Moan McVulpine: SNP can’t be trusted with the Scottish Parliament

MOAN SAYS that, fresh from the oft repeated Nationalist lie that Labour had voted for 30 billion of austerity cuts comes the lie that Westmonster “quashed” a bid to make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent.

One Party State: That's the way to do it. said Joan, yesterday.

“It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine” – PG Wodehouse. Scotland’s very own ray of sunshine – Joan McAlpine.

By Moan McVulpineHelping spread the ‘big lie’ one big lie at a time

IT WAS not the Scottish Nationalist Party who helped create the Big Parish Cooncil (BPC) at Holyrood – it was the Labour Party ably assisted by Tony Blair.

It therefore follows that anything the Nationalists say aboot the Holyrood talkin’ shop is to be taken with a large pinch of Saor Alba salt.

This week’s dial a grievance is the lie that Westmonster “quashed” a bid to make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent.

It gives the likes of the big ‘N’ Nationalists like Joanie McAlpine a green light to claim “moral outrage” and act accordingly.

How dull. How predictable.

Lest we forget, Joan is hardly in a position to be morally outraged at anything to do with the talkin’ shop, given her highly public rebuke by the Presiding Officer for treating the Big Parish Cooncil with contempt and a dash of Pinot Grigio.

But I digress.

As so aptly and succinctly pointed out by Lib-Dem blogger and legal expert, Graeme Cowie, an SNP amendment to allegedly make the Big Parish Cooncil permanent would have had quite the opposite effect.

Cowie said that amendment (1B) proposed by the Nationalists “weakens, not strengthens, the protection, by providing a specific exception to the provision” which is already in place in the Scotland Bill: (1A) A Scottish Parliament is recognised as a permanent part of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements.

So once again, the Nats are playing the grievance and moral outrage card based on a false premise ie they’re lying through their clenched, moaning faced, whiney teeth.

There’s a thing. We’ve never seen the Nats doing that before. Ho hum.

Not that it matters any more. The Nationalist Ally’s Army effect will take a few more years of Nationalist paradox and contradiction before it gradually sinks into the public’s consciousness that Scotland is being sold a pup by a bunch of power mad snake oil salesmen.

So, when you hear the Nationalist Front brigade bleating on about Westmonster selling us down the river, just remember that, as with so much Nationalist diatribe, Ignorance is Strength.

They want to keep you ignorant of the truth in order to surf the sea of “moral outrage”.

And that’s something we should all be aware of – Nationalists and Unionists alike.




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13 responses to “Moan McVulpine: SNP can’t be trusted with the Scottish Parliament

  1. Stuart

    It was most amusing to see the SNP’s faux outrage and frothing at the mouth at Westminster, as they discovered 56 is not greater than 594!

    • The grievance narrative is etching itself into the mind of people who wouldn’t normally give it credence.

    • Perfect storm for them. They never wanted a Labour govt and they don’t want FFA (at least the ones that can add up) because that would be a disaster and stop the independence impetus stone dead.

      So the current scenario just suits them fine for several years of contrived grievance, the hope being that it will gradually wear enough No voters down for Yes to win a future referendum.

      It’s worked so far, obviously, and they think all it needs is to keep pushing until they get over the finish line.

      But who knows how it will play with the public? After the general election result and recent polls it all just gives the impression that all they have to do is continue in the same vein for the next few years and it’s in the bag.

      Of course, the public may start to get fed up and the bubble could burst, but given events of the last few years I’ve given up trying to predict these things!

      • Indeed.

        I’ve always had faith in the Scottish electorate – and still do – but recent events and the current poll showings for Holyrood 2016 is stretching that faith to breaking point.


  2. Alec

    I’d trust Westminster with Holyrood long before I trust McAlpine with someone else’s husband.

    See also Thicker for Scotland.


  3. Calum

    This is amazing nonsense.

    The Westminster vote decided that Westminster can overrule any decisions made at Holyrood and that the decision to dissolve the Scottish parliament resides with Westminster.

    Power devolved IS power retained.

    And you might want to refrain from insane remarks like your idea that the SNP are not to be trusted simply because Labour set up the Scottish parliament in the first place. That is just nonsensical! You don’t even appear to know what “SNP” stands for. The word “nationalist” does not appear in the name of the Scottish National Party.

    Get your facts straight if you want anybody to take this garbage seriously.

    • Get your facts straight if you want anybody to take this garbage seriously.

      The point of this garbage has clearly passed you by. Well done for fulfilling a stereotype associated with Nationalist apologists.


      NB: I’d recommend following the link to Graeme Cowie’s excellent piece on the so called amendments tabled by the Scottish Nationalist Party.

  4. lawcom

    So don’t you feel just a little bit stupid now Labour in 3rd place, behind the Tories, that’s behind the Tories, in Scotland… When will you deluded Labourites face up to reality ?
    Scotland wants you back, but as a truly social Labour in an independent Scotland, wake up and stop listening to Westminster Labour they do not have your or Scotlands interests at heart

  5. Labour – awa’ and bile yer heid.

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