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Moan McVulpine: Warning! Don’t cross your Nationalist masters

AS MOAN vows to continue smearing the wife she betrayed and later abused, the lesson’s clear: “Don’t attempt to cross your Nationalist masters. They get nasty when crossed.”

Moan McVulpine Banner

By Moan McVulpine Backdating revisionism in anyone’s language

SCREEDS OF politicians can claim their work has destroyed lives, but none quite so personally as Moan McVulpine.

The award winning hackster-turned MSP set up some ‘questionable’ proxy payments for her illicit lover for ‘services’ rendered.

And then, got ignobly found out.

From 2012 onwards, the shit hit the fan for the erstwhile anti-Scots Finder General.

When the betrayed wife rumbled her, McVulpine backtracked quicker than a Westminster MP could flip their second home.

Timing was everything and McVulpine paid back a sum, out of her own pocket, which would keep an adult Jobseeker in benefit for six months.

Go figure!

As if to compound the aroma she leaves wherever she goes, the fragrant one issued threats to the betrayed wife through the office of National Selective’s favourite legal champion.

What a stinker! Eh?

And then, following the Firstminster’s lead for reporting himself to parliament, she reported herself to parliament – knowing full well that when she is inevitably cleared she can claim innocence, virtue and vindication against the right wing forces of media oppression, the Daily Mail.

All of which will more than serve the dual purpose of sticking it to the London elites and galavanising the MobNat legions sense of grievance.

In the eyes of the Nationalists at least.


Of course, she’ll go on under representing her list constituency and continue lifting her £57,000 salary and £20,000 plus expenses like every other ordinary Scot in the country.

It begs the question, how can such a piece of work continue without having to resign?

We* think we know the answer.

Ask Granny Salmond.




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Eurocrats tell Scotland “Ye’s urnae gettin’ in”

Empty coat assertions, embarrassing legislation knock downs and barefaced lying exposés. Where does the latest clandestine letter promoted by the oppressive Unionist press leave the SNP’s assertions on Europe?

Ruth Davidson EU Letter

A despicable Unionist with another tissue of lies aimed at corrupting the forces of righteousness

By Nochnoch Yernogettinin

SNP EMPTY coats huv been telt they’ll need an invite to the European Union party should they gain fffrrreeedddooommm™ in 2014.

The blow is revealed in a secret Quisling letter sent to the sinister unelected Unionist House of Lords at despicable Westminster.

Tricky Dicky Salmond’s right hand backstabber, John Swindley, has relied on the SNP’s standard rebuttal when faced with unpleasant news; he stuck his fingers in his ears, said “la la la la la” and then said “they’re wrang, we’re right, get ower it.”

But the kiddy-on made up Unionist nonsense letter stated: “Ye’s might have rights as Euro citizens the noo, but vote to separate fae the UK and ye’s ur annulling those rights. Think aboot it ya dafties.”

Self denying delusionist and snake oil peddler spokesperson for the SNP Wee Naebudy wailed: “This letter is Unionist pish.

“Who dae ye’s believe? Oor Firstminster or a bunch o’ gravy train trough feeders? Er, haud on, don’t answer that.”


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Most Historic day ever! SNP ignore sovereign will of the Scots in Declaration of Contempt 2012

As pen goes to paper with the Tory Tories, sovereign Scots people ask: “What is the point in SNP led consultations?” That’s the second one now which they have competely ignored.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” ― Suzanne Collins. To be fair, Sun King Moses of Salmond has never trusted the Scottish people. You get the government you deserve I suppose.

By Con Tempt-Able

NEVER HAS there been a more vainglorious day in the history of our proud wee nation.

Never have we seen such bare faced smiling ignorant contempt of the voice of the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

Never has there been a day when so many Scots collectively wished that it was 2014 so that the smug hubris behind Sun King Moses Salmond’s smile will be wiped off of his face once and for all.

Half-wits, morons, dupes, fools, hate blinded idiots, gullibles, naive persons, etc etc etc.: that”s what Alex ‘Moses’ Salmond is calling his ‘people’ when he signs today’s document with David Cameron.

More than 26,000 people took the time to trawl through the lip service pish of the alleged ‘consultation’ document on Scotland’s referendum.

Today’s signing takes place before anyone – even Auld Nick Sturgeon – knows what those 26,000 people really think.

Today will go down in history right enough.

For the Nats, Cybernats and SNP cultists it will be easily written off as a grand day in history – the biggest since the Act of Union. Faith and rock solid belief can only be converted after all. And good luck to them.

For everyone else, it’s worth remembering that the Gay marriage consultation was a resounding No against the process and it was roundly ignored by the SNP. (AhDinnaeKen does not care one way or the other about gay marriage incidentally).

But today 15 October 2012 is a day of Ignominy – eclipsing even the Scottish Sun’s Day of Destiny splash headline.

Today is the day of the DECLARATION OF CONTEMPT 2012.

Remember it well. It’s a hallmark of the SNP’s contempt for the people they pay lip service to in their myopic single track incompetent pursuit of power.

SAOR ALBA from the SNP.


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Controlling leader nuking party integrity? – Deirdre’s here to help

I’m Deirdre and I’m here to help. With the help of my team of plutocrats, power mongers and rich men with big cheque books, I reply sternly and harshly to any SNP political drone showing signs of frreeeeddddoooommm™ of thought.

We call people who betray us, Judas. In Scotland we call them First Minister

Dear Deirdre

I JOINED the SNP many years ago and was so overtaken with emotion at the idea of my wee beautiful country standing on its own two feet that I became an MSP.

Now my party has been kidnapped by a domineering right wing Tony Blair/Thatcher type leader who, rumour has it, used to be the 79 Group’s Alex Salmond.

I love my country and want it to be free from NATO and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Imagine my horror when the party I love began briefing that our decades long opposition to an expansionist militaristic ‘first strike’ nuclear weapons alliance was to be reversed.

Now it turns out to be true, despite my belief that it was all due to BBC and mainstream media anti-SNP mischief.

It’s astounding and terrifying that my party is going to reject a core belief and principle in the pursuit of power.

My problem Deirdre is the same problem currently being displayed by many  of my fellow SNP MSPs.

How do we keep up the appearance of ‘right thinking’ individuals when we look and sound like wee cowerin timorous beasties?

Yours for Career security



Deirdre says

It sounds like you have a conscience and your belief in principle is stronger than your lust for power.

Accept that you are weak and then dae whit yer telt by the ANOINTED one. Otherways you’re in for a rough ride and you wouldn’t want to upset the SNP juggernugget now.

Remember that your anointed leader has had to make serious sacrifices to his credibility and integrity. Look at what all those taxpayer lunches have done to his chins for example.

My leaflet “Don’t believe in NATO and Weapons of Mass Destruction – How to keep shtoom while minimising your compromised integrity.” explains where to find understanding and support.

Don’t rely on your conscience. It is false. Your anointed leader discovered that some time ago.

Yours for Alex


MSPs silenced on touchy Nato membership issue


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