Exclusive: Fake Reverend exposed as self-serving sham

DURING THE Scottish referendum, at least six mainstream media journalists directly asked Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland, if he was a true Reverend. All of them remained none the wiser upon asking and were given “evasive” and “sketchy” replies in return. Today AhDinnaeKen can exclusively reveal the source of the Wings man’s alleged ordainment:

We're all Reverends now said Reverend LongShanker of the Church of Charlatan Philanthropy and Faux Journalism.

We’re all Reverends now said Reverend LongShanker of the Church of Charlatan Philanthropy and Faux Journalism.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“CHURCH LEADER” and man of the cloth Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland is a ‘Reverend’ of the Universal Life Church, an American based internet organisation, it has been revealed.

According to Rat Fascal, a casual internet acquaintance of Campbell’s, they both became Reverend’s of the Universal Life Church circa 2002.

The church is better known for instant ordination, legally dodgy marriages and its variable tax status.

Ordination into the church consists of filling in an online form which requires only your first, middle and last names, your email, country, state and a password. Submitting your details results in instant ordination.

The ease with which people can be ordained into the Universal Life Church has led to thousands of domestic pets such as hamsters, cats, dogs and rats becoming reverends – able to legally perform marriage in select American states.

As Fascal explained, everyone from the various videogame forums of the time was becoming a reverend online because it appealed to their sense of fun.

He said: “It was a craze in the early 2000’s. I’m also a reverend of that church.

“He’s (Campbell) the Rev of early noughties memes that he saw someone else do first.”

When asked how much such ordination cost, Fascal said: “It’s no money at all.”

In a Financial Times feature on Campbell’s role in the referendum, John Murray Brown said: “As for the religious title, the 46-year-old claims he was once trained for church orders but is sketchy about the details, saying he does not want to bring religion into the independence debate.”

The Universal Life Church has no formal or legal recognition in the United Kingdom. Persons wishing to obtain official recognition are encouraged by the ‘Church’ to: “Acquire a building and hold regular services. Petition the government for recognition. It won’t happen overnight.”

Campbell’s use of ‘Reverend’ has no worthwhile legal status in the UK other than to denote he’s capable of filling in an internet form.

Such deception may have been a joke on Campbell’s part to begin with, but it could have serious consequences for readers of the Independent and Daily Mirror, amongst others, who might have taken the title in good faith and contributed to an Indiegogo fundraiser, set up by Campbell, because of it.

Both papers ran stories on the case of a convicted thief who received a court fine for stealing Mars bars from a shop.

The hapless newspapers referred to Campbell as a “Reverend” and a “church leader” and linked to the fundraiser page initiated to pay the shoplifter’s court fine as well as to self-promote Campbell’s alleged benevolence, altruism and philanthropy.

Given the undeclared backgrounds of both the thief and the ‘reverend’, any disgruntled reader/donors may feel entitled to an apology from the newspapers and a refund on their charitable donations.

The reverend question is just one of several unanswered questions surrounding Campbell’s questionable status and modus operandi pre-referendum and now.

Other evasions and “sketchy” actions needing cleaned up include benefit claim irregularities, electoral commission investigations into irregular expense returns, criminal defamation, business status and intellectual property theft,  amongst others.

Perhaps the Mirror and the Independent should see fit to further investigate.

Their reputations are at stake after all.

AhDinnaeKen asked Independent journalist Caroline Mortimer and Mirror journalist Laura Elvin, the author’s of the stories, if they had verified Stuart Campbell’s ‘reverend’ status. To date we await a reply.

The first known use of the 'Reverend Stuart Campbell' appeared in Nov 2000 in a World of Stuart feature entitled

The first known use of ‘Reverend Stuart Campbell’ appeared in Nov 2000 in a World of Stuart feature entitled “The Engine”. It wasn’t until his ‘ordination’ circa 2002 that the moniker became widely used.



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10 responses to “Exclusive: Fake Reverend exposed as self-serving sham

  1. Joe King

    Reverend Coburn.
    Now that has a ring to it.
    Are you certified sane?

    • Typical Cybernat, if you can’t come up with a reasoned opposing argument, then try to deflect with puerile abuse. You have made yourself look, just as stupid as I am sure you actually are.

  2. Thank goodness for the “ahdinnaeken” website. Your relentless work to uncover the so called Reverend’s deranged ramblings, should be highly commend by everyone in Scotland. I think you should send this story out to all the newspapers and anyone else who will listen and hopefully investigate this horrible little man and reveal how deceitful he really is.

    I commend you for the work you are doing here, please continue.

    Kindest regards

  3. Stuart

    But the Rev is on record as saying he became a ‘Reverend’ in the 1990’s, surely he not telling lies?

  4. Alec

    His comments recently – obsession about Michelle Mone, defence of Harry Clarke – are off the wall even for him. I’m minded of Galloway’s descend into lunacy over his final months when, as we know now, an IPSA then criminal investigation were under way.

  5. Stuart

    Most amusing to see his obsession with Michelle Mones rented apartment in London, but not a peep out of him when shortly after Soapy Souter purchased a multi million pound house in er Central London!

    Typical of the wee hypocrite though…

    • Of course. His misogyny is pathological.

      Good looking woman. Rich. Anti-Nationalist. Of course he hates her and obsesses over her.
      Probably has pictures of her all over his lodgings.

      • See Above

        No, no, no: spending your day trawling Twitter to see how often Michelle Mone was called a C*** isn’t obsessive, it’s “journalism”.
        His upset at Tomkins today suggests he’s also quite upset no party has asked him to stand.

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