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Cybernat White Noise #3 The unaccountably false assertions of SNP MSP Christina McKelvie

AhDinnaeKen receives an eye opening lesson that it’s not only Cybernats who make wild and risible assertions without evidence. Witness our Twitter conversation with Christine McKelvie, MSP for the constituency of Hamilton.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in SNP campaigning, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” ― Dr. Seuss. Looks like Christina’s got the Nationalist agenda by the short and curlies then.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in SNP campaigning, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” ― Dr. Seuss. Looks like Christina’s got the Nationalist agenda by the short and curlies then.

By Ergasiophobe

JUST A quick wee bloga/boreathon to highlight on a micro-scale the substanceless assertions and hypocrisy the SNP think they can casually get away with.

In this instance we have Christina McKelvie MSP who represents the people of the allegedly “iconic seat” of Hamilton.

The original Fairy Godmother of the SNP electability and protest vote, Winifred Ewing, was elected here in 1967 making it a Nationalist spiritual fantasy homeland.

It is AhDinnaeKen’s view, in line with predicated SNP mythology, that any SNP politician elected for this seat – even if  only for the Big Parish Cooncil at Hollyrood – has to be a totem of SNP ideals.

Sadly, Christina McKelvie MSP falls short on the most basic of fronts – one of them being democratic accountability.

The Tweets highlighted on this page, while minor and petty in the grander scale of things, represent two important principles by which SNP politicians can be judged.

Consider the first Tweet here:

Christina 00
The link provided by Ergasiophobe takes Christina to AdDinnaeKen’s Open Letter to Roseanna Cunningham written earlier this year.

Now, consider this:

Christina 01 01
AhDinnaeKen concedes that retweeting of another individual’s Tweets does not necessarily mean endorsement.

However, it ill behoves any Scottish politician willing to be seen retweeting the writings hosted by “Ultimate Cybernat” site Wings Over Scotland. The original piece is actually hosted on Eric ‘Heidsinker’ Joyce’s website.

Why the retweet of Wings if it isn’t an endorsement? Why not provide the link to the original site?

To AhDinnaeKen it reeks of desperation incarnate. Eric Joyce is a thoroughly discredited and disgraceful expenses freeloader masquerading as an MP – she’ll be retweeting MSP Bill Walker’s writings on domestic harmony policy next, presumably also hosted by Wings.

Onyhoo. The next Tweet provides AhDinnaeKen’s bone of contention with the elected and allegedly accountable to the electorate MSP, Christina McKelvie:

Christina 01 01 01
Did you see that? Not only is Christina relying on the tedious Firstminster style Tu Quoque (you an’ aw) fallacy as a defense/attack strategy, she is also asserting that there are “hate filled” tweets to be found on the Ergasiophobe timeline.

AhDinnaeKen challenged/challenges Christina, or anyone else for that matter, to find a “hate filled” tweet on the whole timeline.

Christina 02
We* accept that our* blogs are “hate blinded idiocy” but, to all but the most tedious, cretinous or oxy-moronic Nationalist oriented type, there is an obvious deprecating irony to be detected here.

As for Christina, after her last tweet using an evasive ad hominem attack re the #boring hashtag, she decided to take the time to block Ergasiophobe.

After all, providing evidence for her outrageous unsubstantiated attack was obviously too much for her – just like many of her SNP compatriots at Hollyrude when conducting themselves in day to day parliamentary business.

I suppose that’s what’s called closing down the debate. AhDinnaeKen voted for Christina at the last Scottish elections in May 2011.

Christina is paid £53,091 per annum not including expenses and a variety of other allowances in order to be accountable to the electorate ie. the people who actually put her where she is now.

Yet, after having accused one of her constituents of a “hate filled” timeline, she can’t even produce a single alleged Tweet because it’s #boring. Not #boring enough to be asserted mind you, but #boring enough to remain unsubstantiated despite a reasonable request.

At best such behaviour is unbecoming, at worst it’s a fraudulent liberty taking exercise in conflict with the Code of Conduct for MSPs:

Christina 04

The following is taken from the Scottish Parliament website and covers the code of conduct by which MSPs are expected to conduct themselves.

Accountability and openness

3.1.9 Members are accountable for their decisions and actions to the Scottish people. They should consider issues on their merits, taking account of the views of others.

3.1.10 Members should be as open as possible about their decisions and actions.

Christina took the decision to retweet Wings Over Scotland and put that decision into action. She then partially took into account the view of Ergasiophobe until she decided she should take the action of impugning him as “hate filled” and ‘#boring.

Rather than provide evidence to back up her unjustified accusation she then chose to block Ergasiophobe.

The Longershanker account was then used to ask MSP Christina why she had blocked Ergasiophobe.

Do you think the Longershanker tweet was replied to? Do you think Christina McKelvie MSP acted in an accountable manner as per the MSPs Code of Conduct? Answers on a SNP Freedom of Information request form please.



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