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Mock Indyref vote: Real students reflect real reality

Much has been made by BetterTogether of the resounding victory of the No vote by Glasgow Uninversity students. AhDinnaeken casts its “tough and harsh” eye over what this vote really means.


Competition is about winners and losers. Sorry Deputy Miss Leader. Ye didnae win, therefore...

Competition is about winners and losers. Sorry Deputy Miss Leader. Ye didnae win, therefore…

By Commy Tator

VICTORY was declared yesterday at the Glasgow University Independence vote.

Not for the No side and definitely not for the Yessers. Victory was declared by the Don’t Give a F**kers.

20+ thousand students chose to vote with their feet and resoundingly voted that the constitutional debate on Independence was “irrelevant” to their daily lives.

In this instance they truly reflected the current mood of Scotland.

As expected, the brave souls who did vote, returned a result which endorsed what the polls have been telling Scotland for decades – the appetite for a Yes vote doesn’t exist.

Deputy Miss Leader Sturgeon proved that she has the same anti-Midas touch as her boss Tricky Dicky Salmond.

Her personal appearance resolutely failed to move student voters in her favour.

Ex-BBC Tristram, Tonyblair Jenkins, of the Just say Yes (please) campaign probably lost the Yessers some votes.

And it’s worth remembering that Glasgow Uni students represent the cleverest types. They see through the SNP powermongers and their empty insular rhetoric.

Inevitably, the forces of Indy delusion went into frothing predictability mode.

Some ‘online activists’ impugned students, accusing them of similarities to the 1926 crew who helped break the General Strike.

Others claimed that the No voters were “English” – forgetting that the people who live here are the best people to make the decisions here.

And, of course, the low percentage ratio of actual voters was cited as a reason why the vote’s results couldn’t be taken seriously.

Apparently, all it proves is that more work needs to be done.

In Indy’s instance the main work has been done. Sisyphus Salmond has managed to get the indy boulder as far as a referendum

The Glasgow Uni vote proves that it’s all down hill from here.

Expect the campaign to get exponentially nastier.

Ho hum. How predictable.


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Just Say Yes (please) poster #11 – Scotland’s New Nato Allies

Volte face, U-Turn, Sell-out, power mongering, Machiavellian manoeuvering, rancid Realpolitik? Call it what you want. Is there no principle which will not be sold out by the Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond’s SNP faction in order to achieve more power?

“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”Confucius

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Panel set to poison pen unfair indy poll

Forces of evil prepared to thwart sovereign will of the people at every turn

Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized. A vote in the referendum is a vote for politics.

By Emancy Pation

A TRIO of traitorous quislings have been hired to devise a “biased” question for the independence vote.

The turncoats were appointed by the Unholy Alliance of Unionist oppression who claim the Nats’ preferred question is perfectly fair and reasonable.

The Troika will be chaired by Dick Dastardly the evil oppressor of the frrrreeeeedddddooooommmmm™ pigeon, who will work with Lord Child Catcher of Chitty Bang Bang and Baron Skeletor of Grayskull.

Scottish Labouring leader Fandabadozie Lament  said: “The question is so insignificant that it must be left in the hands of arch-villains not politicians.

“I am confident we have put together a cabal of dirty rotten scoundrels who will draft a question which will get right up the nose of the Nationalists.”

The final decision on what voters are asked in the referendum will be down to the SNP guardians of self righteous suffrage and emancipation.

Last night a spokesperson for the Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond said the panel was a “despicably cunning plan”.

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Salmond’s a man with some explaining to do

By Moan McVulpine on Jul 3, Ah’m gonnae huv tae lay aff the sauce

POLITICIAN SUN King Alex of Salmond has to live down being a Devo-Max front man for the Just Say Yes (please) campaign.

That’s embarrassingly feartie enough.

Now the news about ex-BBC Tristrams fiddling ‘One question only’ tunes under his nose piles more humiliation on to the self-adulating Firstminster.

It’s not just the SNP diehards saying this – it’s the Unholy alliance of Tories, Lib-Bents and Labourers.

Writing on the Holyrood Waffler website this year, Jim Sillars, the ex-SNP militant windae brekker said:

The fact is, that having put independence on the back burner for so many years, the SNP has not built up the hard detailed case for that policy nor, therefore, has it engaged in an educational discussion with the people, backed by a robust campaign.”

And who was found asleep at the wheel while Unholy Alliance Unionists screwed the rest of us?

None other than Sun King Alex of Salmond, Firstminster of the Bloodyrude Scottish Parliament.

Now he should tell us what he wants and when.

Quite why he thinks he has the right to escape to America and lecture us from there about how to run our referendum is breathtaking in its arrogance.

Now a partisan inquiry will be held into the Devo Max neverendum fixing. Yet even more embarrassment – is there no end to Salmond’s torture?

He will have to publicly explain his poor judgement in office – yet convince Scots he’s a man worth listening to on economic matters.

A very hard sell, I’d say.

Who are the Scottish Euromillions Lottery winners funding the pro-independent Scotland campaign, Just Say Yes (please)?

Hint: they’re fae Largs.

Just Say Yes (please) will not take donations below £1 million from Euromillions Lottery Winners, as the normal working class can go frack themselves as far as the SNP is concerned.

But Unholly Alliance spokesmen from AwInItTheGither will allow small secret donations from British foreigners. That’s right, bloody British foreigners – it’s just no richt!

That means being bought and sold for pluralist democratic gold.

What’s new about my intolerantly foxy xenophobia?

Nuthin! Get the anti-Scots AwInItTheGithers oot o’ the country. They’re no wanted or needed.



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Keep the UK foreigners oot o’ this campaign warns chief Yes man

Latest fund raising stooshie proves that Referendum Campaigning is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.

As a writer, I tell stories and people give me money. Then Neverendum campaigners tell me stories and I give them money. I’m half Welsh and sometimes live there. Yet the Yessers say they don’t want my money. Hmmm!

By Jaundiced Sassenach

TONYBLAIR JENKINS of the Just Say Yes (please) Campaign branded the English, Welsh and Irish ‘bloody foreigners’ last night.

The ex-BBC Tristram says that their money’s no good in Scotland and their campaign donations should get sent homeward tae think again.

But Bitter Together stoolpigeon Asmodeus Darling hit back saying that he objected to fellow Brits being called ‘foreigners’ but was later forced to admit he didnae like the ‘bloody’ Welsh either.

The stooshie blew up over the funding of the resepective Yes, No, Maybe, Oh I Don’t Know, Neverendum campaigns.

Tonyblair claims that money coming from outwith the Dal Riata Alba Caledonian Pictish Gael William Wallace Braveheart Commando community is anti-Scottish and should be treated as such.

Asmodeus reminded the Yessers that a campaign is usually more careful of its money than it is of its principles.

He said: “Like the Yessers we have no principles so it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. Money is like an arm or leg – use it or lose it.”

Mr Jenkins, a former big-wig Tristram of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, is “absolutely determined” to take and hold the high ground of lottery funded moral superiority.

He said: “There is evidence to suggest that most Yessers feel strongly that £1 million quid in lottery donations gives us an advantage.

“We aim to hold on to that advantage by playing the insular ‘Wee Scotlander’ card.”

His comments came after the SNP repeated its call for the anti-independence campaign to agree to lottery winner only donation rules ahead of the referendum.

The party released details of a FukYouGov opinion poll which suggested that 99.99% of £150 million plus lottery winners in Scotland believed referendum donations should be controlled in this way compared to 0% who disagreed.

Spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy said: “A fool and his money are soon elected.”

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Just Say Yes (please) – Campaign Poster #3

AhDinnaeKen isnae wurkin’. Why aren’t you?


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MacAesop’s Fables # 15 – The Hares and the Lions

Our fifteenth Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as the Just Say Yes campaign’s solidarity of purpose.

“No institution can function smoothly if there is disunity among it’s members.” – Atharva Veda

THE HARES harangued the assembly and argued that all should be equal. The Lions made this reply: Your words, O Hares! are good, but they lack both claws and teeth such as we have.

AnalysisTwo weeks in and already the Just Say Yes (Please) campaign is floundering. Patacake Harvie of the Hares has had his voice heard. Now the teeth and claws of the Braveheart SNP lions will be brought to the fore. They have £2 million worth of tooth and claw efter aw.

For more morally superior and vacuous posturing click on the Fable category to the right.

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