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Et Tu Bullingdon Dave!

Treacherous English politicians set to undermine moral support for SNP’s flagship alcohol policy. AhDinnaeKen will drink to that. Wee neddy bawbag correspondent Buckfast Commando toasts the Tories for seeing sense at last.

For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground. Jello Biafra

“For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground.” –  Jello Biafra

By Buckfast Commando

HAW HAW! Who’d uv thunk it.

The last crutch of righteous superiority and moral support is set to be kicked intae touch fae unner the feet o’ the SNP’s Jakey Apartheid Tax man.

Tory poshc**t Bullingdon Dave’s gonnae gie up the gemme oan the proposed minimum alcohol pricin’ bill doon sooth man.

Noo the SNP’s Jakey Apartheid Tax is gonnae be left hinging oan a shoogly peg like an SNP proclamation on Europe. Haw haw!

Piggy eyed patsy Alex Kneel is pure shitin’ hissel cos it means the plasticine parliament’s temperance/prohibition bill wull get sliced up in coort by the Dirageo young team.

They don’t take prisoners they c**ts. They’ve even hunted doon auld grannies in Africa wi’ illegal stills – earnin pennies – and shut them doon. Haw haw!

So the SNP freeloaders are gonnae get thur arses kicked oan this wan. An ah cannae wait fur the moral indignation and disappointment oan thur sorry faces.

Still. As ah pinted oot last time, Auld Nick Sturgeon and the piggy eyed patsy huv fun anither way tae get at Dirageo.

And ah don’t see the Dirageo young team gettin’ roon it as easy as thuv got roon the Jakey Apartheid Tax.

Whitever happens, it’s gonnae be a richt guid laff.

Onyhoo. Ah’m awa’ doon Navid’s shoap tae get mahsel sum refrigerated Buckie – buy two and ye can get a free Caramac.


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