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Moan McVulpine: Tasmina Sheik-Rattle’n’Roll, ready to do and say what it takes

MOAN reckons the voting populace can see straight through the naked opportunism of alleged Nationalists like Tasmina Sheik-Rattle’n’Roll:

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By Moan McVulpinespreading the veneer of opportunism very thinly

MADAME POLITICAL Butterfly was her name and she lived up to it.

The Scottish Nationalist Party welcomed other women on board the grievance train but none could live up to Tasmina’s sobriquet.

Madame Political Butterfly spoke for herself alone. And she did it with an audcacious brazenness which took the breath away.

She reinvigorated the Nationalist independence movement’s most memorable rallying call: “We are all political opportunists and Tartan Tories. Don’t give the game away.”

In that vivid phrase, she captured the essence of what the Nationalists are all about today: seizing power by doing and saying anything – without principle, fear or favour.

Tasmina is now attempting to join the Euro gravy train where she too can pretend to have relevance while cashing in on a great big salary cheque with associated expenses.

There are many similarities with Tasmina and the Nationalist sub-text – talk left, act right, sell oot the country later.

And of course, being Asian, she’ll help keep the vitally important West Coast of Scotland Asian vote on board.

She also ticks all the boxes of the required ‘multi-cultural’ sobriquet, so important to reinforcing the self proclaimed Nationalist label of ‘progressive’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘civic’ to the party’s political CV.

You only have to look at the lengths Nicola Sturgeon, a qualified lawyer, went to to defend Asian serial benefit fraudster, Abdul Rauf, who stole eighty thousands pounds of taxpayers money. You don’t take that kind of political damage on board voluntarily unless there’s a pay off in votes.

But I digress.

Tasmina, in many ways, has everything the Nationalists want. She’s rich, female, photogenic, clever-ish, bristling with self ambition, toe’s the party line (so long as she isn’t asked her opinion on homosexuality) and will do and say what it takes to gain power.

As her Madame Political Butterfly political career has shown to date, she joins the party’s she perceives will suit her ambitions best to raise her own prestige and position.

It’s so transparent it’s embarrassing, yet the Nationalists welcomed her on board with open arms. Such actions speak volumes.

The first party in Tasmina’s quest for power was the Tory party where, ironically, she accused Margaret Thatcher’s poster boy, William Hague, of taking the party to the left.

Then it was the New Labour Party after they finally wrested power from the Tories.

Finally, she joined the Nationalist Party where anyone who’s scunnered with the other parties inevitably find themselves through a lack of alternatives.

So, welcome to the new Tartan Tory poster girl. She personifies and embraces every lacking in the Nationalist party today – principle, policy, consistency, integrity and trustworthiness.

Hurrah for Tasmina!

We’re sure she’ll do well in her naked lust for power. Maybe she has found the right party after all.

Time will tell. We’ll all see which party she stays with post Sep 18.



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Moan McVulpine: Nationalists never had our welfare at heart

MOAN believes that Nationalists proved their true colours in September last year when John Swindley announced he wanted to keep bedroom tax victims ‘on the hook’. Y’know, for making political capital against their opponents at the expense of those suffering the consequences of the tax.
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By Moan McVulpineExploiting the poor’s plight at every political opportunity

WHEN SCOTS voted to get their own parliament in 1997, they believed it would protect them from the worst excesses of Westminster.

Yet, the building of the new parliament ended up costing more than 40 times the initial estimates of £10 million pounds. It ended up costing £414 million?!

Excessive! Or what?

It served as an expensive and bitter reminder of what was to come: over paid unidentifiable vegetables masquerading as MSPs, freeloading at the expense of everyone else.

And the second of the big surprises – the parliametary incumbents were high on rhetoric, low on delivery.

In 2011 the SNP won a historic electoral landslide, delivering an allegedly unobtainable parliamentary majority.

Yet another surprise. The voting structure was designed to stop such a thing from happening.

Labour was the chief architect of that structure. Quelle surprise.

The repercussions of an SNP majority demonstrated, almost immediately, the fundamental weakness of its Unicameral structure – the Firstminster’s diktats are now rubber stamped by supine ‘herded cats’ committees almost by rote.

Your wish is our command oh master etc.

One of the first real tests for the potential protective properties of the parliament has been the bedroom tax.

And, true to expectations, the SNP failed to deliver anything of substance other than a coordinated grievance campaign.

“We don’t have the power to do anything” they bleated.

“Big bad Westminster has got it in for us Scots because we don’t vote Tory” they wept.

“Give us more power” they wailed.

But the crocodile tears were a futile attempt at manipulating the Scottish electorate.

So much so that budget fiddler John Swindley eventually magicked up £20 million of mitigating funds.

Not enough to help all of the victims, but just enough to make it look like the SNP cared.

He wanted to keep the sufferers “on the hook” so that the inevitable stories of victims being turfed out of their houses could be exploited for maximum political effect.

But most Scots are cannier than that. Most Scots know that other measures, with a bit of imagination and will, could have been implemented to help alleviate the suffering.

And the SNP have eventually cottoned on to the public mood, which refuses to accept the “we’re powerless to do more” mantra peddled by the cynical Nats.

Will the recent moves by Firewummin Sturgeon be enough to make it look like the SNP care more about the Scottish population than they do about power?

Time will tell.

But it’s always worth remembering that the Nationalists had enough powers through devolution to mitigate against the hated tax.

They chose not to because they saw the opportunity to pull at the heartstrings of the Scots public.

How daft do they think the Scots are?

If Joan McArthyalpine’s grief tirade in the Daily Ranger today is anything to go by, the answer’s simple enough – awfy daft.

The Nats have been playing us for mugs.

Open your eyes and grasp the thistle.


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