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At least we’re talking action

Marching toward Independence One Goose Step at a Time

By Moan McVulpine on Jun 19, somnambulism dynamics are affirmative 

ANGELA GRUBER-CONSTANT is the only Greater Scotland Youth Movement minister in ony of the UK nations.

I was wettin mah drawers when she accepted my orders to hold a Jugend Action Movement in the South Western territories this Thursday.

It will bring together Salmond Youth, Gauleiters and Inoctrinators to make sure the area is doing its utmost to ensure people conform with party ideology.

Contrast this positive work with the constant vile attacks of the enemies of our great nation. The Labouring party came a cropper last week when their attack on the Salmond Jugend backfired on them.

We have 26,400 long knives with which to defend our ideological stance, twice the number of the pathetic Labouring filth.

Last week they shamefully branded the Sieg Heil programme under the SNP a “con” because some apprentices only had ‘chibs’ rather than long knives.

But it turned out that under Labour more than twice as many young apprentices were in exactly the same position. ‘

‘Aw chibs and nae knives’ ah cawed it.

It was a total humiliation for their sedition. We all know the Labourers are only fit for the work camps.

Antics like this show they aren’t even fit to be considered enemies of our beloved Fatherland.



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SNP and Greens agree new slogan: Dae Whit Yer Telt

Ye pit the Greengos in. Ye pit the Greengos out. In out, In out, Shake them aw about.


By Moan McVulpine on Jun 12, Rise and shine baby, yeah!

HAS anyone noticed the SNP in Scotland spend a lot more time not answering relevant questions than they do asking them in the Big Bloodyrude Cooncil.

When was the last time you heard the Right Honourable Sun King Alex of Salmond give a reply to an inconvenient question?

When did you EVER hear him leave himself accountable to Bloodyrude when faced with uncomfortable truths?

If the Scottish National Party really spoke for the ordinary people of our country, they would realise that explicit acts of contempt against the body politic don’t go down well with the voting public.

And aye, of course, everybody knows Scotland’s been systematically robbed of its fair share of oil revenues since it’s discovery. But bleating on about it at every turn just sounds bitter.

So, while the SNP claim the great victory of Whisky exports up, why don’t they tell how little in actual tax revenue these exports actually raise?

Isn’t it time they took Diageo head on and demanded that they pay their proper share of corporation tax rather then spiriting it away through Dutch holding companies, leaving the exchequer with the ‘angels share’?

Naw, they widnae dae that.

Cos then the Sun King’s populist rank amateurism when dealing with corporate types would once again be embarrassingly exposed. Tcha!

You won’t hear the SNP shout about that systemic injustice.

Instead they kid on that the Just Say Yes campaign is inclusive for all of the disaffected in the Independence camp. As you’d expect from centrist control freaks though, the message is ‘my way or the highway’.

Their latest wheeze is straight oot o’ the Orwellian school of newspeak – 25,000 new apprenticeships.

Naebudy’s sayin that this isnae a guid thing. And we wish the SNP well on making it work. Moanie’s problem wi’ this is that it was trumpeted by the SNP as if these new apprenticeships were effectively new joabs created for the unemployed,

Turns oot nearly hauf o’ them wur fir young folk already workin – hardly a solution to mass youth unemployment.

Did you see Patacake Harvie on the BBC’s Big Debate panel, joining forces with the audience in demanding answers regarding currency, Nato and the Monarchy?

Auld Nick Sturgeon, the SNP Deputy leader, who was ready for punchin the BBC’s Gary Robberson oot fir asking questions, wis nearly ready fir punchin oot Scots Tory leader Ruth Gotyason fir exposin her rank amateurism.

Patacake and Auld Nick made a great team for the Just Say Yes (Please) campaign. Wan looked like he knew whit he wiz daein and the ither wis Auld Nick Sturgeon.

So efter the much publicised faw oot during the weekend here’s Moanie’s idea fir a new campaign slogan.

Rather than calling the campaign Just Say Yes (Please), they should call the campaign Just Say Yes (An Dae whit yer telt).



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