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Partisan prophet proves himself right by quoting himself – magic!

PARTISAN JOURNALISM, or propaganda as it’s better known, has one overriding objective – a systematically one sided attitude toward every problem that has to be dealt with. Sometimes that means its practitioners have to bend the truth so far that the truth breaks and becomes a misleading lie. AhDinnaeKen investigates the alleged truth bending of Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland in his previous and present incarnation:

Misleading and unethical. What we've come to expect.

Stuart Campbell used these two quotes to reinforce the authority of his Fairplay campaign. The Edge quote was allegedly written by Campbell as was the CTW one. We’re awaiting verification of the first. AhDinnaeKen verified that the second (CTW) is indeed Campbell’s handiwork.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“SCRATCH THE surface at any point, and it would seem that much of the rhetoric of the FairPlay campaign is based on some completely unfounded assertions that have never been backed up by facts or research.” stated a Gamesindustry.biz report into claims raised by the then Fairplay campaigner and videogames reviewer, Stuart Campbell – the present editor of the Wings Over Scotland blog.

The report from 2002 further informed its readers of Campbell’s deceitful manipulation of attributed quotes to lend a false authority to his campaign’s spurious claims.

Most damaging was the allegation that Campbell had quoted his own writings and attributed them to the publications they were written for as if the two were somehow separate.

At no time did Campbell mention or let on that he was the author of the quotes.

If true, the Gamesbizindustry.biz report was a damning insight into the dishonest practice and unethical actions of a self professed “professional journalist”.

In short, Campbell was effectively treating his target audience/readership with cynical contempt using unethical journalistic practise.

Predictably, Campbell called the claims a lie and countered with a classic Tu Quoque riposte:

“..tame industry lapdogs like Gamesindustry.biz have been quick to condemn the campaign with ill-researched and blatantly untrue claims (ironically while accusing FairPlay of poor journalistic standards).”

AhDinnaeKen can exclusively reveal that Campbell was indeed guilty of the charges raised against him by Gamesindustry.biz . Click the links supplied to see Campbell’s initial CTW feature and how the quotes were further abused.

The most blatant manipulation concerned a quote attributed by Campbell to trade magazine Computer Trade Weekly (CTW):

In a CTW feature from 1996 entitled “The Price is Wrong”, Campbell said:

“The price of games is crippling innovation – with people buying so few games, they take very few risks, so publishers play safer and safer, so sales slip further downwards (how many driving games and beat-’em-ups do you need?), so games get more expensive to recoup the losses, etc etc.”

It’s the very same quote used by Campbell’s Fairplay campaign and attributed to CTW with no other allusion to Campbell.

Oh dear! Quoting yourself to prove yourself right, in this instance, is like a particularly incestuous form of the Circulum Probando logical fallacy. What a swiz,

Oh dear! This is a screen grab from Campbell’s original CTW feature. Quoting yourself to prove yourself right is a particularly onanistic form of the Circulus in Probando logical fallacy. What a swiz.

CTW, at the time, served the games industry and associated retail trade, keeping them abreast of news , developments and features. At its height it commanded a unique perspective on the burgeoning games industry and spoke with an unchallenged authority.

Campbell’s unattributed attribution hoped to tap into that authority. Except, embarrassingly for him, he was exposed by Gamesindustry.biz despite his counter claim they were lying.

The World of Stuart blog has a large archive of Campbell’s work for various publications over the years, including CTW. The link to the original piece written by Campbell is here and an archive copy is here.

Readers can make their own mind up as to what this tells them about Campbell’s ethics and integrity in order to further his one sided interests.

Scottish Television journalist and Wings acolyte by proxy, Stephen Daisley, in pre-referendum praise of the Wings Over Scotland blog said:

“Mainstream media need not embrace Stuart Campbell but it cannot afford to ignore him or the challenges he poses to journalistic practice”

AhDinnaeKen agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiment of Daisley’s statement. Such journalistic practice highlighted above, shouldn’t be ignored, it should be exposed.

The main challenge Campbell poses to journalistic practice is one of ethics, integrity, credibilty, honesty, hypocrisy and trust.

It’s why if the MSM were to “embrace” Campbell, as some MSM journos such as Daisley, Kevin McKenna and Iain MacWhirter appear to be doing, then it could feasibly be claimed that they were undermining their own credibility – for the simple reason that they’re legitimising an inauthentic cheat and liar who abuses journalism for his own ends.

Campbell’s readers trust him enough and believe in his credibility enough to donate “as much” as they can afford to the upkeep of his lifestyle.

Apologists for the Wings blog might point out that the Fairplay campaign was a long time ago and imply that that somehow lessens the impact of Campbell’s deception.

It’s worth noting that the CTW feature was written in 1996 but the quotes were used to add authenticity to the Fairplay campaign six years later in 2002 .

You need only look at the back of the Campbell authored Wee Blue Book to see the same “misleading” attribution principle in action:

Wings is arguably the most exciting, invigorating, and innovative entrant to the Scottish media world in recent years. – STV News, 20 June 2014” screams the blurb on the back of the Wee Blue propaganda pamphlet.

To the uninitiated it implies endorsement by the mostly impartial broadcaster Scottish Television. The source of the quote was Stephen Daisley, something that should have been alluded to by Campbell because the quote implies that STV News endorsed Campbell when, of course, it was merely the “manlove” rhetorical foreplay by proxy of the Wings besotted STV journalist.

According to Ross McCafferty, also quoted on the Wee Blue Book – he referred to Wings Over Scotland as “The mumsnet of the independence movement” – Campbell’s attribution of his quote to the Mirror Online was a “bit harsh” due to the salient fact he hadn’t written it there. Yet, curiously, it was still attributed as such by Campbell. So much for fact checking, accuracy and truth etc.

Campbell has a history of basic factual and “misleading” errors – never corrected – which further his solipsistic interests.

Acolytes, supporters, donators, endorsers and apologists can take their excuses elsewhere. Anyone who donates to Wings in the belief that they’re funding professional journalism is a schmuck. Stuart Campbell, though they choose not to see it, is treating them and journalism with the contempt they probably deserve.

And that’s the real problem with Wings Over Scotland. For all the bluster and polemic about journalistic integrity and credibility and the alleged “fact checking”, “citing” and “sourcing” of his propaganda stories, it can never quite be believed as being “authentic”. From spending to readership to status to credibility all that’s required with Wings is to “scratch the surface” to find that its rhetoric is unfounded and its basic argument is built on a lie.


Attributed to Mirror Online except the quote doesn't come from the Mirror Online. Well done Wingsy. Yer a tryer at least.

Attributed to Mirror Online except the quote doesn’t come from the Mirror Online. Well done Wingsy. Yer a tryer at least.



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The Contemptibles: SNP rub sovereign people’s noses in the s**t yet again

Two embarrassing U-turns in one day. It’s all in a day’s contempt for the sovereign people of Skintland. AhDinnaeKen investigates.

"This change to the parliamentary record is as accurate a lie as anyone has ever given to parliament" laughed Swindley as he helped stick the knife in Rust-ell's and Tricky Dicky Salmond's back.

Scottish Minsters react to MacTavish Scott’s claim that the Plasticine Parliament deserves to be treated with respect. Tartan Tory MacPoshboy Shithouse (top left) joins in.

By Ragin Luney

THE SNP government is consistently rubbing the sovereign people of Scotland’s noses in the doo, according to the Institute of MacPolitical Contempt.

An embarrassing U-turn by Tartan Tory MacPoshboy Paul Shithouse over Raasay’s Community Existence Rights was overturned and announced in the Plasticine Parliament yesterday.

According to Nationalist Newspeak, a £9,000 compensation payment – 300% more than the winning bid – to South Ayrshire Stockings is achieving ‘best value’ for Scotland.

Go figure!

AhDinnaeKen predicts that Shithouse will be challenging for John Swindley’s job at finance soon.

Read about Shithouse’s newspeak ‘best value’ aboot turn here: http://www.andywightman.com/?p=2244

Policy by Media release

Meanwhile, when it comes to the media, the Nationalists prove yet again the casual but deeply resonant contempt they possess for the sovereign people and the Rewritable Ministerial Code.

Their recent policy announcement  on a written constitution was leaked to the Sun and the BBC before the elected drones of the Plasticine Parliament even got a sniff.

Given that the Plasticine Parliament is full of democratically elected freeloaders who are supposed to represent the people of Skintland, consider the following Gaelic proverb recently used in a Twitter exchange with Paul Shithouse: “Bial a labhras, ach gniomli a dhearbhas” – The mouth speaks, but the deed proves.

The SNP chose to announce their new Industry Regulation strategy on the BBC’s Good Morning Skintland yesterday.

Finance Backstabber John Swindley was interviewed and subjected to the usual ‘Unionist biased’ BBC scrutiny pish.

SNP MSP drones kept quiet about the whole affair and it took whinging Lib-Bent MSP MacTavish Scott to raise the issue in parliament.

His point of order was vindicated.

The leaks to the BBC and the Sun elicited this response from a Scottish Plasticine Parliament spokesperson:

“The process that was followed clearly does not comply with the good practice guidance on announcements and the Scottish ministerial code, which set out five ways the government should inform parliament.”

Parliament is the alleged embodiment of the sovereign peoples’ will. It is therefore incumbent upon government to treat it with the respect it apparently doesn’t deserve.

Just as the contemptuous ‘Day of Destiny’ headline in the Sun was the spur for the existence of this blog, it is contempt like this which truly express the desires of the SNP.

They have nothing but contempt for the sovereign people of Skintland. The mantra is a lip service Barnum statement. Nothing else!

All the Nationalists want is power. Power is the sole desire for the Nationalist. In the unlikely event that they achieve independence, expect the contempt to ramp up exponentially.



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Raasay crofters crushed under the heel of SNP jackboots

The SNP lip service mantra which pays homage to the sovereignty of the people, social justice, progressiveness, inclusiveness and civicness – yada yada yada –  is once again heard ringing hollow when subjected to the ‘real reality’ test. AhDinnaeKen casts its ‘harsh and tough’ eye over Crofting-minster Paul Shithouse’s track record of being bought and sold for Lowland gold.

Raasay Shithouse

By Itsanin Justice

HOLYROOD’S PLASTICINE parliament has failed to address significant inequalities in Scotland’s crofting communities according to a recent report.

The Protect Raasay Island’s Crofting Kibbutz (PRICK) report claims only politicians genuinely interested in the ‘sovereign people of Scotland’ can deliver true social justice for Raasay’s crofters.

It marks the launch of a major public relations disaster for Scotland’s so called Nationalist Socialist Party (NSP).

Crofting-minster, Paul Shithouse NSP MSP, has betrayed the 18 year endeavour and aspirations of the Raasay crofting community in one foul stroke of his posh-boy pen.

Bought and sold for Lowlander gold, the fat headed ex-public school boy even had the temerity to claim he supported the findings of the report.

He said: “I have always been a PRICK and I will always be a PRICK, you only have to look at my fat public schoolboy face to see that I am a 100% total and utter PRICK.

“What these whinging teuchters have to understand is that I have been privately educated in an environment of expectation and privilege.

“These crofter people smell of deer, dead things and shite. What interest could a freeloading list MSP like myself possibly have for them.?”

Passionate land reform campaigner, Andy Playthewightman is on the case.

He has already called for an inquiry into the decision by the NSP to sell out the hopes and aspirations of this hard working badly treated community.

Read more about Raasay’s deplorable treatment at the hands of this disgustingly arrogant MacPoshboy by clicking on this link: Asleep at the Wheelhouse.

If you read nothing else on this affair, take a look at this excoriating, hard hitting, powerful and impassioned piece – SNP Jackboots crush Raasay’s hope


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SNP to tippex record of past four weeks

Past four weeks to be erased from the political record in preparation for neverendum in 2014.

“And then I said, this lie is as accurate an answer as anyone has ever given to parliament” joked  Tricky Dicky Salmond as he and his front bench shared a laugh at the people of Scotland’s expense.

By Ahkanny Wate

FURIOUS BIG Parish Cooncillors last night demanded Tricky Dicky Salmond stop trying to rewrite history.

Tory Tory Liz Smythington-Smythe clocked out at the Firstminster who has tried to erase the official record of ‘liar incidents’ over the past four weeks.

She accused the ‘barefaced liar’ of trying to lie after his exposure for lying over his “serial lying” in Whollyrude.

It follows recent uncovering of yet more barefaced lies over EU Pantsonfiregate, Education Cannaecountgate and Environmental Windbagjobsgate.

Ms Smythington-Smythe said: “This has to stop. It’s not the first time this month he’s tried to lie about his lies.

“There are so many lies flying around that it’s difficult to tell the pragmatic lies from the wee white lies and the wee white lies from the barefaced lies.

“It’s got so serious I can’t tell the difference between my lies, the Labour party’s lies and the Firstminster’s barefaced lies.”

Labourer’s Master Baker said: “It’s getting so bad he’ll probably apologise for the last four weeks ever having existed and then attempt to tippex out the apology.”

Fibbing lying truth mangling spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy said: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. If you don’t tell the truth you have to erase the record of everything.

“The Firstminster is only doing what any progressive inclusive ‘different’ government would do in what are exceedingly difficult circumstances.”


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Most Historic day ever! SNP ignore sovereign will of the Scots in Declaration of Contempt 2012

As pen goes to paper with the Tory Tories, sovereign Scots people ask: “What is the point in SNP led consultations?” That’s the second one now which they have competely ignored.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” ― Suzanne Collins. To be fair, Sun King Moses of Salmond has never trusted the Scottish people. You get the government you deserve I suppose.

By Con Tempt-Able

NEVER HAS there been a more vainglorious day in the history of our proud wee nation.

Never have we seen such bare faced smiling ignorant contempt of the voice of the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

Never has there been a day when so many Scots collectively wished that it was 2014 so that the smug hubris behind Sun King Moses Salmond’s smile will be wiped off of his face once and for all.

Half-wits, morons, dupes, fools, hate blinded idiots, gullibles, naive persons, etc etc etc.: that”s what Alex ‘Moses’ Salmond is calling his ‘people’ when he signs today’s document with David Cameron.

More than 26,000 people took the time to trawl through the lip service pish of the alleged ‘consultation’ document on Scotland’s referendum.

Today’s signing takes place before anyone – even Auld Nick Sturgeon – knows what those 26,000 people really think.

Today will go down in history right enough.

For the Nats, Cybernats and SNP cultists it will be easily written off as a grand day in history – the biggest since the Act of Union. Faith and rock solid belief can only be converted after all. And good luck to them.

For everyone else, it’s worth remembering that the Gay marriage consultation was a resounding No against the process and it was roundly ignored by the SNP. (AhDinnaeKen does not care one way or the other about gay marriage incidentally).

But today 15 October 2012 is a day of Ignominy – eclipsing even the Scottish Sun’s Day of Destiny splash headline.

Today is the day of the DECLARATION OF CONTEMPT 2012.

Remember it well. It’s a hallmark of the SNP’s contempt for the people they pay lip service to in their myopic single track incompetent pursuit of power.

SAOR ALBA from the SNP.


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Just Say Yes (please) poster #10 – Salmond’s Humour Bypass

We keep being told that Sun King Alex of Salmond is an exceptional politician, head and shoulders above the political herd. So why did he sound like every other wee Shuggy with an inferiority complex and a chip on his shooder the size of the Watford Gap over the infamous Economist Skintland cover? AhDinnaeKen thinks we should be told.

Scottish manufactured outrage sees 1320%
 increase since Declaration of Skintland


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Sturgeon’s Jakey apartheid tax set tae get chibbed by the SWA Young team

As predicted by AhDinnaeKen’s Ned correspondent Buckfast Commando in May, Diageo’s SWA young team is set to gie prohibition Sturgeon the public doin’ she deserves

Jakey apartheid makes you want to cry into your Buckie and denies you the Buckie to cry into.

By Buckfast Commando

AH PREDICTED a riot back in May when clip moothed tee-totaller Auld Nick Sturgeon sayed she wis gonnae slap a jakey apartheid tax on chape voddy and the like man.

And ah’m gled to say, ah was right.

Pure mental man. She is gaun doon. Diageo’s SWA young team don’t f****n’ mess when they’re challenged tae a square go.

They’ve got baws the size o’ fitba’s man and they’re feart oh nae c**t – especially no a humour bypass holy joe like Sturgeon and her mingin’ SNP team o’ naebudy’s.

She is gonnae get the auld Glesca kiss followed by the metro-fourical malky – and we’re aw gonnae huv a ringside seat oan the telly.

Me. Ah cannae wait

Fur sterters, the SWA’s gonnae huv her up in front oh some big wigged law basher at the Heid Coort in Heidinborrow fur a session. Haw haw. She might be able to caw in some favours fae her heidbanger pal MacNaeskill, but ah doubt it man – he’s normally mare pished than Eric Joyce.

They haufwit Labourers at the Big Bloodyrude Cooncil telt them no tae dae it like this, but they didnae listen – too smert fur their ain guid.

An then there’s the Big Cooncil in Europe man. They don’t gie two flying f**ks aboot onythin ither than spondoolie rules and legal rules man.

The SWA Young Team ken that if this fight goes there it wull get held up for ever – probably longer than the Neverendum man.

Sturgeon is oot o’ her depth oan this and she knows it – but she’s too faur in tae back oot.

Fat Boab the Sun King isnae sayin’ much ower this either.

He got a bitch slapping when he tried to play the big man back in 2009 at Johnnie Walker in mingin Kilmarnock.

He tried to tell the Diageo young team whit they could and whit they couldnae dae with their merchandise – their merchandise mind – no his.

The Big Man – the Bone Collector, the Heid Honcho – Paul Walsh shin pit Fat Boab in his place man. Gied im a richt doin oan the telly so he did.

It wid huv been funny if it hundae meant aw they folk losin their joabs.

Mah uncle worked oan wan ah they lines and he had a guid scam gaun where me an him selt chape whisky roon the Coatbridge pubs man.

Nae mare – thanks to Fat Boab and his bloated ego. F****r!

Onyways, it luks like Auld Nick Sturgeon’s vanity project isnae gonnae see the light o’ day.

Jist as weel. Ah’ve been developing a taste for a mix o’ Frosty Jack’s, chape voddy and Red Rooster fae the poun shoap.

See ye’s later efter the first sesh at the Heid Coort in Heidinborrow.

Jakey Apartheid Tax 

Buckfast Commando’s Top Ten Tips 

Minimum Price Alcohol Challenge

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