Moan McVulpine: Scots won’t naively follow the SNP like puppies forever

DESPITE THE SNP’s current surge of popularity in the great wee region of Scotland, there has been little change to the basic Tartan Tory political stance which saw them herald in the mighty Margaret Thatcher in 1979:

Murdoch whores to the left of me, Murdoch whores to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with nobody.

Murdoch whores to the left of me, Murdoch whores to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

By Moan McVulpine – ex-Murdoch whore hears her master’s voice

THERE HASN’T been much talk of Tartan Tories this past year or so. Labour took over the mantra of shadow Tories, or Red Tories, when they stood on the same platform with the Blue Tories during the Neverendum campaign.

It’s crowded the Tartan Tory moniker out.

Maybe Red Tory Labour should have been more circumspect with their Better Together campaigning. Gordon Broon wis.

But hey ho. Ever since Tony Blair took over and snuggled up to Rupert Murdoch in 1995, it was plain that the New Labour project was going to be Old Tory with a tempering of social conscience: until Iraq came along, at least.

Tony even phoned the Italian PM in 1998 to help further old Rupee’s media interests.

You wouldn’t catch a Nationalist leader prepared to lobby on behalf of Murdoch’s media interests, would you?

Er, haud on! Wasn’t that exactly what Salmond was prepared to do? As embarrassingly revealed by the Leveson inquiry.

And the real Tory trick with that, was that Salmond had signalled his intent to be Murdoch’s whore in secret; just like Margaret Thatcher’s secret deal in 1981 to assist Rupee’s takeover of the Times.

For the triumphalist Nationalists in the SNP who think they’ve finally wrested the party free of the Tartan Tory moniker – forget it.

The lips say ‘social justice’, the walk says the opposite.

Just like Thatcher, Sturgeon also held a secret meeting with Murdoch. In plain language, she deceived the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

What other dirty little secrets does she have to hide?

Maybe we should ask INEOS.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the meeting with Murdoch that’s the bad thing. Pre-Levenson inquiry, Rupert Murdoch was one of the most powerful, influential and trusted businessmen in the world.

Even respectable Nationalists are quick to point out that Murdoch is one of Scotland’s biggest employers. And that’s fine. In business dealing terms, Murdoch was sound. In political terms, he’s a right wing reactionary warmongering nutjob.

It’s not politicians dealing with Murdoch that’s the issue. It’s the secrecy that rankles.

In the Scotland region we call clandestine meetings like that, ‘sleekit’.

And that word neatly sums up Thatcher, Blair, Salmond and Sturgeon – sleekit.

Sleekit to the core.

Murdoch’s scorched earth policy on journalistic principle – when the police were given free and open access to journalists contacts and sources – was a total betrayal of the fundamental principles and ethics of journalism.

It proved that Murdoch was no longer trustable in business terms.

He’s never been trustable in political terms – depending on your outlook of course – and that’s why politicians holding secret undeclared meetings with him must NEVER be trusted.

Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, may be many things, but it would be fair to surmise that when it comes to toadying to Rupert Murdoch, he’s anything but sleekit.

And it’s telling that an ex-Murdoch moll like Joan McAlpine is joining in the monstering of Corbyn in her Daily Redcoat column. Joanie used to edit the Sunday Times Scotland.

It’s a well know fact that to be employed by the Times, the ‘cap had to fit’ in terms of Murdoch outlook. Joanie edited the Scottish section of the Times with aplomb.

So, for her to get up on the moral high horse about Corbyn meeting with Sinn Fein is, to one degree, fair enough.

But it ignores the fact that the SNP’s 79 group were also for meeting with Sinn Fein. The only thing that stopped the meeting going ahead was the fear of adverse publicity.

So, Murdoch’s Moll McAlpine, by monstering Corbyn, is still doing Murdoch’s dirty work for him by ignoring facts inconvenient to her narrative.

How ‘civic’. How ‘progressive’. How sleekit.




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5 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Scots won’t naively follow the SNP like puppies forever

  1. See Above

    “it is undeniable that many people here no longer identify as British. They are either Scottish first, or “Scottish not British.”
    The views of those people need to be respected. But they are increasingly
    alientated by Labour and Tory politicians, who seek to shove a gilded idea of Britain – “the greatest country in the world,” according to Cameron – down our throats.
    It’s at best insensitive and at worse imperialist.”

    There seems to be a tendency for Nats like Joan and poor Wingsy to be able to follow a thought through to its conclusion.

    If the views of those who no longer consider themselves to be British need respected what about those of the majority, as of September 2014, who do?

    • Indeed. I think of myself as Scottish first. But whether I want to deny it or not, I’m also British. And I don’t care whether people in Scotland prefer to be Scottish or British first – Indyref wasn’t supposed to be about identity anyway.

      And you’re right about the follow through in logic. It’s a giveaway of Nationalist type thought processes – as chronicled in Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism.


  2. Dogsitting today 23rd Sept 2015 so took said Dog for walkies and Pub afterwards for a pint and a read of the Pub Scotsman Business section. After that i was only left with the Pub copy of ” The Sun” to flick through, on page 6 (IIRC) though i had a Eureka moment. The page has almost a whole page feature by Algy Cluff, of Cluff Resources explaining (and the benefits of course) of Coal Bed Gasification, all sorts of diagrams and explanations of how wonderful it all is and how it would benefit us. Now call me paranoid if you wish but the Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch who of course backed the SNP and that Nippy Sturgeon met in Secret in the USA while on a visit on “Scottish matters”. Nippy and the SNP of course have been proven to have been meeting in secret behind the scenes with both Ineos and Cluff Resources already whilst campaiging against “unconventional energy resources” against SNP supporters wishes. Could there be an unholy alliance and a “secret concert party” plan going on here behind the Nations backs to soften the resistance to adopting them ? I smell a conspiracy

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