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Campbell Gunn: Should have listened to AhDinnaeKen

AHDINNAEKEN’S NOT one for saying we* told you so to the SNP. But we* told you so SNP. Get yourselves embroiled with Wings Over Scotland, we said, and you’ll damage your cause. Yesterday, you got yourselves embroiled with Wings Over Scotland and you damaged your cause. You should have listened to AhDinnaeKen. As we* said earlier, we* told you so. AhDinnaeKen soporificates:

The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. Happy to call an ordinary mother a liar for expressing a view on the referendum. Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell's black-shirt.

The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. “Happy” to call an ordinary mother a “liar” for expressing a view on the referendum. In an irony free statement, he claimed that he had seen no one attacking Ms Lally.   Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell’s black-shirt.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ON SUNDAY AhDinnaeKen posted a story entitled ‘Wings Over Scotland: The facts behind the Financial Times profile’.

We provided some free advice for the SNP. They didn’t listen.

And look what happened!

Campbell Gunn, one of the Firstminster’s £1 million inner Star Chamber, is fighting for his job.

Gunn appeared to make the mistake of believing that Wings Over Scotland is a credible news source.

In his official capacity as Firstminsterial special adviser, he attempted to undermine ordinary mother, Clare Lally, claiming she was the daughter of a former Labour Lord Provost.

Remarkably, and no doubt by complete coincidence, Wings Over Scotland had previously blogged this fraudulent, risibly inaccurate, information.

Coincidence or magic? You decide.

Wings Nationalist Front hate-preacher and entrenched misogynist, Stuart Campbell, finally conceded his error. But the damage was done – Gunn had embarrassed himself and the Firstminster, made his job unntenable, and proved AhDinnaeKen’s prediction that embracing Campbell would damage the SNP cause.

Campbell claimed it was all the fault of the “newspapers” who, according to his particular brand of pathology, had “published contradictory accounts”.

Mr Campbell is on record referring to himself as a “professional journalist”. He frequently cites that he has 20 years experience of the “profession”.

One of the first things any journalist wannabe learns is the checking of sources and facts. If you’re going to print, publish or post anything that relies on factual accuracy, it’s a fundamental journalistic imperative that you double check your sources. Basic stuff.

It’s clear from Mr Campbell’s defence of the “confusion” that his sources were the “newspapers”. He even cited the Clydebank Post, implying that they were to blame for his rank amateur error.

Mr Campbell’s subseqent appearances on television were also enlightening. We’ll leave it to others to decide what he looks like, but on BBC radio – where thankfully we didn’t have to look at his face – he called Ms Lally a “liar”.

He said: “I’m happy to call her a liar”.

No contrition, no regret, no empathy. The classic reaction of a narcissistic misogynist without a shred of human empathy. No wonder he lives with rats for companions.

On the same day that AhDinnaeKen posted our* piece on the FT profile, Ian Smart, the well known Labour lawyer and blogger, blogged on the history of the SNP and the type of people who constitute its membership.

It’s well worth reading. A couple of lines were most notable given the subequent events re Ms Lally, Campbell Gunn and Wings Over Scotland.

Mr Smart said: “...to drop the Donaldson lecture would infuriate a significant minority in nationalist ranks. Who would dissent, thus highlighting their views. And that would be disastrous for the SNP electorally.”

The SNP is home to some fringe loonies – loonies such as Wings who see political capital in attacking ordinary women struggling with extraordinary circumstances.

When loonies like Campbell get their views highlighted, achieving the kind of publicity he got yesterday, then the truth is out. The type is exposed for the nasty, unsympathetic extremists they truly are – all in the name of a flag and a concept. The outcome is damage to the party and the party’s cause.

Campbell claimed that the Daily Record had referred to Ms Lally as being part of “the political elite”.

This was a complete fabrication. The Record said the following, “Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said Clare would be the first of several non-political appointments.”

The headline in the paper was “Mum joins political elite to fight for carer’s rights” – hardly part of the political elite.

So how Mr Campbell managed to twist this into Ms Lally being part of the political elite is mindboggling. No doubt to certain Nationalist types it makes perfect sense, but that’s why Campbell Gunn is fighting for his job and Stuart Campbell has been exposed, yet again, as a nasty wee man with a grudge against the world which the independence referendum is giving a tediously depressing outlet to.

Roll on Sep 18. The sooner we see the back of the likes of Campbell and his swivel eyed cohorts, the better.


* pluralis majestatis used throughout for illustrative tediously unfunny comedy effect.


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