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Moan McVulpine: Holyrood is doing us a ‘civic’ disservice

MOAN says Firstminster Salmond and John Swinney will do anything to increase their elite positions and for that reason we should take with a huge pinch of salt their views on Scottish Independence:
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By Moan McVulpineputting the shame into shameless

ANOTHER WEEK, another Nationalist report over inflating Scotland’s independent prospects. No wonder nobody but the converted even take notice.

The latest Big Parish Cooncil analysis made sweeping generalisations based on the most optimistic figures available about how extra rich we are all going to be post-independence.

If only we could throw off the yoke of our imperialist colonisers at Westminster aka the basturt English .

Should this tissue of dodgy used car salesman promises surprise anyone? Every week we get the strongest evidence that Salmond is running out of snake oil.

Questioned by the opposition at FMQs he continually failed to provide any figures for what the start up costs of iScotland News Corps Plc will actually be.

For the acolytes of ffrreeddoomm™ it disnae matter – better free and impoverished than suffer the continued humiliation of occupied subjugation.

In other words, those who are with Salmond are true Scots, those who urnae – urnae.

Of course, the whole rotten fiasco is based on belief. Maybe the land of milk and citizen Tommy will come to be. Most probably it willnae.

In keeping with low expectations, the pro-UK Treasury lot hardly instill confidence when they get flatly contradicted by the very people they commissioned to research their reports.

It looks rank amateur, presentationally at least, because it is rank amateur.

But the recent debacle only shows why the indy referendum is too important a subject for a bunch of bawbag politicians to be in charge of it.

Danny Alexander, the presenter of the Treasury figures, has the look of an over abused Bullingdon fag boy caught in the headlights.

As the UK has already shown through the Euro election results, there’s an appetite out there for sacking all of the politicians.

UKIP are the anti-common sense party, yet they still trounced the allegedly ‘proper’ politicians.

Salmond, Sturgeon et al say that there’s a “world of difference” in Scotland.

The SNP already occupy the place of UKIP in the country – disaffection, grievance, frustration, impotence, loonyism and dissent. Effectively, the SNP got there first before UKIP.

The SNP only did so well in 2011 and at the Euro elections because there was a low turnout. They always do well with low turnouts. The disciples of ffrreeddoomm™ are always there, waiting and ready.

Just like the SNP’s recent analysis of Scotland’s future, when the real turnout turns out at the referendum, they’re likely to be found wanting.

Roll on Sep 18. We’ve had enough of this pish.


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