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Moan McVulpine: My cut and keep guide to pensions duplicity if Scotland votes Yes

MOAN says the Skintish Parliament have done well to give the impression they care about pensioners. Which is why you can never trust anything a Nationalist has to say.
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By Moan McVulpineprepared to do and say what it takes

I WAS pretty chuffed to hear that some readers keep clippings articles from An Independent Parliamentary Aide.

Metric tonnes of Daily Mails’ are no longer languishing in blue bins throughout Skintland.

I understand why people want reassurance.

The Parliamentary code and the Ministerial code will always let Nationalist parliamentarians off the hook whenever they’re in a tight spot.

So reach for the scissors and read on.

Will I get my reputation back?

Yer havin a laff. Hardly anyone in Scotland even knows who or what I am. So no reputation to lose means no loss of reputation. Sorted!

Will I be more careful with which photographers I give taxpayer money to?

F**kin’ too right! I have promised myself to ‘triple lock’ my vanity, my needs and my sentimental urges. A Yes vote will mean that I can then open that triple lock and act with impunity. So, more of the same really.

What about the new single tier immunity from repercussions being offered by the Firstminster?

Yes. The Skintish civil service have already gone native. Effectively, we will be able to do the same, act the same and get away with the same kind of crass behaviour as MPs currently demonstrate at the hated Westminster.

But I am disgusted by the actions of Westminster MPs, will we stil get that?

As touched on above. We’re currently second rate when it comes to acting like our Westminster brethern. With independence we will soon catch up within a year or two.

But can an independent Skintland afford such goings on?

Who cares. We’ll be in power. We’ll have a compliant civil service, a centralised police force and a grass roots agentura willing to photograph and report back to centralised locations anyone considered “anti-Scottish”. Sorted!

The Nationalists have done well in pretending that some of the best parts of Skintish legislation are ours – free bus passes and personal care for example – when they were introduced by the Labouring party.

That’s why you should have nothing to fear from Nationalist led independence. It means nothing matters other than power in Nationalist hands. And who but the “anti-Scots” could possibly fear that?




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Moan McVulpine: Margo MacDonald was one of a kind…but not one of us.

MOAN reckons Scots taking Margo’s advice would recognise the Scottish Nationalist Party for what they are: “snakes and assassins”.
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By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘selective’ into selective memory

MARGO MACDONALD never grumbled about pain.

She did grumble about the SNP though.

She phoned just three weeks ago, offering advice when an imperialist anti-Scots newspaper exposed me for the snake and character assassin I truly am.

“Remember, the Scottish civil service has gone native,” she laughed.

“Along with your ‘patronage’ from Salmond, I reckon you could dance naked on the grave of Winston Churchill complete with a Nationalist Front symbol and still be exonerated by the Big Parish Cooncil at Holyrood.”

I asked her about wives with a grievance.

“Never mind the wee people whose lives get destroyed!”, she commanded, “You’re a seasoned Nationalist now and it’s time you found out that it doesn’t matter whose life you f**k up or whose character gets assassinated when Scotland’s destiny is at stake.”

I was very much in awe of her. Margo was someone who commanded respect and love in equal measure from friends and foes alike – apart maybe from Alex Salmond, Stewart Hosie, John Swinney et al.

Whereas, unlike me, I just have to open my gaffe prone mouth and people begin to wonder just how ‘civic’ and ‘progressive’ the Scots brand of Nationalism really is.

She talked like my gallus auntie Christine: “It’s well seen you’re mah sister’s wean” she used to say. “If you wur mine ah’d huv ye slapped purple ya nasty wee piece of work.”

In those days, people used to care about things like honour and duty and inappropriate use of public funds.”

But not me. Or the Scottish parliament. Or Sun King Salmond. Obviously!

Working-class people from Scotland’s industrialised heartlands were stereotyped as inarticulate drunks.

Now they’re more likely to stereotype absentee parliamentarians – when they don’t turn up to ask questions they’ve tabled – as whining drunks.

Mind ye. At least Pinot Grigio is a more upmarket bottle of hooch to get ‘oot yer heid’ on these days.

Forward! As I believe our Thatcher inspired conference motto has become.


[Apologies for the lateness, shortness and inappropriate hour of this belated Moan whine. It wiz the Daily Ranger’s fault – honest son/hen – nuthin tae dae wi me. Ah’ve reported mahsel tae the appropriate authorities and will be exonerated by next week. ]

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Unionists accused of being “anti-Scots” by SNP endorsed website

NOT CONTENT with ‘othering’ Scotsman journalists as rats, the quasi-political, Nazi inspired website, Wings Over Scotland, uses Panelbase poll figures to ‘prove’ that Unionist No voters are actively working against their fellow countrymen. Or so the diminutive demagogue would have you believe. AhDinnaeKen exposes the alleged ‘facts’:

The poster they tried to ban - because it was inaccurate and shite. Funny that!

The poster they tried to ban – because it was inaccurate and shite and looked like the Nationalist Front had arrived in town. Funny that!

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

TWENTY PER cent of Unionists are “anti-Scots” according to a Nationalist supported website.

SNP endorsed, Wings Over Scotland, claimed yesterday that “almost a fifth” of Unionists were actively working against the interests of their own countrymen.

And the website reinforced the claim by referring to recent Panelbase poll data and a ‘cited’ and ‘sourced’ link to another Wings story.

In an analytical polemic entitled, ‘Looking forward with trepidation’, editor of Wings Over Scotland, Stuart Campbell, concluded:

“Advocates of independence are sometimes accused of regarding the No camp as “anti-Scottish”.

“But with nearly 20% of them apparently intending to knowingly and consciously vote for worse treatment for Scotland, it seems to be a charge of which a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty.”

The phrase “by their own admission” links to another Wings story (Surprise! – Ed) where the use of “their” to imply the plural is soon exposed to be bogus – it refers to the words of one man; ex-Lord Provost of Glasgow, Michael Kelly.

Interestingly, Kelly, holds no position of power in the Labour party and now conducts his business as a “writer and PR consultant”.

Further scrutiny of the Wings link further exposes the tenuous sham of its guilt by association claim.

Following a question from BBC Newsnight’s Gary Robertson on the impact of the chancellor’s ‘No currency union’ speech and Ed Balls support of it, Michael Kelly said: “I believe that Labour in Scotland would be fully behind Balls’s decision today if he was the chancellor.”

The use of the phrase “I believe” by Kelly can hardly be construed as a “significant proportion of Unionists” as asserted by Campbell. Or, for that matter, a concrete reading of the Unionist’s stance in Scotland.

The ‘cited and sourced’ fact of the matter is that Wingsy’s fallacious accusation relies, yet again, on the type of traits and behaviours engaged in by most extremists – all neatly documented by the Laird Wilcox Extremist Traits list.

Paragraph 3, IRRESPONSIBLE SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS of the Laird Wilcox list states:

“Extremists tend to make sweeping claims or judgements on little or no evidence, and they have a tendency to confuse similarity with sameness. That is, they assume that because two (or more) things, events, or persons are alike in some respects, they must be alike in most respects. The sloppy use of analogy is a treacherous form of logic and has a high potential for false conclusions.”

The treacherous logic of Wingsy’s sweeping statement – based on the underpinning belief that to be against the currency union is to be anti-Scottish – runs as follows: Michael Kelly is a Labour supporter; he says that Scottish Labour MPs will support Balls; therefore all Scottish Labour MPs will suport Balls because a Labour supporter said they will; Scottish Labour MPs are a ‘signnificant proportion’ of Unionists, therefore the use of the plural “their” means a significant proportion of Unionists are – by their own admission – clearly guilty of being anti-Scottish.

No one but Michael Kelly said what he said. Using extremist based fallacious logic, Wingsy conflates that Kelly’s belief is analagous to a “significant proportion” of Unionists?!

Any lawyer worth his salt would have realised the truth behind the alleged SPT ban was in fact entrenched in the 1986 Local Government Act. But hey ho, why let the facts get in the way of a conspiracy theory.

Any lawyer worth his salt would have realised the truth behind the alleged SPT ban was in fact entrenched in the 1986 Local Government Act. But hey ho, why let the ‘facts’ get in the way of a conspiracy theory.

Wings endorsers, acolytes, donators readers and supporters, often claim on social media that opponents frequently attack the man but cannot touch his ‘cited’ and ‘sourced’ facts.

It’s this type of risible claim which ensures that no one with half a sceptical brain can actually stop laughing long enough to realise the potential threat posed by Wings and his legions of fervered agentura.

The flip side of such sweeping generalisations is the real and present danger lurking underneath the surface of virtually every Wings post.

For Nationalism to work, it needs a common, readily identifiable enemy to vilify, castigate and ‘other’. In Wings case it is the ‘cornered rats’ of the media and the contemptible “anti-Scots” Unionists.

Both are readily identified and ‘othered’ as “enemies” of Wingsy’s Nationalist cause and are therefore easily demonised and dehumanised. It’s an example of the site’s “merciless contempt” for its perceived enemies.

Of course, within reason, Wingsy can say what he wants. His brand of low-level, distasteful and repugnant hate speech has been droning on for some time now and has been gaining ever more support amongst the desperate and the Nationalist minded.

Some of his infantile rages may even have a spark of truth in them. Much more important for supporters, neutrals and opponents alike is to understand the fundamental philosophy driving the agenda of the man behind it.

Campbell wants opponents to hate him. He’s openly stated as such. He zealously reciprocates the hate. The success of his website owes a great deal to that basic truism. It’s why much of the ‘robust polemic’ of the site can be considered hate speech.

Here’s a reminder of a bona fide Campbell quote:

“It’s not enough just not to care what idiots think. I actively want idiots to hate me. I want the battle lines clearly drawn, and I don’t want fuckwits on my side.”

There’s no link to this quote, Campbell closed down the discussion Forum from where it orginates. But the action proves, if nothing else, that he’s fully aware of the potential damage the Forum could cause him – some of his statments on rape victims, for example, were deleted way before AhDinnaeKen got the chance to look at them.

Once you understand Wingsy’s basic philosophical hate based agenda, it becomes easier to see the subtext behind the motivation of the site.

As AhDinnaeKen outlined in our* last post, Wingsy’s trying his damnedest to incite some kind of low level street violence within the indy debate.

He recently posted yet another blog, complete with video, of an alleged SDL member haranguing Yes campaigners in an aggressive, deeply unpleasant and disturbing manner.

Such footage is mana from heaven for a hate-preacher like Cambpell. The SNP along with high-profile hangers on like Aamer Anwar – to be safe from some of the less savoury accusations raised against Nationalism – need to distance themselves from this site.

Otherwise they will be tainted by association with the repugnant and distasteful beliefs of diminutive demagogue, Stuart Campbell.

And that would be unfortunate – for everyone involved.

The belief was already there. The Panelbase poll merely provided the figures to hang the shameful accusation on the Unionists.

As the above demonstrates, the ‘anti-Scots’ belief was already there with Wingsy. The Panelbase poll merely provided the figures to reinforce the incitefully shameful accusation. Lies, damned lies and statistics etc. Weel din Wingsy sark! Yer a hate-preacher right enough.


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Moan McVulpine: I will never forget the war dead – or the principles that mean we should always blame Westminster

SPEAKING out against the glorification of war means Moan can reap the best of both worlds – morally superior grievance and sticking the boot into Westminster.
Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘inferior’ into moral inferiority

WHEN Joan McArthyalpine condemned World War I as a victimisation of the Scots by Westminster last week, she was following a long and tedious tradition of Nationalist grievance.

The founder of the SNP, John MacCormick, spent the final year of his life campaigning “It wiz the basturt English whit did it.”

His friends say his vitriolic attacks on the English became a sort of “War Fever” which still finds an outlet in the likes of freeloading list MSP Joan McArthyalpine today.

Scottish poet Joe Corrie, lamenting the need to sign on at the dole office, took succour from this type of festering anglophobic resentment.

In the last verse of his poem, ‘Scottish Pride’, he wrote: “It’s fine when the clerk says, ‘Nae dole for you, To proodly turn, and think o’ the bluidy slashin’ the English got at Bannockburn.

A pride always worth the mindin’ when Joanie get’s up on her high horse aboot Westminster’s alleged butchering of the Scots in World War I.

You can be sure, next year, she’ll be feverishly waving her hallowed saltire at the celebrations of the “bluidy slashin'” the English got in 1314.

So, no matter the subject, no matter the topic, no matter the debate, we can always rely on the SNP narrative to turn full circle and blame Westminster, aka the basturt English, for everything.

Joanie claims to have been misrepresented by a very right-wing London (basturt English) newspaper recently.

She wasn’t. They can spot their polar opposites from 400 miles away. They hit her square between her anti-English eyes, further exposing her unconcealed resentment of the Auld Enemy.

It just shows, once again, how obvious it is that Joanie and her ilk have stayed on message with the pride which comes from knowing that the English got a ‘bluidy slashin’ at Bannockburn.


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SNP comment on Dunfermline by-election

Sour grapes, graceless losers, lacking dignity. That’s the Nationalists in defeat. Here’s how wee Ochaye Mackay dealt with the disappointment of the turncoat traitor Quisling by-election defeat in Dunfermline:

"Tell me again what you did with the saucepan" said Nicola to Bill in happier days.

“Tell me again what you did with the saucepan” said Nicola to Bill in happier, more innocent, days.

By Ochaye Mackay

COMMENTING ON the result of the Dunfermline by-election, the Scottish Nationalist Party’s Brownnose Convener Mr Ochaye Mackay said:

“The SNP fought a strong campaign to get another wife beater into the selection process, but Nicola was overruled and we selected a wummin instead – in the interests of political correctness.

“And look what happened. Gubbed! Did you see the Labourer’s wummin? She wiz the worst of aw the wimmin standing at this by-election. And she still won!?

“We cannae get ower that. For Mister Phucks sake. Who are these people who voted for her? Anti-Scottish to a man/wummin. Joan McArthyalpine and her night-time crew are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

“But the Labourers shouldnae get too big heided. Their swing wiznae a big enough swing to prove anything other than the rejection of their policies by the Dunfermline electorate. Er, haud on.

“And like my granny always used to say, it’s swings and roundabouts. Whit goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. Er.

“That’s why, when you look at the figures regarding who voted for the Nationalists, the victory belongs to us, despite the actual result.

“You see, compared to 2007 – when we won Nationally – the SNP vote in this by-election is 6.5 per cent higher.

“So really, we won on the night, despite actually losing. You don’t hear the Labourers saying that, do you? I wonder why? Er.

“In the last days of the campaign the Labourers did what Labourers do. They reclaimed the ground we normally fight on. They said what it takes to win. But really, despite winning, they lost.

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A brilliant barefaced polemic on SNP lies – in terms of the debate

By Moan McVulpineSkintland’s most vehement Salmond apologist

I’VE SPENT the weekend trying to pull the wool over the eyes of my well informed and intelligent friends (Patty Cane, Tonyblair Jenkins, Faslane C Smith) concerning the Firstminster’s barefaced lies.

They are outside the “political-nous bubble” that envelops journos, politicos and cybernats in Skintland.

So the row about Sun King Alex and Europe baffles them (bless). It wouldn’t confuse an overdosing methadone addict, even if it was transmitted in Ministerial Morse Code.

Sun King Alex of Salmond got ‘fun oot’ bluffing, deceiving, duping, conning, barefaced lying to his ‘sovereign people of Scotland’.

And worse, he was fun oot telling the barefaced lie to the British Brainwashing Corporation’s Unionist Scottish stooge, Andrew Kneel – the worst kind of anti-Scot.

But pro-independenistas, Nats, and Cybernats had a get out clause. After Tricky Dicky Salmo said “Yes” he had taken legal advice, he also said “in terms of the debate”. Genius!

A cover and well known Snake Oil huckster phrase to pull a veil over any lie.

For example: Will this Snake Oil give me automatic entry to the European Union? – In terms of the debate YES (In terms of reality NO).

You should try this at home. It’s already all the rage with Scotland’s school kids: “Did you do your homework? – in terms of the debate – NO. In reality – YES.

Rumour has it that Asil Nadir and Conrad Black had wished they had taken legal advice from the Firstminster’s lawyers.

Of course, Labourers and Tory Tories have the same political nous as Craig Leavin’ has football nous – both types couldnae score when presented with an open goal. Ho hum – such is the standard inherent of Scotland’s public servants.

So let me just say this (takes big breath) Scotland and England agreed a legal process for the Neverendum in the Declaration of Contempt 2012. This will mean nothing to Europe unless it delivers a shock result.

One rump old state, one new secessionist state. All the negotiation responsibilities are left to the separatists new nation – who’ll have to reapply and accept that the single currency will be an expectation of membership.

The only threat to Scotland’s membership of the EU is the countries who constitute the Union.

They’ll be apt to remember that Scotland wants to price their wine and alcohol exports out of the Scottish market with the Jakey Apartheid Tax or Minimum Pricing on Alcohol bill.

Hardly the friendliest of moves for a Union dedicated to free trade with minimal barriers to business and commerce.

This is what we should be talking about. Just how long can the Nat dafties who believe that Alex has a plan, go on being blind to the fact the Sun King has no clothes on and even less of an idea on how to dress himself up?

Probably forever – eh? Ignore the bluster fae the Sun King. He’s a barefaced liar (in terms of the debate).



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MacAesops Fables #28 – The First Shepherd and the Dog

Our twenty-seventh Sunday outpouring of sanctimony and self-righteous morality to be taken as seriously as the Cybernat belief that Wee Eck being booed was a Unionist conspiracy

“A propagandist is a specialist in selling attitudes and opinions.” – Hans Speier. What happens if the Scum peddles an Anti-Scots enemy within line?

A FIRST SHEPHERD penning his sheep in the fold for the night was about to shut up a wolf with them, when his Dog perceiving the wolf said:

“Master, how can you expect the sheep to be safe if you admit a wolf into the fold.”

Analysis: A well worn AhDinnaeKen path, but always worth strolling over again. The basic thrust of independence is that it will protect the sovereign people of Scotland from the excesses of Westminster actions.

In this instance, the Wolf represents the Murdoch press. First-Shepherd Salmond has ignored the clearly demonstrated dangers of accepting this Wolf into the fold. How long till the Sun is smearing perceived anti-Scots in the same fashion that it smeared Liverpool fans at Hillsborough as bestial killers?

For more morally superior and vacuous posturing click on the Fable category to the right.


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