Moan McVulpine: “Vermin” to be dealt with appropriately in Nationalist Scotland

MOAN shares Willie Rennie’s disgust that ID cards by the back door shows the Nationalist’s true contempt for democracy.

One Party State: That's the way to do it. said Joan, yesterday.

ID Cards and super database will keep the “vermin” in check say the Nationalists.

By Moan McVulpineKeeping her eye on the enemies of the Scottish state

ENGLISH VOTES for English laws sounds perfectly reasonable on the surface – the SNP have been playing gesture politics around it for years.

But there’s the rub. Now that SNP votes could actually make a difference at Westminster, they want to interfere in English affairs where previously they abstained.

Like the South African imported English roses pretending to be Scottish Little White Roses, it’s all a gesture politics sham geared toward vilifying the English – or Westminster as the code word is now known.

Meanwhile, while the Tories show the SNP the best way to break up the Union with minimal effort, the embedded Nationalists at Holyrood are preparing the ground for ‘administrative efficiency’ in Scotland.

Hiding under the cover of Tory political atrocities at Westminster, the Nationalist government are preparing the ground for ID cards by stealth at home.

Highlighted by Lib-Dem leader Willie Rennie at Holyrood, and condemned by the Information Commissioner, the Nationalist plans for ID cards by the back door paves the way for all Scots citizens to be profiled and categorised by an increasingly intrusive Nationalist government.

Around 120 organisations databases will effectively be centralised and all the information held within will help the Nationalists build a highly detailed profile of all of ‘their’ citizens.

Under any government this type of centralised database is a dangerous attack on civil liberties and should be resisted at all costs. Even the wicked Tories put a stop to New Labour’s authoritarian ID card plans in 2010.

Under the Nationalists, you can be sure the database will be used and abused by those apparatchiks wishing to deal with perceived threats to unspecified Nationalist interests.

Nationalist parliamentary drones recently voted against a motion lodged by Willie Rennie to have the ID card proposals put forward as primary legislation and openly debated in parliament.

But, in tune with their Mistress’s voice, SNP drones opted to keep it as an amendment to regulations on the National Health Service Central Register from 2006. This means it won’t even require a parliamentary vote to be enacted.

So, in more than a passing parallel to the wicked Tories undemocratic plan to push EVEL through by mere amendments to Standing Orders rather than primary legislation, the Nationalists are doing a similar thing with their super database and ID cards by stealth.

Both moves are profoundly undemocratic and both moves are to the detriment of the citizens of Scotland – so much for Nationalist lip service to the “sovereign will” of the Scottish people.

So, while big ‘N’ Nationalists like Joan McAlpine whip themselves into a frothing frenzy regarding the lack of democracy demonstrated by the “ermine vermin” in the House of Lords, maybe, just maybe, these zealous radicalised fundamentalists should take a look at themselves.

Make no mistake, Joanie’s use of the toxically emotive word “vermin” to describe those she perceives as enemies isn’t just reserved for those in the House of Lords.

It’s reserved for everyone she and her type view as opposing their vision of a new Scotland.

The super database and ID cards by stealth, will ensure that Joanie and her ilk will be able to identify you, profile you and deal with you in a way they feel is appropriate.

And that’s the antithesis of democracy.

Be afraid, be very afraid.




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7 responses to “Moan McVulpine: “Vermin” to be dealt with appropriately in Nationalist Scotland

  1. William Croall

    Is there any other country in the world that sits back and let’s this happen?

  2. See Above

    She’d be funny if she wasn’t so horrible.

  3. Alec

    Like the South African imported English roses pretending to be Scottish Little White Roses,

    Shurely shome mishtake? It wash an Eshiopian roshe I shought.

    On EVEL matters, here’s where the Nats were just six months ago.


  4. SheikhMaboaby

    Then I suppose they will make it an offence not to carry it at all times. Otherwise what’s the point ? Surely this must be on a voluntary basis. Ve vant to see ze papers. Schnell !! SNP are really an awful shower of Natz i headcases. Why do people vote for these folk I’ll never understand. What’s next – a Jock Gestapo ?

  5. Jings

    The silent creep towards a police state where all subversives can be easily identified is deeply worrying.

    How the more reasonably touchy feely elements of the SNP cannot see what is happening is beyond me. Either they think that restricting personal freedoms is a price worth paying for Scottish independence or they have been so brainwashed they don’t even notice what is going on. These people really need to wake up and realise that the SNP is not progressive in any shape or form.

  6. Stuart

    How amusing that she is an ‘unelected’ list MSP, just like those ‘unelected’ folks in the House of Lords, oh wait….

    • dit :Et quand on cumule lucite et taches solaires (j’ai toujours eu de la chance dans la vie), la crème solaire 50, c’est bien, mais les gélules il faut éi0ver&#823t; ça augmente les taches !

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