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Moan McVulpine: Nationalists never had our welfare at heart

MOAN believes that Nationalists proved their true colours in September last year when John Swindley announced he wanted to keep bedroom tax victims ‘on the hook’. Y’know, for making political capital against their opponents at the expense of those suffering the consequences of the tax.
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By Moan McVulpineExploiting the poor’s plight at every political opportunity

WHEN SCOTS voted to get their own parliament in 1997, they believed it would protect them from the worst excesses of Westminster.

Yet, the building of the new parliament ended up costing more than 40 times the initial estimates of £10 million pounds. It ended up costing £414 million?!

Excessive! Or what?

It served as an expensive and bitter reminder of what was to come: over paid unidentifiable vegetables masquerading as MSPs, freeloading at the expense of everyone else.

And the second of the big surprises – the parliametary incumbents were high on rhetoric, low on delivery.

In 2011 the SNP won a historic electoral landslide, delivering an allegedly unobtainable parliamentary majority.

Yet another surprise. The voting structure was designed to stop such a thing from happening.

Labour was the chief architect of that structure. Quelle surprise.

The repercussions of an SNP majority demonstrated, almost immediately, the fundamental weakness of its Unicameral structure – the Firstminster’s diktats are now rubber stamped by supine ‘herded cats’ committees almost by rote.

Your wish is our command oh master etc.

One of the first real tests for the potential protective properties of the parliament has been the bedroom tax.

And, true to expectations, the SNP failed to deliver anything of substance other than a coordinated grievance campaign.

“We don’t have the power to do anything” they bleated.

“Big bad Westminster has got it in for us Scots because we don’t vote Tory” they wept.

“Give us more power” they wailed.

But the crocodile tears were a futile attempt at manipulating the Scottish electorate.

So much so that budget fiddler John Swindley eventually magicked up £20 million of mitigating funds.

Not enough to help all of the victims, but just enough to make it look like the SNP cared.

He wanted to keep the sufferers “on the hook” so that the inevitable stories of victims being turfed out of their houses could be exploited for maximum political effect.

But most Scots are cannier than that. Most Scots know that other measures, with a bit of imagination and will, could have been implemented to help alleviate the suffering.

And the SNP have eventually cottoned on to the public mood, which refuses to accept the “we’re powerless to do more” mantra peddled by the cynical Nats.

Will the recent moves by Firewummin Sturgeon be enough to make it look like the SNP care more about the Scottish population than they do about power?

Time will tell.

But it’s always worth remembering that the Nationalists had enough powers through devolution to mitigate against the hated tax.

They chose not to because they saw the opportunity to pull at the heartstrings of the Scots public.

How daft do they think the Scots are?

If Joan McArthyalpine’s grief tirade in the Daily Ranger today is anything to go by, the answer’s simple enough – awfy daft.

The Nats have been playing us for mugs.

Open your eyes and grasp the thistle.


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Moan McVulpine: The million Groat question is… where’s our money going?

MOAN argues that Skintland is losing out as the number of SNP concessions to tax evading multi-million corporations grows.

Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineApologist for corporate gift grabbers everywhere

WHO WANTS to be a millionaire? We all do, but when you’re failing your efficiency targets in a minimum wage McJob at Amazon, there’s hee haw chance o’ that happenin’.

Yet, despite Amazon’s systemic tax avoidance and well documented sweatshop treatment of workers, the SNP were more than happy to hand them £10.6 million of honest taxpayer corporate gift card money.

And the return? Hard pressed Skintish job seekers treated like sub-human automatons by a company without a vestige of humanity or social conscience about it.

But hey, Amazon knows its business, its regulations, its market and its politicians better than virtually any other company in the world.

Don’t expect any SNP politician to stick up for the workers at Amazon Dunfermline any time soon.

They’re too busy turning a blind eye to Amazon’s alleged permanent job figures and abstaining from voting for greater accountability for tax avoiding companies in Europe.

A real confidence builder for anyone swithering about which way to vote come the great ‘Day of Dustbinry’ in September 2014, I don’t think.

At Amazon Dunfermline, the average worker’s wage is £6.19 per hour. They can be arbitrarily sacked on their way into work without their knowledge and have to make their way back home at any time of night or morning miles away from the beaten track of public transport links. Lovely!

We are shackled to this corporate gift culture mentality fae the SNP. If it isn’t a Fred the Shred letter of support, it’s an unprecendented intervention in local planning permission for Donald Trump, or a backscratching willingness to lobby for a Rupert Murdoch media monopoly or a commitment to lower corporation tax 3 per cent below that set by basturt Westminster.

And now we hear that the party which has allegedly worked hard to lose the Tartan Tory label has abstained on European measures to tackle tax avoidance, evasion and fraud by corporations and large companies – the same measures UKIP, the Tory Tories and the BNP voted against.

Aye, they’re aw in it the gither and their true colours are coming to the fore every time they’re left open to scrutiny.



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Raasay crofters crushed under the heel of SNP jackboots

The SNP lip service mantra which pays homage to the sovereignty of the people, social justice, progressiveness, inclusiveness and civicness – yada yada yada –  is once again heard ringing hollow when subjected to the ‘real reality’ test. AhDinnaeKen casts its ‘harsh and tough’ eye over Crofting-minster Paul Shithouse’s track record of being bought and sold for Lowland gold.

Raasay Shithouse

By Itsanin Justice

HOLYROOD’S PLASTICINE parliament has failed to address significant inequalities in Scotland’s crofting communities according to a recent report.

The Protect Raasay Island’s Crofting Kibbutz (PRICK) report claims only politicians genuinely interested in the ‘sovereign people of Scotland’ can deliver true social justice for Raasay’s crofters.

It marks the launch of a major public relations disaster for Scotland’s so called Nationalist Socialist Party (NSP).

Crofting-minster, Paul Shithouse NSP MSP, has betrayed the 18 year endeavour and aspirations of the Raasay crofting community in one foul stroke of his posh-boy pen.

Bought and sold for Lowlander gold, the fat headed ex-public school boy even had the temerity to claim he supported the findings of the report.

He said: “I have always been a PRICK and I will always be a PRICK, you only have to look at my fat public schoolboy face to see that I am a 100% total and utter PRICK.

“What these whinging teuchters have to understand is that I have been privately educated in an environment of expectation and privilege.

“These crofter people smell of deer, dead things and shite. What interest could a freeloading list MSP like myself possibly have for them.?”

Passionate land reform campaigner, Andy Playthewightman is on the case.

He has already called for an inquiry into the decision by the NSP to sell out the hopes and aspirations of this hard working badly treated community.

Read more about Raasay’s deplorable treatment at the hands of this disgustingly arrogant MacPoshboy by clicking on this link: Asleep at the Wheelhouse.

If you read nothing else on this affair, take a look at this excoriating, hard hitting, powerful and impassioned piece – SNP Jackboots crush Raasay’s hope


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