ask Granny Salmond.




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The Impersonal Touch

Notorious website Wings Over Scotland indulges in the type of behaviour which it continually claims the mainstream media is guilty of.  AhDinnaeKen investigates:

What has this picture got to do with anything? Bloody biased mob-funded media.

What has this picture got to do with anything? Bloody biased hysteria-funded media!

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

A NATIONALIST FRONT website blogger has claimed he is the victim of a Unionist conspiracy and stalking campaign.

Stuart Campbell of Nationalist supremacist website Wings Over Scotland claims that an alleged “virulent Unionist” and “Rangers supporter” Murray Brady is stalking him in order to discredit his site in the eyes of the Yes campaign and the mainstream media.

He further claims that a “dossier” is circulating around the offices of the evil and wicked MSM in order to taint him in a “grim personal smear attack”.

Mr Campbell, 45, is a self appointed defender of truth, righteousness and probity in the independence campaign and he is famed for single handedly holding the “evil” Unionist MSM to account for its wickedness.

Impartial observers have noted that there is virtually no substantial factual content or evidence evident anywhere in Mr Campbell’s story, entitled “The Personal Touch”, which could possibly corroborate or substantiate one iota of a smidgeon of the claims raised.

Some went further, stating that it’s merely a pathetically obvious and evasive ruse to deflect from being exposed for his extreme views and relentlessly tireless hate tirades from his mob-funded website and Twitter feed.

One impartially wry observer noted that there appears to be no verifiable facts, sources or independent citations within the whole story for any of the claims to be taken seriously.

Longshanker, associate editor of ‘satirical’ website AhDinnaeKen said:

“Mr Campbell spins a story and provides background information about an alleged ‘stalker’ which doesn’t stack up. The only ‘evidence’ proffered, which allegedly connects this named individual, Murray Brady, to the AhDinnaeKen website, is the non-specified timing of comments left on Mr Campbell’s site and the writing style of the non-specified commenter. Other than that laughably meagre fare, which depends on Campbell’s “opinion” there is nothing of substance which can be verified by an independent observer.

“In the real world of ‘professional’ journalism, such minimalist conjecture doesn’t stand up as a legally tight credible story and leaves both the ahem, ‘journalist’ and the publication exposed to potentially expensive challenge or embarrassing take down.

“Mr Brady, if he actually exists, would have a right of claim of harrassment, if not defamation, against Wings Over Scotland and its curious brand of alleged ‘professional’ journalism.”

The Campbell story centres upon an unidentified commenter appearing on the Wings Over Scotland website at around the same time – which is only implied – as he alleges Murray Brady had charges for a non-specified alleged crime dropped by the Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow.

Despite providing no tangible evidence whatsoever, Mr Campbell gravely concluded:

“While we have, as noted, no conclusive proof, our opinion, for numerous reasons, is that there is no doubt whatsoever the author of the blog responsible for the “dossier” is Murray Brady, or someone acting as a front for him.”

Curiously, Mr Campbell edited his site, without reference or note or reason, to add the following line:

“Murray Brady used to consistently deny being in any way responsible for his hate campaign, right up to the point where the police forced his internet service provider to reveal his identity.”

Translated into the real world, this probably means the police used Google or some other form of internet search tool.

AhDinnaeKen invites readers to question why Mr Campbell’s piece is so coy about providing any hard facts to prove a case against his alleged assailant, Murray Brady.

What AhDinnaeKen would like to ask, on behalf of reason and sanity, is the following:

1) Just what were the charges raised against Murray Brady, if indeed there were any, and when and why were they dropped by the Procurator Fiscal?

2) Why is there no third party independent corroboration, other than an unnamed Scottish journalist, of anything that is claimed in the whole story?

3) Why did Mr Campbell use a picture of Norwegian right wing supremacist Anders Behring Breivik, one of the most dangerous and repugnantly evil mass murderers currently alive in Western Europe, to illustrate his piece? Surely the use of such a picture is the same type of underhandedly deceptive device used by the “evil” MSM to discredit and smear by association and juxtaposition?

4) Why was there no attribution or reason offered for the editing of the paragraph in which Mr Campbell asserts that Murray Brady is responsible for a “chilling” dossier doing the rounds of the “evil” MSM.

5) Why were the vast majority of half witted commenters on Mr Campbell’s site so ready and willing to believe such a half baked concoction of a story? The only thing that carries any credibility in the whole piece is the notion that a press release using material sourced from this very site is doing the rounds of the “evil” MSM.

Meanwhile, if Mr Brady exists, AhDinnaeKen invites him to contact the relevant authorities or the press and insist on a takedown of what is a quite clearly non-attributed, repugnant and libellous post – an affront to professional journalism and journalists.

Discerning readers can, once again, make up their own minds.

The text as it appeared originally.

The text as it appeared originally.

Unattributed edit no. 2. Curiouser and curiouser.

Unattributed edit no. 2. Curiouser and curiouser.


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Exclusive: The Dangerous Liaisons of Moan McVulpine exposed

AhDinnaeKen’s regular Daily Ranger columnist Moan McVulpine has been accused of anonymous smearing of opponents while engaging in a torrid and adulterous affair with a married man. What’s more, she also stands accused of using her previous position in The Sunday Whines newspaper to defend him. Ooer missus. Let she who casts the first stone dig two graves. Or something.

Sage advice. And for free too.

Sage advice. And for free too. Better start digging.

By Hardtae Beleevit

MOAN MCVULPINE was yesterday accused of engaging in anyonymous smearing of political opponents while acting in cahoots with her adulterous lover.

The Wee White Whine is believed to have con-cockted the insidious plan in a Universally Cheesey move in 2009 with her new regular screw Mark MacHardon.

According to a source close to MacHardon  all it took was a few white whines (Pinot Grigio) and McVulpine made her seductively smeary move – no parliamentary questions asked.

Using MacHardon’s blog and his anonymous pseudonym Montawho Hardon, McVulpine is alleged to have assisted in libellous smears of political opponents private tiddlywank lives.

MacHardon was outed in late 2009 as the Cheesey smear merchant and had his identity exposed, causing acute embarrassment to the Firstminster.

Despite being cast adrift like a jobby in a swimming pool by boss Mike Bernhard Rust-ell, MacHardon continued to receive a ‘robust’ defence through McVulpine’s individual blog, Don’t Stop Lassie Don’t Stop and her then newspaper The Sunday Whines.

The accusation places McVulpine – plasticine parliamentary sex aide dangerous liaisons officer to the Firstminster – at the heart of the scandal.

Opponents interpret McVulpine’s actions as a sign of internal ‘tension’ in the party between the smeary Rustlers and the smearing Salmondos.

McVulpine described MacHardon as a “highly illiterate, unintelligent and ohh so, so, so convivial man” in her blog Dont Stop Lassie Don’t Stop.

She is also alleged to have egged MacHardon on to try blackmailing Rust-ell into finding him another job after his public exposure.

Moan McVulpine is 59 and wouldn’t know what a speed limit sign was if it slapped her in Tricky Dicky Salmond’s face.

She is expected to be named at a divorce court somewhere near Newton Stewart sometime soon, somehow.

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An open challenge to Joan McAlpine MSP

Joan McAlpine accuses AhDinnaeKen of hate preaching, libel and smears. The Parliamentary Liaison Officer further compounds the accusation by stating that Longershanker would be charged if his identity was exposed. Do I smell a challenge or is is just standard Tu Quoque politico pish on a plate? AhDinnaeKen takes a look.

"If you call your opponent a politician, it's grounds for libel." - Mark Russel.  Indeed. Joan's an alleged politician alright. A Nationalist McCarthyite style politician.

“If you call your opponent a politician, it’s grounds for libel.” – Mark Russel. Indeed. Joan’s a politician alright. A Nationalist McCarthyite style politician.

By Longershanker

OOER READERS, another case of the Potty throwing stones in the glasshouse at the kettle.

This time, it’s Joan McAlpine, Parliamentary Liaison Officer to the First Minister doing the casting of the first stones.

On Easter Sunday too. Tsk tsk. If you had shame Joan, you should hide your head in it.

AhDinnaeKen will come straight to the point now that the preliminary pleasantries are out of the way.

Take a look at the Tweets above and then consider the following:

Joan Tweets a link to her 6,000+ followers pointing them to a Wangs piece which exposes Labour MP Ian Davidson fibbing on camera about his voting record on the bedrooom tax.

Woo hoo! Result for the SNP! They’ve been desperately trying to discredit and smear the ignoramus Scottish Affairs Committee bootboy for ages and now they’ve got him.

Smears, libel and lies

No fabrications by Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP required, no sustained below the line wormtongue whispers by Gail Lythgoe, Joan’s researcher, needed.

So far so good for the SNP smear machine. A citizen journalist (not WANGS), got Davidson where the £1 million plus SNP Star Chamber couldn’t.

But, and this is a big BUT. Take a closer look at Joan’s Tweet. It draws attention to Wangs, not the real disseminator of the exposee.

Why not? Surely such a scoop needs the correct attribution by a Parliamentary Liaison Officer?

A big question needing answered and, indeed, the reason AhDinnaeKen used our back up Twitter account to contact Joan.

The politician cannae take it captain
Joan blocked Ergasiophobe after this piece lampooned her record for wasting Parliamentary time. So the phrase “can gie it oot but cannae take it” comes to mind. But ho hum – I digress.

Longershanker asks Joan why endorse Wangs as the disseminator of the piece and uses the hashtag #endorsement to make a point.

The reply encapsulates everything which is wrong with Joan, the SNP and the Yes campaign – because, y’know, they’re more or less undiscernible (apologies to Patrick Harvie who is, of course, estimable).

In classic Tu Quoque politico mode, Joan makes the ridiculous claim that Longershanker would be charged if exposed. Ooer Missus!

In the context of the Tweet we* can only assume she means charged with, smearing, libel, hate preaching or anonymity.

The Challenge

So here’s the rub Joan. You have now committed the same alleged crime you accuse me of.

If you really believe I have a case to answer, have me charged.

I’ll hand myself into the nearest police station or lawyer’s office – wherever’s easiest – so that my real identity becomes known to you.

As, I suspect, your claim is just another empty, libellous, sham Nationalist assertion, I demand you apologise to me for so ably demonstrating  the attributes of smear, libel and #internetnutcase-ism.

And, just to show how fair minded, honest and tolerant I am, I even promise to apologise here over any alleged smears, libels, hate preaching etc., I’m alleged to have committed throughout the whole of my Twitter and  AhDinnaeKen career.

Oh. And one last word of wisdom, for free, to you Joan: You’re getting too long in the tooth to be a Tu Quoque tease these days.

Have another glass of Pinot Grigio or a wee white whine. You plainly haven’t had enough for the day.


Longshanker – Editor of AhDinnaeKen.


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