Sturgeon is a traitorous turncoat for writing in Daily Mail – Wings Over Scotland

EXTREMIST website turns bilious rantings onto exalted SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. Misogynist traits didn’t take long to come to the fore say critics of Wings’ editor Stuart Campbell. AhDinnaeKen reports:

This puts Sturgeon in the same mould as Curran claimed many of Campbell's cohorts of cybernats

This puts Sturgeon in the same mould as Curran claimed many of Campbell’s cohorts of cybernats. Campbell, meanwhile, blew off some steam in Sturgeon’s direction.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

AN EXTREMIST cybernat website editor has attacked SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon as ‘ridiculously naive’ for writing in the Scottish Daily Mail today.

Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell blasted Sturgeon for ‘validating’ every alleged “cybernat smear” run by the campaigning newspaper.

He accused Sturgeon – a leader with a 60% public approval rating – of doing more harm than good by recognising the Mail’s claims that cybernat’s are poisoning political debate in Scotland.

Sturgeon’s piece in today’s Scottish Daily Mail is a statement of intent that online abuse, of the type typified by Campell, will not be tolerated by the SNP leadership.

The SNP leader’s warning follows the Mail’s campaign to highlight the toxicity of online debate in the country.

According to Campbell’s swivel eyed conspiracy theory, Ms Sturgeon is assisting the Daily Mail at the expense of her party.

He said: “She’s got more to lose than gain”.

Critics of Campbell’s extremist website see this statement as a signal that the site may soon turn it’s misogynistic eye on Sturgeon in the same manner it recently attacked seasoned independence campaigner and education SPAD, Kate Higgins.

Campbell’s site has already described Sturgeon’s stance on Full Fiscal Autonomy as a “bit rubbish” and accused her of U-turning over the proposed privatisation of Scotland’s ferries – in the same manner as Labour.

“The SNP has now become so large and popular that Nationalist Front extremists like Campbell are struggling to remain relevant in the eyes of zealous supporters”, said a concerned independence supporter today.

“Attacking Nicola’s sensible and responsible rapport with the media is one way for Campbell to think he’s doing something worthwhile other than navel gazing in his bedroom on the proceeds of other people’s money.”

Campbell, 47, is a single, never married, siblingless, childless, wife beater apologist and assimilated Englishman who lives in the genteel city of Bath.




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11 responses to “Sturgeon is a traitorous turncoat for writing in Daily Mail – Wings Over Scotland

  1. Alec

    The damage has been done by this contemptible little man who’s helped ruin a debate and more than his part to ruin a country. **** his soul.

    But, enough about Salmond.


  2. See Above

    My thoughts go out to everyone in the video game reviewing/pseudo-religious communities of Somerset.

  3. Redolent of when Campbell called for anyone appearing on the BBC to be deemed a scab. Clearly Nicola Sturgeon took heed of his advice on that too.

    Interesting move by Sturgeon though. Not so much the substantive content of the piece – which is simply a glorified version of the official SNP spiel on the subject – but the fact that she wrote it for the Scottish Daily Mail.

    Initially I thought that was perhaps intended to isolate the wilder fringes, who of course she knew would be alienated by her writing in the SDM (a press release similar to the article, on the other hand, they could have stomached).

    But perhaps Sturgeon’s thinking was that by writing about it in the SDM that to an extent addressed the concerns in that corner of the newspaper/political market, while at the same time preventing the thing becoming an issue in the press more widely.

    Of course, the piece has been reported on more widely, so who knows?

    • The Scottish Daily Mail, like its sister paper is predominantly read by women. Much of its editorial is geared toward that with the Femail, Style sections etc.
      It has the largest online readership of any newspaper by a significant mile – mostly driven by the paparazzi pictures of various celebrities.

      It was a gamer move by Sturgeon not dissimilar to the prisoner’s dilemma.

      Plus, it was fairly amusing to see some of the hand wringing retractions of the wilder fringes like Tommy Ball as highlighted by Duncan Hothersall on Twitter.


  4. See Above

    His latest post is insane. Has he no self-awareness?

  5. SheikhMaboaby

    I don’t think this offensive wee man is shuffling with a full deck. His popularity tied to the SNP surge, seems to have encouraged the dictator within. This wee bloke is a prime example of how humans can get pretty screwed up, pretty quickly, given the chance. Mind you, if he’s a social misfit, that explains a lot. SNP r ankers, please take note.

  6. Aldo

    Just been banned from his website for “trolling” (i.e. speaking truth unto halfwits).

    I wear it as a badge of honour.

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