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Crybaby Nationalist scab runs away from Call Kaye

DOUBLE STANDARDS and the inability to stand by your own principles are the hallmarks of snake oil hucksters and extremist hypocrites everywhere. No surprise then that Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland blog couldn’t resist appearing on BBC’s Call Kaye radio programme yesterday – despite his call to “treat anyone appearing there as a scab.” AhDinnaeKen knowingly tut tuts and rolls over laughing:

Scab calls self scab in scabrously scabby tweet. Now that's what we* call Scabby.

Scab calls self scab in scabrously scabby tweet. Now that’s what we* call Scabby.

By Scab Campbell

“Hi Stuart. Now, you’re from Wings Over Scotland. Explain to us what Wings Over Scotland is to people who are not familiar.” said Kaye Adams when Stuart “scab” Campbell phoned in yesterday to castigate Kaye Adams for not doing her job.

‘Wings Over Scotland is a quasi-religious cult of like minded border line fascist extremists who worship at the temple of Alex Salmond’ he paraphrased in reply.

You’re not here to condescendingly point out that Kezia Dugdale and Jim Murphy are following Alex Salmond’s line about the biggest party having the “moral authority” to form the government after the General Election, Kaye subtextually asked.

That’s exactly why I’m on came the peremptorily authoritative answer – though the voice of the blubbering extremist was audibly about to crack with the tears of injustice weighing on his puritanical partisan soul.

Okay, Blub-blub, you don’t mind if I call you Blub-blub, Stuart? queried Kaye without waiting for an answer, stick your size 3 jackboot into the Beeb, we need a good laugh here. But before you do, consider this:

“I dont think this debate is helping, I really don’t” opined Kaye, “and Stuart (Blub-blub) I would say that to you too, and I’m not trying to knock down your point and I’m not trying to say you’re not technically correct but I don’t think it helps!”

Technically Correct

Cue a “technically correct” rantathon from the blubbering diminutive demagogue where his voice was permanently on the edge of breaking down into a blubbering flood of outraged scabrous tears. Of course, self righteous extremists fuelled with the zeal of self appointed supreme moral authority don’t know how to play the media game. This was most noticeable when the blubbering blubberer blubbed:

“Jim Murphy knows perfectly well that he’s LYING, that the biggest party does not automatically get to form the government.”

Okay, okay”, you’ve bored me to tears now Stuart and you’ve called someone a liar who isn’t even here to defend himself, you can hear the talkshow host saying/thinking. You’ll be telling me how to do my job next added Psychic Kaye.

To which the tediously predictable blogger duly whined:

“You have to challenge THEM on that Kaye, I’m sorry. You are not doing your job if you let THEM tell such a blatant lie and completely fail to contest it in any way.” he screamed.

Cue a robust defence from Psychic Kaye when faced with the posturing finger wagging of a vexatious slanderer like Blub-blub:

“Well Stuart, I’d appreciate it if you don’t personalise it” because if you continue to do so I’ll have to point out that you have a face like a female camel’s syphilis infected genitals and that wouldn’t be very nice, defended Kaye.

Unfortunately, a person of the feminine gender sticking up for herself in a robust and forthright manner was too much for the well documented misogynist hate-preacher and he hung up in a flood of tears at a woman having the temerity to stand up to him.

Kaye moved on, as she is used to doing, and offered Blub-blub the chance to “scab” some more by staying on the line and chipping in. But she had failed to understand that self appointed supreme authority’s on earth don’t like opinionated and sassy women. The blubbing Jedi Reverend had hung up and run away to scream at his four walls and seek succour from his rat pals due to Kaye’s alleged “vehemence“.

AhDinnaeKen is still laughing at just how thin skinned the alleged “robust polemicist” really is.

Readers can make up their own minds.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b055jm9x#auto (approx. 16 mins)

Notable that a woman defending herself against an accusation of not doing her job properly is called "vehemence" by Campbell. The wee soul probably needs to get out more.

Notable that a woman defending herself against an accusation of not doing her job properly is called “vehemence” by Campbell. The wee soul probably needs to get out more. As for hanging up, we know what assume does to you and me. Don’t worry Stuart, your secret’s safe, we know you hung up to have a good cathartic cry at the temerity of a woman answering back.



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Campbell Gunn: Should have listened to AhDinnaeKen

AHDINNAEKEN’S NOT one for saying we* told you so to the SNP. But we* told you so SNP. Get yourselves embroiled with Wings Over Scotland, we said, and you’ll damage your cause. Yesterday, you got yourselves embroiled with Wings Over Scotland and you damaged your cause. You should have listened to AhDinnaeKen. As we* said earlier, we* told you so. AhDinnaeKen soporificates:

The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. Happy to call an ordinary mother a liar for expressing a view on the referendum. Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell's black-shirt.

The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. “Happy” to call an ordinary mother a “liar” for expressing a view on the referendum. In an irony free statement, he claimed that he had seen no one attacking Ms Lally.   Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell’s black-shirt.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ON SUNDAY AhDinnaeKen posted a story entitled ‘Wings Over Scotland: The facts behind the Financial Times profile’.

We provided some free advice for the SNP. They didn’t listen.

And look what happened!

Campbell Gunn, one of the Firstminster’s £1 million inner Star Chamber, is fighting for his job.

Gunn appeared to make the mistake of believing that Wings Over Scotland is a credible news source.

In his official capacity as Firstminsterial special adviser, he attempted to undermine ordinary mother, Clare Lally, claiming she was the daughter of a former Labour Lord Provost.

Remarkably, and no doubt by complete coincidence, Wings Over Scotland had previously blogged this fraudulent, risibly inaccurate, information.

Coincidence or magic? You decide.

Wings Nationalist Front hate-preacher and entrenched misogynist, Stuart Campbell, finally conceded his error. But the damage was done – Gunn had embarrassed himself and the Firstminster, made his job unntenable, and proved AhDinnaeKen’s prediction that embracing Campbell would damage the SNP cause.

Campbell claimed it was all the fault of the “newspapers” who, according to his particular brand of pathology, had “published contradictory accounts”.

Mr Campbell is on record referring to himself as a “professional journalist”. He frequently cites that he has 20 years experience of the “profession”.

One of the first things any journalist wannabe learns is the checking of sources and facts. If you’re going to print, publish or post anything that relies on factual accuracy, it’s a fundamental journalistic imperative that you double check your sources. Basic stuff.

It’s clear from Mr Campbell’s defence of the “confusion” that his sources were the “newspapers”. He even cited the Clydebank Post, implying that they were to blame for his rank amateur error.

Mr Campbell’s subseqent appearances on television were also enlightening. We’ll leave it to others to decide what he looks like, but on BBC radio – where thankfully we didn’t have to look at his face – he called Ms Lally a “liar”.

He said: “I’m happy to call her a liar”.

No contrition, no regret, no empathy. The classic reaction of a narcissistic misogynist without a shred of human empathy. No wonder he lives with rats for companions.

On the same day that AhDinnaeKen posted our* piece on the FT profile, Ian Smart, the well known Labour lawyer and blogger, blogged on the history of the SNP and the type of people who constitute its membership.

It’s well worth reading. A couple of lines were most notable given the subequent events re Ms Lally, Campbell Gunn and Wings Over Scotland.

Mr Smart said: “...to drop the Donaldson lecture would infuriate a significant minority in nationalist ranks. Who would dissent, thus highlighting their views. And that would be disastrous for the SNP electorally.”

The SNP is home to some fringe loonies – loonies such as Wings who see political capital in attacking ordinary women struggling with extraordinary circumstances.

When loonies like Campbell get their views highlighted, achieving the kind of publicity he got yesterday, then the truth is out. The type is exposed for the nasty, unsympathetic extremists they truly are – all in the name of a flag and a concept. The outcome is damage to the party and the party’s cause.

Campbell claimed that the Daily Record had referred to Ms Lally as being part of “the political elite”.

This was a complete fabrication. The Record said the following, “Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said Clare would be the first of several non-political appointments.”

The headline in the paper was “Mum joins political elite to fight for carer’s rights” – hardly part of the political elite.

So how Mr Campbell managed to twist this into Ms Lally being part of the political elite is mindboggling. No doubt to certain Nationalist types it makes perfect sense, but that’s why Campbell Gunn is fighting for his job and Stuart Campbell has been exposed, yet again, as a nasty wee man with a grudge against the world which the independence referendum is giving a tediously depressing outlet to.

Roll on Sep 18. The sooner we see the back of the likes of Campbell and his swivel eyed cohorts, the better.


* pluralis majestatis used throughout for illustrative tediously unfunny comedy effect.


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Moan McVulpine: SNP’s Dunfermline battle plan could take a (wife) beating

Moan McVulpine discusses the SNP Neveremdum strategy and why they aren’t doing themselves any favours in their denial of reality.

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpinePutting the desperate in desperate times

WIFE BEATER times call for wife beater measures. And nowhere is the stink of covered up wife beating apologism more pungent than in Dunfermline.

The Fife town was expected to be a solid Labour seat in 2011. The SNP expected it to remain so. That’s why they were so casual about fielding a self confessed wife beater.

Under normal circumstances, woman thumping Bill Walker wouldn’t have stood a chance. But such was the disaffection with the Labouring party throughout Scotland that those who bothered to turn out voted SNP – in protest.

In consequence, an extraordinary denial blanket has been thrown over the current Dunfermline campaign.

It’s alleged that Nicola Sturgeon knew of Bill Walker’s violent past yet still gave him the green light to represent Nationalist values.

No surprise there I suppose. This is the ‘formidable politician’ who pleaded for leniency for a previously convicted serial fraudster.

She apologised for that one. We’re still waiting for her to apologise over the Bill Walker affair.

No matter how you look at the campaign in Dunfermline – SNP say Labour = BAD. Labour say SNP = BAD – it’s being fought due to the conviction and jailing of a SNP candidate.

That’s right! The man advocating independence, ‘civic’ values and ‘progressivenes’ was more than willing to lift his hands, saucepan or whatever was handy to smash women with. Some advocacy.

The SNP say virtually nothing about that. Moan believes wife beating isn’t just anti-Scottish, it’s anti-women, it’s anti-social and it’s anti-decency.

Until the SNP hold their hands up over the affair, and the people responsible do the right thing, the stench of Bill Walker’s covered up past will reek like a festering corpse in the grave of the independence campaign.

The SNP believe in a “stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it campaign”.

Most Scots reject that.

Maybe that’s why the Nationalists are so desperate to pretend that there is a groundswell of momentum behind their vanity project.

Can you really believe such people?

All will be answered next year. Haud me back. ZZzzzz…



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Wings Over Scotland: The wife beater apologist website of choice

Nationalist supremacist website Wings Over Scotland has been remarkably quiet recently over the headline dominating Bill Walker affair. AhDinnaeKen indulges in some shameless speculation over the possible reasons why.

Victims to blame for getting in way of  Walker's fists and inciting his temper.

Victims to blame for getting in way of Walker’s fists and inciting his temper.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

JUST WHY has Wings Over Scotland’s Rev Stu been so silent over the recent Bill Walker story?

He’s normally very quick with counter accusation styled soothers for his Nationalist Front cabal at Wings Over Scotland.

In this case, not a dicky bird.

AhDinnaeKen thinks we* may have the answer.

Consider the following technically correct, if somewhat repulsive, pre-conviction defense by Wings of the soon to be convicted wife beater:

“Bill Walker is innocent. Fact.

“If Bill Walker is guilty of either domestic abuse or rape, let him be brought to court, let him be convicted and let him be locked up and the key thrown away. Until then, he’s entitled to keep doing his job the same as anyone else, and anyone joining the lynch mob is who we ought to despise.”

Written on 12 April 2012 by the not very Reverend Campbell, the above quote casts yet more unpleasant dark shadows on the self appointed ‘media monitor’s’ victim blaming misogynistic tendencies.

The above was written four days after an exclusive follow up story had appeared in the Herald revealing some deeply unpleasant facts about Walker’s previous marriages:

Here’s what real professional journalists Paul Hutcheon and Tom Gordon reported on Bill Walker’s first marriage:

“In their divorce documents, Walker admitted striking the woman, but only after she had become “hysterical”…”

And on the second marriage: “Walker confirmed he had hit the girl with a saucepan”.

Now, you can call us* one of the despicable “lynch mob” if you like, but after reading the story entitled “SNP kick out ‘wife-beating’ MSP” we* were convinced that Bill Walker was a nasty violent piece of work fully deserving of the shameful label “wife beater”.

Yet, here’s how Reverend Campbell described Kenny Farquharson, deputy editor of Scotland on Sunday for calling Walker such:

“Kenny Farquharson of Scotland On Sunday waited until Walker no longer had the protection of a political party before indulging in cowardly “bully libel”, calling Walker a “wifebeater” in the knowledge that no individual can afford to sue for libel/defamation.”

So, although everyone who read the story knew the type of man Bill Walker clearly is – and it’s also worth remembering that the SNP allegedly knew all this information in 2008 – the Reverend Campbell persisted in a self righteous sanctimonious defense of the indefensible.

In fact, according to Campbell, it is Farquharson who is the “bully” not Walker.

Campbell further said: “Without a trial or admission of guilt, the demands for Walker’s resignation are inappropriate, unseemly, hypocritical and wrong, and all those making them – whether for party political or kneejerk ideological reasons – should be ashamed of themselves.”

Call us* shameful, but after reading the Herald story, we* were happy enough to refer to Bill Walker as a ‘wife beating MSP’ with or without a secured conviction.

Even if he hadn’t eventually been convicted of violent abuse on 23 separate counts, everyone would still have known he was a wife beater.

His son penned a heartfelt and deeply moving piece in the Sun newspaper cataloguing a shameful list of unsavoury violent incidents throughout his young impressionable life.

You don’t write that kind of story through shamelessness or hypocrisy or for “kneejerk ideological reasons”.

Guilt in the eyes of the law isn’t always concurrent with actual guilt. The law isn’t perfect and virtually everyone knows that.

Reverend Campbell knows that from first hand experience. Ask Future Publishing’s legal representatives over their short, dismissively easy and triumphant court dealings with him some time ago.

What piques AhDinnaeKen’s curiousity though is this. Given that Rev Campbell was prepared to take the sanctimonious high ground – and it’s worth remembering he was technically correct – in defense of a serial wife beater, why has he subsequently made such a shameless, hypocritical smear attack on Murray Brady, an individual whom he has called a “psychotic stalker” and accused of being a “would be gang rapist murderer”.

Surely he’s indulging in cowardly “bully libel”?

Brady, if he exists, has been routinely smeared and libelled by Campbell and subjected by him to a carefully orchestrated character assassination through a series of Tweets, emails and consistent references to the fluidly edited story “The Personal Touch”.

We*’re not going to rake over the coals of Campbell’s ludicrous allegations, but we* will, for the sake of clarity, reiterate the following paragraph written by Campbell in relation to Brady’s alleged arrest:

“It eventually resulted in an arrest, and a report by Glasgow police to the Procurator Fiscal recommending prosecution, which to everyone’s surprise was declined, after a very long delay and for unclear reasons.”

What we allegedly know from this statement is:

1) There was an alleged arrest intended to investigate an alleged crime – in this case rape/murder threats, harrassment, stalking etc.

2) The police allegedly submitted a report to the Procurator Fiscal recommending prosecution.

3) The Procurator Fiscal allegedly dropped the alleged report for alleged “unclear reasons”.

Call us* cynical or sceptical, but that’s a heck of a lot of allegations without any evidence, substance or facts to back them up.

As we* have stated before, complainers have the right to an explanation from the Procurator Fiscal if the Fiscal decides not to prosecute.
It’s strange, to say the least, that Campbell offers no explanation for the non-pursuit by the Fiscal of the alleged case. He’s not usually known for being shy or coy when it comes to shooting his mouth off using the vehicle of his mobnat funded website.

It leads to the following conclusion however:

Murray Brady, if he exists, is innocent. Fact.

Presuming he exists, if Murray Brady is guilty of either stalking or rape/murder threats, let him be brought to court, let him be convicted and let him be locked up and the key thrown away. Until then, he’s entitled to keep going about his business the same as anyone else, and anyone joining the lynch mob is who we* ought to despise.

Campbell was ‘called’ out by this site recently over his stalker/gang rape/murderer  accusation. As it was aimed at this site, we* demanded he apologise for his vexatious “bully accusation”. He raised the stakes by naming a name, Murray Brady. This naming was a despicable “bully libel” for which he has no excuse.
Campbell is a disgrace to the term ‘professional journalism’ and a disgrace to the Indy cause. The sooner he is exposed for his unfounded “bully libel” the better. He is indeed acting like the bona fide Scottish heidbanger out of control – drunk on his own sense of self importance – he appears driven by the unquestioning support of his baying mobnat followers.

AhDinnaeKen invites Murray Brady, if he exists, to contact the police or the Scottish press with his side of this unsavoury and tawdry story.

If he doesn’t, Campbell will continue to vexatiously abuse his name in order to claim victimhood for his self. Nationalist types like Campbell thrive on grievance and common enemies and victimhood. It’s the lifeblood of his site. It’s the lifeblood of his type. You only need to read the orchestrated comments therein.

The “evil” mainstream media, if it can spare a half hour, should have a wee delve. Campbell has vexatiously accused an innocent party of a heinous crime. An alleged crime which didn’t even have the merit of substance or enough evidence to reach court. And that’s admitted by Campbell himself.

We* invite Campbell to come clean. He’s still playing with a busted flush, despite the artificially raised stakes, and it’s time he realised that. As can be seen from his defense of fragrant Bill Walker, he’s well aware of the basic technical issues surrounding guilt, innocence, allegations, libel and the law. Campbell’s accusation against Brady doesn’t even appear to have the luxury of hearsay.

We* invite readers to make up their own minds why Campbell still persists with the evidenceless “bully libel”.

[* apologies for the majestic we* throughout, sometimes we* just can’t help our*selves ]


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Nationalist Front misogynist exposed as rape apologist

Misogyny is often subtler and less violent than a grown man assaulting a seventeen year old female with a saucepan. Often, it manifests itself in tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It especially manifests itself when it comes from the type of misogynist who lives in a bubble Bath of denial concerning their own, ahem, ‘sexuality’ and hatred of women. AhDinnaeKen investigates a horrific case of denial, victim blaming, misogyny and rape apologism:

Tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It doesn't take much for women to home in on Mr Campbell's particular brand of misogyny.

Tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It doesn’t take much for women to home in on Rev Campbell’s particular brand of misogyny.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

AHDINNAEKEN RECENTLY discovered that a Nationalist Front hate preacher was accused of being an “abusive, misogynistic, rape apologist” by a female rape victim five years ago.

Reverend Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland subjected Cara Kulwicki – editor of The Curvature, an American blog dedicated to feminism – to a sustained and deeply unpleasant personal attack for speaking out against rape apologism.

Ms Kulwicki, who had been traumatised by a serious sexual assault in her past, was told by Rev Campbell: “It’s unfortunate when the people brave enough to speak out against unacceptable behaviour are also so pathologically stupid that it serves only to completely undermine their cause.”

The accusation was aimed directly at Ms Kulwicki by Mr Campbell.

However, Ms Kulwicki proved to be no supine victim willing to be denigrated, bullied or dismissed by such a misogynistic accusation.

She countered by banning Rev Campbell from commenting on her site and issued the following statement: “Campbell wants to make it about me. He thinks that I only give a shit because I’m psychologically damaged — and says that he doesn’t want to minimize what was done to me, right after calling me crazy, and right before calling me a hysterical exaggerator. (It doesn’t take very long to go from “angry woman” to “hysterical,” does it? Oh, I forgot . . . same thing.)”

Misogyny and Apologism
Rev Campbell appears to have a disturbing clearly telegraphed slant against women which forms a fairly predictable pattern.

He was recently challenged by Una Purdie, a (female) magazine editor and political tweeter, over the following statement written by him four years ago in relation to a videogame review: “Beginner is for girls and homosexuals, but forgiveable for a reviewer with limited time who needs to see as much of the game as possible.”

He's done a lot of "growing up" in the last four years. Apparently.

He’s done a lot of “growing up” in the last four years. Apparently.

He defended himself unconvincingly against Una’s charge of sexism and homophobia.

He said: “Yes, one flippant four-year-old joke on a videogames website definitely proves I hate women and gay people. Do grow up.”

Humour is often in the eye of the beholder, but can such alleged humour be so casually explained away as a flippant joke in the face of other more compelling evidence?

Can it be dismissed by attempting to ignore it, by arguing that it was all in the past and, by implication, doesn’t count now?

You the reader should decide.

Victim Blaming

Another recent exchange, this time, between Rev Campbell and Green campaigner Adam Ramsay on Twitter is even more telling regarding Rev Campbell’s outlook toward women and victims of male abuse.

Victims to blame for being battered, abused and not telling the police.

Victims to blame for being battered, abused and not telling the police.

The following tête-à-tête took place in relation to the recent Bill Walker case, where the ex-SNP MSP was found guilty on 23 charges of domestic abuse and violence against three separate women.

A kindred spirit for Rev Campbell to identify with perhaps?

Rev Campbell stated the following: “As the Herald goes into full-on “GET THE NATS!” Mode, am I alone in wondering why an abuse victim went to a political party, not the police?

Mr Ramsay quite rightly asks: “Are you seriously going to start criticising the victim?

Without going into the full he said she said (which can be accessed by clicking on this link), the crux of the matter can be distilled into the two following statements:

Rev Campbell: “If I suffer a crime I call the police, not the Liberal Democrats. (And I can ask whatever I like, thanks.)

Ramsay: “you have a right to ask victims of domestic abuse why they don’t report their partners to the police. But it is obnoxious.”

Victims of domestic abuse are not just victims of violence. In most cases they have been subjected to sustained periods of psychological undermining, domineering control, systematic humiliation, had their self esteem destroyed, been told consistently that they won’t be believed, threatened with social and financial ruin and made to feel that there is no alternative other than remaining with their abuser etc etc.

Mr Ramsay is absolutely correct to state that Rev Campbell is being obnoxious. This level of obnoxiousness is symptomatic of a bona fide misogynist without a shred of empathy or sympathy or understanding of the psychological state of the victims of Bill Walker.

In effect, Rev Campbell is siding with Walker in order to undermine the victims in order to further undermine the wider point being made that the SNP should never have selected a man like Walker to represent a constituency in Scotland in the first place.

Misogynist Spotting
Misogyny was defined by feminist blogger Ashan thus: “it can manifest itself in a variety of ways ranging from chauvinism or sexism to physical abuse and rape.”

She lists several traits and characteristic of a misogynist:

  • Denies women’s feelings and makes them wrong for feeling them.
  • Makes jokes or derogatory comments about women and then ridicules any woman who gets offended or upset.
  • Has no remorse or guilt for the pain he causes women.
  • Has grandiose behavior; cocky and self centered.
  • Must ALWAYS win in a discussion with or about women – all encounters with or about women are seen as a battle to be won.

There are several more indicators listed but each of the above can be directly related to Rev Campbell and his online behaviour. Ask virtually any woman who has disagreed with him online.

And therein lies the crux of the argument of this feature.

Rev Campbell freely admits to being a misanthrope According to him, in the absence of other evidence it would be irrational for a human being not to be one.

AhDinnaeKen wonders how long Rev Campbell’s deeply pocketed donaters will keep funding someone whose outlook on life is so fundamentally skewed by hatred of the opposite sex and his fellow human beings. The Wings donaters willingness to keep donating whenever he wishes to raise funds tars them with the same brush.

AhDinnaeKen is still deeply undecided regarding the independence debate. It’s clear however that it is beginning to take a turn for the worse. That turn could soom be replicated in the country at large. Hate preachers like Rev Campbell revel in that type of environment. He’s on record elsewhere saying that he actively wants people to “hate” him and that there should be firm dividing lines so that he and his followers know who to hate.

Hopefully more brave campaigners like Cara Kulwicki will resist the likes of Reverend Stuart Campbell by further exposing his vile twisted brand of misogyny fuelled hatred.

AhDinnaeKen certainly hopes so.

As Cara said on her blog in reply to one of Mr Campbell’s followers: “yes, Stuart is insensitive. He does not care about victims of rape — most rape victims do not want men sitting around judging and ranking their experiences with sexual violence. If he cared about victims of sexual violence, he wouldn’t run around calling them pathologically stupid, hysterical exaggerators, or any of the other insults he has thrown my way.”

AhDinnaeKen tips the hat and tugs the forelock to the strong women of the net such as Cara, women who have stood up to and exposed Rev Stuart Campbell for the misogynistic homophobic rape apologist he clearly appears to be: strong women such as Kate Higgins, Kayleigh Quinn, Una Purdie, Louise Morton, Daftquine, Juliet Swann and Rebelgirl59.

Women for Independence campaigner Natalie McGarry needs to open her eyes. Being seen to condone a nasty libellous smearing fantasist such as the Reverend Stuart Campbell is unseemly in extremis. AhDinnaeKen believes she is much better than that because she is much better than that.

In the eyes of the law, Rev Stuart Campbell is of course innocent of any crime. In the Court of public opinion however, when it comes to the accusation of being a victim blaming misogynistic rape apologist there is only one naturally just verdict: GUILTY as charged!

The Rev Stuart Campbell is an abusive, homophobic, misogynistic, rape apologist.

Who would dare defend him now?

A manly man being manly in a manly way playing manly games with other manly men. No room for women in the manly world of Rev Stu.

A manly man being manly in a manly way playing manly games with other manly men. No room for women in the manly world of manly Rev Stu. Natch!


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Wangs Watch: Nationalist hate preacher Rev Stu ramps up the hate in hateful hate tirade

It’s the danger of Nationalism in all its forms. When faced with a perceived threat – real or otherwise – it must manufacture enemies upon which friends and potential friends can unite in a communal style hate-in. It may be as dull and as stereotypical as an Orwellian Goldstein style two minute hate ritual, but Rev Stu Campbell, a self professed ahem, ‘professional journalist’ provides a prima facie example of how even the most trivial of incidents can be used as a vehicle for his Nationalist desire to get people to “hate” his perceived enemies. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Irony seems to escape Nationalist types like the Rev as his headline clearly demonstrates.

Irony seems to escape Nationalist types like the Rev – as his headline above clearly demonstrates.

By Longshanker

THE MAGGIE Fair in Moray is apparently one of the oldest fairs held in the whole of the UK. It’s the sort of event where locals come together, have a lot of fun, peruse the stalls and end up in the beer tent for a sing song and a couple of drinky-poos.

Just like the Marymass Festival down AhDinnaeKen’s way, it’s a smashing day out and it all adds to a sense of community wellbeing where the variety of incidents which inevitably occur can be talked about for weeks, if not months, afterwards.

For polarised isolated self confessed Nationalist misanthropes who have severe difficulty dealing with real world people, it’s an opportunity to foment hatred and ill will through the medium of their hate preaching and hateful blogs.

Welcome to the cupboard under the stairs world of Wangs Over Skintland and its vile little ‘plugged in’ hate preacher, Rev Stu Campbell.

The essence of his hate based non-story is that a couple of Yes Campaigners were hounded out of the Fair under alleged threats of violence by the Unionist forces of oppression – Bitter Thegither.

In true Orwellian Goldstein communal hate ritual style, the Rev conflates the non-story into a sinister Bitter Thegither Project Feartie assault on the Nationalist forces of righteousness and ffreeeddoomm™.

What appears to have escaped the polarised militant’s ken, is that normal people enjoying themselves can’t be arsed with the politicisation of a fun family day out.

At no point does he prove that the ‘residents’ who asked the Yes campaigners to leave were Better Together campaigners or, No supporters or indeed, Unionists. They could have been separatists for all we* know.

And he further conflates the phrase, things could “turn a bit nasty” into the Yes campaigners being intimidated under pain of a drunken beating.

Consider the penultimate, pluralis maiestatis, paragraph of his rant:

“We cannot, of course, make any direct connection between “Better Together” and an “angry” crowd containing “lots” of its supporters intimidating three peaceful volunteers with official permission to be at the fair into leaving, on pain of a drunken beating. There may have been no crossover at all between the many No supporters and the angry people who the Yes activists were warned might assault them.”

He can’t make a direct connection, but that doesn’t stop him from making a laughably fallacious direct connection anyway. Consider his laughably faux sanctimonious conclusion:

“All we can say for certain is that “Better Together” demonstrably doesn’t like people putting forward polite and reasoned arguments against it in public, from which readers may or may not wish to form their own judgements.”

The only thing you “can say for certain” is that the Rev is no ahem, ‘professional journalist’. His conclusion is pure supposition based on conflation of a trivial incident for his own purposes – the type of nasty wee trick he regularly accuses the hated mainstream media of manufacturing. So no surprise there then.

What the Rev’s empty non-story makes patently clear is that, in the world of the polarised Nationalist hate preacher, no incident is too trivial, no incident is too petty and no incident is too below the radar to use in order to whip up hatred of his perceived enemies.

And those enemies take many faces; Women, Gays, Unionists, journalists, Rangers supporters, Celtic supporters, Liverpool fans, Scots not prepared to vote Yes, Labour supporters, Conservative supporters, Greens, Lawyers, Irish people, Welsh people, English people, non-grammatically correct people, etc etc etc.

He wants you to hate him – Nationalist or Unionist – it doesn’t matter to him, because the hatred validates his existence.

If you don’t agree with his warped idea of what independence will mean for the country he doesn’t even bother to live in, then you are a “fuckwit” upon whom his “battle lines” will be “clearly drawn”.

Ask respected nationalists Natalie McGarry or Kate Higgins what they think of his clearly drawn battle lines and they’ll tell you he’s a nasty wee misogynist best ignored.

Kate has the Rev sussed.

Kate has the Rev sussed.

He clearly has a problem with women, which is a symptom which tends to come with the territory inhabited by bigoted misanthropic hate preachers like the Rev.

And that is the reason AhDinnaeKen suspects this non-story saw the light of day on his pseudo-political hate preaching blog.

The story of the incident came about because of a tweet from Union supporting, Labour supporting Louise Morton concerning the incident of the unwelcome Yes campaigners.

For the Rev it must have been like a red rag. No wonder he pulled out all the stops – a WOMAN!, a UNIONIST and a LABOUR supporter. Could there ever be a more vile combination in his arid, spiritually empty and hate driven misogynistic world?

Now that’s what I call ahem, ‘professional journalism’ Nationalist style.

A Unionist, a Labour supporter and a WOMAN! Louise, there is no place in the Rev's future independent Skintland for you. Bet you're glad about that.

A Unionist, a Labour supporter and a WOMAN! Louise, there is no place in the Rev’s future independent Skintland for you. Bet you’re glad about that.

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Which CyberNationalist said: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”?

YOU KNOW you’ve got ethnic Nationalists like Reverend Stu of Wangs Over Skintland on the run when they/he refer to you as a “lunatic stalker”, a “nutcase” and claims that you ‘threatened’ them/him on their/his website. AhDinnaeKen offers some evidential reasons why the Reverend is so keen to write off AhDinnaeKen.

“Preaching is personal counseling on a group basis.” – Harry Emerson. Whereas hate preaching is money gathering on an individual basis. Weel din Wangers  – ye’ve been selt a pup.

By Longshanker

ANYONE OLD enough to remember 9/11 will have watched the horror of the terrorist outrage tragically played out on television in New York with a variety of human emotions. Many of those emotions will have ranged from outrage, to shock to a deep and mournful sadness.

The editor of AhDinnaeKen is still haunted by the picture of the ‘falling man’ and the truly awful choice faced by that poor and tragic individual.

No one in possession of a nervous system and the frailty of suffering from normal human emotion could possibly have avoided feeling sorrow and sympathy for the relatives and friends and victims of the Twin Towers attack.

There are too many images, stories, tales of courage and tales of sadness for the true horror of 9/11 ever to be fully realised.

And then there’s the reaction of a self confessed misanthropist currently operating under the hatefully false banner of ahem, ‘professional journalism’ – Reverend Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland.

Starting on the 29th April 2009 in a protracted, disgusting, and hateful tirade on an internet forum dedicated to Neo-Geo console games, the editor of Wings Over Scotland, The Reverend Stuart Campbell, had a very different view of 9/11.

In May 2009 Reverend Stuart Campbell wrote: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”
AhDinnaeKen took a straw poll of friends and work colleagues and asked the following question:

“What would you think of someone who said: “9/11 was brilliant. I watched it all on TV and I laughed the whole time.”?

Reactions varied. Some thought we were kidding and immediately queried who would say such a thing.

Other opinions ranged from immature‘ to ‘no very richt‘ to ‘horrible‘. The consensus focussed on the disbelief that anyone would commit such a vile statement to the written word, nevermind post it on a web forum which is sourced, written and moderated by Americans.

Yet, the Reverend did exactly that. And all because a feature he wrote on a  videogame series called Metal Slug was criticised for inaccuracy by the aforementioned Yanks.

It might not be relevant to his alleged ahem, ‘work’ for the Independence cause, but AhDinnaeKen believes it should be relevant to every Independinista and every SNP bod, menial and not so menial, who freely converse, swap information, retweet and endorse Wings Over Scotland.

This individual, Reverend Stuart Campbell, is on record saying he actively wants people who disagree with him to HATE him. Readers can make up their own mind on the mindset which desires such an outcome.

AhDinnaeKen doesn’t hate the Reverend. AhDinnaeKen is more concerned with the association some members of the SNP are publicly seen to be allowing him by endorsing his hate preaching and misanthropy.

True activists such as the Greens James MacKenzie, Labour’s Duncan Hothersall, the SNP’s Calum Cashley and Independence blogger Kate Higgins all care passionately about Scotland achieving independence – or not, in Dunc’s case.

These individuals are routinely castigated, insulted and subjected to bilious hateful attacks intended to belittle them by the Reverend. And all because they’ve had the temerity to criticise and stand up to him. The Metal Slug Yanks did the same thing – look at the Reverend’s answer to them.

One Wings Over Scotland donater, or Wanger, as this site will refer to them, has openly challenged real professional journalist Euan McColm to provide evidence of Wings’ racism. The Wanger said he’ll reconsider his alleged £200 donation.

Given that misanthropy covers a multitude of sins – misogyny, homophoia, sectarianism and racism being some of them – we’d like to point out that this post doesn’t prove racism, we think it proves something way beyond that.

We invite readers, Wangers and anyone else interested in the growing influence of a bona fide hate preaching sectarian bigot to make up their own mind.

Communications Officer: Just what message is being communicated here?

Communications Officer: Just what message is being communicated here?

AhDinnaeKen posted a joke about Scots having to take the Porridge Test some time ago. Or at least, we thought it was a joke.

AhDinnaeKen posted a joke about Scots having to take the ‘Porridge Test’ some time ago. Or at least, we thought it was a joke.


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